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Big Tits

Her heart throbbed in her chest and she was wet between her legs. It was a shaky couple of hours, waiting for that damn repairman to get here. Mari used the number given to her by her doctor to call an air conditioning repairman, and judging from the voice on the phone and how the doctor had talked about this person, Mari figured she could get a special discount. When she asked Henry about it, his face got pink at the idea. Not pink with anger, but a naughty pink.

They set up a small camera on the fridge, aiming towards the dinner table, at which Mari sat. Henry was in the bedroom, door locked, at the computer watching and waiting. Noon-to-four was a really long time, longer now with the nervousness over what may happen today. He had only seen Mari touch another man some months ago, when a cop caught them and she had to give him a handjob. It was scary and thrilling and exciting and daring and sexy to think about.

Sex on camera was new too, they’d been taking pictures of one another and only started video last week. Henry had re-watched that POV blowjob several times, finding Mari’s overacting quite sexy. Now, he had a bar of lead under his shorts, just watching her sit neverously at the table, sipping water and coffee, and thinking. Every time she looked up to the camera, she smiled and seemed to relax for a while. Then the door rang, she practically fell out of the chair.

She shot up and went to the door, which Henry could only partially see in the corner of the video. She checked her hair in the mirror, smoothed her clothing out (the black, spaghetti tank top and red skirt she wore their first time in public, with some high-heeled sandals), and opened the door. Henry could hear the introductions, the repairman’s name was Robert, his friends called him Rob. Mari called him Rob.

She led him through the house, explaining how the central air went out a while ago, and that she and her boyfriend finally saved up “just enough” to get it fixed. She walked him out of the back of the house, where they inspected the central air unit. Henry couldn’t see it, but Mari was beginning her seduction of the Rob the repairman. When he began to point things out, she would bend over to look, letting him get an eyeful of, well, everything. She caught him looking down her top at her small, braless tits. When he pointed something out to her way on the inside, she squatted down, giving her skirt a hitch, flashing a tiny hint of bare vagina Then, when he wanted her to sign the consultation form, she set it on the air unit, bent over straight legged in front of him, and gave her little butt a gentle wiggle, like something done involuntarily. When she handed the clip board and pen back to Rob, his face was very red.

She brought him back inside, to talk pricing. She led him into the kitchen, offering him some water. He sat in the chair Mari had been in, telling her the pricing structure. Mari, who was standing at the counter, leaning against it, flashed him sultry looks every now-and-then. Henry got a good bahis firmaları look at the repairman, who he found to be quite handsome. Rob was pretty craggy, looked about 6’2″, 180 lbs., kind of stocky, but obviously muscly underneath his uniform.

When he mentioned the total price, Henry gulped, but Mari coolly walked over to him with a frowny face and said, “well, we didn’t think it’d be that much, is there anyway to get a discount, or something?”

Rob was slightly taken aback, but this seemed more like a put on. He said, “well, the prices are set down by the corporate office, I don’t thi–“

She touched his thigh, looking right into his eyes, said in a chirpy, flirty voice, pouting slightly, “are you sure there isn’t anything I can do to get a discount?”

She moved her tiny hand to the nicely sized bulge in the uniform’s pants. Mari slowly unzipped his pants, seemed surprised at Rob’s lack of underwear, as his cock shot out. It stood angling upward, circumsized, around seven inches. Mari smiled, though Henry couldn’t see it. She wrapped her hand around it, started stroking softly. She asked, “does this get me 10%?”

“Well, ummm, I think,” Rob began, but she spit on her hand for lubrication and started stroking faster, he continued, “I think 10% will work. But, what about your boyfriend?”

She giggled, “oh, don’t worry about him, he’s at work. He left me her here by myself, all lonely and horny.”

“Tragic,” Rob said, leaning back, enjoying the feel of Mari’s small, soft hand.

She stared up at Rob, her hand now moved quite quickly. Henry’s hand was moving at the same rate as her’s, as he watched from the bedroom on his computer screen. This went on for a short while, and when Rob’s cock produced a tiny droplet of precum, Mari smile, brought her lips to its head, just short of touching.

She talked in a heavy, breathy voice, letting the warm air of her mouth tickle the bare head of Rob’s manhood, “so, if I use my lips will I get 20?”

Rob smiled, said, “well, let’s see how good it feels.”

Mari’s eyes were locked with Robs as she wrapped her mouth around his turgid wang, she got a lot of it in her mouth, formed a tight seam around it, then pulled her head up, sucking hard. Her mouth slipped off with an audible pop, which caused Rob to twitch heavily and say, “mmm, keep that up and you’ll definitely earn 20%.”

Mari began bobbing her head on him, slurping sounds started softly and built to a heavy slushing, shirking noise. Mari was really giving it to him. Henry could only see a small bit of this, as Mari’s back was to the camera, but her head was moving very quickly. Rob reached up and grabbed the back of her head. Henry could see the muscle in his arm flex and move as he added his arm strength to Mari’s own motions. With all of the sound effects and movements from Mari, Henry could tell she was giving him “le Blowjob Grande Royale”.

Mari noted that Rob tasted only slightly different than Henry. It wasn’t a massive difference, but subtle enough kaçak iddaa to make her think if there were other flavors of boy out there.

