Luca Ch. 01

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“N-no stop.” I say as I feel my hands being hoisted above my head, and the biting cold of shackles being placed on my wrists. “Now you know I can’t do that, bitch.” A mysteriously familiar chillingly deep voice whispered into my ear “I’m going to have so much fun with you.” I feel his hand wrap around my cock and feel him pumping it back and forth roughly. I try my best, but can’t hold back the moans of pleasure emitting from my mouth as he touches me in such a private place. “You like that, bitch?” He growls into my ear “Mhmmm!” I let out a long drawn out moan, while cumming into his hand.

I wake up feeling like hell, I dart my eyes around my bedroom just to make sure there isn’t anyone inside my apartment, which of course there isn’t, I’m just terribly paranoid. I close my eyes and think about how gross I am for getting hard from that nightmare and try my best to forget about it, so I decide to get up and take a cold shower.

I drag myself to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. Man, I look terrible… I sweep my black bangs out of the way, so I can examine my face and see how horrible my dark circles are under my ugly gray eyes. I’ve always absolutely hated how I looked, for being 20 I looked like some teenager with an eating disorder. I hop in the shower, rubbing the washcloth on my skin until it looked like I had a full-body rash, trying to scrub off the disgusting feeling that nightmare had given me.

I finish up with my shower and head to my dresser, for a fresh pair of clothes. I get dressed and head out the front door, so I can make my way to work.

I arrive at the bus station and sit on one of the free benches, covering my nose since the place frankly smelt like someone took a shit and smeared it all over the walls, and it honestly didn’t look much better either, but I actually kind of like the bus ride to work, so I guess it’s sorta worth it. When the bus arrives, I quickly make my way to the very back and take a seat. As I sit there I daydream and think about everything in my life and how everything went so, wrong.

I was an only child who had two loving parents who tried to give him the world & more, so I could accomplish great things in life. I was a star student and graduated on time, and went right on to college, but for some reason God decided to take away the two most important people in my life. My parents were coming back from a dinner party, and when they were driving over a bridge, my dad had lost control of the car and they smashed right through the barrier and fell 40 feet, the car landing top first, killing them instantly. After I got the news, I lost everything they had hoped for me, I didn’t even try at college anymore, so I of course got kicked out. I lost my job and couldn’t afford the apartment I was in, so I moved to a much more affordable and crappy one.

I hear the bus stop, so I look up and realize I have to get off, so I stand up and quickly take off, and start walking the rest of the way to work. As I walk I start feeling the familiar dread. I don’t particularly know what I did to my boss to make him absolutely hate my guts, but he’ll do anything Gaziantep Vatan Escort to make me miserable, as I’ve come to find out. I can’t quit though, because, well the pay is okay and I’m really not qualified for anything else. I finally arrive and before I can even get my bearings at my desk, I hear the dickwad yell my name “Luca!” I slightly flinch, thinking the words are somehow gonna hurt me. I quickly head to his office and open the door

“Y-yes s-”

“Where are those reports, Luca?!” I start shaking because I really can’t handle when he yells at me.

“Well?!” He’s looking at me like I took a shit in his morning coffee.

“I have them, sir I just need to pri-“

“Do it already! What am I paying you for?”

“Okay, s-“


So, I walk out of his office, feeling like I just escaped a murderer and head back to my cubicle, so I can print him his stupid fucking reports that he informed me weren’t due for another day, but knowing him I knew he’d pull this shit off, so I got them done early. I head back to his office with the reports in my hand, feeling a slight sense of accomplishment, since he probably thought I wouldn’t have them finished, well fuck you very much, sir.

I open the door to his office and hand them to him, hiding any sense of accomplishment fearing he’d be even more of an asshole if he knew I felt like I one upped him. As he looks through the reports I stand there awkwardly and kinda stare at him taking note of his appearance. He’s got thick dark stubble on his face and his hair’s slicked back with one strand falling onto his forehead. The dude is absolutely huge too, like holy shit he dwarfs my 5’8 and 120 pounds; I’d wager he’s like 6’4 and 235 pounds. I also glance my eyes over his name plaque before looking back at him, Vincent Sabatini… he looks up and catches me staring at him and gives me a scowl

“What, you a faggot or something?” I look at him shocked, man this guys mouth is a trash can

“N-no, sir.”

“So, quit staring at me, you fuckin’ pansy.”

“Sorry, sir” I say as I look down to the ground.

“Ya’ better be, I oughta’ kick your ass for looking at me like that.” He says.

“I didn’t mean anything by it, sir.”

“Yeah, whatever.” He says looking back down to the reports.

I stand there waiting awkwardly, knowing that he gets pissed if you leave without his permission, and there are no chairs to sit on, for whatever reason.

“Alright…” he says, lifting all the papers and tapping them against the desk to even them out “these are all fine, but I’m gonna need you to stay overtime tonight.”

Great, can’t wait to work my ass off even more for this dick.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, you’re free to go now.”

So I head back to my cubicle and sit down, but before I can work, Janice, my friend comes by and asks if I’m alright.

“Yeah, why?” I ask.

“You know why, Luca.” She says while putting her hand on my shoulder.

“Oh, Vinnie? Nah, it’s all fine, don’t worry about it.” I said gently taking her hand off my shoulder trying to signal that I’m alright.

“Okay, Luca, just know I’m here if you ever need someone to talk to.” She says, while turning around heading back to her cubicle.

