Lustful Women III, Inga Ch. 04

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Inga steps in

A few weeks after Eric so superbly had satisfied my friend Malena I got a phone call from Sandra, another of my long-term friends from my school days. She lives abroad but we keep the contact although we seldom meet. But now she was coming to Sweden on one of her rare visits. She had arranged a luncheon with Malena and wanted me to take part. The three of us had been close in those times and had been in the inner circle of our group.

At the lunch we talked a lot of old memories but also about the present. Sandra told about her life with her wealthy husband and all the business travelling she participated in. She really had seen the world, she said although mostly in short glimpses. And the sex had been good too. Incredibly good indeed. Her husband was often horny when he came back to the hotel after a business meeting. And had the meeting been successful he got very horny and phoned in advance to make sure that she was at home and ready to receive him upon his arrival. With a laugh she admitted that her marriage contract stipulated that she should be available whenever he wanted to fuck. But now the age of her husband had taken his toll. He had heart problems and had to be careful. So nowadays she mostly sucked him or rode him but very gently letting her pussy muscles do most of the work. Pleasant but far from the active sex she had got used to.

Malena told how frustrated she was because she had to be so careful with men in her present role. She hardly got laid at all to avoid rumors. She soon told Sandra how I had helped her ease the pressure with the help of my son Eric. She told in detail how superbly she had been fucked and how content she had become.

We talked a lot more until Malena had to leave. She was always so busy she complained. Sandra and I had another glass of wine and chatted on.

Everything had to come to an end and so had our luncheon. But there was something on Sandra´s mind that kept her at the table. So finally, I had to ask what it was.

“Well yes, there is something,” she said hesitantly. “Well, I can´t get Malena´s adventure out of my mind. It sounded so lovely. To have a young virile man fuck your brains out. It would be lovely. I guess that having a young eager man feels quite different from when we were young.”

“Yes, it really does,” I said. “I know because I have recently introduced the son of a friend. I had him at my house for a full weekend and fucked him several times. It became very satisfying to say the least.” I then told her about the development of the young man during his stay.

“Oh, my goodness,” Sandra exclaimed. “What an experience. I really would like to get banged like that by an eager young man.” There was a longing expression on her face.

“Well, if that´s what you really want it can be arranged,” I said. “As I told you before I am always on the lookout for mature pussies to feed Eric. He likes and is very good with older women. Not that we regard ourselves as old but we have to admit that for a young man we are older women. But we are good for them too. We have something they don´t. Experience and skill, at least some of us. And I know that you are skilled, very skilled.”

“Oh my goodness. Is that really true. Well, Malena told, that she did it and was extremely pleased so it must be true. You make it sound like a win-win situation. Would it happen we both benefits from it. Youth in exchange of experience. Oh my god, yes I would like that, yes indeed I would.” Sandra had a dreaming look on her face.

“All right. Settled then. When shall I arrange it? I don´t think that Eric has much planned in the coming days. You said that you are staying a few days more, didn’t you?”

“Would the day after tomorrow be too soon? That´s on Saturday. Oh goodness gracious me, I can´t believe that I really is thinking about to cheat on my husband. But it must be kept a total secret between just you and me. Not even Eric can be told who I am. Doing it in the dark is a perfect solution to keep the secret although I would have liked to see him when he fucks me and especially when he cums in me. Yes, I want him to cum in me barebacked if you will allow that. I have only had my husband since we got married so I am clean and on the pill. My husband never uses protection. It´s in our marriage contract that I should take care of such things. He wants to have the possibility to take me where and when he feels like it. And as I told you he really has used his rights. To my great pleasure of course, I haven´t minded at all, on the contrary.”

Sandra had got hilarious and rambled on. There were spring in her steps when we left the restaurant and she hugged me affectionately and told how much she looked forward coming to my house.

Eric was happy to meet another of my friends from the old days. He got even happier when I told him that she wanted him to take her bare backed.

“It will be lovely,” he said. “Miss Barbro is the only woman I have been allowed to fuck bare backed when she taught me how to satisfy a woman. And at the shows as well. And Lefkoşa Escort that felt great, real great. But I long for getting an unobstructed feel of another woman´s pussy.”

