Lovers in a Dangerous Time Pt. 01

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I want to thank Nafiysa for helping me with this story. It was her idea and we worked on it together. Her encouragement and female perspective greatly added to the experience. We hope you enjoy it. Tell us if you want more. If you do, we will continue the series.

I come home from my late shift with exhausted body and restless mind. Apprehensive but daring. Seeing him sleeping, so peaceful. I can always tell when he’s had a rough day, he’s barely covered. Our jobs are demanding, and our hours are rarely in sync, but I want him more and more with each passing day. The moonlight shimmers across his strong, naked body. Soft light highlights all his wonderful parts. Undressing and squirming as sexy thoughts fill my horny, dirty mind. Wanting to wake him and have my way.

Slowly, I slide down my panties. Mmmm, I know he loves the way they stick to my pussy as I peel them off. The wet spot clearly visible from my constant touching as I drove home deep in thoughts of what I want to do to him, for him, for us. Quietly, they slip off my delicate legs. I place them over his perfect face. A soft moan slips past his lips. I smile, knowing even in his sleep he knows my scent. I watch in wonder as he unconsciously licks them, hoping this sends him into another dream.

The smile grows on his handsome face, he’s so hot, Watching him as I slowly spread my legs, there’s the sound he adores so much. My scent is growing with my need. I can’t believe how wet he makes me. As I remove my panties his smile quickly fades. “Are you awake,” I whisper softly. Surely not. Does he want me as much as I want him? Is he too tired? Surely, rest is all he desires.

Then you lick your lips Ataşehir Escort and I fall apart, I feel my pussy flood. My eyes deepen. I need you, fuck baby I need you now. Laying beside you, goosebumps are forming and my body is warming. My fingers slide along my soft breasts. My nipples harden as they caress your strong arm. Taking my left breast, left one always first, just as you do, squeezing the pink, thick nub, extending, twisting. Trying my hardest to soften my moans. Mmm, they are especially sensitive tonight baby, you would love my face right now, the begging eyes and moans that drive you insane.

Slowly teasing my finger down my stomach, glistening from the heat my nerves and desire have created. Jumping ahead and sliding my finger up and down my warm slit. So sensitive, and dripping to my ass you love to fuck. I want you and I need you but I know you’ve had a long hard day. I wish your cock was throbbing deep inside me. Squealing in my racing mind, I turn looking at your manly hands. I’m sure they swell at night. Perhaps I’m just tired, but they are making me ravenous. The things they could do to me without waking you.

I slide my slender finger along each wet lip, being careful not to touch my aching clit. Relaxing and closing my eyes as I finger my pussy ever so softly. Every now and then it slips into my wetness. Fuck, I wish he was awake, wish it was his cock sinking into me. Oh, how good we both would feel.

Pulling my legs back further, spreading them wider, slowly placing my hand over my shaved, smooth mound, gently sliding in my finger. Teasing myself making me moan softly, getting more excited with each deep press. My soft whimpers fill Ataşehir Escort Bayan the room as wetness seeps from my needy pussy. You’re still soundly sleeping while my finger slides in and out, but my heating body needs more. Your baby is such a greedy girl.

I reach over for your right hand, taking the calloused middle finger. Moving closer to you pressing it into my warmth. I shiver as it gets coated with my slippery honey. The thickness of you makes me pulse down there, I squeeze your invading finger. Breathing deeply now adding a second finger inside me. Mmmm, moaning on my exhale as they stretch my tight hole. Fuck, it feels so good. Wet noises are filling the moonlit room, we can feel the heat between my spread legs.

Closing my eyes once again as you pleasure my sex. Feeling full just the way I like. Your involuntary movements caressing my sensitive spot. I try so hard to quiet my moans, but it feels too good. Without thinking, my left nipple is grasped again, still hard, and even more sensitive. I pinch and twist the way you do, feeling myself getting closer to the edge.

I can feel my body tightening, knowing your rough fingers are taking me there. Twisting harder now. Shit baby, I need you. Your thick fingers a blur as I move closer to get them deeper. Looking at your gorgeous naked body, oh my God your cock, my cock, is now hard for me. My heart is racing, my mind is racing. Are you breathing faster or is my delirious mind playing tricks on me?

Moaning louder, not able to hold back as my pussy tightens. Oh fuck, this is it, I can’t stop, I need you, only you. “Baby”, I whisper as my body spasms. Not able to stop, not able to Escort Ataşehir think. Your pussy is on fire for you as the next wave rips through me. Oh God, oh God you feel so good inside me.

Eventually my body calms, my heart begins to slow. I slide your wet fingers from my tight embrace, taking them to your open mouth. Another soft moan eases past your lips. Again, I whisper, “Baby?”

No answer, you sleep so soundly. Cuddling against your naked body, my hand slides to your masterful cock. Gripping firmly, I begin to stroke. You drip onto my gliding fingers. I can hear your breathing increasing. Do I see your eyes flutter? I’m sure it’s just my tired, lustful mind deceiving me.

I move slowly down your sleeping body, and my tongue catches your dripping precum. I lick the pool of precum on your firm stomach. Mmm, it’s so sweet. Lips now around your shiny head, as my greedy mouth slides over your hardness. Moaning softly, my tongue swirling around that spot I know you like.

Suddenly, I feel your hands pushing my head down over your exquisite shaft. Looking up, like I always do, your beautiful eyes locked on me, burning with desire. “Fuck baby”, you whisper. I feel you thicken. Pushing deeper into me, my throat expanding to accept all of you. “Don’t baby. Don’t stop”, you beg. “I want this, I want you.”

Picking up my pace, knowing you are close. The need and desire in your eyes driving me wild. Fuck, I want this too. Then I feel your creamy love pumping into my eager mouth. Load after warm load filling me. Not wanting to waste your seed. “Fuck, fuck”, you moan. Your eyes closing as the final spurt slides down my throat.

Your breathing soon begins to slow. I let you soften in my warm mouth, your spent member sliding from my soft lips. Kissing my way up your firm, tired body. I kiss each soft lip and whisper, “Go to sleep baby, you are just having a dream.” You smile, wrapping your strong arms around me, as we slowly slip into the night.

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