Loyal Wife: Sex Doll

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I am Mona. As a house wife I was happy with my husband. I was married at the age of 18.We had an average life. Apart from this our sex life was just average. We had no much of interest in sex and we did not think about it.

It is a story of my past. My husband was a well paid employee upon his seniority in a private company. At that time my husband was in the list of employees to be removed from service for some company reason.

Our life was disturbed as his job was the only source to lead our life also my husband had lost hope as he had lost his half the age in that company. He was upset that he might not find a job for him which pays him as much as that company.

One evening he came early from office with a life shattering message that he was removed from the company. We were broken with the situation but still my husband was making his efforts to speak with the bosses so that he could rejoin the same company also he was trying for new job.

He was very sad about what had gone on with him that day. Slowly I made him comfortable to share it with me.

One night after dinner he said, “My senior boss likes to appoint me again”.

I was surprised! I asked him, “What is the problem in that? This is good news”.

Then he was quiet for some moment and then he said, “He wanted something against this favour”.

I asked, “How much he wants?”

He said, “It is not money”. He stopped and I insisted him to tell. Then he told, “He wants you against my job”.

That even made me upset. I was shocked to hear that. Silence prevailed and after sometime I asked, “What he wants from me?”

He said, “I got my job after I will give you to him”. Our discussions stopped there.

For about a month he tried hard to get a job but did not get a single one. Our savings were spent and we were at the edge of life. Life was disturbed.

One night we were talking about our future and my husband was expecting that he would get another job within some days.

I remembered him that we were running short of money to fulfill basic needs.

Then my husband said after hesitation, “If you give some time to my boss then all problems will be solved”.

I was shocked to hear that from him. I was quite and didn’t answer. Silence was there for a long time.

Then I said, “I will meet your boss tomorrow”. My husband understood what I said.

Next day he didn’t speak anything. He was really sad with what was going on in our family so his voice was breaking and he was hesitating to talk about it.

At last in the night I agreed to his boss’s dirty proposal. I was nervous as well. I was in a bad mood. I had never even expected this kind of incident in my whole life.

It was Sunday, I started to get ready. I had no much make up as we were not having any lavish costumes. So I just wear a skirt and T-shirt.

I was ready at 10.00pm.We started to move to the house of his boss. The journey was looking like journey to the death. We both were not interested to talk anything.

We reached the house within 10.30pm.My husband took me to a leaving room. I saw a black person sitting at sofa and watching TV.

I guessed him as my husband’s boss. My husband greeted him. That person welcomed us and he was too straight on what he invited me to his house.

He straight away said to my husband, “What a beautiful and sexy wife you have.”

Then he said my husband to sit there. I was about to sit but he got up and he held me. He made me to sit beside him.

He kept his finger on my lips drew a line over my lips and said, “What a delicate lips you have sexy baby.”

Soon he planted a deep kiss on my lips and the other hand was on my breast. He was rubbing it. I could see my husband’s head was down.

Soon he made me to stand and then he removed my skirt completely. Again he made me to sit beside him. He was kissing my face and trying to remove my T-shirt.

It was a horrible feeling to me sitting with a black man in just bra and panty in front of my husband. I could understand it would be even horrible on part of my husband.

He clipped my bra hook and removed my bra. He pressed my nipples and was sucking it and chewing it like grapes.

In between there was a knock at the door. It was his servant. I hurriedly tried to cover myself with the T-shirt.

But he shamelessly said, “Leave it, don’t be ashamed”.

Then he started pressing my one breast hard and sucked the other one roughly.

The servant kept the drinks and snacks and went off. He got up and went on to take Starzbet the drinks. Now he removed his shirt, pant and underwear.

He became nude. He carried me to him. He hugged me and planted a passionate kiss on my mouth. He removed my hair bun and my hairs fall my back.

He then removed my panty and soon my panty fell down circling my legs tightly.

He held my buttocks with his both hands. After a little press he slowly made the left hand to reach my pussy. He was simultaneously squeezing both my ass as well my pussy with his hands.

He now was kissing me all over my body. As well as he was rubbing my pussy and ass. I was getting excited with the things. It was difficult for me to not react after those careful sexual touches.

Slowly in a hidden consciousness I started to enjoy it. Still I was shy and nervous with the whole thing.

He made me to stand on my knees. He held my head and was guiding me to suck his penis. I hesitated to do it as I had never done this before.

He was upset by this and said my husband, “Leave the room for us”. My husband went out.

I was left alone with his black sex hungry boss. His boss became more aggressive then.

He held his hardened huge dick with his one hand and the other hand was on my neck letting me not taking breath.

When I opened my mouth for breath he forced my face and he inserted his huge dick in my mouth.

He was forcing his penis in and out of my mouth. This went on for a long time till he leaked his cum on my face and mouth.

Then he grabbed me to the bed and laid me there. He came on me sucking my nipples, cuddling and brushing all my body.

He slowly went down to my legs. He spread my legs and kept his face in between my legs. He kissed my pussy and kept fingering on my pussy lips. He was drawing line on it.

