Lunchtime Lesson

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I wrote this a couple of years ago, and reading over it just now, it seemed worth submitting. I hope you enjoy reading it, and please, let me know what you think of it!


“OK class, there’s only an hour until lunch is over, so let’s get right into it. Take everything off – there’s no point in being shy, everyone’s gonna be naked.”

“When you’re ready, get out the oil you brought and get your partner to rub it all over you, starting from the shoulders. Guys, I wanna see you all nice and hard – you get to come first today!”

“OK, keep rubbing, but pay attention to me. Partners, take your forefinger and thumb and make a circle with them, like this. Now, use the circle to rub the base of the head of the cock, up and down. See? You don’t need to move more than a couple of centimetres, and start off with the circle really loose.”

“Guys, tell your partners when to back off and when to go harder. I don’t want to see any come until ten minutes are up from when I say go. When your partner tells you he’s starting to orgasm, move the circle right down to the base of the cock and clamp over the urethra.”

“Hold on for as long as the guy wants. At the very least, feel a few throbs before you let it go. I want the come spraying your partner’s body. Guy/guy pairs, see if you can both come at the same time. Girl/girl pairs, come down the front to the cupboard and grab your favourite toy – just one each! Get up on the plinth with your fannies facing the class – I want you to try and make these boys come before the ten minutes are up!”

As there were two girl/girl pairs, four girls came to the front. Three of them chose clit massagers – I was pleased to see this as at the beginning of term, they all went for slim dildoes. Danica, the fourth girl, was a slightly overwieght girl with glasses and an out-of-date bob haircut.

She had consistently been the most advanced and daring girl in the class, though, and I couldn’t wait to see what she’d choose. To my disappointment, she picked out a clit massager very similar to that of the other girls.

Once they took their places on the plinth (only Danica on her knees, facing away), I called out, “Go!”

I scanned over the class to check how they were going. The four guy/guy pairs seemed to be doing the best, working up to a gentle rhythm quite quickly, whereas the girls seemed to be a bit more awkward, taking longer to get it just right.

By about halfway into the ten minutes, everyone was going along pretty well. Nobody was talking, but there was what can only be described as the noise of twenty hands rubbing twenty cocks, underlaid with some heavy breathing (mostly on the part of the guys).

I started making my way around the class once there were about three minutes to go, starting with the guys that looked very close to orgasm. I whispered in their ears for them to hold on a little bit longer. The rest of the guys I quietly told to start getting ready to come.

By the time I’d finished my rounds and gone back to the front, there was about half a minute left.

“OK guys, thirty seconds until you can come. You don’t have to do it right on the ten minute mark, but try and orgasm no less than a minute after it.”

“Alright, ten, nine, eight . . .” I could see three of the guys in the girl/guy pairs were already in the midst of a climax, but their partners were clamping down around the base of their hard, red cocks just as instructed, stopping any semen from spraying out.

“. . . four, three, two, one, COME!” Four more guys had started to come during the countdown, and again, the noise can only be described as seven cocks jetting sperm onto their partner’s body. The guys who had come so far were still those in the girl/guy pairs, and they had all ejaculated onto the girls’ breasts.

I looked around at the various girls – all their tits, from perky little A and B cups, right up to big, heavy, swaying breasts, were covered with varying amounts of semen.

I looked to the front to see the first guy/guy pair coming in earnest, spraying each other’s stomachs with their hard, bright red cocks.

The rest of the couples began to come all at once, the gushing noise even more obvious this time, as ten cocks jetted their hot sperm all over their partners’ stomachs and chests.

The four girls on the plinth at the front were going pretty hard now – Danica had redeemed herself in my eyes by using the massager not on her clit, but in her arse. She was on all fours and not touching herself at all, just gently swaying.

“OK, you four up the front, stop please. Not you, Danica, you can keep going. I know it’s difficult to stop now, girls, but it’ll make you come much much harder later on. That’s good.”

“Now, everyone gather Uzun porno round at the front here, it’s time for a demonstration.” While the rest of the class moved down to the front, I went and stood behind Danica.

