Looking For Katie Pt. 03

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Big Tits

(c) Copyright 2008 Shiny See. ALL Rights Reserved

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. Edited by Mistress Penelope

Authors note: No physical sexual acts occur with minors. All depicted acts ultimately are between persons over 18 years of age. Some are incestuous in nature. If this offends you don’t read it, move on to another story.

It was a very warm night, too warm for even the modesty provided by a sheet. The outside door was open in the hope of catching a stray breeze. Katie appeared as a sexy silhouette framed in it. A broad smile spread across my face. Her nighty was almost transparent revealing her wonderfully curvy body.

“It’s too hot in here,” she said as she walked in and sat on the edge of my bed. She leaned in for our first kiss of the night. I had discovered that Katie’s first kiss was a good indicator of just how horny she was. From long slow and sensual to hot and hard and every flavour in between, Katie’s kisses told me just what I needed to know about where she was at.

Tonight? Tonight Katie was fired up but there was something she was holding back, something that was making her really hot as it burnt, confined.

“Let’s do it outside,” she whispered into my mouth. Katie’s eyes sparkled. May be that was it. I was always amazed at the way Katie would fence hop in just her nighty, from her place to mine. I would love to watch her one night. She almost always arrived excited, fizzing. Being outside, almost naked, seemed to be a turn on for her, and I wondered for a moment what would happen when winter rolled around?

“Sure,” I said with an enthusiastic grin. My hands were already under that transparent nighty and caressing her smooth skin, softly stroking her thighs, around her back, her small firm breasts, paying special attention to her sensitive nipples. Katie was purring and she sounded disappointed when I rolled away. Well? What did she want? Inside or outside? But she was grinning wildly as she stood up, so I guessed I had made the right choice.

I grabbed my blanket, which was rolled up on the end of my bed, as I got to my feet and Katie smiled as she wrapped her arms around me. Mmm, more kissing.

“That was to say thank you,” she glanced down at the blanket in my hand and back into my eyes. “I’ve trained you well.” I reached out for the box of condoms and Katie stopped me. “And you won’t need those tonight.” When was she ‘ripe’? That’s what Katie called it, when I had to use condoms, when she was fertile. Ripe. Made me hard just thinking about it.


Despite all Katie’s training, I hadn’t mastered thinking in a lunar calendar yet, or in Katie’s case twenty-six and a half day month. Give me time. I’d get the hang of it. Katie and I had only been lovers for six weeks, two days and twenty odd hours. I’d only experienced one period. I wasn’t totally stupid. I knew that women bled every month but damn I got a fright one night to find Katie’s most beautiful pussy bleeding. God! I thought I’d hurt her. Katie was pretty embarrassed but she did sigh with relief. I passed her some tissues and she began to clean herself up.

“So you haven’t gotten me pregnant.” Of course, I get the picture. I’m slow but I do get there. Katie wanted me to say something. I could see it in her eyes. She wanted me to surprise her again. I could tell that she was pleased with me when I didn’t totally freak out at the sight of blood.

“May be next time,” popped out of my mouth. I didn’t need to hold my breath. Katie just laughed and her eyes sparkled. Bingo! Katie kissed me. That’s always cause for celebration.

“One day.” She sighed into my mouth. “One day I’ll take you up on that most generous offer, but not yet young man.” Katie was getting hot again. “I want to have a baby Steve, not now, but one day. I want to feel full of baby, gravid.” Katie kissed me hard. “But not today.”

I was just amazed and tried to imagine how I would feel if one of my orifices bled every month. Damned inconvenient if you ask me. I was just surprised that Katie wasn’t in pain. My only experience with blood involved some level of violence and thus, pain. And here was the most beautiful girl in the world bleeding and grinning.

“Sorry about your sheets.” Oh wow. Map of Australia. In blood. Freaky! I washed my bed linen now, part of mum’s new regime. I didn’t care. I was learning something new about my Katie.

I had learnt lots in the last six weeks, two days and twenty odd hours. I learnt that I was deeply in love with Katie, but I think you know that. So much had happened.

The first night Katie was able to stay for the whole night was wonderful and the next morning, well it was pretty funny. We had been on our first month anniversary date, dinner and a movie, don’t know what we watched. We couldn’t get home and into bed fast enough. The kicker was that Katie’s mother was away for the weekend and I had the most beautiful girl in the world in escort bayan şişli my bed for the whole night! There is a special magic waking up in your lover’s arms.