He then surprised me by playing his tongue over and inside my pussy which I had never experienced. It was like exploiting me. But still I was enjoying.

It was a kind of feeling that I didn’t have it in my life. After sometime my pussy juice started to flow as he was playing his tongue in my pussy for a long time.

He then got up and said, “I don’t like to fuck with condom, I like to enjoy your meat”.

Then he came between my legs and kept his penis in front of my pussy.

He pushed all at once in me that pained hell as his penis was long and larger than my husband may be its double of my husband.

I yelled out in pain. I couldn’t resist but he continued to penetrate. I was all in pain and joy.

In my life for the first time I felt sex as a pleasurable game. Though he was giving me heavy pains I tried hard to keep my emotions inside me.

But I expressed pain and joy and started to scream each time he entered inside me.

He increased his speed. He was holding my two legs up and wide with his hand and he was pressing in and out too hard. Thus no more I could stop my voice to come out.

He was not stopping it even I was pleading to stop. He continued his strokes without bothering me. Suddenly I felt that he was becoming weak and left my legs free and held my breast and was stroking.

He was giving strokes nearly 20 minutes which was very long time for me as my husband could only do for five minutes.

At last he became fully weak and I could feel his thick cum flowing inside my pussy. He yelled loudly and fell on me taking heavy breath.

He was happy and said, “Baby, it is amazing, you are lovely in bed”. I was fully tired with a sort of bad feeling with his talks.

After some time he was ready for another session. Even though I was not able to accept another session I had to accept it.

He came on me again. He started chewing my nipples and he played all around my body. He turned me around and kissed my neck from back. He continued to go down.

He kissed my ass. I had a slap on both sides of my ass. He continued to rub my ass. After some time he pulled me up.

He made me to hold the edges of the cot with both hands and made me to bend over my knees. He gave another hard slap to ass. I think my ass had his hand impression.

He was behind me and he tried to insert in the ass hole. I said, “That is not my pussy”.

He gave another slap on my ass and said, “Darling, I like to fuck your ass”.

I didn’t answer. Actually my husband never had done this. He was trying hard to insert it in my asshole but it was not going even an inch of his huge dick.

He inserted his finger in my asshole. Sometime after the Starzbet Giriş servant came and gave him the cream he wanted.

He took some cream with his fingers and he put some cream inside my asshole. He asked me to put cream on his penis.

I hesitated but he pulled my hand and made me to apply cream on his penis. Again made me to bend over and hold edge of the cot.

He again started to insert his penis in my asshole. It was still not going in. He was not stopping it too. He was trying hard to insert it.

At that moment his front balloon came inside me and that pained me a lot. I shouted loud.

He even didn’t bother to remove it. He was still forcing his penis inside me.

At that time I was crying in pain and he came up in front of me and put his penis inside my mouth. By that even didn’t allowed me to express my pain.

He was pushing it hard and hard after some time at a time his entire penis came inside me.

I shouted in excessive pain. He was still enjoying my pain. Then he again continued to move in and out of my asshole.

He was not even bothering I am a human. He was too aggressive in each time he came in and out of my asshole.

He was pushing his full penis and pullout full penis. His waist was beating me on my ass. That gave heavy movement to my body and I was going forward.

His bag of balls under his penis was hitting my pussy hard each time he was coming in my asshole. I was in deadly pain in my back but he didn’t care for it.

He was enjoying. In that huge pain he continued to do me in my ass for about more than 30 minutes.

Gradually he became weak. He pushed too hard inside me and he fell on me. This time it was too heavy for me as his penis was inside my ass fully and he was on me.

I was not able to bear the pain in my hole as well as his weight on me. I removed his penis from my asshole and pushed him away from me.

His sex adventure on me continued for few times in that night in exchange without giving me rest or anything. I was tired fully. He took much fun of me.

I was waiting to see the clock hitting 5.20a.m. so that I can get off from the hell. Each time the door is knocked I was expecting my husband but disappointed many times.

At last my husband came at7.15am by that time I was used by a third time. He inserted his penis in my ass and in my pussy. His servant went opened the door.

My husband came in. I was not even able to get up. He put his penis in my mouth. Even after my husband came in he continued sex-joy in front of my husband without any hesitation.

After about half an hour I was relived by him. He got tired and let me free. Though I was not able to stand and tired I was in a hurry to get off from him and got into bathroom to wash myself.

I wear my dress back and got ready to move. My husband’s boss came towards me held me tight and planted a deep kiss on my lips.

Then he said, “Sexy, I am taking your husband back to his job due to you. I can make you happy and you can take care of my hot wave. We can start a new future. This is my personal number and you can call me anytime. My staffs usually called me Mr.Jackle but you can call me only Jackle”.

From that day our life changed dramatically in financial wise. As his boss continued to use me for his lust I got interest in sex and used to visit the house of Jackle.

One day I went to meet him in his office. All of my husband’s office colleagues knew that I have a sexual relation with their black boos Mr.Jackle.

