Luckiest Guy I Know Ch. 01

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Handjob Mom

Viki and Sandy, two of the stars of this tale, are based on real people. This story is my attempt to contrast their characters (as I understand them) and very different beauties. The events recounted herein, however, are not taken from their lives; they are wholly my invention.

I wasn’t sure what category to put this one in, settling on “First Time” for reasons I hope become obvious. It is my first venture in that category and my first entry in a category has, on occasion, resulted in complaints that I misunderstand the category and mislabeled the story. So if you think I err in placing this is “First Time” let me know, but understand there was no intent to mislead.

At present there is one more chapter in the works, although I have contemplated more. As always, I’d be interested to know what you think.

And, as always, all story characters engaged in sexual activities are eighteen years of age or older.

* * * * *

After the game a group of us, accompanied by parents, were celebrating at the Seafood Gallery. It had several things going for it, a loose atmosphere, decent food in large quantities, and an owner who hired good-looking college girls for his wait-staff. At the moment Viki, surreptitiously nicknamed “Super-bod” by the guys, was talking to my mother, which was fine by me; it gave me a reason to look at her.

Slim, five feet nine inches tall, 36-24-37 figure and “D” breasts, light brown hair, now pinned up, full lips, ready infectious smile, any excuse to look at Viki was welcome.

Mom placed her order and headed for the facilities, which deprived me of my reason to look at Viki, so I glanced around, seeing what I’d long ago learned to expect. The guys had turned their attention to Mom, following her progress. Yeah, Mom was nice-looking.

“Congrats on beating Lawrenceville tonight. Your Mom says you were the star, drove in the winning run. Is it on to the state playoffs?”

Viki was standing before me.

“Yeah, we’re playing Catholic High next week in the first round.”

“Good luck. Now, two questions. Whatcha eating?”

I ordered trout, broiled, and iced tea.

“Second, are you ever going to ask me out or are you just going to spend the rest of your life staring at me?”

I was some smooth. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, it’s just…”

She smiled; she wasn’t mad.

“It sounds like you’re going with staring, which is a really bad choice. I mean, not that I’m not worth staring out, god knows I get enough of it, but still… How ’bout this, some bands are playing on the quad on campus Saturday. Meet me at noon, at the flagpole. I’ll bring the blanket and chairs, you bring the food, but not from here, a girl needs variety.”

* * * * *

Mom got out of the shower, padded down the hall, knocked on my door; I turned off my computer and invited her in. Wearing a blue terry-cloth robe that reached mid-thigh, she sat on the corner of my bed. Her thick black hair hung loose past her shoulder blades.

“Do you mind?”

I never did, but she always asked. Mom owned the local coffee shop, the cool place in town, and was often there at night. When home she’d ask me to brush her hair. It was a good time to talk, to wind down the day.

“Do I ever?”

She smiled, handed me a brush. “No, you don’t. You take good care of your mother. Viki told me you finally asked her out.”

“Well, I think she asked me more than I her. Mom, she always been real nice and everything, and she sure is pretty, and I like her, but I never figured she’d be interested in a high school kid. We’re supposed to hang on Saturday, listen to music on campus.”

“I like her. She’s a regular at the shop. She asked whether you were available. I said yes. She’s been flirting with you, waiting for you to bite. When you didn’t she asked me about it, wondered what was wrong. After all, guys are always hitting on her. I told her you’re a little shy, that you’ve spent your time taking care of your mother, haven’t been chasing girls full-time like your friends, and suggested she be a bit more aggressive. I guess she took my advice.”

Her hair was done. She turned towards me. Her narrow face featured high cheekbones, thick lips, and a long nose that hooked slightly to the left at its tip, her Italian heritage evident in her olive skin and dark brown eyes. Mom was striking

She kissed my check, she smelled nice and clean, and said, “I think maybe Viki would be good for my son, help him catch up with the other guys.”

* * * * *

I was at school on Thursday when my phone buzzed. It was Mom. The evening’s barista called in, said she was sick. Mom had plans, could I cover the shift? I regularly filled in for missing employees, after all the place kept me fed, and the shift started late enough so I could practice with the team. I texted her, let her know I was available.

* * * * *

Mom, laughing and carrying shopping bags, arrived at the shop about ten minutes before closing with Viki. The look on my face must have asked for an explanation, for Mom provided one.

“Hey Bycasino honey, Viki and I’ve been shopping. How was business tonight?”

“Real busy, which is nice, it makes the time go faster.”

