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I had known Marea for a few years. I remember the day she joined the company, she was petite and bubbly which made her seem much younger than she was. I remember thinking that I was going to be in trouble if I had to spend a lot of time around her. Of course over the years I had to do a number of customer visits with her which included long trips in cars together.

Marea was a brunette of Hispanic descent. She was 5’2″ but seemed even smaller, she couldn’t have weighed more than 100 lbs. If there ever was a spinner then she was it. She had tiny curves that were rarely visible, especially given how she dressed. It wasn’t that she dressed frumpy, but I guess the term was fashion forward. A lot of dresses, skirts, flowy pants, etc. When the subtle curves did show up you could tell her body was tight. She had longer brown hair, eyes that smiled when she did.

I remember the first day I saw her little curved tush. Of course I was always checking her out, definitely wonder what it would like to be with someone so tiny. I’m 6’2″ and fairly broad, not fat, but thick. While I don’t have a pornstar long dick, I do have a pornstar wide dick. So at 7″ long and 3″ wide at the base, size has definitely been an issue with partners.

Back to her. One Friday she came into the office with a more casual outfit. She was wearing tight jeans, which has happened before, but she always has longer shirts which wreck any chance of getting a good view. At some point I was watching from across the cubicles as she chatted with a coworker when she had to pull up the back of her pants. In doing so she lifted her shirt and I finally saw her little rump. It was both shapely and tiny, as she pulled her pants up I watched this thing bounce. It bounced, this thing was literally a peach…it was so tiny and curved. I was hooked.

After that I started swinging by her desk more, lingering more. Eventually we started texting and getting to know each other better. It became clear that each of us were teasing the other by slowly pushing boundaries. At one point, she slipped into a stream of texts “I like porn”. I didn’t bite which forced her to type it again…”I like porn.” I knew she wanted me. Eventually I bit and the conversations continued.


It had been weeks and I was waiting for my opportunity. Sometimes we would go out for coffee, in the stairwell on the way out I would grab Marea and kiss her. My two hands practically wrapped all the way around her waist and touched. I could pick her up without even the slightest struggle. I would kiss her neck while she closed her eyes and moaned. One of my hands could cup both butt cheeks. We never lingered in case a co-worker came through the stairwell.

One day the stars aligned and we both ended up at work late. I had driven in to work. I asked her if she wanted a drive home. She immediately became excited and threw what she could in her bag not even locking her computer. Our walk to the car included the stairwell where we usually stopped, this time we didn’t. We didn’t speak a word, both escort izmir of us were clearly in our heads. The sexual tension was thick. I was trying to strategize about how and where to take things farther, how I would love to see her try to take my dick in her petite mouth. I could feel my pants getting tighter.

I was parked in an underground lot. We finally reached the car in the empty dark lot. I opened the door for her to let her in. I went around to the driver side, as soon as I got in she was staring at me biting her bottom lip. I pulled her forward hard into me and kissed. Within 5 seconds I was kissing down her neck to her little A cups while she was breathing hard. I lifted her shirt exposing her tight stomach and breasts. I immediately started sucking and kissing her skin while she moaned in the passenger seat. I started with her sides, moved up her ribs until I sucked in her perky little nipples. I slid my hand between her legs and over her jeans. She spread them for me and thrust into my hand breathing even harder.

After about 5 minutes of this heated groping and tasting I pulled a way. Her mouth was half open, her eyes have closed, she was almost panting. I told her it was time to get going. I could see the disappointment and frustration. I wanted to push her more.

As we left the parking lot I took her hand and caressed it as we drove. It was a silent drive as we both were fixated on what just happened. Every time we stopped at a light I would turn to look at her and she would just stare back. I was torn between the desire to protect and hold this petite beautiful creature, and the desire to tear open her shirt then pull her head down to suck my balls.

Eventually I let my hand slide across her arm to her pants and between her legs. As we drove I massaged her pussy over the jeans. Slowly she started to rotate her hips to match. I moved my fingers to unzip her pants. Her jeans were so tight I could barely squeeze my fingers in her underwear. She was completely soaked. My fingers parted her lips and found her button. I put just enough pressure and movement to have her clit pop out repeatedly as I moved my finger. Her hands gripped the car door and center console as I rubber her.

By the time we made it to her place my fingers tips were working their way into her tiny pussy and she was moaning. I found a place under the trees in an empty lot. “Do you want to go in the back seat for a bit?” I asked. She simply said “Yes.”

As soon as we got in the backseat she started pulling me in to kiss. This time, she buttoned down her shirt and pulled out her little breast. Her tiny hand wrapped around the back of my neck as she pulled my lips to her nipple her other hand cupping her breast. As I settled in to flicking my tongue over her firm nipple I wrapped my arms around her she moved tp undo my belt and pants. I had been dying to be released. As she fished out my cock, her hand barely around half of it, she leaned down and attempted to take me in her mouth. She could barely fit the head, I felt bad for her.

