Maggie’s Revenge

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My hot wife, Maggie, and I have had many experiences together and some sexy moments when we were not together. Our relationship is very open and honest (mostly). I have to admit I had a couple of secrets that I did not share with my wife because I thought she might have difficulty understanding some of my escapades with a beautiful woman who was young enough to be my daughter. We have set up liaisons in several cities and I have helped her fulfill several of her deepest and kinkiest fantasies. You can read about Marie in stories I have posted on this site.

Recently my wife and I were running some errands and I jumped out of the car to run in to a store. While I was in the store my cell phone rang and I had set up Marie’s number to display a photo of her gorgeous breasts when it rang. Of course, my wife looked at the phone to see who was calling and she saw “MARIE” and two great looking breasts on the screen.

When I returned to the car Maggie was flushed and gave me an “eat shit and die” look. I immediately knew something was wrong. I looked at her and said simply, “What’s up?”

She looked me in the eye and asked, “Who is Marie?” BUSTED!!!!!!!!!

Although I had published the stories of Marie’s fantasies on Literotica for all to see, I had not mentioned any of this to Maggie………….bad mistake! If I had told her about our adventures she would have probably been okay with it but I had not told her and would have to face the consequences.

I stuttered and stammered trying to think of a gracious and safe way out of the dilemma I was in. There was no easy exit.

Maggie picked up my phone and said, “Let’s see if you have a message from Marie.” It was getting worse by the minute.

I had no choice but to check for messages (I could see Marie had left one by the icon on the phone). Maggie said, “Put it on speaker phone.” I reluctantly did so. I knew what the message would reveal.

I went to the messages and heard the following. “Hey, Jack. It’s me. I wanted to let confirm our weekend. I am arriving on Friday afternoon on a 2:00 flight. I think it is Delta flight number 1866. Can’t wait to see you and I am really looking forward to our adventure on Saturday. Are you going to meet me in the airport? Are you going to fuck me as soon as I check in to the hotel? Call me if there are any problems. See you Friday.”

Oh, shit! This is bad. Maggie was getting more pissed as she listened to the message. Not only was I busted but now Maggie knew Marie was coming to town to see me and I was going to fuck her without Maggie’s knowledge. This was a violation of our trust and I immediately regretted my actions. However, I was totally screwed and I knew it.

Maggie looked at me and said, “Tell me everything.”

I decided to come clean and told her of my unique and sexy relationship with this gorgeous young woman. I told Maggie everything and then referred her to Literotica to read all the details. She told me she would definitely do that. However, the real question was………..what now?

Maggie thanked me for “coming clean” and asked why I had not told her the whole story much sooner. I made a couple of lame excuses and again apologized. I was genuinely remorseful and asked Maggie for forgiveness. She told me that she would forgive me but she would have to think about the appropriate “punishment” for my transgressions. We resumed our normal lifestyle with the Friday flight looming on the calendar. Maggie did not mention anything more about Marie’s call until Thursday evening when we were having cocktails.

“I’ve been thinking about what kind of punishment would be appropriate for you and your little girlfriend and I have a plan.”

I am sure I looked chagrined as I said, “Okay, what is it?”

Maggie had an evil grin on her face as she told me her plan. “First of all, you have to do exactly as I say………….no matter what……….you and Marie must do everything I say without hesitation. Second, you are not to tell Marie anything until you get to the hotel. Finally, I will be on total control of you and Marie and all your weekend activities. You will do exactly as I say until she gets on a plane out of Atlanta. Once the weekend is over, we will never refer to this again. Is that clear and acceptable to you?”

I nodded in agreement knowing that I really had no choice. I have always been a take charge guy and even in the threesomes with Maggie, she has been more or less submissive, content to allow others to pleasure her. Even while I was passive while watching Maggie and her lovers, I have always been rewarded with great sex and erotic photos as a result of Maggie’s liaisons.

When Friday rolled around Maggie took her car to the chosen hotel near the Atlanta airport and I drove to the airport to pick up Marie. I waited for Marie at the top of the arrival stairs and soon spotted her looking absolutely stunning and oozing sex. God, she is so hot!

