Lucky Anal

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My names Steve, and I’m the head coach of the Muffdale University athletics team.

We’re obviously not one of the best, or have a great legacy, but we do have some good athletes, with a lot of potential.

Anyway, on a nice summer’s afternoon, after a pretty good practice, I was strolling through the locker room, when I smelt the unmistakable smell of an herbal cigarette.

Yes, a doobie, a blunt, weed, whatever you want to call it, I could smell a whiff it, floating through the air.

It certainly wasn’t coming from inside the changing room, so I made my way swiftly to the front door, and stepped out.

Outside everything seemed normal, there were a few of my students just warming down, and a few others sat around studying, but no one was smoking anything they shouldn’t be.

Then, I caught the smell of it again, and turned to realise, it was coming from around the side of the building.

Of course it was, the far side of the building was the furthest place away from everything else, all the university buildings were on the other side, so it was the perfect place, not to be seen doing things, you shouldn’t be doing.

So, I quickly marched towards the corner of the building, turned the corner and to my surprise, saw three students there, two guys I barely knew and Amber.

Now Amber was one of my prize students, tall, athletic, blonde, she was a superb 400 and 800 meter runner, and with some determination and good coaching, could go all the way to the national team.

“Amber!” I exclaimed loudly in disbelief.

Instantly the three of them let out a cry of surprise, before the two young men turned and bolted, quickly disappearing around the next corner, and out of sight.

Now, I might have been impressed by their speed, but I couldn’t think about that now, as one my best students was stood there, in her athletics gear, holding a joint between her fingers.

“Coach Boner!” she exclaimed in horror, staring back at me.

“What the hell is this?” I said angrily, snatching the fragrant cigarette from her hand and holding it up.

“I err… err… well…” she muttered nervously back, clearly having no good excuse for it.

“No Amber. There’s no excuse for this! You’ve got your whole life in front of you, and great potential to do great things with it! And this… this will screw all that up!” I then said angrily, before throwing it on the ground and smooshing it into the dirt with my trainer.

“I’m sorry Amber. But I have no choice, but to kick you off the team, until you can prove to me, you’ll never touch this stuff again!” I then said firmly.

“No Coach, please!” she exclaimed in horror, before grabbing holding of my arm to stop me from turning and walking away.

“Please don’t kick me off the team! It’s all I have! My parents will kill me, if they found out! Please! Please, let me stay on the team? I promise, I won’t smoke again! I promise!” she then cried desperately.

I stared back at her, and could see she really meant it, and was about to let her off with just a warning, before she then said “I’ll do anything to stay on the team! Anything!”

Then, before I could stop her, she turned around, took a hold of her tight little running shorts and in swift motion, pushed them down her slim fit legs, before she bent right over, holding her ankles.

“Do what you want to me coach? Just let me stay on the team!” she then said desperately.

I stared in disbelief at her pert little round white arse, just there in front of me at the top of her long fit legs, and couldn’t believe she would go this far, to stay on the team.

But she was willing, and even though I knew it was wrong to take advantage, I also knew, never to turn down an offer this good!

So, I stepped Taksim escort towards her, placed my mature hands on her tight little bare buttocks, and started to caress them.

They felt so warm and nice, and I instantly felt a stirring in my shorts, as I fondled them.

“Well, Amber. If you promise you’ll never go near drugs again?” I then asked.

“I promise!” she replied back, looking at me through her legs.

“Then… I think I can keep you on the team!” I then said cheerily.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Amber then said, with happy relief.

“Don’t thank me yet! You still need to be punished, for doing something so stupid!” I then said.

“Okay.” She replied, understanding.

“Good! Because I’m going to fuck your arse raw!” I then said eagerly.

“My arse!” she exclaimed in disbelief.

“Yes Amber, your arse! You think I would fuck your sweet pussy, and risk you getting pregnant?” I replied, showing her some common sense, before then saying “Now, hold those ankles tight honey! This might sting a little!”

I then pushed down my coaching shorts, and my semi hard cock fell out, before I quickly took a hold of it, and started to jerk it with one hand, while I continued to fondle her little soft arse, with the other.

Eagerly, I gave my length a good stroking, making sure I was as hard as I could be, before I tried to enter her, and my young blonde student remained where she was, waiting for me.

