Lynn’s Alley Ch. 11

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“Yeah, babe, I’m finishing up with my dock series, some last minute touch-ups,” I called back, over my shoulder, “come on up, I’ll be through in a minute.”

“Well, don’t rush, sweetie, I’ve got some invoices to punch into the system, and that’ll take about 15 minutes or so,” her voice closer; glancing over towards the stairwell, she had walked about halfway up, high enough that we could see each other.

“Wanna’ grab a po-boy at Mother’s, after we’re done?” She asked, her chin leaning on her arm on the banister.

“Sounds good to me, baby-doll, I’ll be down in a flash,” I answered, turning back to my computer screen.

She turned to go back downstairs, and then stopped for a second, and called back to me, “Oh, you told me to remind you to check your date-book for possible Hawaii dates.”

Shit! I completely forgot about that.

With Thanksgiving behind us, and Christmas looming large ahead of us, we had been very, very busy at the Gallery, and with Sami’s graduation surprise-we already ordered her a car-and Ali’s several different boards she served on.

In the middle of all of that, she had asked if I’d made my plans for Hawaii yet; I hadn’t and wasn’t sure I should this year, with the Gallery opened now, my photo projects, having Sami take over the Gallery managership, yada, yada, yada.

She called me on it.

Ali said, “Bullshit, you’re just making excuses, Lynn; you’ve been able to do this for several years now, so now you’re not going to? Bullshit!”

She was right, of course; I was just making excuses, I just don’t know why. It had already been determined that Ali could only join me for a week, and while in the past that wouldn’t have bothered me, now it did and I don’t know why.

“What’s the matter, are you afraid that you can’t survive a week without my sweet pussy,” she chided me one evening, right after we had returned from the Thanksgiving trip to the Twin Cities.

“No, I mean, maybe; Shit, Ali, I don’t know,” I said in frustration at my own state of confusion.

“I’ve got an idea that can solve your problem for you,” she said to me, her voice full of suspense.

“Okay, lay it on me, Brainiac,” I said in reply.

“Seriously?” she questioned.

“Yeah, seriously, I can’t seem to make up my mind,” I answered, the tone of my voice belying my frustration.

“Okay, here it is, stay with me on this, okay?” she said quickly.

Taking in a deep breath, she said it all very quickly.

“You take Sami with you for the first week, I fill in here at the Gallery, I fly out and she returns for the second week while I’m out there with you; see, I told you I solved your problem.”

“Take Sami with me,” I said, not believing what I had heard.

“Yes, take Sami with you,” she repeated, slowly as if I were slightly less smart than a certified moron.

“And, you’d be okay with that?” I asked her.

“Sweetie, we’re both fucking her already, so what is there for me to be okay with?”

What, indeed?

So it was decided that, on top of giving her a car as a graduation present, we were going to send her to Hawaii for a week with me.

Now, all we had to do was to tell Sami.


Sami was seriously busy herself in early December with final exams, packing for the move to the manse with us, finding time to return home for Christmas with her family in Jackson, Mississippi; all of those things and also keeping her schedule at the Gallery. Justine and Tiff were working more hours also as we were busy with Christmas season, as well.

Ali and I borrowed a van when it was time for Sami to move out of the dorm, and the three of us had her stuff quickly loaded, and were driving Bayan Escort Gaziantep away, back towards the big house.

The plan was for Sami to stay with us for a few months while Sharon found her an affordable apartment for her to move into.

Driving under the portico, I parked the van, shut it off, saying to Ali and Sami, “Screw it, girls, we’ll unload in the morning.”

“Works for me,” they said in unison.

We all quickly showered, settling into the den, one by one, after we finished cleaning up. Ali offered to fix us all Szarac Cocktails, with no argument from either of us.

Cocktails in hand, we air-toasted each other, pulling deeply at the drink.

“So Sami, when do you want to start fulltime at the Gallery?” Ali asked.

“I was thinking the first day after New Year that we’re open,” she replied.

“How about making in on January fifteenth, instead?” Ali retorted.

Looking at us both with her face scrunched up with confusion, she asked, “Why, is there something wrong?”

“Yeah, there is; you’re going to be in Hawaii, with Lynn, for the first ten days of January,” Ali said, very matter-of-factly.

The look of confusion spread across her face but before she could say anything, I jumped into the conversation.

“Sami, I go to Hawaii for two weeks every January and have been doing so for several years; Ali can only come out to be with me for the second week and we thought you’d like to join me for the first week,” I said, adding, “But, if you don’t want to…..”, letting my voice trail off.

