Lunch Date…But With Whom?

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*all characters are over 18 years old*

The hostess guides you and Evan through the Italian restaurant. It’s nicer than you expected when you suggested it for a date. You feel a twinge of guilt, hoping that it won’t be too expensive for Evan. You’re both barely out of college and he can’t make much money at that catering company he’s working for. You three walk through the main dining room and into a smaller, more intimate room with only a few tables and a handful of patrons at the moment. You walk past a table with one occupant. The butterflies in your stomach churn and the guilt intensifies as you realize that there’s no going back at this point. She pulls out a chair for you at the next table and you sit. Your view is temporarily blocked as Evan sits down but as soon as he does, you see Daddy’s brown eyes staring into yours from the next table over Evan’s shoulder. A warm smile crosses Daddy’s face as he taps the screen of his phone and the remote-control vibrator inside your tight little cunt starts to vibrate.

You and Daddy have played with this toy before, so you thought you knew what to expect. But even though the buzzing inside you is at its lowest setting, your toes curl as soon as the pulsing hits you. You maintain your poker face as Evan makes small talk, but the situation is distracting to say the least. The buzzing between your legs, combined with being in public, being on a date with a guy you like, AND having Daddy sitting there controlling your toy is almost overwhelming. Little jolts of pleasure have completely distracted you from your date, until Evan says your name. “Oh…um…sorry. I juuhh…mmm…just got distracted…um…looking at this place. It’s so fancy. I hope it’s not too much. I shouldn’t have suggested it.” And then the pang of guilt in your chest surges as he tells you not to worry and that you’re worth it. Your gaze slips past his sweet face on to Daddy’s. You still can’t believe you agreed to put the toy inside you before your date.

Just 30 minutes earlier, this plan seemed like a harmless bit of fun when Daddy proposed it. His rough hand cupping your cheek as his thumb traced across your lips and his dark eyes staring deeply into yours. The subtle scent of his cologne fills your nostrils. Tendrils of the woodsy, melony fragrance tickle your brain and you unconsciously bite your lower lip.

“It will be fun, Princess. You like it when we’ve played in public before.” He leans in and kisses you softly but insistently. “Won’t the fact that you’re cheating on Evan right in front of him make it even hotter than usual? Like the time we played when my wife was in the next room with the kids. Mmmmmmmm…I know you’ll be so wet.”

That naughty thought in your brain sends a little surge straight down and your pussy aches. The memory of cumming so hard with his wife on the other side of a closed door. Being the other woman plus the risk of being caught was the most exhilarating orgasm of your young life.

He casually puts the pinstriped navy sports coat over his crisp white dress shirt. “Be a good girl and get ready. I’ll see you at the restaurant.”

One last kiss and Daddy leaves your apartment. He’s not even checking if you’re going to chicken out and not insert the toy. He knows you will be his good little girl and do what he wants. That confidence is one of the things that’s drawn you to this older married man over the past several months. His confidence in himself and his confidence in you. He is always so sure that what he’s doing will turn you on and fuck if he hasn’t been right. You pick up the pink vibrator and slowly push it past your pussy lips. Daddy knows you so well; you are already so wet that it slips in easily. You make sure it is securely in place, nestled in your tight young cunny. You’ve been so nervous that you lost track of time and are startled when your phone pings with a text from Evan that he’s downstairs. You pull up your panties, smooth your skirt and walk to the door. As your hand turns the doorknob, you can just imagine what Daddy Tokat Escort would be saying if he were still in your apartment. “What kind of BOY doesn’t even come to the door to pick up his date?” You can almost hear his voice, dripping with disdain.

Even though it’s not turned on yet, you become even more keenly aware of the vibrator inside you when you sit in the passenger seat and lay eyes on Evan. It’s only your third date, but you’ve been FaceTiming every night over the past two weeks. It’s still early, you’d hesitate to even call it a “relationship” at this point, but he’s cute and funny and you’re starting to get comfortable around each other. Other than some first-time awkwardness the only time you’ve slept together, things have started off great. He smiles that smile that melts your heart a bit and says “I’m so glad you suggested this. Everyone I’ve mentioned it to has raved about this place.” Your cheeks blush a bit at the idea that he’s mentioning you to his friends and you can’t help picturing a future with him. A future that a married man can’t give you. You reach over to hold his free hand while he drives. During the 20-minute trip to the restaurant you start to relax and almost forget that, in spite of what Evan thinks, this date isn’t only with him.

