Losing Virginity

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Hi friends, I am Navya. Right now my age is 21. I am slutty girl always hungry for sex. My body structure is 34 26 36. I am very much fond of erotic stories, and always wanted to write my own story. The story I will be submitting are 100% original. They all are real incident occurred with me. I will not bore you much. So let’s start with the story.

This incident occurred 3 years back, when I was 18 in higher grade school. It was the last paper of my final exams in school. I have a boyfriend name Smith. We both used to study in same school. He is an average height guy, with well built body structure. We always fool around many times in school area and in private area or in home. Our both parents used to go out for work. So there was nobody from morning 10:00am to evening 8:00pm in both houses. We used to watch lot of porn movies together at home, we would also masturbate together, kiss each other, do fingering and give my boy the best blowjob. We used to do the 3-4 times in a week after school.

On one fine day we were back home from school. As a routine we bathed had some snacks and went to bedroom and started watching porn. Suddenly something struck in Smith’s mind he said

Smith: “Baby can we have real fun. I am just bored with upper pleasure. We will have real sex with full protection.”

(I thought for a while, and replied)

Me: “Hmmmmm, Ok. Let’s have the real fun.

As soon as I complete my word, He got up from chair, pulled off his drawer, took of his bike keys and ran outside the bedroom. I asked him “Where he is going?” but he just told me to wait for 5min and he will be back.

After few minutes he was back with few packets Şirinevler escort of condoms. He went near the pc and started a porn movie. And asked

Smith: “Are you ready for the real fun.” I said

Me: “Yes, am ready.”

Smith: “So, let’s start.”

By saying this he rushed towards me. We started seeing in each other’s eyes and suddenly he planted his lips on my lips. We kissed, smooched vigorously. I was licking his tongue and swallowing each other’s saliva. Oh! That tastes very nice. (I can still remember the first taste). He moved his one hand on my back and the other on my boob. His hand was pressing my boobs over my school dress. I started unbuttoning his shirt. He too unbuttoned my shirt and threw it away and placed his both hands on my small 34D tits. Moans were coming out of my mouth as he was pressing them. He cannot resist and unhooked my Bra in a second, and started pressing my boobs more hardly, sucking it and biting my nipples. He was on my tits for around 10-12 minutes. He then moved down kissing and licking my navel and the surrounding part. His every lick was flowing in my body like a current. I was getting more aroused. He then removed my skirt and now there was just one cloth left on my body, only the panty. He moved his hands on my thighs, caught my panty and pulled it away. I was full nude now.

He placed two fingers on my pussy lips and separated my pussy. It is pinkish in color. He moved a bit downward and kissed my pussy. He inserted his fingers inside and started moving it In and Out (this was pleasuring me a lot). Smith is the best pussy sucker. He started licking my pussy. While his both Şirinevler escort bayan hands on my ass. He was slowing trying to enter my ass crack and finger inside, and he succeeded. His finger were going deep in simultaneously his tongue tip was going inside my pussy. While fingering my ass hole he used to remove his finger and put it in my mouth. To tell you all frankly, my ass really tastes very nice. I love to taste my ass hole.

By the time he was multitasking, my pussy water was about to come out. So I told him that “I am about to cum”. He said me to cum, and he will drink it all. I did as he told. And within a fraction I drained in his mouth. He did not wasted much, he then came to kiss me and spited my own water in my mouth. That water was just like drink Devine Drink. We share the water with each other and kissed deeply for a while.

Then I sat on the bed, he was standing in front of me. I could see the huge bulge in his pants. Which was fighting to come out of the pant. So I unzipped his pants removed it and the bulge was getting bigger and bigger in his underwear. I didn’t waste time and pulled off his underwear down and his dick popped out quickly. I took his tool in hand. Shaked it for a while, then I put my tongue on his dick tip and started kissing it. I started swallowing his dick. He was gagging my mouth wildly. I removed it from my mouth spitted on it and again started to suck it. I sucked it for around 15 min. His moans were getting louder and louder. He was about to cum and he shoots his entire huge load in my mouth. I swallowed his all cum without wasting a drop.

He then told me to put condom on his escort şirinevler dick. I wore two condoms on his tools. Then he asked me if I was ready to lose my virginity. I didn’t think of anything and replied “yes, i am ready. Please fuck me and take away my virginity.” He threw me on the bed. Pulled my legs towards him and slowly started to insert his dick. As he inserted his tip inside it didn’t pain so much. But as the tool was going in inch by inch, it was paining a lot and I was not able to bear the pain. I was shouting louder and louder seeing this he bent over to me and stuck his lips on mine. After a while full dick was inside me. He was moving slowly and slowly. I told him to fuck me like they do in porn movies. He then was doing slowly as I was not able to bear the pain. I shouted on him and told him not to listen to my pain and fuck me hard. I begged him to fuck me hard. He then started to fuck me harder and harder. It was paining a lot but was giving me intense pleasure. While he was fucking he told me “my pussy is bleeding” I told “don’t worry it will be all right”. As we have sawn many virgin porn movies before so there was no problem.

He then was about to cum, he removed his dick out. I took it in my hand. Removed the condoms and started sucking it again. After few sec he squirted a huge load in and all over my face. The load was very huge than the first blowjob. I swallowed the whole cum in my mouth. He then came in front of me and started licking the cum all over my face.

Then we slept together for a while and then I moved to my house. My ass was paining for at least 4-5 days. After that we have sex after ever 2 day and enjoy a lot. He loves to fuck in my pussy and my ass too. I love taking his huge dick in my ass and get fucked by it very hard…

So, this is the end of my story. Hope you all readers will enjoy a lot and please do suggest me something so that I can improve my story. There are lot more my own real stories to come.

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