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I leave my Motel, have breakfast, and take a short walk. It’s perhaps 8:30 or 9:00 am. It’s going to get hot, is probably already well into the seventies. I’ve looked on a map and turn into what looks almost like park land. California Live Oaks, meadows of low grass, very pretty. I know it’s of limited size but it seems endless at a glance. Then, coming towards me, I see the prettiest girl ever. Blond, blue eyes; wearing a white shift, or short muumuu, some shapeless garment. It’s as if I’m in a movie and some goddess shows up.

I’m 24 with a good job, a college degree, at least decent looking, in good shape. I’ve had more girls, actually women, than has probably been good for me. So even as I was thinking this one is the prettiest ever, I also am realizing that it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Anyone would have to think she’s attractive. It’s my particular bent to blonds that makes her seem so perfect. But it was still me looking at her and I think she’s terrific.

She speaks first. “Hi,” she says, smiling.

I keep walking to her and answer, “Hi,” and then after a pause I go on, probably sounding dumb, “You’re very pretty.”

Her smile gets even bigger. “Thank you, so are you,” she says and reaches toward me with one hand. “Elaine,” she adds.

I take her hand. “Robert,” I reply. “Bob, Bobby.”

Holding my hand and still smiling really bright, she says, “Well, Robert Bob Bobby, do you live around here?”

“No,” I admit, feeling a little stupid, which is not my norm with women, “I’m just visiting.”

“I live just back there,” she says, pointing with one hand. “Was living with my grandmother until she died a while ago. Can you swim?”

“Uh, yeah,” I manage to get out, left behind a little by the quick change in direction of the conversation.

She starts walking again, holding my hand, leading me in the direction she wants. “I’m going to go swimming in the pond. My Gran and I swam there a lot.”

Just ahead is water. A big pond or small lake. Beautiful. Low hills around, grassy meadow, a few trees. At the edge of the pond, she lets go of my hand and reaches down to take hold of the hem of the shift she’s wearing and starts lifting it. Very quickly, I realize she is completely naked. It’s up over her head and onto the ground. Her body is as beautiful as her face. Full breasts, standing up and out, lovely hips and round butt, shapely legs. Her pubic hair is blond, too. Darker than the hair on her head but she’s sure a blond. She dives into the pond and takes a couple strokes, out into deeper water I imagine. She rolls onto her back and calls to me.

“C’mon in, it’s great.”

A beautiful naked woman wants me to get naked with her. So I do, as quickly as I can, and dive in and swim towards her. Obviously, she’s truly here for some exercise. She swims almost completely across and back again. She doesn’t wait for me or tease me., she swims. Swims very well. Better than me, I realize. Back and forth several times. Then, as she nears shore where we went in, she walks up out of the water, onto a grassy area, and sits down, facing me. She leans back a little on her arms, spreads her legs some and then bends her knees up. The nipples on her lovely breasts are staring right at me. I can see a little pink in the middle of the dark blond pubic hair.

“It’s a lovely day,” she says as I swim toward her, “The sun should dry us in just minutes.”

I walk up out of the water. She’s staring at me, her eyes bright. I’m built fine so have no worries about my looks. My penis has undoubtedly shrank some in the water but looking at her has probably also started filling it out again. There’s no doubt that her eyes are centered on my penis.

“You’re sure built different than my Gran or me,” she says, still staring right at my cock.

“Well, it’s natural,” I say. “I’m a man and you’re a woman. There are differences.”

As I neared her, she bends her legs around and sits up on them, kneeling. “Can I touch you?” she asks, reaching etlik escort to me with one hand.

“Sure,” I say, wondering a little about how quick this all is going. She gets her fingers onto my cock and moves them around a little. I step a little closer. She staring right at my cock from just a foot or so away. Having a beautiful, naked woman caressing your cock does things and I started getting more and more erect.

“Wow,” she says, wrapping her fingers around my cock and sliding them back and forth. She never looks up at me, just continues to stare at my cock as she almost masturbates me. Her face is just a couple inches from the head.

What the heck, I decide. I mean, she asked if she could touch it. “You can taste it if you want,” I say, looking down at her. She never looks up but leans forward very slightly and gets her tongue out and licks back and forth. I can see her saliva glinting on me. “It’ll fit in your mouth if you want to suck on it,” I sort of grunt out, getting very aroused.