“I hope that she is as good as your other friend,” he went on. “She was marvelous. Pity though that I don´t know how she looks. And now I won´t get to know the looks of this new one either. Will she too be painted? That helps to find the way around.”

On the Saturday I had everything in order in good time. Fresh linen on the couch in the playroom, chilled champagne in the fridge and some snacks to have afterwards. Eric had got the colors to put on and I assured him that I was sure that my friend would paint herself too.

I took a shower in preparation to the plans I had for what Eric and I should do when Sandra had left. I wanted to be fresh. I felt very excited.

When I had stepped out of the shower and sat down at my dressing table the phone rang. It was Sandra.

“My husband has got a heart attack. I am on my way to the airport. I am so sorry that I can´t come and see you. I had really looked forward to that,” she said breathlessly and hung up.

I rose and was on my way to tell Eric the bad news. When I was on the way to the door, I suddenly realized that I was in the nude. I hesitated and decided to put something on. It was unnecessary to get him more excited when the session was cancelled. I went to my closet and opened the doors. The full-length mirrors on the inside showed my entire body. I took a good look at myself and suddenly there was a tingling in my pussy. The tingling changed into a burning desire.

Now you have the chance you have been looking for, the pussy said. All our longing can be fulfilled here and now, it continued. Eric thinks he is fucking your friend. Only you know the truth. It´s a perfect set up. What he doesn´t know can´t hurt him. Come on, go through with it. Stand in for your friend and get happy.

The pussy was very convincing I must say when I thought it over. Yes, it could be done. Eric was expecting a friend of mine in the same age and with similar background. He had no idea what she looked like. I had only said that it was a good-looking woman with two pairs of great assets and an experienced pussy. I easily could fill that description. There was absolutely no reason for him to get suspicious or think that some foul play was in motion. It would be heavenly for me, I knew that. This was an opportunity as send from the Gods, I thought.

I made up my mind. I put a robe on and went to Eric´s room.

“My friend will be here any minute now. Please go to the playroom and shut the door,” I told him and hurried back to my room to get ready.

When I heard him go downstairs, I put on a perfume I hadn´t used for years and after a while went downstairs. I checked that the door to the playroom was shut and locked it. I went to the front door and silently opened it and stepped outside. I rang the bell and quickly went inside and closed the door again silently. I waited a couple of seconds and then opened the door in the normal way. I greeted the absent friend in the way I use to do and chatted on. I went into the bathroom which Sandra would have done to get her clothes off. I painted my body with the luminescent colors which I had put there for Sandra to use. There was no real hurry. Eric knew that my friend and I would take some time chatting before she joined him.

When I was satisfied with the painting, I left the bathroom. There was one more thing to do before I joined Eric. In the buff I went to my study and put on the spy cam and linked it to a recorder. I really wanted to have this on tape to look at later.

It was time. I went through the sitting room to the playroom. When I was about to unlock the door, I hesitated. Up to now I had been busy with the preparations for the sin but now I suddenly got second thoughts. Was it really all right what I was about to do? I was very close to take a giant step over the ultimate taboo line. If I opened the door there was no turning back. There was still time to change my mind and tell Eric that Sandra had had to cancel the appointment. What would happen if I opened that door? Well, the first thing was that I was going to be fucked by my son and probably extremely good. But afterwards? What about if he found out? How would that affect our relationship? And our lives?

Come on, my pussy said. He won´t find out unless you tell him. This is your chance of a lifetime. You will regret it all your life if you don´t do it now.

I stood for quite a while thinking it over. I knew that it was morally wrong, very wrong indeed. But on the other hand, I had longed so much for this to happen. Part of my mind really wanted to go through with it. It would become immensely exciting and something I could only experience once in my lifetime, it told me convincingly. Also, my body ached for it and my pussy was on fire.

Suddenly my primal brain took over. It made me to turn the key and step over the threshold.

