Lucky Guy Pt. 04

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I hope you enjoy this story. Please provide me feedback. This story includes contact between parent and an adult child that may be offensive to some. While not incest, if any contact offends you, please don’t read.

Edited by DRGRIFFIN, with my thanks!

I reveal my answer to Eva and Emma

The next day I worked on the project that I left somewhat less than to my standard the day before. I couldn’t stop thinking about whether becoming Eva’s new M was a good idea. I tried to be objective but it was very emotional. But all the logic in the world couldn’t overcome that I was falling for this woman. I just felt lucky that it seemed I was the one she was choosing.

I dressed in a golf shirt, Dockers and canvas shoes to knock on their door at 6:30. I brought over their clothes and stuff they had won at the bar including Terry’s toys they used at the bar.

Emma answered the door wearing the white bandage dress that I had requested if she thought yes. “So you think the answer is yes, huh?”

“No doubt in my mind. Thanks for bringing over our stuff. I started to come pick these up this morning but decided to leave you alone to think.”

“Where is Eva?”

“She is preparing dinner. This time we are both doing it but she sent me to let you in. Did you mean to leave us these?” She was pointing to the toys. “They were Terry’s also weren’t they?”

“Yes, but it is time to let this stuff go. Is Eva alright?”

“She is just anxious. Let me get you a drink. Let’s go into the sitting area.”

“I will take my usual cocktail.”

Emma fixed my drink and yelled at Eva, “What would you like to drink? Are you coming in or do you need some help?”

Eva yelled back, “Yes fix me a drink. Will be there in a sec.”

Emma sat as her mother came in wearing old jeans and a work shirt. I was surprised. Eva got her drink and didn’t sit beside me as I expected but in the chair opposite.

“Eva, how are you?”

“I’m okay,” she said curtly.

“So you think the answer will be no. I’m surprised, especially after last night.”

Eva frowned and said, “I was putting on the white dress like Emma, but it was so tight I thought you really couldn’t want me. I have gotten so fat. So I changed my mind.”

“Mom you aren’t fat. You and I will never be skinny unless we are sick. You are a beautiful healthy forty-four-year-old woman. If he says no it will be because he doesn’t want the responsibility not because of how you look.”

“Emma is exactly right. Didn’t you enjoy last night?”

“It was the best and I mean the best. I woke up this morning so happy and optimistic but the more I thought the worse it became. I’m so much work and trouble. I thought of all the reason you would say no and the dress was just the last straw.”

“I understand,” I exclaimed. “Please cheer up and let’s have a good evening.”

Eva took a sip of her drink and said, “I just need to relax.” She then took a big gulp of her vodka tonic, downing about half of it. “I’m feeling better. I just want you to say yes so badly. Want me to change into the dress?”

“I will tell you after we eat.”

“Okay.” I could see that Eva was beginning to get her spirit back. “Emma let’s go get things on the table.”

“Want some help?” I asked.

“No, please relax and we will call you in just a couple of minutes.”

As they were walking away I heard Emma said, “Mom he is going to say yes so please cheer up.”

“I will dear.”

In a few minutes, they called me. “The table is just lovely,” I said.

The meal was again excellent and the conversation was even better. They both could be very engaging when they wanted to be.

Toward the end I asked Emma about going back to school when I said, “So you are headed back to University of Cincinnati Sunday? Will you be a junior?”

“Of that’s right we have had so much going on I haven’t told you. I will be a senior this year but I transferred to Purdue last year. They have offered me an assistantship. They wanted me there and go directly into their PhD program. After what happened to Mom I have considered transferring back to University of Cincinnati but she wouldn’t hear of it.”

Eva said with determination, “My daughter isn’t going to throw away this opportunity because of me. I know you will help me even if you aren’t ready to commit to be my new M.”

“You can count on that. There is no doubt that you and I will make it together. Emma, I wish you had asked me because I would have said the same as your mother. After all Purdue is just a two-hour drive or so.”

Emma stated, “Anyway, I will head back to Purdue not University of Cincinnati.”

“That is great. Here is to the future Doctor Rayburn. Congratulation.”

We clinked glasses and I could tell Eva spirits were rising.

We finished dinner and went to the TV room.

“Are you ready to tell us your answer?” Emma said.

“Yes. First I want to see Eva in the white dress. Go change, bring me some body lotion, gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları Max’s favorite paddle and Emma’s favorite vibrator.”

