Mammary Mansion Ch. 03

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“Look Mummy, he’s got something dripping down his legs.” This from the other voluptuous woman. “I do believe it’s sex juice. I’ll just check.” So saying, she knelt on the floor and licked up the moisture seeping down my thigh from my cock – some from the inside, some from the outside. Molly’s.

My cock started to unfurl at the touch of her tongue sensuously sliding down the inside of my leg. The plum shaped head peeped out from under the short dressing gown and she squealed as she saw it. “Oh Mummy, isn’t that the most delicious thing,” she said, licking her lips.

“Monique, come away, you’ll scare him off,” Grandma remonstrated huffily.

“Molly, you black bitch. You’ve had him already, I can taste you on him,” declared Monique in a sulky tone, as she rose and sat down.

“You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth at my age,” Molly retorted. “And he’s got a bit of a horse cock, and he knows what to do with it. Quite the stud, the young mon.” She turned to me and said, “I’ll see you at lunch,” and with a salacious wink left the room.

“Would somebody tell me more than Monica did? She told me that she had drugged me and brought me here to be your plaything,” I said, directing my question to Grandma.

“Yes, she did very well. Look, I’ll try to explain. We are the Barents family.” She saw my eyebrow lift as I recognised the name of one of the richest families in the world, owning vast properties – mines, oil fields, finance companies and banks. They were stratospheric billionaires. “I see you know who we are. When you’re that famous, one cannot just go out and pick up a casual shag or two, the paparazzi would be all over us like flies. We prefer to remain out of the spotlight, and, since Monica’s father died, we have lived somewhat secluded lives. As for marriage, count us out. All men want is our money. Monica has brought the odd young chap home but they haven’t got past first base. You did, and I very much enjoyed it.”

“What if I want to go home?” I asked.

“You have no real home. We know all about you, Michael. We had you investigated as a potentially gaziantep evi olan escort bayan suitable young man after you did a job for one of our companies and Monica spotted you. We know that you like your sex, and often, although generally with model types. If you really did want to leave, we won’t stop you, but I hope you’ll give us a chance to show how grateful we are.” She smiled and looked engagingly like one those kind old grannies that TV advertisements use to con you into believing the product they’re trying to flog is the genuine article.

“I really need to think about this, preferably in a hot shower.”

“Monica’s Aunt Margaret will show you to your suite. You’ll find a change of clothes there and a range of toiletries. Help yourself. By the way, in case you’re wondering, my name is Marjorie. The M’s are a bit of indulgence but it costs less to monogram the towels,” chuckled Grandma.

Margaret jumped up and giggling, grabbed my hand. “Come on, I’ll show you where to go.”

We left and went into a plushly carpeted hallway and up some wide curving stairs. All about was luxury. Still holding my hand, she pushed open the door into a massive bedroom with a similar outlook to Grandma’s. She got behind me and putting her hands on my butt, pushed me towards a door near the windows. She giggled a little as her hands went from pushing to grasping.

“Ooh, such a tight butt.”

The en suite was sumptuous, including a massive jacuzzi – the fittings were gold and stylish, the shower big enough for five people to have an orgy. I stripped off the robe and strolled to the shower, feeling her eyes on my flexing butt, my hanging, swaying cock.

I got in and started the shower, soaking luxuriously. Suddenly, I felt hands sliding around and across my stomach, with something soft and giving pressed against my back.

“Would you like your back scrubbed,” Margaret purred, rubbing her mounded tummy against my arse.

Since my cock had started to jump as soon as she touched gaziantep fetiş escort bayan me, I couldn’t very well say no. The old saying jumped into my mind. An erect prick has no conscience. “If you must,” I muttered.

“I must, I really must,” she sighed, hugging me tightly. I could feel her big soft tits, mashed into my back and her smooth thighs rubbing the backs of mine. She leaned back and grabbed a bottle of something off the shelf and tipped some of the contents down my back bone. She went back to hugging me but started slowly rotating her breasts against my back and hunching up against my arse like a dog on heat. I could actually feel her large nipples dragging around on my back. Her hands crept down and grasped my burgeoning prick. I really hated it – like hell, I did. She had some of the slimy gel stuff on her hand and smoothed it up and down my prick in slow sensuous strokes. Despite my previous exertions, it rose like a mindless idiot – the sensations of her voluptuous body rubbing against me and her hands on my cock overcoming all thoughts of stopping her from having her way with me.

Despite being in her late forties, her attentions were turning me on. I turned in her arms and bent to kiss the pouting lips presented. She slipped a tongue into my mouth and I sucked and laved it like a parched drunk. Margaret writhed against me, rubbing her Reubens like body against me. I was fully, pulsatingly erect.

“Let’s get out of here,” I muttered, shutting the shower off and pushing her out the door. She collapsed onto the inch thick carpeting and I went with her. She spread her large thighs and I fell between them, my throbbing prick instinctively seeking her hot, moist cunt. She had a maniacal grip on my cock and was trying to plug into her voracious pussy. I firmly pushed her back and, trailing kisses from her fragrant neck to her large, pouting nipples, I worked my way back down to her cunt. Grabbing her melon-like tits, I eased my tongue into a slit that was running like a torrent. Sweet and tart, bayan gaziantep escort she tasted like heaven. Suddenly, she clutched by head and jammed it against her gaping hole, moaning and gasping. “So good, so good , so long, I can’t stand it. Shove it in, you lovely lad.” Maybe she meant my cock -what she got was three inches of tongue thrusting in and out then licking up to the nubbin of her clit. Within seconds, she screeched and arched her back in ecstasy. A spurt of joy juice bathed my mouth and chin.

Margaret flopped back gasping. I moved up, positioned the knob of my rigid dick and thrust it straight up her cunt to the balls. Her legs shot up and wrapped themselves around my hips. I thrust again and again, straightening my arms to watch her contorted, ecstatic face experiencing climax after climax. Her voluminous breasts roiled and swayed around her chest, large pink nipples erect. I grabbed the outside of each quivering breast and pushed them together, swooping on them with my hot mouth and lashing them in turn with my tongue. I sucked, and laved, all the time driving my cock in and out of her spasming cunt.

She was chanting “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Over and over again. Suddenly, Margaret heaved against me as she came hard, and, despite my earlier ejaculations, I came like a steam train, pulsing spurt after spurt against her clasping cervix. I collapsed on top of her, kissing her fragrant neck.

“That is the best, the absolute best,” she gasped, clutching her legs around my torso, her pussy walls milking my cock as she spasmed to more orgasms. Slowly they died out as I slowly shrank out of her.

“Now, can I finish the bloody shower,” I growled mockingly at her. Margaret collapsed her arms, legs and pussy, and I slowly slid out of her, my penis head still tingling from my orgasm. I raised myself on weak legs and went once more into the shower, leaving her spreadeagled on the floor like a virgin sacrifice.

These old chicks were going to be the death of me. They had all fucked like it was their last day on earth. I was thoroughly shagged. But, I was hooked. I had no idea why these old, fat and busty broads turned me on so much. I was intrigued by them all and by Monica. She was an enigma. I finished as Margaret was rising from the floor. She staggered past me into the shower.

“I’m going to have a nap,” I growled, towelling my self off. I went into the bedroom and laid down, hoping to catch a few Zs. Within seconds I was out like a light. Sigh.

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