We were the only shop next to campus. Several chains had tried butting into our territory but they’d all slunk away, relocating to strip centers on the edge of town. Starbuck’s and Seattle’s Best were no match for Mom’s amazing brews and funky atmosphere.

Viki said, “Hey sweetie, I’ll be right back,” and ducked into the back, emerging with a bicycle. I’d wondered whom it belonged to. Mom said she’d help close down, indicating with a nod of her head that I should walk Viki outside.

“So what did you buy?”

“You’ll see Saturday. You’ll like.”

She loaded her bag in her basket, turned on her light, kissed my cheek, said tootles, rang her bell, rode off. I pulled my shirt from my pants to hide my erection and went to help Mom.

* * * * *

Mom, wearing a short kimono that accented her slender legs, handed me a brush and sat on the corner of my bed. I worked her hair.

“I didn’t know you and Viki hung out.”

“We’ve done a few things together and I helped her get that job at Seafood Gallery. She can be a bit of a coquette and with those looks, I figured she’d clean up on tips from the businessmen who eat lunch there, which she does. You looking forward to this weekend?”

I was, but I was also intimidated by those looks and the fact that she was a college girl.

“Yeah, but I’m a little nervous.”

I’d finished her hair. Mom turned, kissed me, and said, “You’ll do fine. Just be yourself. She likes ‘yourself.'”

* * * * *

I masturbated, put on shorts and a red pull over shirt, looked in the mirror, took it off, put on a blue shirt, looked again, took it off, put the red shirt back on, took it off, put it back on, called Mom. She said go with the red shirt. I went by the coffee shop – Mom had prepared a box of food, enough sandwiches and pastries for Viki, I, and several others – and although I was trying to play it cool, I was at the flagpole ten minutes early.

I heard, “Hey sweetie,” and turned to see Viki, a delighted bounce to her step, wearing sunglasses, a blue short sleeved tee-shirt, a tiny pair of cut-off blue jeans, two earrings on each ear, one small, one dangling. Her hair, tied in a pony tail, reached the small of her back.

Recalling her comment at the coffee shop, that I’d like what she bought, I said, “You were right, you look great.”

She smiled, slid her sunglasses down her nose, peered over the top, and said, “Thanks, I was hoping you would. I’m glad you’re early, we got a good spot,” and, hand in mine, led me through the crowd, stopped at a university blanket, introduced me around. I was well-received, but it might have been the food. Everyone knew Mom and hands were already digging in the box.

The band took stage, the music started, a couple joints were passed around, I relaxed. Viki was digging it, moving her body with the music, then grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s dance.”

I wasn’t much on dancing, but, as I said, I was feeling good and I’d be dancing with Viki so, what the hell, no one would be looking at me anyway. Standing still Viki was off-the- charts sexy, dancing I figured she’d be in another universe, but I soon discovered I’d underestimated her. I had to remind myself not to stop and watch.

When the set ended Vicki said, “Thanks for dancing with me, that was fun,” led me back into the crowd, fished a bottled water from the cooler, tossed it to me, grabbed one for herself, and said, “You feel like taking a walk, I need to pick up something from my room. I’m not much on the next band. I went out with the drummer a couple of time, he was a bummer, and now whenever I see the band he stares at me. Kinda creepy.”

Creepy, but understandable, I thought.

“Love to.”

She turned to the group, said, “Gabriel and I are going for a walk, save us a place.”

“As long as he leaves the food.”

* * * * *

Viki lay her sunglasses on her desk and opened the window. As the room filled with music from the band, she pulled the ring off her pony tail and shook her head, her hair cascading back into place. I looked around. She’d turned her dorm room into a home, full of knick-knacks and pictures of friends and family. There were also two beds, on one of which was piled folded, newly washed, laundry.

She turned around, noted my gaze.

“I have a roommate, in theory. She moved in with her boyfriend the day school started. She’s only here when her parents are in town, they don’t like the guy and I don’t blame them. It works out great for me though, I get to live alone while surrounded by 20,000 friends.”

Then, smiling, she sauntered across the room, said, “So you having fun yet?” placed two fingertips on my cheek, ran her thumb across my lips, tipped the thumb forward, parting my lips, and dragged it back. As she did so she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, her entire focus on her thumb. Bycasino giriş When she reached the end I, instinctively, flicked my tongue on it and, brown eyes alight, moved the thumb back across my lips, leaving a trail of moisture behind.

I was hard as a rock.