After a long slow love making session that morning we were both pretty whiffy and it was only natural to put on our bathrobes and go and have a shower, together. Dad was at the breakfast bar reading the paper, mum was floating around with a cup of coffee, I don’t know where my younger brother was but my older brother was stuffing clothes into a bag, his surfboard leaning up against the front door.

My big brother’s expression was the funniest; his eyes bugged out and his jaw bounced against his knees. He knew Katie and I had a thing but sleeping over? Mum was surprised and became a little skittish. Dad just smiled. He was doing that a lot lately.

Mum flittered about asking Katie if she needed anything, toiletries, a toothbrush?

Dad asked my brother if he had anything to contribute, if not scoot! Thanks dad. My brother scooted. I think that’s the first time I made my older brother truly envious.

Mum looked at her watch, “Oh god. It’s so late. What will your mother think, you out all night?”

Katie smiled. “She’s away all weekend.”

“And your father? Won’t he notice?” dad asked.

“He knows.” Mum’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. “As you might know I don’t get on too well with mum,” Katie said, “But I can tell dad anything. I told him when I lost my virginity,” yeah I can imagine that, ‘Oh daddy, daddy, your hard cock’s just popped my cherry!’ I tried hard not to laugh. “And I told him I was staying overnight. He won’t be worried.”

“Sensible girl.” Dad muttered and went back to his paper. Mum was shocked, surprised and delighted with Katie. Mum had always been a bit stand offish with Katie but that morning changed everything. From then on it was like they were best buddies. I have forgotten the times I would find the two of them chattering away and the moment I would walk into the room they would fall silent, look at me, and almost inevitably mum would giggle. Mum, giggling. I stopped being embarrassed after a while.

And then there was the time I asked dad if I could he could get some more condoms for us.

Mum looked at me with surprise on her face. “But I bought you some the other day, didn’t I?”

“Yeah mum but it was just a twelve pack. We need some more.” What’s the problem?

Mum gasped and turned bright red. Dad laughed and nearly spilt his coffee. What was wrong? So Katie and I had used twelve condoms in two and a half days? What was the issue?

“Hey, you’re only young once,” dad said with a laugh. Mum joined in a small chuckle but she was still crimson.


The air was warm and only the streetlights bouncing off the low clouds gave us any illumination at all. There was a coolish breeze and it felt wonderful on my naked skin. Our backyard wasn’t large and the aboveground swimming pool occupied a fair chunk of what remained, but there was a nice grassy patch at the far end that looked particularly inviting.

I unfurled my blanket on the grass and Katie and I rolled around together smooching and kissing and generally just rubbing our bodies together. “I wanna suck you,” Katie whispered, “stand here.”

Stand? My sweet angel wanted to suck me while I was standing? Sure where do you want me? Katie had something specific in mind. There was a whole back yard I could be in but Katie wanted me, right there. Okay. I’m your love slave; put me anywhere.

Katie loves giving me oral but tonight she was sparking. Her eyes were aflame and she grabbed my hips to place me, just so before she took hold of me with her mouth. Her hips were wriggling as if someone was back there working on her pussy, and her sucking was getting harder and faster.

“Oh baby,” I muttered as I began fucking her mouth and I wondered just what Katie wanted. Did she want me to let go quickly? She was sucking with enough urgency. I gasped as her tongue whipped around my little head and my hands fell gently to the back of her head. “Oh Katie.”

“Oh,” said Katie and she backed off with a cheeky grin. “Sorry. I was getting a bit carried away.” She sucked me more gently a time or two. “Can you wait a bit?”

Gurgle, strain, “Of course.” Gasp. There was something really wicked in her eyes and her little wiggles began to look more familiar. I dragged Katie to the blanket and pulled her on top of me, top-to-tail. Katie squealed happily and climbed on board wriggling her pussy in front of my face but only after we had aligned ourselves to whatever ley line she was using for guidance that night.

Katie’s pussy was wet, I mean really wet and my face was covered in her fragrant nectar from chin to forehead in seconds. Katie moaned and thrashed as I licked and suckled my way around her most beautiful pink lips. There was a definite squeal when I started to concentrate on her hot nubbin. I had seen Katie this hot before. sarıyer escort Now when was that? And then I remembered.

We had been ‘fooling around’ on the couch in their sunroom. The same couch I had espied Katie and her dad fucking on. I didn’t know where the dragon, Beth or Katie’s dad was but if Katie thought it was safe I was happy. Suddenly Katie went from a gentle simmer to a rolling boil. She wanted me hard, fast and NOW! My fingers had been doing a slow dance under her panties. I grabbed the crotch and pulled, in an attempt to slide them off. Her panties didn’t budge from around her hips but I did manage to rip the crotch out of them.