She gets her lips around it and about half of it in her mouth immediately, sucking and licking like mad. She has one hand holding my cock and the other sort of playing with my balls. She starts moving her head back and forth, moving her hand the same way. She’s jerking me off while she sucks me and it’s obvious she’s done this before. It’s also obvious that she wants to suck me, this isn’t anything being done to satisfy me, she’s satisfying herself. It takes a very short time and I start shooting into her mouth. She doesn’t stop. She milks me for every drop she can get. She even licks my cock clean when she finally leans back a little. Then she looks up at me and grins. I drop to my knees and lean her back. Almost laying on her I kiss her, can taste myself on her lips. Quicker than I wanted to, I moved down to her breasts, feeling and sucking on them. Then, my hand moving ahead of my lips, I kiss down over her abdomen to get to her pussy. She spreads her legs and moves them up toward her shoulders, rotating her hips and bringing her pussy up to me. I kiss on each thigh for a second, getting a good look. Her pussy is as beautiful as the rest of her. I use both hands to push her hair aside. It’s a little puffy, pink. I spread it open and get my tongue into her. I’ve eaten plenty of pussy and she’s delicious. The best ever. I know what I’m doing so it doesn’t take long and she’s starting to jerk her hips and make noises and get juicier and juicier. Then she really cums. Lots of fluid. Lots of noise. Her hands are on my head. her thighs are closing tight on me. I keep licking and sucking, darn near biting her clit but just pulling on it with my lips. With some moans, her legs move away and she relaxes onto her back. Immediately, I slide up over her and aim myself, very erect again by now, into her. She reaches down and helps aim me in. I don’t bang hard but in one continuous move I slide fully into her. She’s plenty tight. Feels perfect.

I start pumping in and out, slowly and then faster. Her legs are on either side, helping to push herself back at me as I push into her. We start really banging into one another. Her arms are up around me and then her legs come up onto my back and I can feel her shuddering as another orgasm hits, which triggers me and I unload into her. We stay like that, me in her, her wrapped up around me, for a moment. Smiling at me, she slowly moves her legs and arms down and away.

“We can go back to my house and take a shower to wash off the pond water. And then maybe we can do all this again.” She almost pushes me off her. She pulls her shift back down over herself and waits, impatiently, as I get my clothes back on, then takes my hand and leads me, at a fairly fast pace. I think she’s anxious to fuck some more. It isn’t far. It’s a pretty big house. Someone has or used to have money in this family. Pulling me along we almost fly into a big reception area. A gray haired lady turns to see us.

“Missus Bowser,” Elaine says, etlik escort bayan “this is Robert. He’ll be here for lunch.” Without slowing any, she pulls me up stairs. “Since Gran died, Mrs. Bowser keeps the place running, cleaning and fixing food.”

Then we’re in a bathroom and Elaine has her shift off and, naked, starts getting the shower running. It’s a small, separate shower room. Only one shower head but plenty of room for the both of us. As soon as I get my things off, I join her. We wash each other. Soap and bare hands with lots of feeling. Her particularly of my penis, me of her breasts but also the rest of her great body. Then we’re drying each other with big towels. She kneels to dry off my testicles and then, dropping the towel and staying on her knees, starts licking and sucking, almost swallowing my cock.

“Do you want us to go somewhere more comfortable?” I ask. For some reason, I always feel it’s demeaning to a girl to kneel down in front of me and suck my cock.

“Don’t you like this?” she asks, looking up at me and moving her lips off me for a second.

“I love it. You’re really good. You sure seem to love doing me. I just figured you’d be more comfortable on a bed or something.”

“Mmmf,” is a sound from her since she has my cock in her mouth again. Then she lifts her mouth free for a moment, looking at my cock as if she’s sorry to lose it, even for a second. “This is comfortable,” she says. “A bed puts me in a weird position, leaning over you.” Then she’s back at it.

I know that I’ll last longer this time. I’ve already cum twice this morning. She knows it, too, from the way she’s performing. She’s really active, working on my balls, feeling back to my ass hole with one hand. The other hand is jerking me off, really energetically, on the first four inches or so while her mouth works on the head and couple inches. By pushing her hand back and forth and moving her mouth close behind, back and forth, she’s really giving my cock a workout. She wants my cum.

It’s interesting. I’ve known sexy girls who would blow me but always as if they felt society required it or something. They weren’t really into it. And they would never take my cum in their mouths. Some actually seemed to like it on their breasts. Others didn’t want anything to do with it, would have a cloth or Kleenex around to catch it. But Elaine loves sucking cock. I’ve known others that did, too. But Elaine definitely likes it, wants it. Since I like eating pussy and some guys don’t, I understand that there are different strokes for different folks. But I’m glad she likes to because I love what she’s doing.

It takes longer but I do finally cum. And she swallows it all, licks me clean. “My jaws were getting tired,” she says, looking up at me and then standing. “You’re pretty thick.”

