Lucky After All

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Joachim, despite the bad day, ends better thanks to Ross.

Greetings, readers and lictors. Ignore the last word. It is not the same to be on top of the world to be topped by the world… sighs, just keep it low at home 😉

Edited by FelixRyder

That day seemed to have no end, Joachim walked dejectedly after a long and unfortunate day. Underestimated at work, spending months flirting with a coworker didn’t end well, that day he had decided to confess what he felt and she said he was just like a brother and good friend. Crestfallen, the 25-year-old man who wore a white long-sleeved shirt and gray pants, dragged his jacket without caring about anything, his brown eyes reflected more tiredness and frustration and his brown hair was waving a little with the light wind.

Finally he made it to the bar and opened the door. At least the place was almost empty except for a couple in a far table. He walked and collapsed on one of the stools, completely broken, the owner of the place approached him with a jovial look despite his fifty-something years old.

“What a surprise, I did not expect you’d arrive today and less at this time,” the man said.

“Yes, neither do I,” replied Joachim.

“Nothing but a beer to help you,” the bar owner commented cheerfully, pouring beer in a cup and Joachim took it.

“Thank you, Raphael,” the young man mumbled.

“Don’t even mention it, shit happens, but you need to stand up and keep going,” Raphael said as he sat down to comfort his loyal client.

Taking a long sip, the young man put the glass aside as he prepared to tell Raphael about his horrible day.

“It’s always the same, so much work and I never get anything, just humiliations and now, the girl I’ve been flirting with for months tells me I’m like a brother to her,” Joachim murmured.

“It’s ok, sometimes it’s a matter of finding the perfect match!” the old man said, making the young man smile for the first time in all day.

“Thank you very much, Raphael. You are a great person,” he replied.

“It’s not that much, but I’m glad to help you in any way,” the man said.

As he took another sip, the door of the bar opened again and a young man entered, in his early twenties. Pale skin, wearing fashionable black pants, tightly fitted to his long, thin legs, a white shirt and a thin rainbow band on the wrist that Joachim couldn’t notice in plain sight. The boy went to the bar and stopped next to Raphael.

“Why did you take so long?” Raphael asked him.

“I was fooling around, nothing serious…” the boy replied. He had a delicate voice and by his ways and gestures, Joachim didn’t need to be a fortune teller to know that boy had come out of the closet long time ago.

“Okay, I’m damn tired, could you stay here while I rest my eyes?” Raphael said and the boy nodded. Joachim looked at him carefully and there was something on his lips that seemed very familiar, and after noticing his gaze, he discreetly licked his lips.

“I hope you don’t mind if my nephew Ross stays, I’ll take a little break,” Raphael said to Joachim.

“Not at all, I won’t stay for too long, and thanks again for your support,” Joachim replied.

When Raphael went upstairs, the young man bowed his head again with a rueful gesture and Ross sat on his uncle’s seat in front of him.

“Bad day, huh?” he said a couple minutes later.

“Yes, something like that,” Joachim replied.

“Ross…” he said extending his hand.

“Joachim…” the young man replied, shaking the boy’s soft hand, and noticing the rainbow ribbon on his wrist.

“I was wondering, why someone as handsome as you would have a bad day, if the question doesn’t bother you,” the boy commented while grabbing a beer.

“I don’t want to bore you with that,” Joachim reluctantly commented and drank.

“Not at all, I like meeting people and chatting…” Ross affirmed with a mischievous smile.

At that moment, Joachim could feel that the boy was trying a sort of game with him, but he did not want to be rude and tell him that he was not one of those men. Besides, it could be his paranoia and maybe he just wanted to talk and keep him motivated while his uncle was resting.

“I’m afraid I’m not the ideal person to talk to at this moment, Ross…” Joachim replied and smiled at him with some irony.

“Shy, huh? Well today is your lucky day, I will cheer you up tons,” Ross said with a seemingly innocent voice but with a gaze saying the opposite and when he saw his glass empty, he filled it.

“Thank you,” Joachim said and drank again, “So you are Raphael’s nephew?” he added.

“Yes, I came here a week ago to enjoy the city,” he confessed.

Remembering the traces of cum that he noticed on his lips and the way he licked it, Joachim couldn’t help but laugh after listening his words.

“Did I say something funny?” he commented with a smile.

“Well, it is evident that you are having a lot of fun,” Joachim nodded and sneakily caressed his lips without taking his eyes Mecidiyeköy Escort off Ross.