Katie gasped, moaned, writhed and grinned. She was very happy with me. She grabbed my cock and tried to stuff it into her pussy and I still had my pants on. She was so wet and hot. I had never felt her like this. I mean Katie could be hot and then sometimes she would be HOT. The difference? Try the difference between an erupting volcano and the surface of the sun! Her pussy was so wet it was like I was getting sloppy seconds.

Katie started cumming and I ploughed her as hard as I could, pounding quickly into my own pumping cum. It was only then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I was either in deep shit or everything would be fine. It all depended on which parent this was. It was, of course, Katie’s dad and she started to play to him.

“Did you see him daddy. Stevie’s cock is inside me daddy. He’s been fucking me. Did you see?” God! I was in the middle of some kind of perverted game between a father and his over-sexed daughter. Wasn’t I having fun! Katie’s ‘dirty talk’ with her dad was only getting me harder, again.

“Yes I can see his cock, still inside you, you wicked girl. You know how that makes me feel don’t you.”

“Yes daddy. I know. It makes you hard, doesn’t it daddy.” Katie was writhing, wriggling her hips on my cock, getting super wet all over again. “Come here daddy, I’ll make you feel better.” I started to slowly fuck Katie again and was rewarded with a smile flung over her shoulder. “You don’t mind do you?” she asked.

“What ever makes you happy.” Katie got very happy with two cocks to order about and bring her pleasure.

Katie’s wriggling hips, they were the first clue, how hot and wet she was, was the second. Some one was watching us, I was sure of it. I knew I could get the truth out of her; I started blowing raspberries on her clit. Gets her off every time, really fast.

While she’s in the throws of orgasm Katie’s quite pliable and easy to move about, she’s not a big girl you know. So I flipped out from beneath her and gently rolled her onto her back. Before I returned to making raspberries on her clit I whispered in her ear, “Who’s watching?” Katie’s eye’s popped open and she bit her lower lip. It was going to be like that eh?

Katie had barely started to come down when I began to wind her up again, licking and sucking and just when she least expected it more raspberries. I climbed over Katie’s quaking body and pushed my hard cock into her super heated pussy. She gasped and wrapped her legs around my hips. I fucked hard and Katie groaned and hissed.

“Who’s watching Katie?” I fucked hard again and Katie’s fingers dug into my shoulders. I thrust into her, again and again and it became impossible for Katie to do anything else but moan and groan and gasp for breath.

“Who’s watching Katie?”

“Bbb … ohhh … be’el … Ohhhh … Be’elzebub! OH!”

Be’elzebub? Beth was watching?

“Beth’s watching?” I whispered.

“Oh yeah … she likes watching.” Pant, gasp. “You know we wouldn’t be here at all,” gasp, “if it wasn’t for Be’elzebub.”


“She started it all.” Gasp, gasp. “She seduced me first, oh, she did,” hiss, “then dad.” Gasp, sigh. Beth? Cheeky, dangerous Beth? My upside down world was going topsy-turvy.

I slowed my thrusts into Katie’s hot body and looked around. There she was, or rather just the shine of her eyes. The wicked young woman was watching from deep in the shadows.

“You can come out now.” She stepped out of the gloom wearing a baby-doll pyjama top and nothing else. “Your sister’s just been telling me wild and wicked tales about you.”

Beth grinned and she posed coquettishly, pulling down the front of her pyjama top.

I continued to slowly stroke in and out of Katie. She was purring again and kissing my ear. “She told me that you seduced her. Is that right?”

Beth nodded her head, chewing on her bottom lip.

“Well I think we need to talk about it. Why don’t you come closer?” I patted the blanket beside us. Beth smiled and bounced over.

“I was … was worried that we’d shock you.” Katie sighed.

“Katie, you can shock me all you want but you’ll never disappoint me,” I leaned down and Katie rose up and met my lips half way. “I love you Katie.” I whispered.

“I love you Steve.” Sigh. Katie’s pussy pulsed and she squeezed me inside.

“She means that çapa escort you know. Katie never lies.” Beth was now snuggled up beside us. Oh, she can talk can she?

“But don’t I remember her saying that kissing you was yucky?”

“Yeah but she was only joking.”

“Really? I don’t believe it. Kiss her and show me it’s not true. Show me that she thinks kissing you isn’t yucky.”