She was still swaying gently, seemingly lost in the pleasure brought on by the little vibrating bullet.

“Right, everyone. In a minute I’m going to make Danica come. Danica, is that OK with you? Everyone is watching.”

Danica nodded her head up and down in time with her swaying.

“Can everyone see Danica’s lips and clit alright? No? Danica, please move your knees a little bit further apart. Is that better? Good.”

“Now, everyone can tell quite easily when a guy’s coming – he tenses up, his cock goes into spasms, and most obviously of all, he ejaculates!”

“Women come in exactly the same way, except for ejaculation. Women can ejaculate, which is something I’ll teach you later, but they don’t need to in order to have an orgasm. I’m going to use a clit massager to make Danica come, and I’d like you all to watch closely.”

“Danica, if you can, I’d like you to describe what you’re feeling.”

I grabbed one of the massagers the other girls had been using, and moved it onto Danica’s clit-hood, causing her to let out a surprised-but-pleased sounding “Oh!”

I kept it steady on the hood as her clit swelled, protruding quite obviously.

“How does that feel, Danica?”

“Mmmmm, it feels fantastic!”

“Can you be a bit more specific about the sensation?”

“Ummmm, OK . . . you know when you have an itch, and then you scratch it? It feels really good, right? But if you scratch a bit too hard, it starts to hurt. Well, this feels like it would if you scratched harder, but it didn’t hurt.”

“That’s the best description I’ve ever heard! How does the rest of your body feel?”

“Well, I’m starting to get wetter, and I can feel the air on my pussy as it gets more sensitive. My nipples are getting really hard, too, if you can’t see them!”

Those within view of Danica’s tits murmured their assent.

“OK Danica, what would you like me to do now?”

“It’d be really good if you could flick the thing down onto my clit, then back up onto the hood a few times. Press a bit harder too. I’m starting to really feel like I want to come now – you’re not going to stop are you?”

“No, I won’t stop until you’re totally satisfied. You’ve got to have some compensation for displaying yourself to everyone like this!”

“Actually, I really like showing off like this! I don’t think I’ve ever been so horny!”

“That’s even better! You should really be able to show these guys what a good orgasm is like.”

I moved the massager down to her clit for a couple of seconds, then back up to the hood. I did this three or four times, pressing a little bit harder on the hood each time.

“See how her lips are much bigger and redder now? And every time I touch her clit directly, you can see the lips swell a little bit. How does it feel now, Danica?”

“It’s getting really good now . . . every time you brush over my clit, I can feel a wave of, I dunno, pleasure I guess, right through my whole cunny. I’m getting to the point where I’d have to go on and have an orgasm, no matter what. It feels really great, knowing that I’m heading for that point of no return. With the thing pressing harder on my clit-hood, like it is now, it’s more of an all-over feeling, rather than the pulses that happen when you touch my clit.”

“What you’ve just described is what a lot of women have thought was an orgasm. It’s very pleasurable, but it’s nothing compared to a full climax. Would you say that’s right, Danica?”

“Mmmmm, yessss! Just flicking my clit like that feels great, and I could do it for hours, but it’s not as . . . um, fulfilling, or satisfying as really coming hard. Plus, an orgasm really does feel a lot better than this – quite similar sensations, but I dunno, much much faster, and the feelings are like thirty times stronger. Talking about it makes me want to get there – I want to show you guys!”

“You’re doing brilliantly with the descriptions – I’m sure any girl who’s ever had a real orgasm will know exactly what you’re talking about. Now, we’d better start making you come – what would you like me to do to take you over that point of no return?”

“Keep it directly on my clit, keep on moving it from the top of my fanny and up over my clit, so it kinda flicks it on the way past. I’ll try and keep telling you what I’m feeling, but it might start getting difficult to talk!”

“Right, here we go – you’ll be coming like nothing else really soon. Try and let us know when you pass that point of no return, and make sure you tell me whether Öğrenci porno to go faster or slower.”