“Oh… that… yeah, well… I can’t deny it, it was amazing but disappointing,” Ross mumbled.

“Really?” Joachim muttered. He was feeling good with him, ignoring the obvious thing.

“Well, he didn’t last too much,” the boy commented and they both laughed.

The conversation passed on pleasantly and always doing jokes or comments with double meaning from Ross. As time passed, Joachim accumulated several bottles of beer around him and the alcohol was making its effect, they both laughed and talked as if they had known each other for so long. Not only that, Joachim kept staring at the boy and his cock, inactive by then, seemed to want to wake up. That wasn’t normal at all, and Joachim tried to look around him, but it didn’t help a lot. Ross only had eyes for him since he came inside the bar, he was a handsome young man and very funny but he doubted that the sexual attraction was mutual.

Soon they were alone in the bar and Ross suggested Joachim to move to one of the tables to be more comfortable. Face to face, they continued talking animatedly and laughing from time to time as their comments were less intelligent, especially from Joachim, who had drunk a considerable amount of alcohol. Joachim had been pondering asking Ross about something for long time, but he didn’t want to sound as the typical homophobic drunk.

“Hey, why do you like cocks? Nothing like a… hic… pussy, no offense…” Joachim stammered.

“Well, I would ask you why you kept flirting with a chick who wasn’t planning to spread her legs.” Ross asked mischievously.

“Ok-ok… you won this time…”

“But let’s be honest, I can tell you, nothing like a hard cock, pumping my ass, and feeling that cock growing inside me… and filling me with hot and thick jizz… mmm that’s sublime,” Ross explained with a very nasty voice and Joachim, thanks to the effects of the beer, the naughtiness of Ross and months without action made his cock now hard.

“I never talked with another man in this way and… I don’t know why, but my dick is hard, no fucking idea why,” Joachim confessed a little more sober.

Ross looked at him with a smile and then said.

“You are hard because you almost drank the bar.”

“I’m not that drunk… I can still remember the way you looked at me when you arrived,” Joachim said.

“You are very handsome, although you seemed more like a guy coming from a funeral,” Ross joked.

“And you were sucking cocks…” Joachim replied.

Nodding without any shame, Ross smiled once again and they both laughed in unison. A vivid image of that cute fresh face covered in his own cum appeared in Joachim’s mind, who couldn’t be sure if it was due to beers, months without fucking a hole or if the boy had really achieved his goal of causing strange feelings inside him and imagining himself with Ross in situations in which normally he would be with a girl, or thinking how soft those lips would feel around his cock. “Come on, stop thinking that!” Joachim thought.

“Your uncle has taken a long break…” Joachim commented, trying to divert the conversation to less sexual topics.

“How do I make you feel?” Ross wondered in a low voice.

“The truth is… I don’t know,” Joachim admitted.

The boy stood up and went to the front door and locked it. Then he came back and sat down.

“Do you know the difference between the girl at your work and me?” Ross asked.


“That I will open my legs if you want. Without hesitation…” Ross purred with bright eyes.

That was becoming more serious and Joachim, despite his natural and obvious doubts, his aching cock was pointing to the opposite direction, the boy in front of him, his tight and hot holes were more than willing to give him a warm welcome. Biting his finger very mischievously, Ross’s anxious and excited gaze was another invitation to a less and less unsure Joachim, who was trying to make the last step.

“But what if…”

“Shhh… if you keep waiting my uncle will come, and you’ll miss your lucky shot,” the young boy interrupted him, he stood up and sat on his legs, wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him.

Joachim beat his insecurities and gave himself to the boy, who shoved his tongue and found his. Sliding his hand under his shirt, Joachim caressed his slender body and the kiss became more passionate and full of lust. Ross devoured Joachim’s lips as if there was no tomorrow and his tongue, deep inside Joachim’s mouth, tasted him all the way.

Getting rid of the boy’s shirt, Joachim stopped kissing him and went to his neck, licking and sucking like a maniac while Ross sighed with delight, caressing Joachim’s hair and moving slowly in order to feel the throbbing bulge beneath him. The boy wasted no time in removing Joachim’s long-sleeved shirt and licked his nipples, he moaned in ecstasy when he felt the tongue of that naughty young boy on Escort Bayan his sensitive nipples, licking and biting at the same time.

“Mmm yeah, damn… that feels so good,” Joachim groaned in low voice and Ross grinned.