“Don’t want to! Are you out of your fucking mind? I’d love to go to Hawaii with you, but the Gallery, the ….” Her voice cut short by Ali.

“Got the Gallery covered, and the rest of it can wait, okay?”

“You guys are just too fucking good to me; how can I ever repay your kindness?” she finally said, her face smiling at us both.

“Just stay the sweet Sami that we both love so much,” Ali finally said in answer.


Christmas came and went quickly. We celebrated quietly, at home, just the two of us, exchanging small, personal gifts of deep meaning to us both.

The week before Christmas, however, was busy as hell with last minute buyers, shipments, and all; it was a good season for us at the Gallery.

Driving home from the Gallery, one evening, a couple of days before Christmas, Sami and I shared a joint, both getting fairly stoned, fairly quickly. Driving into the driveway, there was a new import sedan parked under the portico, causing Sami to wonder who was visiting. Stopping behind the sedan, I didn’t say anything.

Walking in from the side door, Ali was waiting with glasses of champagne for us all.

“What’s the celebration for?” Sami asked, taking the flute from Ali, then accepting Ali’s kiss.

“Your graduation present,” Ali said, simply, holding up the keys to the sedan in her hand.

Sami just stared, the flute of champagne frozen in mid-air, looking to the both of us as if we were joking.

“The sedan, parked outside, that you wondered about? That’s yours, baby; from Ali and me, as a graduation present,” I said to her.

“But, the Hawaii trip, I thought that was a graduation present,” she said to us.

“Nope,” Ali said, “That’s because you’re a great piece of ass,” laughing after she said it.

That evening, Sami was indeed, a great piece of ass, making love to both of us, taking us both to orgasm-land, repeatedly.

Of course, we pleasured her as well; we wouldn’t have missed that for the world.


We closed the Gallery between Christmas and New Year’s, letting the girls off early so that they could travel to be with their families; Ali and I handled the place on Christmas Eve, and then shut it down.

A couple of days after Christmas, I was working at home, and Ali called, finished with the shopping she had to do.

“Feel like a little fun tonight, girlfriend?” Ali said into my ear.

“What’s up?” I asked in response, my curiosity a bit peaked.

“Remember Sami’s friend, Brenda?”

“Yeah, how could I forget that sweet little piece of ass,” I replied, my attention having been gotten.

“I ran into her at the mall; she’s back from Christmas break early because she was needed at her part-time job to fill in some slots.”

“And?” I prompted.

“And, she’s free tonight, and wondered if we would be up for a repeat of our ‘girl’s night’ we had some time back.,” pausing to take a breath, “and I already told her we were, and she’s paying for her purchase, and I was going to bring her home with me from the mall,” she finally finished saying, “if that’s alright with you, that is.”

“Only on one condition,” I said, my voice stern.

“What’s that?” Ali asked with a bit of trepidation in her voice.

“I get to taste that sweet pussy of hers, first,” I replied, a bit of chuckle as I said it.

“Okay, but when you’re done, I’m next,” she answered, laughing with me.

I quickly finished what I was doing at my desk, rushed upstairs to take a quick shower, my pussy tingling at the thought of sweet, young Brenda at the end of my tongue.

Damn, I thought to myself as I dressed comfortably, conveniently leaving off my panties and bra, purposefully. I was excited at the thought of bedding Ms. Brenda once again, excited at the vision in my head of Ali and me making love to that sweet snatch.

They walked in as I finished rolling a second joint, smaller than the first one I had rolled.

“Hey Lynn, great to see you again,” Brenda said as she laid her purse and shopping bag on the kitchen counter. I was seated at the breakfast nook. Walking over to me, we exchanged a very nice kiss, my hand lifting to her breast, softly rubbing it on the outside of her blouse.

“Mmmm, seems like someone feels horny,” she said, as her lips left mine, her eyes with a devilish look about them.

“I’m always horny for good nookie,” I said, my hand still rubbing her breast, my eyes locked with hers.

“Me too,” she said simply, leaning in to kiss me again.

Ali walked in from the den as we were kissing, and walking up behind Brenda, she placed her hands on Brenda’s ass, kneading it with her fingers, running her hands up and down her ass.

“Let’s smoke that first joint,” Ali said, “and afterwards, I’m going to shower up and you two can wait for me in bed.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Brenda said, her eyes fucking me as she parted from our kiss.

We moved our threesome into the den, sitting on a couch, placing Brenda between us. I fired up the ‘fat boy’ and passed it to Brenda, leaning in when she took it from me, to kiss and lick her neck and ear.