I started to flick her clit like she’d told me, silently pointing out to everyone how her lips were pulsing even more obviously now.

“Ohhh, that feels sooo good! Every time it goes over my clit I get a huge tensing and relaxing feeling. Go a bit faster, I’m just about there . . just . . about . . . just . . . ohhhhhhhh god, just about . . . yeeeeaaaaahh, I’m past, I’m past, I’m past! Fuck it as hard as you can now, fuck me, fuck me fuck me!”

Her hips started to buck, pushing herself up harder against the massager, her lips covered in moisture now, and occasionally parting to give a view deep inside.

“I’m so close, fuck my clit, fuck it harder and harder and harder! Ohhhhh god, I need something inside me, put something in, put your cock in, please!”

“I want you to come first, Danica, then you can have something inside. Have you ever had multiple orgasms before?”

“Nohh, oh, oh, I’ve wanted to ooh, ah, but I’ve always run out of energy to keep doing myself. Don’t slow down!”

“OK then, I want you to concentrate as hard as you can on coming. You let me worry about keeping your climax going, once you’re really really over the edge into constant orgasm, you can have something inside you.”

“OK, god I’m nearly there! I’m nearly there – hold it still on my clit . . .”

I did so, and Danica’s whole body tensed up as she held her breath and started to come. All her muscles were taut, her lips tightly closed. The massager she’d had in the whole time popped out, shooting out onto the floor.

This obviously took her completely over the edge, as her whole body seemed to relax. Her lips opened up wide for about half a second, then quickly clamped shut again as the cycle of the orgasm took over her body.

They stayed tensed up for over a second, then relaxed again, her open vagina dripping her juices out over her clit. Her face was screwed up in concentration as she tried to stay relaxed for as long as possible, which she managed for about half a second again before another, bigger spasm took hold of her.

“Danica, I imagine you’d normally stop touching yourself about now. I’m going to keep this on your clit, though, just tell me if it gets too much. Everyone’s seen you coming now – what would you like to go inside you?

“hyour! unh! hcock!” She said, in between spasms.

I was incredibly hard from watching her, and climbed up onto the plinth behind her, keeping my left hand and the massager on her clit. She was working up to a true multiple orgasm now, her spasms getting faster and faster and closer and closer together.

When she was tensing and relaxing about four or five times a second, I knew she was almost there. Suddenly, she let out a cry of pleasure, and her body relaxed again. While her vagina was wide open, I put myself into her as far as I could go.

I knew it would be only a matter of seconds before she started to spasm again. Just as I’d got myself blissfully inside her, my cock was alternately gripped and released rapidly by her first multiple orgasm climax. I pulled out again until the head of my cock was surrounded by her lips, then slowly and gently pushed back in. It felt fantastic, pushing in against her orgasm.

“Danica, are you OK? Does it feel alright?”

“Mmmmmmm, love it . . . cock . . . coming . . . coming . . . fucking . . coming . .”

Some women are a bit freaked out at their first orgasm of this kind, but Danica was absolutely loving it. I resolved to keep her there as long as I could.

“OK, class, I want to see the rest of the girls coming like this – grab a guy if you were part of a girl/girl couple and go for it! I’m sure you can see how good it is! Guys, if anyone wants to get inside me, please grab some oil and jump up here. You four guys that are left can do whatever you like. Just make sure you ask first if it involves someone else.”

Just after I’d finished speaking, I felt something hot, slippery and hard push into me, then slowly start to thrust in and out.

I could see that everyone around the room was completely into it after Danica’s display, and I couldn’t have been having more fun! The weekly teachers’ lunch-hour sex classes I’d started just a month ago were really paying off!

Whoever was inside me only managed a few thrusts in and out before I felt his hips push right up against my buttocks, and a gush of hot liquid deep within me. He pulled out straight away, and I felt another warm spray on my balls as I pulled back from Danica.