“Yeah, yeah. Thank you, Jan.” I say as I watch her go.

The hours passed quickly and it was almost closing time, too bad I can’t go home though…”

I watch all of my co-workers head out the door, hoping that at least one more of them were staying overtime, but nope, I watch as the last one leaves saying their goodbyes to me. I continue clacking away at my keyboard trying to get my mind off of how creepy this place is when there isn’t a soul around, but before I can do that, I hear my name being shrieked by that all too familiar voice, and I practically fall out of my seat. I quickly make my way to Mr. Sabatini’s office and open the door

“Took you long enough.” He grunted.

“Sorry, sir.” I quietly mumbled, getting a bit sick of the ass-kissing.

“Whatever, kid.” I fucking hate when he calls me that. “I needed you to stay overtime, because I need to talk about some interesting things I’ve found.”

I nod hesitantly “Okay? Why does it concern me, sir?”

“Well, I was browsing a certain website and I found a few strange photos.” He motioned his hand, telling me to come behind his desk. I walk behind him and look at his monitor, not exactly sure what I was to expect.

Oh fuck…

I look at the grainy photo of me on my knees giving some unknown cameraman a seemingly very passionate blow job, and feel my face go redder than a tomato. I stand there not knowing what to say, but before I can even attempt to salvage the situation, Mr. Sabatini turns around in his office chair to look me in my face directly.

“Well, Luca I’m running a fine business here, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is not a very good image for my company.” He says, while giving me an evil smirk.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck I’m so fucking fired.

I start shaking, and feel like I’m gonna vomit, I have no idea what I’m going to do if I lose this job, shit.

“Please, Mr. Sabatini! I was a different person back then! I’m a hard worker, aren’t I? Please sir! I need this job, I’ll do anything! Don’t fire me, please!” I beg, and feel ashamed for doing so to this asshole of a man.

“I don’t know, Luca. You’d be willing to do anything?” He asks me in a condescending voice, looking at me with an evil grin.

“I need this job, Mr. Sabatini. I’ll be homeless without it, so yes, anything.” I say already knowing I’ll completely regret it.

“Well, if you’re so willing to do anything, I want you to get on your knees and blow me.” He says, spreading his legs. I look at him, a mixture of shock and questioning painted on my face

“Y-you’re kidding, right?”

“Nope. I haven’t gotten any action in months, and it looks like you willingly stick cocks in your mouth, so it’s a win win for both of us.”

“Y-you’re gay? I ask, pointing a finger at him.

“No, I’m not the one who’s gonna be on their knees sucking a dick, you little faggot.” he says with an angry look on his face.

He motions for me to get on my knees, between his thighs.

I stand there as still as a statue, my mind trying to work out if he’s just fucking with me, but before I could come to a conclusion he interrupts my thoughts.

“Listen, if you aren’t on your knees in the next five seconds, you’re fired.” he tells me. So, what choices do I have, I need this job. I hesitantly get on my knees and scoot between his thighs. “Good boy.” He coos at me, while patting my head and ruffling my hair a bit, which made my heart do jumping jacks in my chest. I’m face to face with his crotch, and have no idea what to do now, holy shit I’m so nervous.

“Any day now?” His voice catches my attention, and I snap back to reality, so I bring my hand up to his zipper and unzip his pants. I can feel the heat emanating from his bulge and start working on pulling down his boxers. When I finally manage to do so, with my shaky nervous hands, his cock springs out, kind of like a Jack in the Box and smacks me right in the face, making me jump back. Holy shit, nothing’s small about this guy. I sit staring at his cock like it was some strange space creature, I’d say he was probably seven or so inches and uncut, his dick was covered in veins and just looked…absolutely menacing. “Listen kid, you’re really pushing me here, if that cock isn’t in your mou-“

I couldn’t help myself, before he finished his sentence I leaned forward and gently planted a kiss on the tip of his huge cock. “That’s a good bitch.” I hear him say. I could feel his hands back on my head gently rubbing my hair “Put it in your mouth, whore.” I hear him growl at me, so I do what he told me and I swallow his cock into my mouth making sure to use my tongue to lick every bit of him. I try to give him the best blow job ever, so this can go as quickly as possible. I don’t skimp out on anything, when my jaw gets tired I move my mouth down to his balls and lick them while I jerk him off, then go back to his cock and swirl my tongue around his violently red dickhead.

As I’m bobbing my head up and down on his massive length, I hear a few snaps of a camera, then hear him say “Now this is a good image for the company!” while he chuckles to himself. I’m beyond the point of caring and just want to feel his cum go down my throat. I feel his hand on the back of my head push me down deeper onto his cock and feel it slam against the back of my throat. “Ohhhh yeahhh.” He groans above me. He continues to face fuck me and I can barely even breathe. I feel like he’s going to choke me to death with his huge dick, but before I pass out I hear him grunt a few times and then feel load after load of cum spray down my throat “Swallow it all, faggot!”.

After he cums, I sit there gently sucking his cock, until it gets too soft and slips out of my mouth. “Holy fuck, Luca, that mouth of yours is special.” I sit there not knowing what to say to that. Before the awkwardness hits, he stands up and grabs my arm to help pull me up “Thanks.” I say too embarrassed to look him in the eye. “Yeah, you could uh, go now.” He says to me pointing towards the door. So I nod and head out, but before I get out of his reach, he grabs my waist and pulls me into his chest and whispers in my ear “I’m going to have so much fun with you.” Then lets me go.

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