Making Friends at Lake Como Ch. 04

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Lisa and I have lived at Lake Como for a couple of months now and we could not be happier. Besides the great weather and the resort’s beauty, we have made many new friends, not just for sex but for being with each other.

We have been to two swinger club meetings and have fit right in. Lisa has become a full blown bi and loves being with women now.

At the last meeting, she immediately paired off with Alice and one of the lesbians, a youngish woman in her late 20’s who was beautiful with big tits and a smooth pussy and a tattoo near her pussy lips.

I could not believe my Lisa went from not wanting to touch a woman to a woman who loves them as much as she loves cocks.

In any case, Lisa did put on a nice show for the members that night with both women and a few cocks, including Richard.

That night the two bi guys joined me and we had a threeway for all the members to see. While I was on all fours sucking a cock, the other guy was fucking my ass. I saw Lisa watching me with her sly grin. Just then, she came over to us and slid underneath me on her back and started sucking my cock.

As she was sucking me, Tom came over to Lisa and was able to get her legs spread wide so he could get his cock in her cunt and fuck her.

That night went on longer than usual and everyone had a great time.

Anyway, as I was saying, we made a lot of friends in the short time we Samsun Escort lived here and have never been happier.

At least once a week a member will call us or stop by to say hello or to see if we are available for sex or to see if we wanted to take a walk on the trails.

David and Linda are regulars for sex and we enjoy their company as well.

Richard is a fixture at our place and the three of us are always together. Lisa and I love being with him, not only for his sexual abilities, but because he is a nice guy.

Let me tell you a quick story about what happened yesterday.

At the resort, pictures are not to be taken, open sex is not allowed nor is a guy walking around with an erection. For Richard, he always looks like he has a hard on because his cock is so big.

Anyway, Richard joined Lisa and me for a walk along the trails. We had our towels in case we wanted to sit somewhere. As we were standing, looking at some birds on the lake, a young woman came over to us and said she was going to report us for violating the rules about Richard’s erection. We tried to tell her that Richard did not have an erection and that his cock is naturally that big.

She kept going on an on though. I told her to check it out for herself and to go touch Richard’s cock to see if it was hard. Richard just laughed at the woman and invited her to see for herself.

She Samsun Escort Bayan went over to him and touched his cock which was soft. She apologized and said she was embarrassed.

I asked her if she wanted a picture of her and Richard together. I asked Richard if he minded and he said no. I asked the woman if she wanted to pose with Richard and it would be our secret. She blushed and said ok. So Lisa posed them so that Richard’s huge cock was in plain sight and the woman looking down at it and I took the picture.

I told the young woman I would email her the picture and she thanked us and left.

We were hysterical laughing at the young woman.

We continued our walk and Lisa and I took Richard to our favorite, private spot at the resort. It was completely secluded and had a bench.

I asked Lisa and Richard if they wanted to fool around and that I would take a video of them fucking. They both said yes at the same time and we all laughed.

Richard placed his towel on the bench and sat. Lisa straddled him, facing me. She took his now hard cock and rose her cunt above his cock and inserted his cock head into her opening and slowly descended her cunt on his cock as it slowly disappeared from view.

Lisa started moving her body up and down on Richard’s shaft. I got great video of her juices glistening on his cock. I also got terrific Escort Samsun closeups of his cock going in and out of her cunt.

Richard announced he was going to cum. He and Lisa wanted to know where I wanted him to cum. I told Lisa to raise her cunt up when Richard was cumming so I can see his cum shooting up in front of her pussy.

Richard was set to cum and Lisa lifted herself off of his cock and Richard’s cock exploded in streams of cum in front of Lisa’s cunt, landing all over her stomach and tits. It was a great shot.

The two rested and I helped clean them off and then we headed back to our house.

When we got to our house, Lisa said she was going to shower. I told her that Richard and I would talk until she came back and off Lisa went.

I told Richard that Lisa and I enjoy his company and hoped he felt the same. He said he did and that he never enjoyed sex as much as he does with us. I told him that Lisa is in love with how he makes love to her and always talks about his prowess in bed. I then asked him if he cared to have some overnight stays with us, even though I did not mention it to Lisa.

He said he would love that, if Lisa agreed. He also said that even his late wife could not take his entire cock in her cunt the way Lisa does and that Lisa is incredibly sexy.

As we chatted, Lisa came from the shower, drying her hair and naked. Her nipples were still swollen from earlier and I laughed when I saw them.

Lisa sat down and I told her that I invited Richard to have some overnight stays with us if that was ok with her. Lisa looked at us both and said that it was ok with her anytime he wanted to.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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