Massage Orgasm Ch. 08

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April stood stunned. She wanted to answer, but her heart was racing, her wetness soaking her panties. I should have never worn these light colored Capri’s, she thought. Too late now, April, you’ll never hide it now. She took a few steps toward Mary France and felt her wetness on the inside of her thighs.

“Melissa get you all hot and bothered?…. baby, you can’t go to Camellia Grill looking like you just came in your Capri’s.

Well, maybe you can…my, my, look at that…” She smiled, licked her lips.

April, embarrassment flooding her face, asked, “Is there a ladies’ room I could use?”


“I have to pee,” April said.

“No, you don’t,” Mary France said. “You just want to finish yourself off. Melissa drove you out of your mind and you need to come…again it looks like.” She got up, moved close to April, breathed,

“Let’s go before there’s a line.”

April couldn’t bring herself to refuse. Her need was too great. Feeling she had to obey, she followed Mary France out the door of the boutique, feeling every eye on her. “Me and my soaking wet pussy,” she thought as they left.

Mary France took her hand as they walked the two blocks to Camellia Grill.

“Always wear dark colors,” Mary France said.

“I know that now,” April said. “I wasn’t expecting to see a nude model coming in your lap when I left my apartment.”

“So you weren’t thinking you might get turned on? You were meeting me at a boutique that specializes in sexy things and you weren’t expecting to get turned on.”

“I didn’t think about it. All I thought about was meeting you. I wanted to look good for you.”

“You do, love, you do. Especially with that wet spot on your Capri’s.” “C’mon. We’re here.”

Walking into the restaurant, all eyes turned to Mary France-all eyes, every man, every woman. April followed behind, amazed.

They took stools at the counter. No tables here, a real Old Fashioned diner counter, complete with cracked seats.

“I love this place,” April said.

“Me too,” then Mary France whispered, “It’s a great place to meet married women.”


Mary France nodded.

” They come in on ‘girl’s night out,’ you know, those times they all get away from hubby and go out drinking.”

“I thought we were the only ones who did that,” April said.

Mary France looked over at April, raised an eyebrow.

“You know, single girls, not married ones.”

“Baby, come here late on a Thursday night. That’s the night. They come in after a night of drinking. Watch for groups of three or four women. Just start a conversation. After all, you’re a woman too, harmless and beautiful.”

Mary France put her mouth to April’s ear, said, “I absolutely guarantee one of them will go home with you if you want.”

April felt her nipples harden.

“Why married women? April said.

“Married Escort Bayan Gaziantep women will never tell. They’re moms.” April felt Mary France’s hand on her thigh.

“What does a married woman love to talk about?” Mary France went on. Herself, maybe her kids…and the fact her husband’s a lousy lay. They’ve all got stories, Love, just like you. And guess what. Most of them have never had an orgasm with their husband.”


“Yes, yes and more yes,” Mary France said. “Married women are the most sexually frustrated people in the world.”

“Wow,” April said.”

‘Be careful though. If you give a married woman an orgasm, she’s yours forever. So choose wisely.” Mary France laughed.

April looked at her. At first, she had thought Mary France was young, maybe 19 or even younger. But this girl was too wise about the world. Especially about sex….and women.

She braved the question. “How old are you, Mary France?”

A look of disdain crept across the girl’s face.

“How old do you think I am?”

“When I first saw you in the massage room, I thought you were somewhere around 20, maybe even younger.”

“That was this talking,” Mary France slid her hand up April’s thigh and ran her finger into the wet groove of April’s Capri pants. Jesus, I am going to come right here on this stool, April thought.

“I’m 28.” April’s jaw dropped. That couldn’t be, that just couldn’t be!

“I thought you were younger than I am,” April said. “Your skin, it’s flawless!”

“No men, no babies, no lying out in the sun. And a couple other things…”

“Like what?”

“….like certain kind of skin conditioners….”

Looking confused, April said, “You gonna tell me?”

“Later…” Mary France said.

“So…you said this is a good place to meet married women…what about single women.?”

“Oh, April,….look around. What do you see right now?”

April sighed and looked around the Grill, saw what she guessed must have been office girls at lunch.

“Maybe some office girls,” April said

“Rings?” Mary France said.

“I don’t know. I didn’t look.”

“April, you have to start noticing things like that.”

“Ok,….no, no rings.”

“So, single girls, right?”


