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Maile was awake in bed when she heard the front door creak open slowly and then softly close. He hadn’t come home this late in a while, it was probably the fifth time in as many months. She heard his feet padding around in the hall and saw the glow of the bathroom light through the crack in the bedroom door. As always she planned to pretend she was asleep, although she was too excited.

Dave texted around 9 saying the guys were on a tear and he would be out late on the town. She never minded when he was late, but 3 a.m. wasn’t his usual – although it seemed to be increasingly frequent. At first she had assumed he was going through something, maybe an early mid-life crisis, needing a little extra time with the boys.

The faint sound of an electric toothbrush. She wondered if he had showered where he had been. She secretly hoped he hadn’t and would give himself away again. Not that she ever said anything. She relished the knowledge, the smell, and fantasized in private. Maybe he was careless, maybe he wanted her to know, or maybe he just wasn’t very experienced when it came to this sort of thing.

Maile had never been cheated on before to her knowledge. She was concerned that if he knew how much she enjoyed his little secret, that it would destroy their relationship. What if this person had started to mean something to him and the only thing standing in the way was Maile? Telling him she knew could be the equivalent of helping him pack his bags. She loved Dave and didn’t want to lose him. What if he thought her fantasies were sicker than his actions and found her turn on disgusting? What if he thought it gave him a free pass to have multiple relationships?

She also had no desire to share him, at least emotionally. She also had no desire to give him permission. Her desire was purely based in his uncontrollable hunger for pussy, and lately, strange pussy. Dave was a man who needed sex and craved it daily – if not multiple times a day. Their sex life had always been hot and heavy and Maile never turned him down. She loved when he got handsy around the house. When she could tell he was about to bend her over and take her, she never said no and that’s probably why he had been faithful for so long, until now.

They had already had sex twice that day. Once in the morning and once right before going out with the guys – on a whim. She bahis firmaları had always viewed her willingness as insurance against him cheating. She hadn’t even known she wanted him to explore until he did it. But he still had no idea that she knew, or at least pretended he didn’t know.

She could hear him padding towards bed, the bathroom light off. She hoped he hadn’t worn himself out because knowing he had probably snuck in some action made her pussy flood with desire. She pretended to sleep as she felt his weight shift on the bed. He crawled in quietly and lay there. They lay side by side, back to back, and she started to worry she would have to wait until morning. She had instigated in the past but again, one of her biggest turn ons about Dave was how insatiable he was, a perfect example of manly desire.

After a few minutes she felt the bed weight shift. She felt his bare chest against her back and his breath in her ear. He was naked. She always slept naked for easy access in the night. She loved when he took her as a wake up call – having previously given him an all access pass for any late night desire. He caressed the side of her body and reached for her breasts, more than an ample handful at 36D, squeezing them gently and ending with a long, soft nipple pinch.

He growled in a whisper, “Suck my dick, baby.” She gave a false stretch, as if just waking up and turned just enough to look at him. He kissed her cheek and softly squeezed her other breast, ending with a slight nipple pinch.

He smelled like another woman, she could tell now even barely facing him. This was a first, he had to know that she would taste something by sucking his dick. She already smelled another woman and it was only going to get stronger. She knew what she was going to taste when she swallowed his cock, another fucking pussy. He was confessing. “Now,” he said softly as a warm demand, stroking her cheek right before guiding her head down to his dick with his hand.

She took him in her mouth and used the first few bobs on his cock to make sure he was nice and wet. Tasting strange pussy on him, tasting the results of his sex. He hadn’t used a condom, that much was clear and the thought of his desire overtaking him enough to carelessly screw another woman made her moan.

He knew and she heard a slight guffaw from him. “Oh you like what you kaçak iddaa taste? I’m sorry Maile, you know I can’t control myself. I need pussy and I need to come.” He kept guiding her head with his hand, stroking her face, never forcing but showing controlled dominance in his position. He could have easily pushed her throat onto his cock and he knew she wouldn’t mind. But he prefered the subtle hint of control most of the time.

“Do you really like that Maile?” he groaned, his physical confession was going better than planned. He knew his wife was a horny slut, and he still knew she might be upset after the initial thrill of his indiscretion wore off. He thought it was so hot, his wife licking the juices of another slut off his cock and not because she liked it, but because he was a horny fucking bastard. She was always compliant, but he didn’t know she might actually get off on it.

He needed to know more about this side of his wife. He let her stroke his cock a few more times with her mouth, popping it out of her mouth, licking the shaft and attempting to go deep enough on his 8 inches to lick his balls. He groaned and cradling her head in his hands, softly gestured for her come up.

She slowly crawled on top of him kissing his belly from his navel to his chest with small circles on her tongue. As she got into position to mount him he touched her pussy, now flooded and slippery with juices. She was incredibly wet. He played just on the outside, touching her labia and spreading the wetness around. “Do you like tasting another woman? Do you like having a bastard cheating husband?” he taunted.

“Yes.” She whimpered. “I know you need it. I know you need to be selfish and fuck sluts.”

“How long have you wanted it like this? I didn’t know I was married to such a slut.”

“I love how horny you are Dave, I knew it was only a matter of time when I married you.”

“And you made me wait?” he said coyly. “I guess I have some making up to do for lost time, now that I know I can get any pussy I want.” He pushed into her cunt and fucked her from below, hitting her G-spot over and over while teasing her clit with his thumb. Her pussy was always so tight. Even though he had already fucked three times today he wasn’t going to need much time to finish again.

She knew she was going to cum but had to know who it was. She begged him to kaçak bahis tell her. She needed to picture it. She wanted details.

He let out a small laugh and pushed in and out of her slowly, decreasing the speed, teasing her. She started to ride him with more energy, wanting more.

“I know you’ve always been jealous of Emily. And for good reason. ” He stroked her clit faster, feeling her wetness soak his cock even more. Maile was starting to cum at the thought of him fucking his long-time friend, the one she always had a suspicion about. “I finally gave in. I ran into her on a night out a few months ago. I’ve never played with fake tits and you know she just got them worked on back then. She kept wanting all of us to squeeze them, show them off. I wanted to see them up close so she took me to the bathroom, just one stall with a door that locks. She pulled down her dress and offered me a taste, how could I resist Maile? Do you want me to go without fake tits for the rest of my life?”

Maile started to cum hard. “No, Dave, I know you need it.” She cried out, creaming on his cock.

“Damn right I do,” he growled, finishing off her orgasm with a good g-spot fucking, harder and harder. “You don’t have fake tits Maile, so I’m going to keep fucking Emily too now.”

“Yes Dave!”

“And then you are going to suck her pussy off me like a good little wifey aren’t you?”

“Fuck yes Dave!”

He felt himself cum for the 4th time that day deep in Maile’s pussy, just like he had already with her twice today, and Emily once back at her apartment. After the first night with Emily in the bathroom they changed to her apartment most of the time so they wouldn’t get caught, but now he knew he had a free pass to cheat so maybe he could even bring her home. Maile may not want it but her pussy needed it. He had two sluts he could fuck anytime he wanted and he didn’t have to hide it anymore. He could start fucking even more women now that he didn’t have to feel guilty since Maile’s cunt clearly loved it.

Maile collapsed onto his chest. Both of them sweaty. She could still smell that bitch Emily’s perfume on him, But he wanted what he wanted. She knew she would have to get used to that now. Emily had something she didn’t and she couldn’t deprive him. He was exactly who she wanted him to be when they got together, even if it hurt a little after the thrill.

He kissed her forehead. “Maile, you are the best wife.” She nuzzled against him. Not sure what the future would hold, but positive that it would involve a lot of fucking and a lot of other women.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32