As the waitress brings water and menus to the table, the slow rhythmic pulse gently massages your g-spot. You and Daddy have played with this toy enough that you know he’s starting slow to tease you. But even at the lowest setting, you’re having trouble concentrating. The sensation between your legs, the public setting, and Evan sitting across from you is overwhelming enough, but Daddy’s gaze is almost too much. Locked in on your green eyes, penetrating you. An amused smirk on his face as he idly swipes his finger across the screen, and you feel the vibrations intensify. You squirm a bit in your seat as your panties soak through with your wetness.

“Focus,” you tell yourself as you try to pay attention to Evan’s voice. He’s saying something about a soccer match, but you keep losing your train of thought. The vibrator spikes in intensity only to quickly subside. Then again and again. You twist your cloth napkin in your hands as you try to fight your body’s natural reactions. Trying to suppress a building moan, you watch as Daddy’s thumb taps the screen of his phone. From the look on his face it’s almost like he has a song in his head and is playing along on his phone. Every beat sends an exhilarating jolt through your pussy. From experience, you know the vibrator is whisper quiet but right now you’re convinced that every person in the restaurant can hear the faint buzzing between your legs.

The waitress returns to take your orders and you realize you’ve been so distracted that you haven’t even looked at the menu. Daddy takes an almost sadistic pleasure in raising the intensity of the toy every time she speaks to you. You open your mouth to speak and immediately appreciate how much easier it is to keep the moans bottled up when you’re not talking. “Ooh God, I’m sorry. It…it all fee…looks so g…good, I’m having a hArd time choosing.” Flustered, you quickly order a pasta dish and mercifully Daddy reduces the setting when she leaves the table.

You realize you have no idea what Evan has been talking about for the past several minutes. Every time you try to pay attention, his voice soon fades into background noise and you are once again distracted by Daddy. You watch as he absentmindedly taps his left ring finger against the rocks glass in his hand. The noise isn’t traveling far enough for you to actually hear it but in your mind the clinking of Daddy’s wedding ring against his glass echoes. Clink. Clink. Clink. You’ve noticed this habit before, but today you’re drawn to it. Daddy raises his glass and subtlety toasts you with a devilish grin. Your mouth goes dry as you watch the amber of the bourbon in his glass, and the light glinting off the platinum wedding band on his finger while he brings the glass to his lips. Those lips that Tokat Escort Bayan know just how to kiss you, how to suck on your skin, your nipples, your clit. This married man who’s twice your age somehow pleasures you more than any guy you’ve ever been with.

“Erin?” Evan’s voice shocks you back to this table and you notice that your meal has arrived. Shame washes over you for ignoring Evan this whole time and you can barely look him in the eyes as you ask him about his brother’s new job. Even the shame you feel somehow makes the situation hotter as that mixes with your other emotions and amplifies Daddy’s remote ministrations in your soaking wet cunny.

The buzzing inside you intensifies and you see Daddy place the phone on the table, in plain sight, as your waitress checks on him. You see a look of shock and recognition on her face as she notices Daddy’s phone. You can’t hear them, but she lets out a laugh. What is Daddy telling her? Your cheeks flush with embarrassment; that new emotion churns with everything else you’re feeling, and you sense your orgasm building.

Evan notices and asks, “Is everything ok? You’re turning red. Should I get the waitress…” He turns and starts to raise his arm to call her over.

“No!” you blurt out and grab your glass of water to buy yourself a second to come up with an explanation. “The…uh…the pasta is spicier than I thought it’d be.” You eye him nervously as you take another gulp of water, hoping he believed you. The pasta does have a little kick to it but really, it’s the least hot thing going on around your table.

“Wow, it must be,” he says, “I can see a little sweat on your forehead.”

You smile, laugh it off and squeeze your thighs together to fight the sensations as your stomach clenches and the pulsing against your g-spot drives you closer and closer to the point of no return.

Your eyes go wide and a cold shock shoots down your spine when you see Daddy casually push his phone across the table to the waitress. You recognize the flirty way he’s talking to her and feel a pang of jealousy when she reaches down and swipes across the phone’s screen and the vibrator inside you shifts into high gear. He’s giving someone else…a stranger…a random waitress…control of your pussy right here. Your whole body tenses as you fight not to moan. What did he tell her? Does she know you’re in the restaurant? Does she know you’re sitting with another man on a date just a few feet away? Does she remember how flustered you were before and suspect you? You feel a stronger orgasm washing over you. You stuff a piece of garlic bread into your mouth and bite down on it to maintain control, but your body betrays you and you moan. Not loudly but clearly. Cluelessly, Evan says “I know! They have the best breadsticks here.”