The young man wanted to feel that mouth around his stiff dick, and after a couple attempts; he managed to free it from his pants. Rock hard and throbbing, Joachim stared at his lap and Ross admired that hard cock, claiming his attention. The boy made his way using his tongue, licking Joachim’s belly until he reached his cock, he pulled down his pants and after biting his thighs a couple times, he knelt in front of those 7 inches of pleasure.

When he felt the first lick of his warm tongue from the base to the glans, Joachim closed his eyes and leaned back on the chair, moaning in ecstasy. It didn’t take long to Ross to swallow that cock completely and pressed his nose against Joachim’s pelvis, and then pull that cock out of his mouth, shiny and covered in his own saliva. Repeating the treatment several times, Joachim began to get hornier and feeling he was going to cum at any moment, he tensed every muscle to resist the urge to spurt his load very soon.

“Fuck… you do it so well… don’t stop…” Joachim stammered, staring at the roof with his mouth open, letting escape a moan of pleasure.

Massaging his balls with his free hand, with the other the boy kept jerking and sucking on the glans while looking at his eyes mischievously. Joachim began to move his hips slowly and keeping his mouth as open as he could, Ross let Joachim mouthfuck him.

A few seconds later, Ross grabbed Joachim’s shaft by the base and slapped his face and tongue, like a dirty whore while smirking.

“Yes… your mouth is incredible…” Joachim commented pleased.

“And it’ll get better, handsome…” Ross assured playfully.

Sucking each testicle separately, Ross kept jerking Joachim, some precum emanated from his glans, and made the job easier. Joachim didn’t stop biting his lower lip and he was craving for Ross’ asshole, pound it and maybe cumming inside him. With a last lick along his shaft, the boy stood up and in a blink he was completely naked, making Joachim lick his lips with pleasure as he looked at his legs and his feminine round bum.

Standing up and embracing Ross from behind, Joachim’s cock ended pressed against the boy’s lower back; who sighed when he felt that hard throbbing shlong close to his hungry sphincter. The young man’s hands ran over the naked torso of his horny and younger lover, who groaned when he felt Joachim’s lips on his neck, kissing and then licking every inch of his skin.

“Mmm… it feels sooo good, don’t stop,” Ross groaned, resting his head on Joachim’s shoulder and surrendering to his touch.

After licking his neck, he bit his earlobe, making Ross moan again and move his body, rubbing against his body and keeping the hard erection inches from the sweet crack. They kissed once more, with passion and lust, twisting their tongues in frenzy, Joachim’s free hand continued to caress Ross’ abdomen and the boy jerked off rapidly his own dick.

Separated, they looked at each other for some seconds. Joachim couldn’t believe how horny he was, and with another guy, a very sexy boy willing to give him what he was looking for without absurd flirting. Leaning him on the table, Ross spread his legs; inviting Joachim to his ass. He spat some saliva on his cock to lubricate it a little and then the boy’s anus, putting one finger and then another, dilating conscientiously to make penetration easier.

“Come on… I’m all yours, Joachim… I want to feel your cock inside, stretching me and tearing my asshole,” Ross said, giving his obvious approval.

Approaching him slowly, Joachim guided his hard cock between those fleshy and bubbly buttocks. Rubbing the glans against that tight and hot sphincter, they both moaned knowing the door of pleasure would open very soon. With a little pressure, the tip of the glans began to trespass the resistance of the sphincter, and Joachim repeat it some more, to help Ross to adapt to his cock. He tested the waters several times, Ross moaned anxious and ready to feel that cock and despite his insistence, Joachim tried to increase the desire of his young “date”.

He finally pushed the glans in and they both gasped with pleasure. Spitting a couple of times, Joachim lubricated his cock a little more and slowly, his dick entered into Ross’ ass slowly.

“Yeah… give me your dick, fuck me hard, make me your bitch,” Ross pleaded, closing his eyes and his hand holding the border of the table.

That ass felt great, tight and hot. Grabbing him by the waist, Joachim kept shoving and pushing his dick inside his ass. Ross moaned and bit his lips until Joachim made a final thrust and the last inches were buried inside his ass, his pelvis pressed against his buttocks.

“Damn, what an ass… you’re driving me crazy,” Joachim admitted and grinned.