She took his length in her throat, held it there for a couple of second, and then yanked her own head back, a wet and heavy sigh came out of her mouth and she smiled up at Rob, her hand working over his sloppy, wet cock. She asked him, catching her breath, “so, if I bend over this table and let you slam this beautiful cock in my tight pussy, how much off do I get?”

Rob, who must’ve been closer to cumming than Mari or Henry thought, his voice was terse and tight, “condom?”

“Of course,” Mari said, standing but still stroking Rob’s cock.

“Wellll, 33%? A third off?”

“Oh, I think it’s definitely worth 40,” she said, pulling up her dress to show him her bare pussy, “mmm, it’s so tight and wet,” she gently touched herself.

“I’ll go to 40 if I cum hard,” he said.

Mari ran to the back of the house, grabbed a condom out of a desk drawer in the room across from the one that Henry was in. Rob stood, dropped his pants, took off his shirt, threw the articles to the center of the kitchen. Mari smiled up at Rob’s bare form, gently running her hands across his muscular chest, her little fingers moving through the hair on his chest, down his abs, back up to his shoulders, then down again. She wrapped one hand around his cock, tore the condom wrapper open with her teeth, placed the rolled up rubber on his head, and with two hard strokes, sheathed his cock in lubricated latex. Putting a condom on a cut male was so much easier than someone who had foreskin, like Henry. Thought, for the couple, that element no longer mattered.

She quickly moved to the table, bent over it, and threw her skirt up over her hips, presenting Rob with her tight, wet twat. Rob ran the tip of his cock up and down her pussy lips, making Mari squirm. She moaned softly, said, “c’mon, don’t tease me.”

Rob obliged, thrust his cock forward, burying his cock nearly to its hilt. Mari stiffened instantly, let out a whimpering moan and a long, breathy “yeaaahhh”.

She looked up at the camera, her smile wide, eyes bright, and gave Henry a large wink. He practically came at that moment, and had to make a huge effort to stop the floodgates from releasing.

Rob grabbed Mari’s hips and began a slow, long penetration. Mari let out soft whimpers every time his hips pressed against her little rump. He picked up speed slowly, savoring Mari’s pussy.

“Wow, this is really tight,” he said, with an appreciable groan, “I think you can definitely earn that super-saver-discount.”

Mari looked back at him, her voice swaying with the increased speed of his fucking, she said, “well, you’ve got a great cock, my pussy on fire.”

Smack. Shlurk. Smack, Shulsh. Smack. The sound effects and dirty talk echoed through the kitchen, down the hall, and Henry heard it muffled through the door, providing a nice stereo effect from the low sound of his computer speakers.

Rob’s kaçak bahis face was red, his humping growing increasingly sporadic. His groaning was frantic, matching Mari’s as they both reached the climax of animal lust. He slammed himself as deep as he could go, pushing Mari hard against the table, cumming into the condom with a loud scream. Mari’s own voice joined his as he ground into her, her legs shaking with orgasm.

Mari took several seconds to recover, standing up straight, stumbling back against stove, panting. She said, “that was great. Did I earn the full discount? Am I now a valued customer for you?”

Rob was sitting naked in the chair at the table, writing something on the form on the clipboard, the pen was wiggled wildly and his hand writing wasn’t exactly perfect. He said, “you’re definitely on the list now. A full 40% off the total cost of repairs, and if you need another discount, I can ‘punch your card’ again.”

Mari giggled, rearranging her skirt, said, “well, that’s good to hear. Now you can go out there and fix it already.”

Rob smirked, got dressed, noting that it was, indeed, hot in the house. He took a sip of the ice water she got for him earlier and went to his van for his tools. When he was well out of sight, Mari scurried to the back of the house and knocked on the bedroom door. Henry opened it and leaned against it. He looked gaunt and white, which caused Mari to worry. Was he upset over the proceedings? His heart torn in twain? Had he gone through the steps of anger and remorse, and was now in the depression state of betrayal?

“I came so hard I almost turned inside out,” he said. Mari couldn’t help but laugh. She came into the dark room, saw a prodigious amount of semen splattered around the desk, chair, and floor.

“Sorry baby,” he said, as she looked at the mess in utter surprise, “I couldn’t reach something when the three of use all came.”

Mari ran her finger through a large drop on the desk’s surface, brought it to her mouth, tasting it, “don’t worry, lover,” looking him in the eye with a lustful gaze, “it was worth it.”

She was right. That night was the first cool night for the both of them all summer. Rob left almost without saying anything. Henry made dinner, letting his batteries (ie, testicles) recharge. Mari’s thoughts were pinging around the acts of the afternoon and she was never really able to settle down. They talked for a long while on the topics of swinging and groupsex, both settling into the idea of sharing their physical bodies with other lovers was a fun and naughty idea. The conversation sped past awkward, careened through contemplative, and crashed into sensual.

Around eight she paraded out into the kitchen stark naked. Henry noted a thin sheen of sweat on her body, but the temperature was a comfortable 70 degrees. As she sipped water, Henry came up behind her, grabbing her small, pert breasts, kissing her neck.

“Are you ready for round 2, my slutty little girl?” he asked.

She thought for a second and said, “I really am a slut, aren’t I?”

“Yes, but you’re my slut. All. Mine,” he replied squeezing her against him, a hug of pure love and desire.

She smiled, grabbed his hand and led him to the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32