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Marching Band Cadet– Chapter Nineteen This is a series about high school males in the late 1970s. They had a secret club in which they engaged in gay sex and BDSM rituals. This series is told from the point of view of a club member who served as their submissive. The initial chapters establish the background and characters. As the story progresses, in later chapters there will be hardcore sex, group sex, S&M, and some raunch and taboo activities. The series is set in the years before HIV, so condoms are not used.

This is fiction. If you object to fiction that includes the activities listed above, then you should read no further and exit from this page.

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Previously: It”s lunchtime on Saturday, on a training weekend for Sam and JT. Sam, JT, and Jeff have finished a three-way in which Sam was fucked by the two upperclassmen.

I was sorry that the fucking had come to an end, but I was the luckiest guy alive to be lying between two such studs. Two guys who lived up to the club name: Hot Shots.

After the three of us caught our breath and came back to earth, JT sent me to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Three loads of teen sperm and a whopping amount of Vaseline were already starting to ooze out of me, and would make a mess anywhere I went. I spent some time in the tub and got most of it. Just to be extra careful, I took a towel from the bathroom to sit down on.

When I returned to the kitchen, JT and Jeff were sitting at the kitchen table having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Fritos. Jeff had put back on his skimpy summer clothes and JT had gotten back into his T-shirt and boxers. All the ingredients were sitting in the middle of the table. There were even two kinds of jelly, and I chose strawberry.

“So you can use the bedroom or Sam will service you in front of the group,” JT was saying to Jeff as I sat down on my towel. “It”s whatever you want. If you ask Sam for his preference, he”ll always choose the group because he is a showoff. But he”ll be able to give you private service or public service, so to speak.”

JT took a minute to fill me in. They were talking about the upcoming Hot Shots weekend. It would be my initiation, which from what I can tell would just be more normal duty: servicing every guy who wanted it. Like Jeff had just finished saying, each guy would be able to have me privately in one of the bedrooms, or I could service them in the common area, as I had done at the previous gathering. It would be up to them. It all sounded just great to me.

“Sam, do you remember how you licked my armpits last night?” Jeff”s face lit up with a grin. I guess they had been talking about me while I had been in the bathroom.

“Yes, Sir, I remember everything. Because I loved Konya Escort everything.”

“What were my armpits like, boy?”

“There was some light body odor. When I licked, it was awful. Bitter. I assumed it was anti-perspirant.”

“Probably. So I”d like you try again,” JT said, standing up and pulling off his T-shirt. “I did not put on any deodorant after my shower this morning.” He put his hand on the back of his neck, and raised his elbow. His armpit beckoned.

I got up, went over, and buried my face in his armpit. It had a kind of steamy sour smell. It was a stronger odor than the night before, when he had been wearing deodorant chemicals. This time when I licked, the taste matched the scent. Kind of sour, like a dash of vinegar. But none of the harsh chemical bitterness of the night before.

“What do you think, boy?”

“Very nice, Sir. Shall I continue?”

“No, that won”t be necessary right now, Sam.” He put his arm down. “Sir Jeff, would you allow to Sam to sample your armpits?”

Jeff was still grinning, and now he stood up and pulled off his scanty crop top T-shirt. I would come to believe that Jeff”s whole attitude toward me was an attitude of amusement. I think he was astounded at what I was willing and eager to do, such as taking another guy”s dick up my ass. The idea of me sniffing and licking his armpits didn”t turn him on, nor did he find it disgusting. He just thought it was funny, and that I was kind of pervy, and he just had fun playing along. (He sure had enjoyed fucking me, though! Even came back for seconds!)

I smelled Jeff”s armpit before licking it. Jeff was not wearing any deodorant either. His scent was more biting, more like charcoal. When I licked, I could taste those same things, only with some salt. I liked it. Yes, it was freaky, and Jeff was still grinning at my freakiness. But I liked it, and I could easily have spent more time to finish servicing both of his armpits.

“What do you think, boy?” JT asked again.

“Sir Jeff smells wonderful. And he tastes wonderful.”

They both chuckled, and I knew I was the reason for their laughter. I smiled while they chuckled at me. The fact that they were laughing at me was embarrassing. But the fact that they did so without meanness or cruelty sent a little tingle zipping through my private parts.

JT spoke to Jeff. “Sir Jeff, this has been great. I hope our little session helped you to understand things a little more clearly. I want this to be the best year ever for the Hot Shots. Think about what we”ve said, and when you have more questions, let”s talk some more.”

Turning to me, JT said, “Jeff is leaving now. Walk our guest to the door, boy.”

That brief instruction reveals the true soul of JT. It was so courteous and so formal. He was formally delegating a task to me. His Konya Escort Bayan delegation signified that he both expected my obedience and trusted my service. It was a very “butler” kind of assignment. JT could command me to fuck and to suck, and I would eagerly obey. But he utilized me for more than just getting off. He utilized me to convey hospitality, good will, courage, and reverence. JT had class. And he was infusing me with that kind of class.