She greeted me by literally jumping Ankara escort into my arms and kissing me deeply. We embraced for a long time in the middle of the airport before making our way to baggage claim. Her bag arrived shortly and we talked and touched thinking about the weekend ahead. I felt so guilty and pained by the reality of the situation but I knew I had to play it out exactly as prescribed by my wife.

We drove to the hotel with Marie’s hands all over me. She took my cock out in the car and gave me a blow job while I was driving to the hotel. She is insatiable and loves to please. I had to force myself to pay attention to the task of driving but Marie seemed intent on making me cum. I held off as we approached the hotel.

We drove up to valet parking and dropped the car as the bellman took the bags into the hotel. I went to the front desk and asked for the key as I knew Maggie had already registered and gone to the room.

We were surprised to find that our room was in a suite on the top floor of the hotel. I took out my key and inserted it with a sense of dread. Then I thought, how bad could it be? I would soon find out.

We entered the room and Marie grabbed me and kissed me as I dropped her bag on the floor. We had done this so many times before but I knew this time would be very different.

As we stood in the large empty living room Maggie emerged from the bedroom with an evil smile on her face. Marie had her back to Maggie but I saw her approaching us while we were still kissing. Maggie tapped Marie on the shoulder and Marie turned around with a look of surprise on her face. “Hi there, Marie, I am Maggie, Jack’s wife. It’s nice to meet you.” Maggie was attired in black, high heeled, knee length boots, a black skirt and black blouse. She looked every bit the dominatrix who was totally in charge.

Marie looked at me curious and concerned. I looked at her and said, “Maggie knows everything about us.”

Marie is smart and congenial. She looked from me to Maggie and said, “Your husband has been wonderful to me, helping me with so many things. You are very lucky. I wish my husband was as attentive as yours.”

Maggie thanked Marie and quickly told Marie that there had been a change in plans. She also laid out to Marie and I that she would be totally in charge of the weekend and we had to conform to her wishes or Marie could get on the next plane out of town. Marie smiled with a “how bad could it be” kind of look on her face. Marie nodded, “Okay, whatever you say Maggie.”

Then Maggie looked at me. I nodded with a “yes dear” attitude knowing that I had no choice. Maggie turned and said simply, “Follow me.” We did.

As we entered the nicely appointed bedroom we immediately saw two muscular and good looking guys, probably in their early 30’s. They were GQ good looking or Ralph Lauren handsome, almost too handsome to be real. Maggie introduced the men. “This is Jason and Chad. They are going to assist me with the weekend activities.”

Marie smiled thinking that she might get to sample the good looking studs. We noticed that they had already arranged two chairs beside the king sized bed. Maggie reached into a bag and pulled out a riding crop. She told Marie and me to undress each other but be careful not to touch each other’s private parts. Maggie looked menacing as she slapped the riding crop into her hand.

I moved to Marie and started unbuttoning her blouse. Her tits looked luscious but I was careful not to touch them for fear of upsetting Maggie. Soon Marie was naked. She is so lovely and I was starting to get an erection again.

Marie moved to me and quickly undressed me. Soon we were both naked and turned to Maggie. “What now?”

Maggie told us both to lie down on the bed face down. Meanwhile Jason and Chad had disrobed and revealing extremely muscular torsos and strong looking legs. Jason was about 6 feet, 2 inches tall and, perhaps 215 pounds with wavy brown hair. He had a barbed wire fence tattoo on his left bicep. Chad was slightly shorter at about 6 feet with sandy brown or dirty blonde hair. He weighed about 200 pounds. Both men wore nothing but G-strings kind of like Chippendale dancers. Both were sporting enormous bulges as their cocks strained against the silk-like fabric of the thongs. You could tell that both men had spent a lot of time in the gym and they tried to look as menacing as possible.

As Marie and I lay on the bed we could hear some whispering behind us. Soon we were both surprised as we were both whacked on the ass with the riding crop. It was soon apparent that there were two crops and the two men were using them on the two of us. The butt strikes were not severe…………just enough to get our attention but not meant to hurt us.

Maggie around to the other side of the bed. She had removed her blouse revealing a black bustier. She had also donned a black “Zorro” mask making her look even more the dominatrix. The men continued their whipping Ankara escort bayan of our two asses and I am sure they were getting beet red from the whippings.