Eva went to change. Emma said, “I know this is going to be good.”

“Just be patient.”

“I will be. You are really getting into this role aren’t you.”

“It has been a bit easier than I would have thought.”

Eva came back wearing the white bandage dress. I had to admit it was a little tight across the chest and ass but it was sexy beyond belief. It was short enough to see the top of the lace on the garter thigh highs.

I said, “Eva you look wonderful in that very sexy dress. Not sure which of you is the sexiest in those outfits. Before I give my answer, we need to clear the air. First Emma, you have been unbelievably great to your mother. What you have done for her few kids could or would have done. I would like to think my son would have done the same for me but who knows. When you discovered Eva’s real problem I understand the idea of not pushing to find her new M then. But you could have asked for my help. The least I could have done is help you. You didn’t ask because you thought I would be so shallow as to think it was too hard. You underestimated me. Because of that you are going to get ten licks, five from Eva and five from me. Pull your dress up and bend over the back of the couch.”

I thought Emma would argue but she didn’t. She got up pulled her dress to her waist and bent over the couch back. She was wearing just the garter thigh highs that Eva liked. Her ass was picture perfect framed between the straps holding up the stockings. “Ok, Eva you go first.”

“I don’t think I can hit my daughter with a paddle.”

I smiled, “Let me show you something.” I rubbed my hand over Emma’s ass to her pussy. Her pussy was already beginning to swell with anticipation. I spread her cheek so Eva could see her excitement. “Can you see that she is already excited? Feel.”

Eva rubbed her hand over Emma pussy lips and she could feel her excitement. Eva said, “I guess you are right.”

I smiled and then pushed my hand up Eva’s dress and felt her pussy lips. “And I think you are getting excited also. Aren’t you Fatty?”

I could see this trigger something in Eva that made her more amenable to doing things she wouldn’t normally do. “Yes.”

“Now give your fantastic daughter five whacks.”

Eva tapped her once. I instructed, “No harder.” Whack. It was a little harder. I asked, “Emma did you feel that.”

“Not much.”

I said, “Ok, Eva once more and I will finish it.”

I took the paddle and gave Emma three quick whacks. I rubbed her ass and let my hand drift to her labia and clitoral hood. They were wet and I could feel a slight shudder as I put a little pressure on her clitoris.

“Eva feel her pussy.” Eva quickly passed a hand across her pussy. “Don’t you think she is enjoying this?”

Eva said, “Yes, I think so.”

“Emma, put the vibrator in your pussy.” She spread her legs a little apart, I could see her lips glistening and easily slid the vibrator into her vagina.

I gave her the last four whacks. Emma was making a slow move of her hips enjoying the feel of the vibrator in her pussy. I was sure she had one orgasm while I was giving her the last four whacks. I looked and saw the fluid seeping onto her leg. I took the hand lotion and rubbed her fleshy lovely ass. “That is such a beautiful ass that Mister Padmore just made red. But Miss Piggy deserved it. Didn’t she?”

“Yes, Mister Padmore, Miss Piggy deserved that and maybe a few more for the ones Mom couldn’t do.”

“Eva, do you want me to do it or do you want to try again?”

“You do it.” I gave her five more whacks with Max’s paddle. But this time I did it slowly and between each whack I massaged Emma’s ass and pussy. It was clear that Emma was enjoying this punishment.

After the last whack, I said, “I’m going to reward Miss Piggy for taking her punishment so well. You can help me if you wish. After that it is your turn.” You could see Eva’s knees weaken thinking about me doing this to her. I dropped to my knees and slightly spread Emma’s legs and licked her labia while she continued to work the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Eva slipped her hand under Emma’s leg and let her fingers find her daughter’s clitoris.

As she manipulated Emma pleasure spot she said, “I love you Emma. I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me.” Emma’s body shook and a new volume of fluid flowed. Both women responded in such a dramatic way there could be no mistaking how much they liked attention. And I loved it giving it!

“I love you Mom. Mister Padmore, thank you for my punishment and the reward.”

I raised up while Eva gave her one more swipe of her pleasure spot. I said, “Eva, it is your turn.” Emma removed the vibrator but stayed where she was. “When I offered you help at Max’s funeral you brushed gaziantep escort bayan telefonları me off like I was nobody. If you would have accepted my help then, it would have made it much easier on Emma. As a consequence, you get ten licks.”

