Love and Lust Pt. 01

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Brooklyn dropped her kit to the floor and sat on the edge of the bed to untie her trainers. lacrosse was never her favorite sport, but she still hated losing. At five foot tall and only weighing a little over a hundred pounds, she wasn’t exactly a force of nature. Normally her quick feet would keep her competitive, but the muddy pitch had worked against her today.

“Tough game,” commented her blonde roommate turning in her chair at the desk between the beds.

“Bloody awful,” mumbled Brooklyn, striping off the remaining soiled and sweaty clothes. Sitting starkers, she enjoyed the cool air on her small breasts. Having gone to an all-girl’s school since she was eight years of age, she’d grown accustomed to nudity at an early age. “We’re going to be lucky to win a single match this year.” Picking up a towel from the end of her bed, she dried her long dark hair.

Aimee smile flattened as she touched the pencil in her hand to her lips. “You shouldn’t give up so easily, you’re a natural athlete. I’m sure you’ll get better with–” she said until the door suddenly flew open and three more girl’s spilled into the room.

Britney, Madison, and Taniel pushed at each other as they entered the room laughing. They were sill dressed in their school uniform, not having had the chance to change yet.

“Girl, put some clothes on,” Taniel said, rolling her eyes at the petite nude student sitting on the end of the bed.

“I will. I need to have a shower first,” she said lazily, not feeling rushed in the slightest.

“Well, get moving then,” Taniel pushed again, “we’re leaving at half past six, and if you make us late again–,”

Looking at the girls in the room, Brooklyn could see that the sentiment was shared. “Fine, fine,” she said with a sigh and then stood and gathered her shower things. Part of her happy to be alone again.

Britney, a tall, blonde girl who was one of the more popular students at school, waited until the door closed before turning towards Aimee, “I don’t know how you can live with that girl,” she said referring to Brooklyn. “She’s mental.”

Aimee shrugged, “No she’s not. Well, maybe a little,” she admitted.

“Remember when she set off those bangers in class last term,” giggled Madison, the only American in the group of girls. She was a brunette with large breasts and curvy hips. While not traditionally beautiful, she was far from unattractive.

“I remember a certain someone giving them to her and suggesting she do it for a laugh,” Aimee admonished. “She was nearly expelled over that you prat. You can’t do anything like that this term with her. You know how open to suggestion she is.”

“Yeah, yeah,” said Taniel, talking over the small group, “no more taking the mickey. Now let’s get ready. Your sister’s still driving us, yeah?”

Aimee nodded, “Jennifer already called me. I think she’s got a fun night planned,” she said, waggling her brow.

“She’s not taking us to that gay pub in Manchester again is she?” complained Britney.

The girls groaned but laughed remembering the experience. They had all known Aimee’s older sister was gay, but despite being ten years older, Jennifer knew how to have a good time. Their last adventure had included a stop at a gay bar and they all felt that they’d matured a year from the experience.

“No, she won’t tell me the name,” Aimee said, flipping her hands up, “but apparently she’s got a connection to get us in.”

“Oh, this is going to be fun,” Britney said, dancing on her tip toes.

The street lights were buzzing their low drone as they cast their yellowish hue in front of the private school’s entrance. Now that the female students were of age, they were allowed to leave the school on evenings and weekends, and they were determined to take full advantage of their new freedom. Aimee’s sister arrived at the school entrance in her silver Volkswagen Golf. Jennifer had once been a student at the same boarding school, and so she felt an obligation to free her younger sister from its confines whenever possible.

Brooklyn stood nervously behind the group of sixth form girls, out of the group, Aimee was her only true friend. She didn’t dislike the others, but she found them difficult to talk to. They didn’t understand her like Aimee did. Brooklyn watched as Jennifer’s car pulled up next to the curb and began to wonder how they were all supposed to fit inside. Brooklyn had known her friend’s older sister almost as long as she’d known Aimee. In fact, their whole family felt like her family. Aimee’s family had always been extremely kind to her, and on more than one occasion she’d wished that she could have been born into such an amazing family. But that was a common fantasy for every orphaned girl living in girl’s homes and foster care.

Jennifer exited the car and stretched, her perfect breasts pressing firmly against the thin fabric of her open blouse and exposing a deep canyon of cleavage. She had thick, long red hair, pale lightly freckled skin, and naturally full bursa otele gelen escort lips.