Beth just grinned and pushed between us. Her lips came down firmly on Katie’s, who moaned and opened her mouth to her younger sister. At the same moment Katie’s pussy pulsed and she became very wet all over again. Beth’s fingers plucked and pulled at her sister’s nipples and Katie started writhing. I thrust a little harder and Katie groaned her approval.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me. Fuck me harder. I’m,” gasp, “Cuming! OH! OH! OH!” Katie cried out between kisses. Her pussy was going wild on my cock, squeezing me and squeezing me, pulsing and pulsing. Finally Katie lay back panting. She looked so beautiful her face flushed, an enigmatic smile ghosting around the corners of her mouth.

Beth let me have some room and Katie and I kissed slowly and softly. The hot night had us both sweating and our skin slipped sensuously together, hot flesh to hot flesh. “I love you Steve.” Katie whispered into my mouth.

“I love you too, sweet Katie. I love you too.” I returned truthfully.

“Come on you guys. I’m beginning to feel a bit left out.” When we turned to her, Beth had a big smile so I knew she wasn’t too serious, but you know what they say, ‘Many a truth is spoken in jest’. Katie’s eyes met mine and she smiled when she absorbed my relaxed attitude. If she wanted to bring her younger sister in on our love making activities I wouldn’t say no. Hell, I hadn’t said a thing when she invited her dad to join us; I wasn’t going to object to Beth.

We pulled Beth closer for a passionate three-way kiss. Beth squirmed pleasantly as she rid herself of her pyjama top and then it was on for young and old! Beth was as voracious as her older sister, hungry for my lips and tongue as she was for her sister’s. She was just as eager for the feel of hands on her body; her nipples were hard before my fingers even touched them. She hissed and arched her back when I began sucking on them. She gasped when Katie began exploring her pussy.

“OH! Yeah Katie, you know just what I need, you always do. OH!”

“Yes I do don’t I?” Katie chuckled. “And I know what you want now don’t I? What you need.”

“Will he mind? Do you mind? I know I promised not to steal your boyfriend but with dad gone all week,” Beth was squirming. Will he mind? Did she mean me? Would I mind what?

“Stevie?” Katie’s eyes were sparkling. “Stevie, my little sister’s a horny little girl,” Hmm, Beth wasn’t that little but I wasn’t going to spoil her game, “and she’s misses her daddy’s cock so much. Can Beth, borrow you? Just for a bit? She’d love to feel your cock inside her, wouldn’t you?” Beth just bit her lower lip and nodded trying to look as innocent as possible. That was fairly difficult considering she was lying naked in my back yard with her sister’s fingers sliding around her wet pussy. Still she did a reasonable job of being an innocent, it was difficult keeping a straight face though.

“So she likes her daddy’s cock does she?” I asked. Beth nodded vigorously, biting down hard on that lip.

“Oh yeah, she loves daddy’s cock. She didn’t tell me she was fucking daddy for nearly six months. I was quite jealous at first but Be’elzebub made me feel better didn’t you, lots and lots of times. Didn’t you?” Beth still wasn’t saying anything but her eyes spoke volumes. She just wriggled and grinned.

“So just what does this demon actually want?” I found that I was quite enjoying this silly game. Katie was too; her pussy was on liquid overdrive. I was going to have to ask mum how to wash this blanket tomorrow.

Katie looked at me, her serious expression offset by the glint in her eyes and the way she moved her hips, sliding into my still hard cock. Katie had trained me well, although I was enjoying every moment of being buried deep into her body, I felt in no danger of cumming, not until Katie wanted me to that is.

“My horny little sister wants you,” she glanced at Beth and then back to me, “she wants you to, to fuck her.”

Suddenly Beth wriggled, “and?” And? And what?

Katie’s eyes flicked back and forth between us. “She wants you to, to, to cum inside her. Daddy never does that does he?” Um? Never? I can remember one time, no, twice in the last six weeks, two days and twenty-one odd hours. But did I say a word? Not I. I’m a gentleman see. I don’t kiss and tell.

Beth was nearly bouncing on the spot. “Oh please, please Stevie. I always love it when Katie comes home with her pussy full of your cum. Can I have some please? Pretty please?”

I frowned and pulled an earnest and serious expression. Katie started giggling and then she tried to stop by clearing her throat and frowning too. Didn’t help me. Katie looked hilarious trying to keep a straight face.

“Well,” big pause. “Well if your big sister says that it’s all right,” another big pause. “Well I could fill your cunt with my cum.” Pause. “But just this once you understand?” Just this once? Who was I trying to kid?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32