I kiss her, we move into her bedroom and get on a bed. This time I take my time. I kiss her and then kiss and caress every bit of her body. Even rolling her at one point to get at her butt. She has a terrific butt. But eventually, back between her legs. I move her to the edge of the bed. I sit on the floor, get her hips almost hanging off the bed, her legs on my shoulders. This way I can spend a lot of time eating her. She wanted to make me cum. I want to taste her and enjoy her and make it last. I don’t know how good Mrs. Bowser’s hearing is but she has to hear the moans and real screams coming from Elaine as she goes up and down into levels of arousal. When she cums and I keep working on her, she lets me, never pulls away. I get her to three orgasms before freeing myself from her legs, moving her back onto the bed, and climbing atop her to get my cock into her.

I last and last. We change position after each of her orgasms. She gets on top, then doggy style. We finally end sort of on our sides, her pretty much in charge, with my cock about as far into her as in any position. Once I’ve cum, she rolls onto me and we lay there, me softening inside her. escort etlik

“This is awfully good, Robert,” she says very quietly.

“As good as it gets,” I murmur, agreeing.

We slowly recoup some strength. “I’ve got a confession,” Elaine says. “I wasn’t completely truthful to you when we first me. I mean, my Gran did die and I do live here but I’m not as innocent as I tried to make you think back then. You probably don’t remember me at all. You were two years ahead of me, going into high school. I had a huge crush on you but I was only in , what, seventh grade? Eighth? My Dad got transferred and we moved away. But when I saw you I knew immediately who you were and I just had to fuck you. Had to have you. I almost just said, ‘Fuck me, Robert,’ but figured that would let you know what a slut I was and would turn you off. So I tried acting sort of innocent and dumb. And it worked.”

“Well, Elaine Crowther,” I answered, smiling at her, “I didn’t know that you knew me. But I knew you. And I knew you weren’t as innocent as you were acting. Two weeks ago I happened to be in Corvallis, Oregon on business. The guy I was working with took me to his old fraternity where everyone was celebrating the end of the school year and graduation. You were there. You were with some big guy with black hair cut really short.”

“Jack,” she interjects.

“You were the sexiest, most desirable girl I’ve ever seen. So I found out your name and asked a little about you. I guess you’re quite the party girl. That’s really why I’m here. I came here just to find you. I was on my way to where I knew you lived when we met. And it’s turned out great.”

“So you knew something about me? But you never said or acted like you did.”

“No, but you knew me and never did, either. Besides, the innocent thing ended when I came out of the water. It’s very obvious that you’ve sucked cock before. That you love sucking cock.”

She smiles, licks her lips. “I do. I think maybe there’s some psychological fault with me or something because I really do like cock.s. Sperm is actually very tasty, I think. Very sexy, somehow.”

“It’s no fault,” I answer. “I really love pussies. And you have the best tasting pussy I’ve ever run into. A beautiful pussy. And it’s terrific to fuck, too. I seem to fit and it acts like it wants me in there. Seems to actually contract or something, milking me.”

We’re both naked, facing one another. She pushes her hips to rub her pubic hair against me. “Well, it does want you in there. And you have a lovely cock. Big enough that my jaws hurt after a while. It’ll always be best to suck you first when you don’t last as long.”

“Well, now that you’ve graduated, what are you going to do. Get a job?”

“Yeah, I have to. I mean, sooner or later, I’ve got to start earning a living. In fact, next week, I have a couple interviews in L.A.”

“I live in L.A., have an apartment. Come stay with me while you’re there. It’ll be a good base for job hunting. In between, we can do more of this.”

“I don’t want to mislead you. It’s nice that you’ve asked. But I’m not exactly what you might think I am. I mean, I’ve got this body and these looks but I’m pretty much of a slut. I’ve sucked a lot of cocks. I’ve fucked a lot of guys. I can’t help it. I like it. And guys seem to like me. So it just happens all the time. It sounds like you’re asking me to move in with you and I don’t think you know me that well. If you knew me better, you might not want me.”

“Elaine, I’ve had sex with a lot of girls. I’ve eaten a lot of pussies. I’ve been with more girls than has probably been good for me. So I’m no angel. I know you’re no angel. But you are about the sexiest female I’ve ever seen. So I want more of this. I’m not making any commitment to you or asking for any from you. I want to eat you some more, fuck you some more and I want you to suck me some more. Apparently, you’ve always wanted me. For years. Now you have me. And since we came here from the pond, I guess you like what we’ve done together. So maybe you’d like more, too.”

She rubs against me some more, smiling. “O.k., I’m sure I’ll like it.”

I’m thinking to myself — and if it turns out that you end up staying with me forever, that’ll be fine, too.

# # #

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32