“Hey girls,” she said, giving her sister a quick hug and then turning to Brooklyn, “Hey beautiful.” Jennifer’s eyes bore into Brooklyn’s and a smile spread over her features as she enveloped the younger girl in an uncomfortably long hug. Finally breaking the hug, Jennifer turned to the small group. “Aimee, you’re driving. I’ll volunteer to sit in the back and Brooke cab sit on my lap to share a seatbelt since we’re one too many.”

The girls laughed at Brooklyn’s uncomfortable smile and got into the car. Jennifer’s suggestion wasn’t a total surprise to the dark haired girl though, Jennifer had always been very touchy in her affection, and it only seemed get more so as time went on. They all fit into the car and soon they were driving down the motorway, talking and laughing as they sped toward their destination.

“Time to get this party started,” Britney half screamed and pulled a small flask from her purse. Taking a small drink, she winced and passed the container along.

Sitting on Jennifer’s lap and smashed against the backseat window, Brooklyn tried in vain to pull her skirt back down over her bum, but in the small confines of the car it was impossible to keep it in place.

“Relax Brookie,” cooed Jennifer into her ear, wrapping her arm around the younger girl’s waist and pulling her in tightly. Brooklyn could feel Jennifer’s ample breasts press into her back. It was leaning against two soft pillows. The older girl took a small drink from the flask and handed it to Brooklyn.

Feeling embarrassed and hoping that the other girls couldn’t see her blushing in the darkness of the car, Brooklyn drank a mouthful of the strong liquid. Her stomach immediately felt the effects as a wave of the most intense heat exploded inside her. She suddenly felt a gentle touch on her upper thigh, and it made her flinch involuntarily. She felt the arm Jennifer had around her waist give her small squeeze as the fingers from her other hand continued to touch the exposed flesh of her bum. If the other girls noticed, they gave no clue as they sang along to the music.

They arrived at the club, and true to her word, Jennifer got them through the queue and into the club. Brooklyn felt a moment of relief once she was out of the car and able to pull her skirt down again. Sitting on her best friend’s sister wasn’t the worst experience she’d ever had, but it was confusing. Now inside the club, Brooklyn froze as she tried to take in the chaotic environment. Never having like being in large groups, she felt an overwhelming panic as the noise, smells, and even physical vibrations of the music assaulted her senses.

Meanwhile, standing behind her, Aimee leaned over to her older sister so that only she could hear, and said, “I’m afraid Brooklyn might be a bit out of sorts.” When she saw Jennifer’s devilish grin, she gave her a look and grabbed her arm, “Please don’t do anything too crazy, Jen. Brooklyn’s my friend and I feel I’ve got to look out for her.”

Jennifer smiled as she shook her head, “I promise she’ll have a good time – now let’s get a table while we still can, and I’ll get a round,” she said, breaking away from her sister’s grip and stepping closer to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn felt someone take her hand and was about to pull her’s free when she saw that it was Jennifer. The bombshell redhead yelled something about getting a table and then pulled her along through a crowd of people. With her hand held tightly in Jennifer’s grip, she allowed herself to be let to secluded spot in a far corner of the club. The tables were surrounded by padded settees with backs several inches over their heads, giving it one a feeling that you were slightly separated from the noise of the club.

“Oh my god this place is amazing,” Madison nearly screamed, staring at several cute guys as they walked by.

As usual, Britney, Madison, and Taniel sat close together with Aimee trying to sit close enough to Brooklyn to make her feel part of the group. It wasn’t that the other girls were unkind, they simply weren’t that close of friends.

Jennifer arrived with the first round of drinks and set them on the table. She pushed one towards Brooklyn as the other girls took the one’s they’d ordered. “I got you tonight,” Jennifer said, giving her a friendly wink.

Brooklyn returned a smile and a thank you. She’d only had enough money to get into the club and hadn’t intended on ordering any drinks. But when someone’s buying rounds, it’s always awkward to be that one begging out. Jennifer sat close to Brooklyn’s side, close enough that there was no separation between their legs.

“So which one of you’s going to be gagging for it by the end of the night,” asked Jennifer, leaning forward over the table, her breasts on almost full display. Brooklyn again felt Jennifer take her by the hand.

“I’ll see your sorry arses later,” Taniel said as a tall, dark, and handsome escort bayan man approached their table and gestured towards Taniel.

“Wow,” Madison commented. “I think this is going to be a fun night.”