Emma said, “Mister Padmore I think it should be fifteen and I get five of those.”

Before I could agree Eva said, “Yes, Emma needs to punish me also. Mister Padmore please let her punish me also.”

“Pull your dress up and bend over the couch.” She pulled up the tight white dress and when she bent over it spread her luscious broad ass to make a beautiful vision. The black lace garter made a window of the smooth white skin. It was such a lovely picture. “Emma you start.”

Emma gave Eva nice loud whack, whack, whack, whack, whack. I took the hand lotion and rubbed over the broad expanse of her ass. Emma took the vibrator and rubbed it over the outside of her pussy. I massaged her ass cheeks like dough while Emma masturbated her pussy. Eva was moaning as we did this.

While Emma continued to work on Eva’s pussy I took the paddle and gave her five quick strokes. Again I took the lotion and massaged it into her reddening ass. Her skin felt so good. I was as hard as a rock by now so I slipped off my loafers, undid my pants and let them slid to the floor to get some comfort while I rubbed Eva’s ass. Eva was moaning. I gave her the last five whacks more slowly.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I took the vibrator and said to Emma, “Emma bend over next to your Mom. Fatty here is your answer.” I put my hard-long dick in her soft wet puffy pussy. I couldn’t remember anything feeling as good as this. I pushed as hard as I could into this lovely woman and held it there.

Eva screamed from pleasure. She calmed enough to moan, “Thank you, thank you, …” I slipped the vibrator into Emma’s pussy as she bent over the couch next to her Mom. I saw Emma reach out and take her mother’s hand and they held hands while I fucked Eva with my dick and Emma with the vibrator. Emma was humping to get the best feel of the vibrator.

I started a slow stroke in and out of Eva’s vagina while watching that broad ass milk my dick. Emma was making the same movements. It was remarkable how similar these women’s body were with Eva being just a little fleshier. It enhanced the stimulation for me to have both. I picked up the rhythm as I fucked Eva gorgeous body. As I picked up speed I knew holding out wasn’t an option. When I couldn’t hold out any longer, I pushed as hard as I could on Eva’s ass to reach as deep as I could into her vagina.

As I pumped my sperm deep into Eva’s vagina she screamed, “Oh my gawd, thank you, oh gawd, fill me up.” Emma was having a nice orgasm with her mother but I knew not as strong as it would have been with a penis. At that point I wish I had two dicks.

Eva stayed bent over until she knew I was finished but then she faced me, took me in her arms and kissed me deeply and long. She had continued to hold Emma’s hand as she hugged me. After a prolonged deep kiss, she looked into my eyes as I could see the tears running down her cheeks. She put an arm around Emma and pulled her into our hug and said, “Thank you both. I owe you both so much.”

Emma joined in the hug, “I love you Mom and thank you Mister Padmore.”

We stayed in this prolonged hug until I said, “Okay girls we have some real business to take care of. Emma fix us a drink and join us on the couch.” Emma and Eva pulled their dress down as I put on my boxers but took off my shirt. I noticed the fluid running down Emma and Eva’s legs and said to Eva, “We may need a couple of towels to protest your couch.”

Emma had fixed me scotch while she poured herself and Eva a glass of Cabernet. Eva spread towels over the couch but made no attempt to clean herself off. She could tell what I was thinking and smiled, “I want to keep your discharge in and on me as long as possible.” I nodded.

I sat with Eva on my left and Emma on my right. We all stayed quiet and enjoyed the moment for a few minutes while we got our breathing under control. Then I said, “I’m officially accepting the role of Eva’s new M.”

Eva started crying again and whimpered, “Thank you.” She kissed me on the cheek.

“I think we need to discuss how this relationship moves forward. First I don’t want to be called or thought of as the new M. No one will ever replace Max. You know that don’t you Eva.”

“I know. You are right. How should we think about it?”

I smiled, “Well, I knew my answer last night actually but wanted a little time to think past this moment so I do have an advantage. I realize this is a new beginning for both of us so I want to make sure you know I’m open to your desires. But Max originally wrote the M to be shortened for Max and you took it to be a shortened form of Master. Max didn’t like being called Master so he let you continue to think M was Master. I also don’t like Master gaziantep escort bayan videoları but somehow I like Lord. After all, Padmore is very English and I do feel like the Lord of the manor. So I want to be called your L. That can be either be Lance or Lord. What do you think?”

