M4M Massage

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I was looking through the local paper one day when I saw a small ad for male to male massage. Not certain about what it would entail but eager to find out anyway I called the number and got a recorded message. I left my name and number and the next evening I got a return call. I set up an appointment with Bill for the next day which happened to be Friday at 4 pm. He was located in an older house in Niagara Falls Ont. Looking over the Gorge just off of Main Street.

When I arrived I was let in by a slim man with brown hair. I’m 6 ft tall and weigh about 180 Bill was quite a bit less, probably 150 and about 5 ft 8. He said he provided his services either on a mattress on the floor or on a table whichever I preferred. He also said that the floor area gave him easier access to me and suggested it might be the best way to go for the first time. After agreeing to that and the price he took me to a bathroom said to take a shower and then when I was ready to come out to the next room where he would have the mattress set up. After I showered I wrapped a towel around me and went into the next room. The curtains were closed and it was quite dark but with a few candles burning and the scent of sandalwood in the air.

Bill had stripped down to his underpants and asked me to lie on my stomach on the mattress. I did so and he started rubbing my shoulders and neck by kneeling up above my head on the floor. Spreading oil over my skin he continued to work down over my back and up to my arms which I had folded to support my head. His touch was firm without being too hard and he started working some of the tension altyazı porno out of my shoulders while some fairly quiet classical music played.

As he continued working on my back he leaned farther and farther over me till his hands were reaching to the top of my ass when he fully extended. When he did that he rocked up off his heels and his thighs would touch the top of my head. Then he would settle back and run his hands up my back again to my neck and shoulders. It was a very comforting session and then he moved down by my feet and started working on my feet and legs.

Now he was kneeling between my feet and using more oil he started working each toe then the arch of my foot and eventually working up the ankle and calf to the back of my thigh. Working on one leg at a time he used his thumbs to press fairly deeply into the muscle of the calf and thigh while using his other fingers to smooth the oil around and stroke more lightly. As he got near the top of my thighs he ran his hand over my ass a few times and then repeated the procedure on my other leg. Working slowly form the foot all the way up my leg till once again he ended running his hands over the large muscles of my ass.

The next thing he did was to put some more oil on his hands and now using a hand on each cheek of my ass he started to kneed them a bit more forcefully. He also started to pull them apart using his thumbs down the crack of my ass while he manipulated the cheeks with the rest of his hand. As he continued this for a few minutes he kept going deeper and deeper down the crack of my ass amatör porno then he changed and using his hands on my thighs ran his thumbs up the inside of my thighs till he came to my balls. When he touched my balls he gently stroked over them and ran his thumb up the crack of my ass over my anus and then back down again.

By now I was getting a full blown erection that was trapped under me pressing down below my nuts and every so often when his hand traveled down the crack of my ass he rubbed over my anus down over my balls and then over the end of my cock.

Bill then got up from between my legs and told me to turn over onto my back. When I did my cock sprang free and as I laid back down it rested on my stomach still half hard. He moved to one side of me and massaged my hand and arm then repeated the procedure on the other side. Moving back to kneeling above my head he started working on my chest and pectoral area paying attention to my nipples as well. He would rub gently over the pecs and down to the side running his hands back up over to the nipples and giving them a gentle pinch then repeating the motion. As he had before with my back he started to work lower onto my belly and when he did he rocked forward from his haunches in order to reach lower on my body. Now as I felt his thighs move up to my head I could also feel his cock through his underwear pressing against my skull. He was obviously enjoying the massage a little himself.

He continued doing this for a bit getting closer and closer to my cock every time he moved lower and I soon had a full hard animasyon porno on again. He then started rubbing down the length of my cock pressing it between his hand and my belly. When I made no complaint about that he rocked forward even farther and ran a hand down over my cock, my balls and in between my legs which I spread apart to give him access. AS he slid back up he rubbed my anus again. By now his own erection was stretching the material of his underpants and I asked him if he wouldn’t be more comfortable without them. He said yes if I didn’t mind and took them off. Though he was smaller than me in body he was well hung with a beautiful 8 inch cut cock and as he went back to rubbing down my belly the next time he rocked forward a turned my head to the side a bit and licked the end of his cock as it came into contact with me.

With that he moved to the side a bit and started feeding his cock into my mouth which I gladly opened up for. While I sucked him there he used his hand to stroke my cock and then inserted a finger in my ass and started jerking me off steadily. I sucked on him and thrust into his hand as he fingered my ass and in a few moments started cumming all over my chest and stomach. Just as my orgasm subsided I felt him push deeper into my mouth and then felt the familiar throbbing and felt his cum spurt into me as he came. Both of us then just lay there for a few second getting out breath back under control. Bill got up and got a warm wash cloth and cleaned the cum off me and then said I could have another shower if I wanted to remove the oils from my body. Since I was living alone at the time that wasn’t necessary and so I got dressed and we said good bye. I went back to see him several more times over the next couple of years but then he moved from Niagara Falls to Toronto and I lost touch with him. It’s too bad we had lots of fun together while it lasted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32