So I walked “our guest” to the front door. Jeff had already put on his shorts and crop top, but in the living room we stopped so that he could sit down and put on his shoes. I stood by, still stark naked. “Thank you for everything, Sir Jeff. I can”t wait to see you again in two weeks. Is there anything you need before you leave?”

Jeff stood up again. “I can”t think of anything right now, boy Sam. You”ve done a good job. We have a lot of work ahead of us when school is back in session. So be sure to have as much fun as you can this summer.” And he winked at me.

“Yes, Sir. Thanks to you, I”m off to a very good start.”

And then Sir Jeff stepped out of the front door, and I closed it behind him, and I was alone again with JT. I went back to the kitchen, where he was still sitting at the table. And where my plate was still empty because I had not had time to even make my sandwich, much less eat it.

I sat back down on my towel and started spreading peanut butter and jelly on my bread. I was hungry. And I was also unsettled.

“You think he”s sexy,” JT said to me. “I sense an elephant in the room. You think he”s sexy. And so do I. You think he”s sexy and you like it when he pays attention to you. And you like it when he dominates you sexually. Am I right? Remember the rule of honesty.”

I started to spread the strawberry jam, and I did not make eye contact. “As usual, Sir, you are right. I am drawn to him.”

“And you just had some great sex with him. Spectacular sex, I”d say. I was there. So what”s the problem?”

I thought about my words and I spoke slowly. “Maybe I want him too badly. I feel like I would do anything he wanted. From the moment he grabbed my leg in the truck a couple of weeks ago, I”ve wanted him to take me completely.” I looked up expecting to see anger on JT”s face, but he simply smiled.

“Did he take you completely just now?” JT asked.

Already I was feeling better and smiling inside. JT was trying to teach me something by asking me questions. Something called the “Socratic method.” So I knew he was leading me to finding my own answers.

“Well, he sure took me good. And thorough. I”m sitting on this towel because part of him is still dripping out,” I said, hoping a little humor would lighten things.

“Hopefully, a little bit of me is still in there, too.” JT was smiling and confident. Escort Konya “Do you remember last night, during our spanking, you called me `Master.” This morning at breakfast, you said that you had been overwhelmed by a feeling. That a switch got flipped. Did you have that feeling with Jeff just now? Did you want to call him `Master”?”

“No, Sir.”

“Do you think you ever might call him `Master”? Leave me out of it for a moment. Let”s say I”m not around. Do you think Jeff could ever make you feel that way? Could he flip the switch?”

“Probably not, Sir. It”s not a feeling that I can control or understand, and it”s all so new to me.”

“Well, I don”t think he ever could. Look at it this way. If the opportunity presented itself, and I were to fuck Matt, how would you feel?”

The notion seemed almost silly, but it wouldn”t bother me. I replied to JT, “I would be happy for you both. But to be honest, I would want Matt to be jealous of me. If you fucked him, Matt would know what I get from you on a regular basis. Something he can”t get from Mark right now.”

“Sir Mark,” JT corrected me.

“Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir. Sir Mark won”t fuck Matt. If you fucked Matt, he would know how lucky I am to be with you. And that makes me proud. Maybe I shouldn”t feel that way, but I do.”

JT continued, “And you”re not afraid that Matt would somehow tempt me to take him and abandon you? You wouldn”t be jealous?”

I chuckled. “No, Sir. I just can”t see it. Matt is not submissive at all. I think he would not understand you, much less obey you. He loves a good fuck as much as I do. But that”s about as far as it could go. It”s just his nature. He”s not me.”

“So now you know why I”m not worried about you and Jeff. I enjoy showing you off to Jeff, just as you would enjoy showing me off to Matt. But I also know Jeff could never really understand you or satisfy you. He can take you sexually, but he can”t take you in the way I have.”

I felt relieved. JT was right. “What you and I have is special. Jeff can dominate me temporarily, but he can”t replace you.”

“Special and rare. We are unbelievably lucky to have met at all. And that”s one reason we will always be indebted to Matt. If it weren”t for him, there would be no us.”

I nodded. “Yes, Master.” JT noticed that I had switched from “Sir” to “Master.” It was because he knew me so well and touched me so profoundly.

I ate my lunch. My peanut butter and jelly sandwich was sweet and satisfying and nourishing. Just like everything else about the weekend.

It”s clear that JT is taking a very long view. Sam isn”t just being trained as a bottom (and let”s face it, he doesn”t need much training in that area!) Sam is being trained to think intelligently and independently, and to be considerate and deferential with the other Hot Shots. JT is certainly getting things organized for an amazing year. Many things will become apparent in the next few chapters.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32