Brooklyn watched as Britney was then asked to dance, and then Aimee and Madison disappeared shortly after, leaving only Brooklyn and Jennifer at the table. Several guys looked to approach their table, but with Jennifer sitting so close, they seemed to think the two girls were a couple and so decided to best ask other girls. Brooklyn desperately wanted to say something to the older girl, but she didn’t want to hurt her feelings. And there was something comforting sitting this close to her. Jennifer’s perfume smelled amazing, and she was achingly beautiful. Brooklyn had always known Jennifer was gay, but to date, they’d never had a conversation about it.

Jennifer squeezed her hand and turned to look at her, “Sorry, Brooke. I shouldn’t be monopolizing you like this,” she confessed, her voice sincere and genuine. “If you don’t mind, could I ask you to dance – just once tonight… if it’s not too awkward?”

Brooklyn’s heart nearly melted at the sincerity of the older girl. Jennifer was almost ten years older. She was educated, intelligent, beautiful and a career professional. Jennifer could have any woman she wanted – at least the one’s that were open to that kind of thing – so why was she asking her, Brooklyn wondered. She, herself wasn’t gay, but what did it matter if she danced with Jennifer. They were here to have a good time.

“I’d like that,” Brooklyn replied, returning the squeeze with her hand.

Jennifer’s eyes widened in joy and she immediately stood and pulled Brooklyn to the center of the dance floor. The music was pounding and the beat was infectious as the girls began to dance. With so many people around and the alcohol already starting to do its work, Brooklyn let herself relax and enjoy the new feelings her body was experiencing. Jennifer danced close, and her hands often touched Brooklyn’s body in ways that made her heart increase its already fast pace.

The night became a blur as one dance let to another, and then another. More rounds of drinks were had, many more, with Jennifer always leading her back to the dance floor. Brooklyn let her cares go and focused on enjoying the moment with her best friend’s older sister. Her last memory was of her roommate laughing at her and telling her that they needed to go.

Brooklyn was normally up well before the sun rose, but even with closed eyes she could tell that the sun was well into the morning. Her head ached, and her body felt like she’d run consecutive marathons, but she was warm and comfortable under the heavy blankets. Something felt different, however. Opening her eyes, she found herself staring at the top of a pair of very large breasts. Her head was nestled in closely to a woman’s chest. Red hair lay across bare shoulders. A familiar perfume filled her nose. Oh my god, Brooklyn thought, realizing that she was sleeping with Jennifer.

Forcing her eyes to open completely, she saw Jennifer’s still sleeping figure. God she was attractive, even in her sleep. And being held so tightly to her felt brilliant. Brooklyn had never been physically close to anyone. Hugs were usually something she tried to get away from because they made her feel uncomfortable, but being here in Jennifer’s embrace was… nice. At least they still had their knickers on she thought, using her free hand to explore.

“You two look comfy,” sounded a voice from behind her. She knew that voice. Entangling herself from Jennifer, she pulled her own hair out of her eyes and turned toward the voice. “Have a good time last night?” asked Madison, facing her from the rooms other bed. a wild grin on her face.

They were in a hotel room, Brooklyn realized. She sat up slightly but stopped as her head threatened to explode. She quickly looked around the room to get her bearings. Madison was of course in the bed next to her, but so was Britney. But unlike she and Jennifer, there was a good spaced gap between the blankets where Madison and Britney shared the bed. Aimee was still asleep on the rooms sofa, heavy blankets covering all but the top of her head.

“Where’s Taniel?” I asked, not seeing her anywhere in the room.

“She went home with the guy she met last night,” she said nonchalantly.

Brooklyn’s eyes widened, “Are you serious?” she asked in surprise.

Madison didn’t respond for a long minute, but then her smile grew and she shook her head. “No, she actually ran into some friends of hers and got a ride home for the weekend. None of us were as lucky as you to end up sleeping with their dance partner,” she said, her voice teasing.

“We didn’t – at least I don’t think we did…” Brooklyn stuttered. “Ugh, why did I drink so much?”

“Look, it’s no big deal,” said Madison, her voice barely a whisper. “Jennifer’s awesome. It’s fine if you like her. We’re all happy for mudanya escort you.”

Brooklyn shook her head, “It’s not like that… I mean she’s – I just thought last night…” she continued to sputter, making Madison giggle. A warm arm snaked around her waist and she felt Jennifer pulling her back under the blanket towards herself like the little spoon. It caught Brooklyn by such surprise, that she simply let it happen.