Emma smiled kissed my cheek, “I think it is perfect, Lord Padmore. Can I call you L?”

“First Eva, how do you feel about that?”

Eva smiled and kissed the other cheek, “It is perfect Lord Padmore. You are my L and I want you to be Emma’s L also but with some restrictions.”

“That was the next thing I wanted to discuss. Emma, I have included you in our special event without asking. I did it because it seemed you wanted to be included but we need to think through this. You have done so much for your mother, your relationship is so unique and close, I would never forgive myself if I did anything that damages that relationship. How do you feel? Clearly this was something Max would never do but I will never be a father figure for you. Anyway, let me shut up so you can tell me what you think.”

I got my scotch and sipped while Emma and Eva thought. After some time, Emma said to Eva, “Lord Padmore is right. We can’t let anything be a risk to our relationship. Nothing is more important than us being there for each other. If I participate in your special events with your L, is that a risk?”

Eva said, “No, absolutely not. I seem to be another person when doing these things. I’m willing to do whatever my L wants. I will do anything for you also Emma. It seems clear to me that we both enjoyed the last two nights. I’m closer to you now because of the last few months. I just don’t see the risk. I will ask my L to stop including you if I ever see a risk. Emma, I’m afraid we are very much alike. God help you but we are. You will find your own Dom one of these days but until then I would like to share mine. Just be careful. But in the meantime, why not continue to enjoy these sexcapades with us.”

They both thought for a couple of minutes before Emma said, “Then I want to be included. Mom, I will be careful. I have already been burned. My L I will tell you about that one of these days. Before I get involved with a man again I want the two of you to approve. I trust you.”

I chimed in, “Excellent. Eva did you read Max’s journal?”

Eva frowned, “No! Emma offered but I didn’t want to read about myself.”

“Understood. I didn’t see anything about a safe word or some way to let Max know he was going too far. Did you have a safe word?”


“I think we need one.”

Eva thought for a minute, “I don’t. I always trusted Max as I trust you. There were many things he made me do I was uncomfortable with to start with but when I did them in general I enjoyed almost everything. But let’s do it if you think it is needed.”

“What is your least favorite food?”


“Then that is our safe word. Is there anything off limits?”

“We had sex with other people during our sexcapades but we never cheated on each other. In a way, our sexcapades kept us from wanting other lovers. Of course, Emma was off limits but that is no longer true. I don’t want to be hurt permanently. I just can’t think of what I wouldn’t do for my L.”

Emma said, “It was clear in Max’s journal how much he loved you. L and I both decided his love for you only intensified when he found your submissive nature.”

Eva’s lip quivered and I gave her a minute to think about this. “I’m ready for another drink, what about y’all?”

Emma said, “Let me get them.”

Eva said, “I’m going to the toilet while you get us refills. I want another glass of wine but that is all for me for the night.” As Eva walked away I looked at her big ass fighting to stay in that dress. It was a little small but you could see every detail of that smooth expanse of flesh.

When the girls were seated, I said, “One last thing. Eva, it would be natural considering the commitment we are making to each other to want to move in together.”

Eva said, “I certainly thought we would move in together.”

“I think we should give this a couple of months before we consider it. My reasoning is mainly to give you a chance to change your mind. It has only been six months since you lost Max. I don’t want to be just a rebound for you.”

Eva looked at Emma for guidance, “Mom, I think our L is right. I’m as sure as you are that he is the right person but better to be a little cautious. If it is right today it will be right in two months.”

Eva said, “Ok.”

I said, “That is enough serious talk for tonight. I’m so happy right now. Here to a new and better life for us.” I held up my glass to clink with my two beautiful girls.

When we sat our glasses down Eva said, “Now I have something.” She stood up and took her dress off. Looked at Emma and said, “Don’t you think we should show our Lord how much we appreciate his benevolent and magnanimous rule over us?”

“Yes mother I do.” Emma stood and pulled her dress over her head.

“Girls stand there for just a minute I want to take in my most beautiful subjects.” They were a picture of sexuality standing nude except for matching garter thigh highs. “My God you girls take my breath away. I am the luckiest man alive.”

Eva and Emma smiled the sexiest of identical smiles. I don’t think they knew how similarly they did things. “Emma help me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32