Resting istanbul Escort his body on Ross’ back, he kissed and bit his neck and shoulders again, he stayed motionless to help Ross to get used to his dick. Joachim had never been able to fuck a girl in the ass before, so he enjoyed a lot and didn’t even feel drunk anymore; that unthinkable “date” had a nice and tight ass and finally thanks to that lovely boy, he was able to assfuck someone for the first time.

They stayed like that for a few minutes and then he went back to his original position behind him, to start plowing him slowly. Ross began to moan in low voice, enjoying every second and every thrust of that alpha male, a few drops of precum dripped from his cock and fell to the ground. Gripping his waist tightly, Joachim increased the speed of his thrusts and Ross raised the tone of his voice, his high-pitched and sensual moans achieved the desired effect, since Joachim spanked him a couple times and his thrusts were not only faster but stronger, so hard that the sound of his balls slapping against Ross’ buttocks could be easily heard.

At that time, they were thinking nothing more than enjoying the pleasure of anal sex. It did not even cross their minds that Ol’ Raphael could catch them red-handed in any moment or hear their moans. But neither worrying nor caring, because the poor man was snorting peacefully, unaware that one of his loyal regulars was banging his slutty nephew. Covered with sweat, Joachim continued pounding Ross vigorously, who was moaning and enjoying that hard cock stretching his bowels all the way, a good fuck to end the day.

“Ahh… ahhh… yes, you do it so goood, damn it… fuck me harder!” Ross moaned with choked voice but full of lust.

“Arrghh… you want it harder, I’ll fuck you harder!” Joachim exclaimed without stopping.

Stopping a few seconds later to catch his breath and strength, Joachim lifted his left leg and placed his foot on the table, arching his leg; without pulling out his cock from Ross’ ass. If that boy wanted a good fuck, he found him in a good time, without fucking for several months and ready to give it all. Although he did not set a fast pace, his rod wildly stimulated Ross’ prostate due to the angle of penetration, in addition to fill his insides and sending waves of pleasure to the entire body of the young boy, who rolled up his eyes and opened his mouth to moan nonstop.

“I’m going to fuck you… all night long…” Joachim stammered as he pushed his cock in and out.

“Yeah… give me more, I want more…” Ross managed to say.

Suddenly he buried his shlong deep inside his ass, then began to move in circles, both moaned in ecstasy. 15 minutes after starting, Joachim took it out for the first time, admiring Ross’ now stretched and pulsating pink rose, who tried to calm down and recover some of his stamina, Joachim was giving him a good time and it wasn’t over.

They kissed again, passionately and after separating, Joachim laid down in the floor and Ross did the same while resting on him, with the glans a few inches from his open anus. Putting his hands on the boy’s soft and fleshy buttocks, he put it in one more time, Ross’ gesture turned on Joachim and holding him by the ass, the stud began to drill the young boy relentlessly.

In less than twenty seconds, he was thrusting him frantically. His balls hit violently against his rear and Ross rested his face on Joachim’s chest, licking and biting his nipples, gasping with that magnificent rod in his ass.

Hugging his body with his arms and arching his legs a little, Joachim kept drilling Ross’ asshole vehemently. The boy’s screams of pleasure could be heard outside the bar and both were suffocated by their intensity. The young boy closed his eyes, surrendering to the sensations that came from his ass and gasped with strangled voice, while Joachim bit his lower lip and tensed his body as he pounded Ross, in an undeniable example of virility.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…! I’m going to fill your butt, Ross!” Joachim stated quickly.

His cock came in and out like a furious vice, full speed. Neither Joachim nor Ross wanted to stop and Ross wrapped his arms around his neck to merge his lips with his in another kiss, and then moaned in his ear. Several minutes later, after shoving his dick deep inside, Joachim stopped and the two looked at each other, sweaty, breathless and pleased.

“This… I’m not done yet…” Joachim muttered tiredly.

“Well… good news…” Ross mumbled and they laughed.

Pulling out his cock, he easily managed to put four fingers inside his ass and Ross slid his tongue and reached Joachim’s cheeks.

“You are a real stud, Joachim… I love studs…” the boy commented.

With difficulty, they both got on their feet and Joachim helped Ross to lay on his back over the table. Caressing his body, he reached his legs and lifted them up and put them onto his shoulders to push his cock to the place where it belonged: inside his ass. Surrounding Ross’ neck with his arms, the young man began to fuck him hard and deeply with short and deep punches and their tongues met again. With their foreheads together and making eye contact, Joachim did not hesitate to moan in unison with the young boy as he felt the orgasm getting closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32