As the joint moved between the three of us, Ali and I nuzzled Brenda, kissing her, teasing her with touches, unbuttoning her blouse, feeling her up, all the while, taking our hits.

Brenda’s excitement was increasing with each touch, each kiss from us, her breathing becoming very labored, her eyes closed, enjoying what we were doing to her. Standing, Ali announced that she was going to shower, when Brenda asked if she could go first, since she and I would be spending some time together while Ali showered.

“Sure, baby, go on ahead, and use one of the kimono wraps hanging in the bathroom,” Ali said, adding, “Holler at me when you’re out.”

After she left to go upstairs, Ali looked at me, saying, “She wants her pussy clean for you, sugar; how ’bout that?”

“That’s just fine, sweetie,” leaning in and kissing her afterwards.

“She looks like she might have lost a couple of pounds,” Ali said, taking a sip of her cocktail she had made.

“Could be,” I said, “But I know one thing, she looks damned good.”

“Got that right,” Ali responded, taking another sip afterwards.

Brenda wasn’t long at all and when she called down to us, Ali and I walked upstairs together. Walking into our bedroom, Brenda was lying on our bed, naked as a jaybird, her eyes closed, her mouth slightly opened.

As Ali watched, I crawled onto the bed, laying my head near Brenda’s, my hand going to her breast. Brenda turned her head towards me, and I reached up and kissed her, scooching my body closer to her as her arms went around me, pulling me to her.

I heard Ali go into the bathroom, but I was concentrating on the tongue-dancing this nineteen year-old and I were doing, my crotch feeling as if it were on fire. Sliding my hand from her breast, I quickly found her clit, rubbing it between my thumb and forefinger while our kiss intensified. She gasped a bit when I slid two fingers into her very wet pussy, her nails digging into my back, moans escaping her throat.

Kissing my way down her body, I soon replaced my fingers with my mouth and tongue, her sweet, young snatch smelling fresh, and faintly, of lilacs. Her moans of joy were becoming louder, her hands holding onto my head as if she was afraid I was going to move it, her hips bucking against my mouth as her orgasm built, grinding against my tongue.

“Damn, damn, Ooooh fuckit, I’m going to commmmmmmmme!” She screamed as she pulled me hard against her grinding nookie.

Hearing Ali coming out of the bathroom, I felt her as she climbed onto the bed; moving over and up so that I could continue to kiss and fondle Brenda, I said to her, “She’s all yours, baby; but be gentle, I gave her a pretty good ride,” Ali and I kissing before she crawled between Brenda’s still-spread legs, her landing-patch wet from my mouth and her juices.

As Ali lowered her head to Brenda’s freshly-sucked pussy, I lowered my head to suck on her breasts and nipples. Brenda’s hand moved through my hair as I sucked her tits, my eyes watching Ali as she ate Brenda with joy. I love watching Ali eat pussy; she’s really into it and it’s exciting to watch.

So sue me!

Before we called it a night, we helped Brenda push her limits a bit, but at her request. She’d never been fucked with a dildo, never used a vibrator, and wanted to do it now, with us.

Ali walked into her closet, returning in a few minutes with Mr. Big strapped on her body. Brenda’s eyes got huge when she saw its size, but then her face took on an expression of curiosity.

Without saying a word, Ali turned Brenda onto her stomach, pushing her over towards me as I leaned against the headboard. Understanding what Ali wanted her to do, now, she crawled between my legs, her eyes looking into mine as she lowered her head to my pussy, lifting her ass as she did so.

Feeling Ali getting into position behind her, Brenda spread her legs a bit, the whole time giving my pussy a good eating. I felt her moan against my pussy when Ali slipped Mr. Big into our little Brenda.

Slowly, taking her time, Ali finally got all of it into Brenda, and then slowly, rhythmically, she started fucking her with it. All this served to make Brenda increase her oral attentions to me, which I gratefully enjoyed as I watched Ali fuck her.

Reaching around with her hand, Ali started rubbing Brenda’s clit as she continued to fuck her with the dildo. It took less than a minute before Brenda screamed her climax into my pussy, moans and sobs of joy coming at the same time, her voice mumbling and hard to understand.

Brenda stayed the night, after I told her I’d drive her back to her dorm in the morning. Brenda had me fuck her with Mr. Big while she ate at Ali’s ‘Y’ café. Brenda asked and was shown how to fuck us with it; Brenda enjoyed that, a lot.

I think it’s safe to say that Brenda was glad that she ran into Ali at the mall. I know we were.

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