As I entered Jackle’s room he gave me a naughty smile. I walked over to him quickly and he lifted me on the desk.

He pushed me back and positioned my feet up on the desk before he leaned over and buried his face in my pussy.

I gasped as he tongued me roughly. Then he sucked my clit hard before taking the tip gently between his teeth and pulling it.

He pushed my legs open wide and slapped the inside of my thighs. He roughly fingered my pussy sliding my panty and said, “You are so wet already. You must be one hungry cunt for my dick.”

I smiled and he pulled me roughly to the end of the desk and quickly unzipped his pants.

He pushed himself into me. Then he rapped his hands under my thighs to pull me closer and fucked me fast and hard.

He said, “Your pussy is delightfully tight like a new bride. I can hardly wait to take your ass now. But right now you need to move. I should have a towel for you as I don’t want cum on my furniture. But don’t clean up too much. Just sit quietly now.”

Jackle Starzbet Güncel Giriş handed me a small hand towel and I cleaned my pussy before sitting down gently on the couch.

I didn’t want to get too comfortable and was a bit on edge because of the roughness with which he had fucked me. And yet I was incredibly aroused.

Jackle took a call and sat down in the chair behind the desk. I quickly moved to position myself between his legs. He covered the phone and said, “Undress.”

I took off my bra, my heels, my panty as he watched and made occasional comments into the phone.

He nodded when I was done and smiled at me admiringly and spread his legs.

I unzipped his pants again and quietly but efficiently began to suck his cock, licking the shaft and paying special specific attention to the head.

He shifted his position a little to give me better access and I was able to take him a little deeper in my mouth. While I sucked he stroked my hair almost absent-mindedly.

I was aware of the fact that he was carrying on a conversation as though his cock wasn’t buried deep in my mouth.

Then he said, “Get up.”

I let him pop out of my mouth and stood up. He took me by the hips and positioned me to face the desk.

He gently pushed on my back so that I bent over. I shifted my feet to widen my stance. “Stop moving,” he said.

He smacked me hard on the ass. I gasped and then I felt his fingers toying roughly with my pussy.

He shoved two fingers into my pussy and wiggled them in me. I clinched my pussy muscles around his fingers and he pushed more deeply into me.

“So you want it? Don’t you my cum slut? Don’t you my girl?” he slapped my ass again with his other hand and then pulled his fingers out to mash and pinch and pull in my clit.

I moaned softly, “Ahh”.

“So you do like it a bit rough, eh!”, Jackle said. He slapped my ass once again. “Do you? Answer me”, he said.

“Yes, darling”, I replied. I heard him chuckle again and said, “Yes, I do like you a great deal. Don’t move.”

I heard him to put down his pant and I knew he was undressing.

I felt him grab my left hip and then felt him slap me with his cock. “Okay, honey, prepare your sweet cunt for my cock because I’m going to ravage you”, he said.

I felt him push the head of his cock in my pussy and heard him groan as he pushed himself into me.

Again I clinched my pussy muscles around him trying not to whimper with pleasure and want. I felt both hands on my hips as he positioned himself behind me.

He started slowly. I heard him exhale with a loud. “Ahhhh, fuck me, yes”, I screamed as he penetrated me.

A few hard deep thrusts and then he started fucking me with rapid pressure in and out hard as he gripped my ass.

“Ahhh, fuck yes, girl. Damn you feel so fucking good”, he said.

He slid his cock out of my pussy and I heard him stroke himself then I felt his fingers on my asshole.

He slipped one finger in my asshole and said, “Fuck, baby that is tight. I’m going to stretch that asshole.”

I felt the pressure at my asshole and then a sudden push as he drove into me.

I moaned, “Ahhhh god yessss that feels soooo good!”

“I’m so glad you like it because you are going to get more of it”, he said.

With that he began to move in and out of my ass with long slow deliberate thrusts.

Every so often he would pause and smack my ass. It was beginning to sting a lot but I concentrated of the feeling of his cock filling my ass.

He started to pump faster and harder and said, “Ah yes, girl, I’m going to fill you with cum. It will be dripping down your leg.”

He pulled out of my ass and quickly pushed into my pussy. I whimpered and moaned again rocking my hips with him, feeling his balls slap on my ass.

I felt him dig his fingers into my skin as he groaned loudly. I felt him buck and spasm as he came and I almost thought I could feel his load in me.

And when he was done he pulled out of me and slapped my ass again.

“Yes, that was quite nice. You can go sit down again until I want you again,” he said.

I watched him walk across the room and open a door I hadn’t seen before, one that led to a private bathroom, and pulled out a big towel that he quickly put on.

I stood up and as I walked towards the couch, my own ass ached and it was hard to walk. Jackle handed me another towel.

I glanced at his crotch and saw he had a huge hard on. We started again. Gradually we started meeting and the relation with my husband became pale. I like to fuck with Jackle.

He created pressure on my husband again. After that Jackle fucked me daily in my own house. My life changed once again. Jackle tried to make me happy. A dirty proposal changed my life forever. I would become a slut.

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