Then, when I was ready, I placed both my hands on her little pale cheeks, and eased them open, to reveal her beautiful little pink rear ring.

College arse is always nice, and Amber’s, was almost picture perfect.

So, I leant down, and spat on it, and instantly my hot little student jumped a little in surprise, before I did it again.

Then I stuck out my tongue, and pressed it against her rear, and Amber immediately moaned in pleasure, as she felt it touching her.

I then keenly swirled my wet old tongue, over her little back entrance, happily tasting her little arse, and making sure it got good and wet.

For a good minute or more, I crouched behind her, tonging her lovely puckered arse entrance, and as I did, my blonde haired student moaned over and over in pleasure.

Then, when I felt it was ready, and she was wet enough for me, it was time for her punishment, and quickly I stood up, took a hold of my hard member, and placed it up against her little pink ring.

“Now hold still Amber. And try to relax! It’s easier if you relax!” I then said, offering her some last minute advice.

Then, I started to push it into her, pushing my big round cockhead against her little sphincter, and after a moment of resistance, her tight rear hole began to ease open, and let me in.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” muttered Amber, as she felt my hard old cock, starting to enter her.

Her arsehole then opened fully, and my big thick dick slid into her little rear, and as it did, Amber cried out “Oh god!”

She clearly had never had a big cock in her arse before, and was pretty tight because of it, but, the more I pushed my member into her, the looser she got.

So, after I had eased about half my length into her tight back passage, I then held onto her slim hips, before I eased back, and then pushed in again, and instantly Amber moaned louder.

“Oh god!” she exclaimed again, as she felt my cock move inside of her.

I then eased back again, pushed in again, and as she groaned loudly in pleasure again, I slowly, started to fuck her arsehole.

“Oh god! Oh god!” she groaned some more, as I moved back and forth inside of her arsehole.

“God you’re tight!” I then said, as I continued to slide in and out of her arse, before I then added “But you’ve got to take your Taksim escort bayan punishment!”

“Yes sir!” she replied back, understanding why I was doing this.

So I kept going, and after a few minutes of steadily thrusting back and forth in her little rear, she began to loosen up.

My big hard cock then slid in and out of her arsehole easily, pulling almost all the way back, before sliding all the way in again, and as I fucked her, she continued to moan out loud.

“Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” she cried excitedly.

“Yeah! Take your punishment Amber! Take your punishment!” I said eagerly, thrusting happily again into her.

For another minute or so I steadily fucked her like that, before, I started speed up, pumping my rigid cock faster into her arsehole, which then plunged deeper as well, and that pretty college girl moaned even more in pleasure.

“Oh Coach! Oh Coach! Oh Coach! You’re so deep in my arse! You’re so deep in my arse!” she moaned excitedly.

I was very deep in her little arse, so deep, my old balls were slapping against her bald moist mound every time I thrust forward, but Amber needed to be punished, to keep her on the right track, so I wasn’t going to stop.

For another couple of minutes, I pounded that hot little college girls arsehole, while pulling her back onto my thrusting member again and again, to make sure she learnt her lesson.

Then, after fucking her like that for a bit longer, I decided to change position a little, and as I slowed down again, I instructed her to stand up, turn, and put her hands up against the wall.

Amber did just that, before I slid my hands up onto her small perky breasts that were under her small training top, and then, after giving them a quick fondling, I held onto them tightly, as I started to thrust back and forth inside of her again.

“Oh yeah!” she moaned in pleasure again, as she felt my old thick cock, moving in and out of her arsehole again.

“You like that Amber? You like me fucking your arse?” I asked curiously.

“Yes coach! Yes I do!” she replied eagerly back.

“Well, let’s see if you like this then?” I then said, before I stated to pump her faster and harder again.

“Oh god yeah! Oh yeah! Fuck my arse! Fuck my arse! I deserve this! I deserve this!” she moaned excitedly, as my big firm member moved in and out of her little rear quicker.

Still holding onto her lovely little tits through her running top, I thrust my cock into her rapidly, and as she held onto the brick wall, Amber cried out in pleasure again.

For several eager minutes, I continuously pounded her lovely warm wet back passage, making her moan and cry in excitement as I did, and I think, she was enjoying it, as much as I was enjoying it.