After escort izmir all this build up I needed something more but didn’t want to push her head down…hard. So I repositioned her so that she was bent over on her hands and knees. As she bobbed her head and massaged my balls I started to push her pants down and caressing the curve of her ass. If I wasn’t turned on before, now I was staring at that little tush exposed. Immediately I started massaging her cheeks. Instead of pushing her head down on my cock I pulled her ass and thrust my hips up. I moved my fingers along the curve of her ass until I could feel her soaking pussy. Without the restriction of tight jeans I plunged my fingers in deep causing her to moan on my cock.

Slowly I worked my fingers in and out of her pussy while she started to go deeper sucking my cock I loved feeling her moans vibrate through me. My fingers picked up the pace, my hips thrusting into her mouth…the lust took over as my free hand gripped her hair and head. I started moaning as my fingers pounded into her pussy. I wanted her going over the edge. As I heard her muffled scream of ecstasy I immediately pulled her head down hard and thrusted. Her legs were tensed either from an orgasm or my cock filling her throat. I had never had anyone take half of me before, let alone someone so tiny.

After what felt like an eternity I ripped her off my cock and pulled her to my lips. I began pulling her pants off all the way off and told her “I want to be inside you”.

“I want that too!” she said between kisses. She immediately straddled me causing my swollen cock to part her lips. Her juices were soaking the length of my cock. She opened up her shirt the whole way fully exposing her tight stomach and breasts. I pulled my shirt off. She immediately put her chest to mine and moaned as she ground her pussy against my cock.

I eventually pushed her back to stare into her eyes. She was incredibly sexy and beautiful. Without breaking eye contact I positioned myself at her entrance. She started slowly thrusting to take the tip in. We struggled slowly to get the head inside her. Eventually we got the top third of my cock insider her. He mouth was open either from ecstasy or pain, I couldn’t tell but she was dripping down my shaft. She started thrusting harder and faster. I think she thought I was completely in her but I was far from it. Despite barely being in her she was so tight that I was going to cum quickly. My hands grabbed her hips and I told her “Slow down, we have time.”

Thank goodness she did. I wanted to make sure that I made it all the way in her. I pulled her close again, with her chest on mine while she continued to straddle me. My hands slid down her hips to cup her little ass. I gripped tightly as I started to thrust upwards, working myself inside her. I started to hear her make gasps. I could feel her legs pushing up and away as I pushed in deeper and deeper. I could feel my balls becoming soaked the more I entered her. My hands gripped tighter as I pulled her down on to my cock. I was kissing and sucking on her neck when I heard her whisper “Oh my god, how is this happening?”

“How is what happening?”

“How are you still entering me? How is it fitting?” The answer pushed me over the edge. I smiled at Marea then plunged my face into her neck and chest. I gripped her ass and hips harder to make a final push. I was dying to show her how wide I was and how tight she is. She screamed out as her nails scratched my back, “OH FUCK!” I kept thrusting and pulling as she now grunted until I bottomed out. I was finally all the way inside her. I held myself there, I could feel her muscles tensed. I slowly pusher her back to look her in the eyes. Her mouth was open, face scrunched like she was begging with desperation. I started pumping again but I knew I wasn’t going to last. Her pussy was so tight it was practically sucking off my cock. I watched her face contort more, all she could do was nod at me.

It was then that her whole body started to seize up, he legs tried to close but it was futile with me inside her. I could see every muscle flexing as she started to scream, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! I’M FUCKING CUMMING! OH MY GOD IT’S SO INTENSE.” I used that moment to run my fingers down her ass to my dick to catch some of her juices. I ran my now lubricated finger up to her tight asshole and started to rub it. It caused her to start bucking hard on me.

“Fuck yeah baby, are you going to cum on my cock?” I asked while rubbing her asshole. She nodded yes as she clenched her jaw and ground herself harder in to me. As she pushed back she almost forced my finger into her ass. I could feel her pause when she felt it but the more she bucked the more comfortable she became with it. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, and I likely wasn’t getting into her ass, but the thought of it put me over the edge. I asked, “I’m going to cum baby. Where do you want me to cum?”

“Anywhere you want! Please….anywhere you want!” she whispered as her orgasm was coming to an end.

“Will you let me cum on your face?”…. “Yes.”

“What about inside you or on your tits?”….. “Fuck, cum inside me, cum all over me. I want to make you cum so bad. Please!” she begged.

We were now at a wild pace and there would be no doubt to any watching as to what was happening in the car. “I want you to suck my cock into your mouth and swallow. Will you do that for me?” Without responding verbally she jumped off me and bent over taking more than half of my cock into her little mouth. Now, without restraint, I gripped the back of her head and fucked her face. I took one hand and slapped her perfect little ass hard causing her to scream on my cock. This pushed me over the edge and I began to pump all the pent up arousal into her throat. It was so much that it started bursting out of the sides of her mouth and down my shaft. When she was done, she sat up and made a show of swallowing what was in her mouth. Without asking she then bent down and started to lick and suck off the remaining semen from my cock.

When it was all over, we laid in the backseat with her bare chest on mine. With my load blown I was back to wanting to protect and cradle this petite woman. I had regained control…for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32