Maggie raised her hand to the two men and they stopped the whipping. Maggie leaned down on the bed to look us in the eye.

“Now you two, here are the rules. You will do exactly as we tell you. Chad and Jason are also in charge and I will direct them as well. The two of you are not to cum all weekend. You are not to touch each other unless directed by me or my new friends. You will do exactly as you are told or we will use the riding crops again only much more forcefully. If you do not do as you are told, you will remain bound and gagged without any food or water. Do we understand each other?”

Marie and I looked at each other with more than a little concern. We looked at Maggie and nodded in the affirmative. The two men administered two more hard whacks before retreating.

Maggie told us to stand up. My hardon had disappeared but I thought I saw Marie’s honeypot already dripping. We were moved to the chairs where our hands were bound behind us and our legs were strapped to the legs of the chairs.

Maggie instructed the two men to move in front of us. They each dropped their thongs revealing two of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. Marie’s eyes bugged out and she licked her lips. Maybe this wouldn’t be so had after all.

Maggie nodded her head and the men pushed their crotches into our faces. Maggie whispered in an evil voice, “Make them hard.” The men placed their cocks on our lips.

This was not a first for Marie as she is an expert cock sucker but it was certainly a first for me. I slowly opened my mouth as the enormous cock was placed on my lips. Both cocks were around 6-7 inches in the semi-flaccid state and both were very thick. I wondered briefly where in the world Maggie had found these two hunks.

As the cock entered my mouth I went into a trance like state having never done anything like this before. I tried to remember watching women suck my cock as I tried to emulate their actions. Chad already had an impressive erection as Marie eagerly gobbled his cock. Jason pushed his cock forward and I started sucking it. Soon he began to grow and it was amazing to feel his cock grow so much inside my mouth. He continued to grow until my mouth was literally stuffed full with hard cock.

I gagged a bit as he forced his man meat into my throat but I was determined to do every bit as good a job as Marie was doing. I could see her out of the corner of my eye and she was going to town on Chad’s impressive cock. Both cocks were covered with saliva and only the sounds of slurping and cock sucking could be heard in the room.

Maggie said simply, “Enough” and both men moved away from our mouths. Both were sporting at least 10 inches of hard, thick cock dripping with saliva.

Maggie said, “It is now time to pleasure me.” With that both men moved to Maggie and quickly stripped her of her clothing. Once she was naked she climbed on to the bed where the cover had been pulled back and the sheets were calling for action. She climbed on the bed and looked at Marie and I bound to the chairs. Her smile could only be described as evil. She knew it would be torture for me to watch her fuck two studs and I could not touch myself or climax.

Maggie got in the middle of the bed and the two men climbed in beside her. Chad went straight to her pussy and Jason started kissing and nibbling Maggie’s impressive breasts. Soon Maggie was in ecstasy rolling her head back and raising her legs in the air.

I had seen Maggie in this position so many times before but for some reason, this was so much more erotic and stimulating with my hands and arms bound. Embarrassingly my cock was hard as a rock standing straight up. Marie looked at me and smiled. I was in agony but I think Marie was getting off on this.

The two men continued their assault on Maggie and soon she exclaimed loudly that she was cumming. Her toes were curled in the air and she raised her lovely and petite ass to meet the tongue fucking she was getting from Chad.

Maggie pulled Jason on top of her and Chad moved away. It was time for some serious fucking. Jason’s cock looked enormous as me moved on top of my wife. She is 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. Her large and lovely breasts measure 39 D and they look enormous on her petite frame. She has a dark, hairy bush, slender and shapely legs and the cutest little “tea cup” ass I have ever seen.

As Jason positioned his cock at Maggie’s waiting and dripping labia, she looked over at me and smiled again. She knew this was killing me but arousing me as she could see my rock hard cock sticking straight up. I strained against the bonds but had no delusions about escaping.

