Mama Showed Me How to Seduce Daddy

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The pictures on the laptop screen were a shock to my daddy. I’ve worked on my modeling portfolio while I took my college classes, and the latest were the most revealing. And the first he’d seen.

My hair is to my waist long, thick and soft and silken. At 38C I’m too busty for clothes modeling, but my hair gets me assignments. I’m going to graduate a veterinarian in a few years, so to me modeling for me is money, fun and even a bit of a turn on.

Daddy was staring at a shot of me with black lace panties and no bra. I was leaning over his shoulder, my breast pressed into him. My blonde covering my nipples, so although it was certainly suggestive, the round fullness and white soft underside of my breasts were visible. Teasing, tantalizing. I’m so sensitive there, the brush of a beard makes me moan. I was getting turned on seeing how he was reacting I’m sure daddy could feel my nipple hardening through the thin t shirt.

“You’re beautiful sweetheart. Just like your mama at your age. Everything about you is like her.”

She died when I was young, but old pictures show I am a reflection of her. Long silky soft hair, big breasts and tiny waist. She dressed to tease daddy back then, and I found it hot. Halter tops of gauzy summer colors that hugged her big breasts and nipples, the shadow of aureole in the sunlight. Short short cut offs riding low on her hips. Tanned bare midriff. Sexiness was less judged back then I think and they had more fun. Daddy would have his arm around her in the pictures, sometimes kissing, always touching. So intimate that the camera almost seemed as an intrusion. The bulge in his pants created my fantasies of what they did when they weren’t in front of the camera. Every picture of them was so sexual, the heat between them so obvious.

“Did you want to see the rest, daddy?”, I whispered. He choked out a yes and I leaned further over his shoulder to start a slideshow on the laptop. My head next to his, my hair tickling his arm, breasts fully pressed into him as I wrapped my arms around him, my hands Etiler Escort on his chest.

The bulge in his shorts and his heavier breathing said it all. Having fantasized about the old pictures, I guess underneath it all, I thought of daddy as sexual, in a vague way. But right now he ceased to be my daddy, and became a man I want to seduce. A man I want in my bed. A daddy I want in the cradle of my soft thighs while he is deep inside me.

I made a quick adjustment on the laptop, and with my cheek against his we watched the bolder images float across the screen. His quick intake of breath when he saw the shot of me naked and kneeling on the bed, my round heavy breasts hanging. I wanted to be like that with him on the bed under me while I teased his lips with my hard nipples, my cunt poised over his hard cock. A low mmmm told me he approved of the shot of me on the bed, on my stomach, leaning on one elbow, my free hand cupping my breast. Overflowing my hand. The photographer had turned me on with his words and it was apparent by the look on my face. I was looking at the camera, at him, with a fuck me look in my eyes.

“Oh baby girl. It’s like seeing your mama again. It has been so long that she has been gone, some memories faded.” He sighed. “I never found another her, you know that.” He chuckled. “She teased me unmercifully. Just like you’re doing to me now baby girl. I know you know what you’re doing. Be careful because once you light that fuse, it’ll be hard to stop. We can’t go back.”

He never took his eyes off the images sliding across the screen. Much more revealing, sexier, teasing. “This isn’t right you know.” He adjusted himself in his shorts. “I’m a man, and I’m looking at you now as a woman. You’re turning me on like your mama did. I have a fierce appetite baby girl. I need often. Anytime. Your mama and I had no scruples where or when.” He laughed at memories. “She was a bad girl, like you have become. She also had a fierce sexual appetite,” he moaned Fatih Escort softly, “We liked variety, and nothing was taboo. If we wanted it, we told each other and made it happen. We were perfect sexually.”

I kissed his neck. Sucked on his earlobe and breathed softly in his ear. He knew it was alright. What was between us was alright. I slide my hands under his shirt. Across his hot skin. Teasing his nipples. His little moan was the fuel I needed to continue.

“Just keep watching the show daddy. Enjoy.” I wanted him to have visual stimulation as well as hands on. My hands on.

I slipped my hands into his shorts and felt the hot wet head of his cock. I took it out, wrapped my fingers around the throbbing shaft and stroked. He moaned and turned to take my mouth in a hot, wet deep kiss. A lovers kiss. I turned his chair to face me, pulling his shorts off as he slipped his t shirt over his head.

I stepped back, crossed my arms in front of me to grab the hem of my t shirt. Slowly, slowing slid it higher. The hem caught on my nipple. He licked his lips, his hand automatically wrapped around his cock while he watched. Tight hard nipples came into view as my hair cascaded down over my breasts.

“Oh baby girl,” he moaned. “This isn’t right, but I can’t stop now. I need you. I need you in every way.”

Kneeling in front of him, I spread his legs wide. His cock angry red, tall and throbbing. Full balls nestled between his legs. I teased my fingers under his balls and lightly scratched with my long nails. His gasp told be that he liked ball play, which I love to give. But right now, I was on a mission. I tracked the seam up to the tip of his cock, wet with precum.

I licked the tip, tasting my daddy’s cock for the first time. I moaned. My hair was like a waterfall around my face, across his thighs, and over his balls and cock. I slipped the silky strands across his balls, circled his cock with it softness.

“Oh fuck baby girl you’re driving me crazy,” moaned.

“Just Halkalı Escort like mama did?”

“Even better baby. Even better.” More fuel to heat up this seduction. I didn’t mind being compared to mama. Just got me hotter.

My hair continued to tickle across his sensitive skin as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. Tongue scrubbing the soft smooth skin. Tasting him. Needing more.

Slowly my lips slid lower, my hot wet mouth engulfed his cock until it was in the back of my throat. He moaned louder as I deep throated him. His hips automatically started to move. Needing to fuck. Something. My mouth. My pussy. He needed more too. Time for slow play later.

Straddled his thighs. Cock straining higher, feeling the heat from my pussy. There was no stopping at this point. Anyone could have walked in and watched as I slid down his cock and locked us together. Grinding. Taking his heat deep. Pussy wet dripping over his balls. They could have gotten the scent of our steamy heat. They would have been shocked, but nothing would stop us at the point. Daddy and daughter consummating their new, different kind of love. Locked together. Kneading my breasts, hot hard nipples in his mouth. Sucking. I moan for more. Need more. We are teaching. We are learning.

“Never been like this baby girl,” he moaned. “I’m going to explode in your cunt. You’re going to take it all. Deep inside.” He grunted hard. His cum building hot in his balls. My pussy tightened, milking him, getting ready to cum on his cock. Riding hard and fast. Not stopping for anything. Even the doorbell.

The doorbell. Fuck.

Too far gone. His face was buried in my breasts. He didn’t hear it. I did, but didn’t care. We were cumming. Hot, loud and hard. Both of us grunting, moaning, groans, louder, sounding like wild animals. The doorbell only adding to our rise to wild orgasms. Knowing they couldn’t see, but most certainly could hear, turned the heat up. But they’d have to wait.

My daddy’s cock was inside me, pulsing with each shot of cum. My cunt milking his shaft as I came.

It was hot, quick and wild, but smiling to myself I knew next time would be different. And the time after that even more different. Daddy will learn his baby girl likes it all ways too. Just like her mama.

The doorbell quit ringing. That’s okay. We still had other things to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32