She said, “I like you,” moved her hand to the side of my head, spread her fingers, tilted her head to the right. Our lips brushed, her body moved into mine, our chests made contact. I closed my lips on hers with a sexy smack. She sighed, a happy sigh, and I kissed her again, then again, our bodies, in imperceptible steps, pressing into each other.

This was fricking amazing.

I flicked my tongue on her lips, knocking on the door. When they parted I moved my tongue across the inner edge of her upper lip, then into her warm wet mouth. Our tongues swirled against and around each other.

Heart pounding, arms trembling, I said, “Wow.”

Viki said, “You’re a good kisser, you’ve been holding out on me,” and brought her mouth to mine, explored the space between my lower lip and teeth. When she was done our tongues met and danced, a happy joyful dance. Her eyes were dilated, she was breathing hard; she was deeply aroused and not bothering to hide it. I kissed the hollow of her throat, the side of her neck, caught her earlobe between my teeth, nipped it, sucked on it, whispered, “God you taste good.”

She pulled her head away, grinned, and goose bumps rising on her skin, said, “Even better than the food at Seafood Gallery?” then sat on the bed.

I joined her and our bodies were soon intertwined, mouths locked together. I sucked her lower lip between mine, ran my tongue back and forth on it. She squeezed my penis, rolled me onto my back, worked my shorts and underpants down my leg. I pulled off my tee-shirt.

My erection swung free.

Viki straddled my legs, lifted it with thumb and index finger, took a long look, wrapped her hand around it, and said, “Very nice, big, but not too big, just the way I like. Why have you been hiding this from me?” then gestured to a table beside the bed. “Would you hand me that.”

I passed her a small bottle of baby oil, she squirted a generous amount on her palm, took hold of my dick, moved her hand up and down in a twisting motion, smiling as my breathing slowed and hips rocked in time with her hand.

“Have you ever played with yourself while thinking about me?”

What was the right answer to that question?


Her hand stopped and she pushed out her lower lip in an exaggerated pout. “Only sometimes? The way you check me out, only sometimes?”

“Yeah, ‘sometimes,’ never more than three or four times a day.”

She laughed, nodded her head in approval, said, “That’s better,” dripped more lubricant on my dick, and resumed stroking. She was languid, not trying to bring me off, just making me feel good, and man-oh-man, did I feel good. Then she stopped, cupped my testicles, held them in her palm.

“Big cock and bull balls. Gabriel my friend, you’ve got the whole package.”

She returned her hand to my dick, taking her time. I focused on the array of sensations, trying to feel each one individually: the foreskin, the tip, the ring right under the head, the shaft, more sensitive on the underside than anywhere else.

“Does that feel good?”

“Oh yeah.”

She sped up; I opened my eyes, looked in hers, the desire there unmistakable. She wanted me as much, well maybe not quite as much, as I wanted her.

Her free hand went to my balls, rolled them back and forth.

“Oh Viki, oh god.”

“Yes, baby.”

“It’s so good, so good.”

Rocking her sex on my calf she said, “You like how my hands feel baby? I hope so cause they like playing with your cock…”

I was trembling.

“…and balls.”

I was quivering.

She swirled one hand on my cock-head; the other palpitated my scrotum.

“And these testicles, I can feel the jizz in them, churning wanting waiting to make the long journey up your dick. If you come on my hand, will there be enough to fill my pussy?”

Viki ground her sex on my calf.


Was I about to be laid?

“Well golly, I guess you don’t know. Then we’ll have to run the experiment, won’t we? You’ll have to come all over my hand, then fill my hot pussy with hard dick, all in the interests of science of course.”

Viki leaned forward, swabbed the pre-cum dripping from my cock-head with her thumb, brought it to her mouth, sucked on it.

“Wow, you taste good. I’m going to want more of that.”

She wrapped both hands on my dick, rocked her cunt on my calf.

“Come for me stud, give it to me, give me your cum.”

Her grip tightened, my balls tightened, the spring in my gut tightened, the pressure poised to blow me apart. Viki drove her sex into my leg, licked her lips, said, “You do want to fuck me, don’t you? I’d be so disappointed if you didn’t. I want you to stretch my cunt.”

I grunted, hard and deep, from some netherworld interred in my Bycasino güncel giriş soul, and cum blasted from my dick, hurling itself into Viki’s waiting mouth. She tightened her grip on the shaft and steered another stream of jism into her mouth, then squeezed my balls and the third and final string arched into the air, fell back onto my chest. She licked it up, sat up, and pleasure shining on her heart-shaped face, swallowed my cum, then squeezed my dick. When a drop emerged she scooped it up with her pinkie, brought it to her mouth, said, “You taste good,” then bent forward, her breasts pressed to my chest, and kissed me.

