Love Thy Neighbor

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I had lusted after my neighbor since the day Steve and his wife Peggy had moved in six months ago. Every time I saw his muscular statuesque body I would go limp. His sapphire blue eyes seemed to dance and he would give me that sly smile and a wink every time we spoke like he could read my mind. I had become good friends with Peggy, and this closeness made me feel guilty about my fantasy about Steve. But, it never stopped my feelings.

I was standing at my kitchen sink. The day is beautiful and sunny, the birds are singing and the sky is blue. My flower garden is in full bloom. I have the stereo on playing my favorite music, which has me dancing as usual. I had just finished the dishes and I was looking out at my flowers day dreaming about my neighbor. Steve had come in but remained standing at the back of the room just watching me. I suddenly felt a presence and as I looked up I saw his reflection in the window as he approached me from behind. He came up to me and slowly puts his strong arms around my waist and starts to kiss my neck with soft butterfly kisses from the side of Trabzon Escort my neck to the nape of my neck, which immediately elicits a low moan from me.

Slowly his hands inch up from my waist to my breast. Then his hands slowly pulled my shirt up over my head and removed my bra. Although the air in the room feels warm and moist with anticipation, my breasts feel a chill from being exposed and free from confinement. I felt his warm breath on my back as he placed a series of kisses down my spine to the small of my back. As he slowly used his tongue to come back up my back, his hands gently massaged my dime size nipples, twisting them between his finger and thumb. I felt that distinct tingling sensation start all over my body and the wetness that starts in my pussy.

As he continues to massage my nipples, he pulled me into his strong chest and I let myself lean back into him. I sense his intense strength and his urgency to control the situation. He turned me around and kissed me with such hot intensity. I used the tip of my tongue to trace the outline of his Trabzon Escort Bayan lips and as my passion grew I needed to taste you. As our tongues dances together, he pulls me in and I feel his hardness press against me through his jeans. As our mouths part he unfastens my jeans and gently pushes them off of my hips and as they fall to the ground I step out of them. I run my hand over the straining bulge in his jeans as he begins to breathe harder and moans so softly. I fumble for the button and zipper of his jeans as I slowly pull them down to release his enormous hard cock.

As I get down on my knees and place my hands around his hard throbbing cock and start stroking, pre-cum slowly oozes. I take the tip of my tongue and lightly run it around the head and down the underside. I continued to explore with my tongue, tasting him, feeling every inch of his manhood. He placed is hands on both sides of my head, and with the look of longing in his eyes, placed his cock in my mouth. As he slowly bucked back and forth, he let out this deep moan of pleasure. He Escort Trabzon pulled me to my feet and turned me around and slowly bends me over as he runs his hands slowly up my back. He placed his finger slowly inside and explored the velvety folds of my wet pussy and my hard sensitive clit, building me to a leg shaking orgasm.

He places his cock and slowly pushes it down and into my wetness. My muscles grip his hard cock and he continues to push until he is totally wrapped by my velvety wetness and warmth. His rhythmic movements seem to make time stand still. His hands lightly touch my skin as he reaches for my breasts. My nipples become hard as he massages my breasts. Our breathing increases in rhythm with his thrusts. I moan with desire and need, gripping you tighter as my body reacts to your repeated thrusts. He grabbed my hips as his pace quickens and your warmth shoots into me, filling me as my own earth shattering orgasm rocks my body.

When I open my eyes again, I am in my kitchen, alone, totally dressed. I look out my window to see him in his yard. I wonder if everything I just felt was a dream, my fantasy run wild. He sees me looking out the window watching him. He gave me that same sensuous smile and wink and as I turned to walk away; I realized the wetness and warmth that I felt in my fantasy was very real.

I wonder…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32