The waitress walks away to check on other customers and you notice a new bounce to her step as she leaves. Daddy drops the vibration to its lowest setting and looks directly into your eyes. They seem softer now. Nurturing, protective, caring. You can almost feel Daddy’s strong arms holding you as you come down from the high of the orgasm. You regain your composure and match his gaze. Making sure Evan doesn’t notice, you mouth the words “Thank you, Daddy” to him. He smiles and blows you a kiss before holding your gaze, then clearly looking towards the restroom. Communicating silently but you know exactly what you are supposed to do. Your legs are still weak from your orgasm but the hunger inside you needs more. You need Daddy. You tell Evan that you have to excuse yourself and walk to the restroom.

Daddy walks up behind you in the short hallway. In a tone just above a whisper, you hear “mmmmmmmm…such a good little girl. I told you that you’d have fun,” His hand takes you by the arm and guides you into the men’s room. Each “stall” is its own enclosed water closet with a full door, and you realize exactly why Daddy told you to pick this restaurant for your date. He pulls you inside and closes the door behind you. You Escort Tokat barely hear the click of the lock before Daddy is pressing you against the wall. “You’ve had your fun, Princess but if I know you, you want more. Don’t you?”

Your light skin almost glows against the dark rich wood paneling. Your voice quivers in anticipation as you admit, “Yes, Daddy. I want you to fuck me right here.” You reach down and rub his erection through the thin fabric of his slacks. You feel Daddy’s cock throb at your touch before he grabs your wrist. His eyes pierce yours and you recognize this little game. He’s making you wait. Prolonging the ache between your legs until you’ve said the magic word.

“Ah…Ah…Ah, little girl. Where are your manners? You know what you need to say if you want something.” That smirk on his face makes you want to kiss him and tell him to fuck off that the same time. But that hunger between your legs makes the choice for you.

“Please, Daddy. Please fuck my tight little pussy.”

Your lips meet and you kiss passionately, hungrily. His hand reaches underneath your skirt and you feel your wet panties being pulled aside. Daddy pulls the vibrator out of your aching little cunt and brings it up. Breaking the kiss, he rubs the toy on your lips, spreading your juices across them. You open your mouth and suck it, tasting your musky sweetness. Your hands reach down and unbuckle Daddy’s belt. You’ve cum from the toy but need to be filled. Your hands guide the head of Daddy’s cock to your entrance and you gasp as he thrusts inside you. You’re so wet that his cock enters easily, your lips stretching around the thick shaft as he sinks into you all the way to his base. You feel his pubic hair tickling your shaved mound as he removes the toy from your mouth and replaces it with his tongue.

You kiss and fuck urgently against the restroom wall as Evan waits at the table. Daddy’s firm grip raises your left leg and places your foot on the toilet seat. Thrusting hard and fast into you. Every stroke slamming you into the wall, keeping you pinned until his shaft is fully inside you before he withdraws and thrusts again. After the constant teasing on the vibrator, it feels amazing to be filled and fucked by a real cock. In your excitement, you bite Daddy’s lip just a little too hard, drawing blood. The kiss is broken, and you receive a sharp slap across your face. The sound echoing in the tight space. Your left cheek stings and burns as the blood rushes to the small welt. Hopefully, not hard enough to leave a mark that Evan could see.

Daddy kisses you again and thrusts into you harder, faster. Even the kiss isn’t enough to muffle your moans, so Daddy places his hand over your mouth. You lock eyes. Animal lust staring back into your green eyes as Daddy fucks you against the wall. His free hand wraps around your throat and squeezes. You feel the orgasm building in your cunt. Different from your earlier ones. Deeper more primal.

Daddy’s thrusts come in shorter, quicker strokes. You know he’s getting close and that spurs your orgasm to build faster as well. Knowing the effect your tight young cunt has on this married man augments everything about this. One last thrust and Daddy’s cock fills your pussy completely. You feel the first thick spurt of cum flooding you and it’s the final straw. You moan and shake as you cum too. Your stomach clenches as the orgasm washes over you, making your legs wobble and turn to Jello. Luckily, Daddy still has you pinned against the wall, supporting you as you savor the feeling of every cock twitch, spasm and spurt inside you. Your tight young cunny milking out every last drop of Daddy’s seed.

He holds you there and kisses you until your legs are strong enough to stand. Then Daddy reaches down and pulls your panties into place right as his cock leaves your freshly fucked pussy. You feel Daddy’s cum leaking out of you and pooling in your panties. Daddy caresses your face and gives you one last kiss before saying “You should get back to your table before that oblivious BOY wonders what’s taking so long.” Daddy’s fingers rub your cum soaked mound through the thin fabric of your panties. “In fact, to make it up to him you should go back to his place and let him put that tongue of his to use for dessert.”

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