She was coming just as hard as before, if not more so, and I was in absolute ecstasy. Just as I was thinking it would have been even nicer if there was still a cock in me, I felt another, bigger guy push his way deeply into me. He went all the way in quite easily due to all the liquid down there, and it felt absolutely divine as he slowly drew back out again, until he was completely out of me.

He started again, and I was becoming more used to his size by now, so by the third or fourth thrust he was able to go in and out quite fast. I started to time it so that I was pushing into Danica as he was pulling out of me. The rhythm this set up was incredible, and when I was at the end of an outward stroke, I looked back over my shoulder to try and see the cock as it entered me.

It was fantastic to see, but what was even better was that another of the guys was fucking this one in the reverse rhythm to him fucking me! Even better still was the third lying under the second, his cock moving in and out as the second guy fucked the guy who was fucking me!

The sight and thought of this pushed me right over the edge, and I came extremely hard, thrusting myself as far inside Danica as I could while my whole body spasmed.

Danica obviously enjoyed feeling my sperm jet its way into her, letting out moans of pleasure as I started to pull out. She was still coming really really hard, so I motioned for the guy inside me to pull out and keep her orgasm going strong.

His penis was substantially bigger than mine, and it looked as if it wouldn’t go in at first, but Danica experienced another of her relaxed phases, allowing him to get about halfway in before she began yet another climax. The look on his face, combined with the noises he was making made it plain that he was loving it.

I was already rock-hard again from watching this, and since all the girls were on their way to orgasms like Danica’s, I went around to the end of the plinth and stood behind the guy lying down. His buttocks were right on the edge of the platform, so lifting his legs and putting them over my shoulders, I pushed my cock into him.

He hadn’t had anything in there today, so it felt deliciously tight. My cock was still covered in my own come, ensuring a smooth, slippery feeling for us both. He was lithe enough to be able to get his cock between his thighs and my stomach as I leaned forward onto him.

I love women, but the sensation of this guy’s cock moving over my stomach, pressed there between his thighs, was like nothing I have ever felt before. Combined with my cock moving silkily back and forth in his tight hole, I was in heaven!

Since I’d already had a really good orgasm, I wasn’t in any danger of climaxing any earlier than I wanted to. The guy I was inside was a different story though – I could feel that he was already past the point of no return. Somehow, being inside him, combined with the feeling of his cock, told me just what he was feeling.

There was a kind of fluttering spasm underlying the incredible hardness of his cock. He was obviously at that fantastic stage of orgasm – just before tipping over the edge into complete release – where everything just feels so good! It’s the kind of feeling that women who have multiple orgasms (just like Danica) describe, but if you’re a man, it’s incredibly difficult to stop yourself from going over the edge.

This guy seemed to be one of those lucky (or skilled) few who can make that sensation last for more than a few minutes. As I realised he’d been hanging there on the edge for quite some time (long past the point where I would have ejaculated), I became indescribably turned on! I don’t know why, but I became completely focused on making this guy come – making him lose his control and ejaculate.

I started to thrust harder and longer, at the same time pressing his thighs tightly together and into my stomach and chest. His cock was now virtually clamped, and would have been impossible to move if not for the liquid in there. I knew I was beginning to have an effect on him when I saw his face tense up, as though he were having to concentrate even harder on NOT coming.

This only served to strengthen my resolve, and deepen my desire to see him uncontrollably orgasming. I redubled my efforts, which by this time were bringing me a lot closer to my own climax than I had expected to be. Very soon, I started to forget all about him, and concentrated purely on reaching my second orgasm.

I bucked my hips and pushed my cock in and out, and just at the very second I was feeling that delicious feeling that you knw will be followed by come gushing out, I remembered about him. I tensed my whole body up in order to hang on the edge a bit longer, my cock throbbing inside him.

Just as I started to tense and relax with my ejaculation, he did exactly the same thing. I felt several INCREDIBLE hot jets up my stomach and chest as he came, and for a while, our orgasms were synchronised. It surprised me (even in my sexed-up state) that a simultaneous orgasm could feel just as good with a man as it did with a woman.

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