Viki said, “So are you happy you asked me out? Was I worth waiting for?”

Struggling to catch my breath I said, “Oh yes.”

Viki said, “Good, but next time don’t make a girl wait so long,” then got off the bed and said, “Y’now, I’ve haven’t been entirely fair with you.” She unbuttoned her cut-offs, let them fall to the floor, stepped out of them. She wasn’t wearing panties. “I stripped you so I could check out your bod, but denied you the opportunity to check out mine, see if you like it as much without clothes as with, and, by the way, you never answered my question.”

“What question?”

She sighed, “Men! One orgasm and their short term memory is shot all to hell,” dipped a finger inside herself, bent over the bed, held the finger to my lips, and said, “Do I taste as good as the food at the Seafood Gallery?”

I licked her finger, “Better, much better, no comparison.”

Turning her back to me, she pulled her shirt over her head and said, “Right answer kiddo, now be a dear and undo my bra.”

I found a way, even with muscles reduced to jello and with entirely un-cool haste, to spring from the bed and, after several tries, get her bra undone. She turned to face me, holding it to her chest, and said, “Let me know if you like them.”

She tossed the bra on the extra bed.

I knew they were big, you couldn’t help but know that, but still, they took my breath away. Full and round, they came to a point at her areolas and small light-pink nipples, which tilted gently upward and, I realized, looked even smaller and pinker on that vast expanse of tanned tit-flesh There were no tan lines.

“You can touch them if you like.”

I placed the palm of my hand on the side of each, stroked the nipples with my thumb.

With an inhalation of air she said, “Mmmmm nice.”

“You’re unbelievable,” I said.

“You need to be more specific. Unbelievable good? Unbelievable bad?”

“Good, they’re, your, spectacular.”

“You don’t think they’re too big?”

“No, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“Wow! Coming from a guy who spends time hanging with a woman as hot as your Mom, that’s quite a compliment. Thank you.”

She reached between her legs – she’d shaved most of her pubic hair, leaving a neatly trimmed patch above her vagina – pushed her finger inside.

“Gabriel, I’m all wet. I have good news for you, assuming you’re straight and all that, you turn me on. Could we get on the bed and fuck?”

I plopped backwards onto the bed, drawing a laugh, Viki straddled me, her pussy hovering above my erection, and said, “I hope you don’t mind me being on top, it’s among my favorite positions. What yours?”

I said an incoherent, “Uh.” She looked at my face, wrinkled her brow, a light went on, and she said,”You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

I thought about lying, but said, “Yeah.”

She took hold of my cock, ran the head from vagina to clit and back again, and said, “Damn, your Mom said you didn’t date a lot, but such a good looking guy? I wouldn’t have guessed. Well buster, you are lucky…”

Of that I did not need to be convinced.

“… you’re gonna experience the best.”

Viki lowered herself, her pussy engulfed the tip of my penis, stopped, said, “Let me know if I equal your fantasies,” and continued down. When I was all the way inside she closed her eyes, flexed her sex on me, moaned, “Oh fuck yes,” and undulated sightly forward, tensed her stomach muscles, contracted her sex on my dick.


She did it again, then moved back up, making sure I savored every inch of her hot wet tight fuck tunnel.

“You’re big. I like them big, keeps me coming back.”

She squeezed her breasts, thumbed her nipples, dropped her head back, ran her hands down her flanks, sank back down me, clenched her pussy, slid back up, stopped when only my cock-head was inside her, and looked into my eyes.

“Well, whatta think? Am I tight enough for you, wet enough, hot enough?”

“Oh yes.”

She kinda-said, kinda-breathed, “Good, cause I like the way you fill me up. “

We kept going, she gyrating, changing angles and pace, moving in circles and ovals. Part of me wanted to close my eyes, but I couldn’t. I was mesmerized by the sight of her.

“Take hold of my tits, don’t worry, they won’t break.”

I cradled her massive breasts.

“Uuunnhhhh, give ’em a squeeze, oh yeah, a little harder, yeah like that. They’re so fricking sensitive. Stroke my nipples, stroke them, yeah, a little harder, a little harder, oh yeah, like that. Y’know I can bring myself off playing with my nipples. Later, after you come inside me, maybe I’ll show you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32