Then, as I was fucking her vigorously, and she was still groaning in delight, I felt my excitement begin to build, which wasn’t entirely surprising, Amber was a hot blonde college girl, and it had been sometime since I had fucked a hot blonde college girl.

So, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, but that didn’t stop me from continuing, and eagerly, I held onto her, and kept thrust my big dick into her little rear.

As I rammed my hard cock into her little arse again, I could feel my excitement grow more, and quickly I exclaimed “Oh shit Amber! You’re arse feels so good, I’m going to cum honey! You’re little tight arse is going to make me cum!”

Amber turned her head towards me, and as she continued to rock back and forth with my thrusts, replied “Cum Coach! Cum! I want you to cum in my arse! I want to feel you blow your load, inside of me!”

Well, how could I say no to that?

So, I continued to hold onto her little boobs, and kept pounding her little rear with Escort taksim my hard member, and after just another minute, I knew it was almost time.

“Get ready Amber! Here it comes!” I then said excitedly, as I felt my balls tighten.

“Do it!” she moaned back, ready to take it.

So, I slid in again, and then again, and on the third thrust, I erupted.

“OH FUCK YEAH!” I cried out happily, as I started to cum inside of her.

My hard thick cock exploded, spurting my white wet man goo straight into her lovely little arsehole, and as I held it deep in her back passage, Amber cried out in pleasure.

“OH GOD, I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING! I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING!” she cried up to the big blue sky, as I pumped my seed into her.

That pretty young blonde was now up on tip toes, as I spurted out my man cream, filling her wonderful tight arse, and for several glorious seconds, I unloaded deep inside of her.

“Oh yeah!” she then moaned in delight, clearly loving the feeling of my warm wet cum in her rear hole.

Then finally, with happy relieved sigh, I stopped cumming, having drained my old sack, and then relaxed, letting go of Amber’s tits as I did.

My wonderful hot student then stopped cumming as well, and for a moment we both stood breathing heavily, trying to catch our breath.

It took a minute or so, but I eventual recovered, and then carefully, I eased my spent cock out of her little wet rear, and as I slid out, so did some of my cum.

My white goo then began to trickle out of her little arsehole, and down the back of her legs, and after watching it for a moment, I then said “You better go inside and take a shower!”

“Okay, coach!” she replied softly, before reaching down and pulling her little shorts back up, trapping my goo in her arse.

“And err Amber!” I then said, before she turned to look at me.

“Remember, I only did this… because I care!” I then said.

She nodded back, and then turned and headed off to take a shower, before finally, I felt the need to pull my shorts up, and maybe go have a stiff drink.

Now, interestingly, the next day at our meet against Hungtown College, Amber ran like she never ran before.

She won both her races, and broke her own personal best time doing it, it was truly incredible.

This however, led to an unusual situation two days later when, I was sitting in my office, going over our schedule for the coming month, when there was a knock on the door.

Looking up, I saw Kendra standing in the door way, and keenly she asked “Can I have a word coach?”

Now Kendra was one my top athletes in the 100 meters, she was a tall, very athletic black young woman, who was so powerful off the blocks, it was fantastic to watch.

“Okay.” I replied, before she stepped into the room, and closed the door behind her.

Then, stepping in front of my desk, dressed in a white college t-shirt and blue leggings that showed off her wonderful muscular legs, she said “Look, there’s no easy way to say this, so, I’m just going to come out and say it. I know what you did with Amber the other day!”

“What?” I replied back, looking very worried.

“She told me everything! How you caught her smoking, and then fucked her arse as punishment!” Kendra then said.

“I.I. I don’t know what you’re talking about?!” I replied nervously back, trying to deny it.

“Yes you do! You fucked Amber in the arse… and then the next day, she won her races!” Kendra then said.

“Err…” I replied not entirely sure what to say to that, because the conversation had now gone in a totally different direction, than I thought it was going to go.

“So, I want you to fuck me too!” Kendra then said, before she took hold of her leggings, turned around, and right there in my office, pushed them down, to reveal her magnificent round black arse.

“Come on coach! I need some lucky anal, before my next race! So do me already!” she then said eagerly, stood there waiting for me, as I stared at her in amazement.

Part 2 coming soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32