“Go back to sleep you two,” Jennifer mumbled, her mouth now next to Brooklyn’s ear.

Brooklyn’s eyes widened as she felt Jennifer’s hand snake down between her thighs. Madison’s eyes were still on her, but at least the blankets covered what was happening below. Why couldn’t she just push Jennifer away? This was far too intimate. Luckily sleep seemed to take Jennifer as her hand simply rested between the soft skin of her thighs, the older girl’s breathing slowing into a steady rhythm.

It was another two hours before the partied out girls awoke and began to get ready to return to the school. Brooklyn didn’t sleep for one minute of those two hours. Instead, she spent that time trying not to enjoy the physical sensations that were being provoked in her body from being so close to Jennifer. She wasn’t gay. She liked the blokes that way, not the girls. Last night had been fun, but it was a one time thing. She wasn’t going to get herself into a situation like that again.

Brooklyn decided to have a shower before they left, and so slipped into the bathroom. She was halfway through her shower when Jennifer entered the bathroom and closed the door. How did she get in?” Brooklyn wondered, sure that she’d locked the door.

Jennifer removed her knickers and, despite trying not to look, Brooklyn couldn’t help but watch as the redheads breasts spilled out when she removed her bra. Without pausing, Jennifer entered the shower, pressing her front up against Brooklyn. The older girl stood almost three inches taller than Brooklyn, forcing Brooklyn to look up slightly to meet her eyes.

“Jennifer!” Brooklyn hissed in a loud whisper. “What are you doing?”

“Just having my shower,” she said innocently, and then added, “Hey, nothing happened between us last night. We just danced and got a little close. But that’s all, yeah.” Brooklyn nodded, trying not to feel the woman’s breasts against her own. “Thank you for dancing with me last night. I had a good time with you.”

Her softness and openness made Brooklyn smile and shrug, “I did to I guess. But I’m not. You know… Like you that way,” she said, stammering out each word awkwardly.

“You’re not gay?” Jennifer said clearly, taking the soap in her hands and then using it to clean Brooklyn’s skin. “I know. And that’s okay. But I still hope you’ll be my friend. As much time as you’ve spent at our house, you’re practically family.”

Brooklyn bit her lower lip between her teeth as Jennifer’s soapy hands glided over her skin. The sensations were explosive and she felt a warmth begin to bloom between her legs. “Of course, Jen,” she said, her voice sounding slightly thick and raspy. She was about to protest when Jennifer reached up and changed the angle of the shower head, using it to rinse of the soap from their bodies.

“We’ve got to get going before the hotel makes me pay for another day,” Jennifer said, exiting the shower.

Brooklyn couldn’t help but stare at the redhead’s body. Her pale skin was covered in light freckles that even covered her bum. Compared to her own body, Jennifer was a goddess. Brooklyn glanced down at her own thin frame. She wasn’t flat chested, but she did wish her breasts would catch up in proportion to her large nipples.

They both dried and dressed in the same clothes they’d worn last night. Brooklyn was looking forward to getting back to the school and changing into some fresh, loose-fitting clothes, and maybe even going for a run if her head would clear a little more. Exiting the bathroom, the other girl’s were already waiting for them, each giving Brooklyn a knowing, feral grin. Only Aimee shooting her a look that said, we’ll-talk-later.

Taking an Uber back to the dance club. They found the car and were soon heading back to the school. The ride back was relatively quiet and subdued. Jennifer drove at at her insistence, Brooklyn had sat in the front passenger seat. Several times throughout the hour long drive, Jennifer would hold her hand or touch her thigh. Brooklyn knew the girls in the back noticed and it made her feel extremely self-conscious.

Finally arriving at the school, they said their goodbyes to Jennifer and thanked her for getting them into the club. Jennifer gave Brooklyn a light kiss on the cheek and then asked, “Brooke, would you go out with me next weekend?”

Brooklyn froze in place. Was Jennifer really asking her out? Aimee, Britney, and Madison all stopped and were silent after they heard Jennifer pop the question, making Brooklyn feel the added pressure of their curiosity.

“I – I uh… maybe – but, it’s going to be busy–,” Brooklyn stumbled over her words with a nervous energy, unable to meet Jennifer’s gaze.

“Hey,” Jennifer said softly, “It’s okay, Brooke. No pressure. I’d like to take you out – that’s all. If you want to go, text me sometime this week. If not, don’t worry. I’ll always be your friend.”

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