I knew that Eric Girne Escort could see my silhouette because of the lighter outer room so I quickly shut the door. It was pitch black and it took some time for my eyes to be able to see the fluorescent painting on Eric. I heard him rise and come forward to greet me with a great hug. I melted into his arms in a full body hug. It felt wonderful to feel his naked body against mine and my hesitations were pushed far back in my mind. Now both body and soul wanted the same, to fuck him and get fucked.

Eric withdrew but instead his hands were all over me exploring my body. They made a quick tour to get familiar with the terrain then started all over again for a more thorough exploration of my body. He spent a long time on my boobs before moving south. He grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and then went down to investigate my legs. Back up they went in between my thighs until they couldn´t get higher up. He suddenly was behind me and his hands started all over again cupping my boobs, caressing my belly, sifting through my pussy bush. My knees buckled when his hand went into my slit and found the clit which he caressed until it came out from its sheltering folds.

He had right away made me feel like I was in heaven.

Eric steered me towards the couch and helped me to lie down. Then his hands were back caressing my entire body. He pinched not only my nipples but also other places where he found suitable flesh.

Suddenly he leaned over me and started to use his mouth and tongue. Again, he did it thoroughly, starting with my face. He licked my eyes and ears, took a light bite in my nose and finally kissed me on the mouth. His tongue forced its way into my mouth and soon we were French kissing. It felt lovely.

He broke the kiss and moved down over my neck to the boobs. They got a very lovely treatment with a lot of squeezing and licking. He took the nipples one by one in his mouth nibbling them first with his lips then used his teeth in the end biting rather hard that made me to cry out. He softened the pain by nibbling with just his lips.

I could now see the fluorescent painting. He had put paint along his arms and legs and onto each finger. His body was clearly outlined, and I could see his movements. Suddenly I saw that he had painted his cock in a similar way. It was not yet fully erect, but it must have been when he painted it, I thought.

His naked cock reminded me that Sandra had wanted to be taken bare backed. I hadn´t thought of that in my preparations. But I couldn´t ask him to use one for two reasons. He had got so pleased when I told him about it. And I must not talk. He would recognize me right away. I was lucky though. I was on the pill as an extra precaution. There was always a risk with the inexperienced boys at the mom ans son meetings.

His mouth went south over my body stopping for a while to caress my belly button before he got down to my rich bush sifting through it. Suddenly he took a good bite in the flesh of my mound and rocked it slightly from side to side. It felt lovely to say the least and made me cry out. My excitement had been building up and when he rocked my flesh a little more it engaged the clit as well. That brought me over the brink, and I cum crying out loudly.

Eric laughed happily and pushed to turn me over. He started his kissing and biting all over again but this time on my backside. After treating my ears, he took bites on the soft sides of my neck and shoulders. He worked his way down my back and spent a long time on my buttocks squeezing, licking and biting. He moved and instead worked upwards from the calves giving my thighs the full treatment. I spread my legs wide in anticipation. I was ready again and raised my ass. When his tongue started licking on my clit I cum again shuddering.

He turned me over again and spread my thighs. I helped of course very willingly. He started giving my upper thighs and pussy area a good working over with his mouth and tongue while pulling my flesh with his hands. It was wonderful and I soon cum again.

While I still was recovering, I felt that he changed position and when I opened my eyes, I saw that he knelt between my open thighs. Before I knew it, I felt his cock search for me. I had painted my pussy lips, but he needed no such guidance. His cock found my entrance and pushed inside. He needed little force to get in. I don´t think that my pussy ever had been so ready and accommodating. I cried out of pleasure when he bottomed out in me. He grunted too which pleased me even more.

I got aware of that up till now I had been totally passive and just received his great treatment. I remembered that I at one time had given a thought that he wasn´t fully erect but then immediately had forgot to do something about it because of the intense pleasure he was given me. I was very happy that he obviously had needed no help to get hard. And hard he was, really hard I felt when he started thrusting in me.

I came to my senses and started to meet him. I put my legs Magosa Escort around his back and used them to enhance his forward thrusts. I cum within minutes, keeping him deep in me with my legs hard around his waist.