Jason raised Maggie’s legs to either side of his shoulders almost doubling her over. He slid his enormous apple shaped cockhead into her waiting Escort Ankara labia. She reached down and spread her lips to allow easier entry. Her legs rested on his shoulders and were splayed obscenely. Jason was not gentle at all and quickly drove his cock as deep as possible causing Maggie to wince and grunt loudly. She wanted to be fucked hard and fast and she wanted me to witness her as I have never seen her before. Normally she likes to start slow and gentle and work up to some hard sex. This was different and I am sure she had instructed her lovers to do exactly what they were doing.

Meanwhile Chad had his mouth on her left breast and was fingering her ass while Jason pulled back and started a steady fucking motion. He worked fast and hard making it as rough as possible. Simply stated, he was fucking the daylights out of my wife and I could tell by watching her curled toes that she was already having another orgasm. She had already climaxed several times while Chad was eating her pussy.

Jason continued his assault on Maggie’s love box while I looked over at Marie. She was watching intently as Maggie was being fucked and she was leaning forward as if she was trying to get as close as possible to the action.

Maggie whispered something into Jason’s ear and whatever she said caused him to roll off of her. Chad quickly moved up to take his place and he drove his equally impressive love stick deep into Maggie. She raised her legs and spread them out into a wide Y shape. Jason moved up to her breasts and fondled both of them while kissing her deeply. This was my own private porno show with my wife as the star and it was driving me crazy. Maggie knew it too. This was truly the worst punishment she could have dreamed up and it was only Friday afternoon.

Chad pounded Maggie equally as furiously as Jason had…………seemingly trying to outdo his colleague. Maggie was in a continuous state of orgasm and was constantly moaning and exclaiming that she was cumming. Chad continued his assault on her pussy while Jason alternated between breasts before moving his cock to Maggie’s waiting and open mouth. He literally skull fucked Maggie and she took every inch of his cock deep into her throat. It was as if she was trying to prove how slutty she could be in front of me. I had never seen her acting like she was at this moment.

After what seemed like an eternity, especially with my cock literally aching in its rock hard state, Chad rolled off of Maggie. She was smiling with the “freshly fucked” look on her face always sporting the evil grin.

Both men moved off the bed and returned to their positions in front of Marie and me. This time it was Chad who stuck his dripping wet cock in my mouth. I tasted that familiar taste of my wife’s vaginal secretions on his cock and it tasted good. Jason roughly stuck his cock in Marie’s mouth and she eagerly accepted his cock deep in her throat. Maggie wanted Marie and me to taste her juices on the men as she watched from the comfort of the bed.

It took me some time but eventually I took all of Chad’s cock down my throat. I could hardly believe I was starting to get used to the throat pounding and began to imagine how Maggie or Marie felt as men assaulted their throats over the years. So far, Maggie was the only one who had climaxed and she had done so repeatedly. I was wondering when the men might be allowed to climax and soon found out.

Maggie growled her orders. “Okay, it is time for something a little different.” With that the men removed the leg restraints allowing us to stand. My cock felt so inadequate next to the two enormous love poles on the young men. They moved us to the bed where were once again placed face down on the bed with Maggie only inches away from our faces.

The riding crops were soon in use and the two men alternated strokes whipping first Marie and then me in a syncopated fashion. After about 15 lashes each the men dropped the riding crops and I soon felt some kind of personal lubricant being applied to my asshole. Uh, oh…………I knew what was coming next.

The men spread our legs and I looked over at Marie and whispered, “Are you okay?” She smiled at me and winked. She loved this.

Soon I felt something very unfamiliar as one of the men pressed his cockhead at my anal opening. While I had done this to Maggie and Marie on many occasions, I had never been on the receiving end of a cock. As I looked over my shoulder I could see it was Chad who was pushing his enormous cock into my virgin ass. Jason was already deep inside Marie who was smiling serenely.

Chad pushed harder and the pain was unbelievable. Once his large cockhead had passed my rectal sphincter he slowly slid deep into my anal cavity. As he continued his journey I relaxed a bit more and it soon began to make me feel full but aroused. My cock was harder than ever and soon I felt pubic hair on my cheeks. Chad had reached bottom……….all 10 inches embedded in my ass.

I looked up to see Maggie watching me intently. “I have always wanted to see you get your ass fucked. How many times have you fucked me in the ass? Now you know how it feels. Do you like it?” She really did not want an answer.

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