When I fell back on the couch, he resumed fucking. After a while he lifted my lower part putting my knees over his shoulders. His cock penetrated me deeply and scraped along my inner soft spot. It felt wonderful and I soon cum again. He kept on thrusting into me keeping my legs in place with his hands when I got limp. I cum again and again. I had by now lost count and didn´t bother. It all was so lovely, and I just let it happen.

Suddenly he changed our position. He pushed my legs up on the sides of my head and thus raising my butt high up in the air. It changed the feeling of his cock in my pussy when he resumed banging into me. I helped him by holding my legs myself thus leaving his hand free to caress my boobs. I cum quite a few times in this position before he suddenly let me down to lie flat out but with my thighs well spread. He fucking got softer with long slow strokes and I felt that he was about to cum.

Which he did with a series of pleased grunts when he shot several ropes of cum into me. I caught up and cum too in a very pleasant final orgasm. I fell back on the bed totally exhausted with him slumped over me. It felt fabulous. Finally, my dream had come true and in a way far beyond I had thought possible.

I lay on the couch feeling heavenly. I had my darling son resting on top of me with his cock deep in my pussy that was filled with his seed. I couldn´t think of anything that could match that, not by far. I put my legs around his thighs to keep him in place.

Eventually Eric started to move on top of me. He raised his head as if trying to see me in the eyes.

“Thank you,” he said. “That felt fabulous. Your pussy really did a great job giving me so much pleasure.” He sank back down resting.

I felt a pang of guilt. In my opinion I had done very little to push the fucking along. He had done most of the work and done it so excellently that I only had enjoyed it in full letting my body and senses be filled with all the pleasures he gave me. But maybe my pussy had worked on its own with only my primal brain involved. His words indicated that. I was happy if that had been the case.

Eric had since long slipped out of me when he rose.

“There should be same towels somewhere. Mom put them there in case we needed to freshen up,” he said and searched on the floor. I had to stop myself from telling where I had put them. “Oh yes, here they are,” he said after a while of moving around. He came back to the couch and handed me a damp towel. I quickly cleaned his cock ending by taking it in my mouth sucking it. Then I cleaned myself but let some of his cum stay in my pussy. It might be handy to have there later o, I thought.

Later on? Yes, I was convinced that Eric was capable of another round. He always fucked two women at the mom — son meetings and at the society he lined up for both women when I was not on the stage. And he had taken my friend Malena twice at their first meeting and three times on the second.

I remembered him telling me that he had lain behind my friend Malena in the spoon fashion and caressed her while his cock rested. So, I pulled him down on the couch and placed myself in that position.

He didn´t disappoint me. His hands moved over my front fondling and caressing. At first it felt like the hands moved randomly but after a while they got more focused. The boobs got a long and lovely treatment before he moved down to my belly.

I wriggled my ass and lifted my upper leg to get his cock in between my upper thighs. I squeezed him now and then while his hands slowly worked its way down my body.

After the belly he spent a long time sifting my pussy hair and pinching the flesh on my mound. The clit had awakened and hardened slowly coming forward. My body jerked when his finger suddenly stroked over the clit and my excitement grew rapidly. He was well aware of the effect when he determined caressed my pussy slit and clit. When he suddenly pressed on it with a circling motion I cum, shuddering and crying out. He held me tight while I calmed down.

I felt that his cock started to swell, just a little but that was enough for me to make a move. I had been ashamed that his initial caressing of my entire body had felt so wonderful that I just received and didn´t try to give something back. Well, except for my pussy which obviously had been to his liking. I wanted to repay that.

I pushed him down on his back and started to caress him using my entire body. I kissed him all over. I used my boobs to stroke him starting with his face and slowly moving downwards until they embraced his cock. I breast fucked his semi hard tool and felt it harden between my boobs. I straddled him and used my pussy to kiss him starting with his cock. I moved slowly upwards leaving a snail trail along his body. I was very excited, and my juices flowed and mixed with what was left of his cum. I reached his face and suddenly he grabbed my hips and started to lick my pussy slit and soon zeroed in on my clit. I cum violently under his tongue and sat down on his face. His tongue licked my pussy opening and as far inside as it reached. That strengthened and prolonged my orgasm much.

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