“And…what is just down the St. Charles Avenue from Camellia Grill?”

“The Audubon Zoo…Tulane..and Loyola universities, I guess.” April said.

Mary France looked at April with mischief in her eyes.

“Oh…” April said.

“Yes…oh..” Mary France said. “this is Uptown-the home of bored housewives, college girls and single girls..”

“Look at that girl across the counter,” Mary France said.

Two girls sipped on their sodas and nibbled on their fries.

Mary France looked straight ahead, said, “See the blonde?”

“Yes,” April whispered.

“She’s been checking you out,” Mary France said.

‘No…” April sneaked a peek at the girl. The girl was looking back at her and smiled.

“I can get her number for you,” Mary France said.



Mary France walked over to the other side of the counter, whispered something to the girl. April watched as the girl took Mary France’s phone from her and entered her number. No! Not possible!

Mary France strutted as she returned to her seat. April grabbed her hand, whispered,

“How’d you do that? What’d you say?”

“I told her I was a photographer and would like to take pictures of her for a layout I am doing for one of the Universities.”

“You did not.’

“Did so. I’m sending you her number. Call her tonight.”

April felt herself shiver and she leaned forward, her hand clasped between her legs.

“Let’s go,” April whispered.

“Where?” Mary France said.

“Anywhere,” April said.

Leaving April’s car at the boutique, they drove out to Lake Pontchartrain. Mary France pulled her car to the curb facing the lake. Cars on Lakeshore Drive rushed past. April wanted a quieter, more private place, but Mary France was in charge.

Sitting on the seawall, April’s put her head on Mary France’s shoulder. She reached for her hand, laced their fingers.

“How is it I can come just looking at you, watching you walk, hearing your voice? It seems I am always wet when I am with you.”

Mary France smiled.

“I do that to you?”

“You know you do. Don’t pretend you don’t know. You’ve known since the moment you saw me in your massage room.”

“Believe me, I didn’t know until I saw your pussy hairs glisten with your wetness. I hadn’t touched you yet, and there you were, begging for it.”

“You were so beautiful.”

Mary France leaned into April, put her lips to April’s ear, said,

“….thank you…you make me hot too. Put your hand between my legs.”

April traced her hand along Mary France’s thigh.

“Not outside, it’s leather…. inside. Reach inside my panties.”

April swallowed with anticipation.

She moved her hand inside Mary France’s leather pants, felt her way inside her panties. Mary France was slippery wet. Feeling bold, April moved her fingers through the hair and slipped them inside of Mary France.

“Now you know what you do to me.” Mary France pulled April to her, breathed,

“Fuck me….yeah…like that. Oh, Jesus…”

April’s fingers found Mary France’s clit, pressed it…flicked it…Mary France moved in rhythm with April’s fingers, , whispered,

“Yes….don’t stop….don’t…oh…” Mary France felt a scream take shape in her throat…stifled it…groaned into April’s hair.

Feeling April’s fingers still embedded in her pussy, Mary France gasped,

“My God, I have never come like that…” Pressing her lips to April’s neck, she said,

“Let me taste your fingers…..please.”

“Then I have to take my fingers out….and I don’t want to…”

“You tease.” Mary France said.

“Tease? Is that what you call it?” April pushed her fingers deeper into Mary France. She could feel Mary France tighten her vagina muscles.

Mary France grabbed for April’s waist, held on. With abandon, she ground her hips against April’s fingers. A shattering climax shot from the center of her being…tighter and tighter, she held onto April.

Groaning and screaming, she forced her mouth against April’s skin, desperate to gain control of her body. But she couldn’t. She lifted her head, screamed,

“Oh, God..Oh God, Oh, God!! Shit..shit..shit!!!” Her body exploding in orgasm, she felt a flood of juices drench April’s hand. She held onto April’s body, waited until her breathing returned somewhere close to normal, said,

“I didn’t know I had that much cum inside of me,”

“Drink it now,” April said, and lifted her hand to Mary France’s mouth. April let Mary France suck on the juices, then trailed her hand over Mary France’s face.

“You are delicious,” April said. With that, she began licking Mary France’s face, savoring every inch.

April moved her hand down toward Mary France’s panties again.

“No….please….no…. I don’t think I could stand it…”

Breathless, Mary France pulled April closer to her, ran her hand through April’s hair, kissed April’s cheek, then neck, then ear. She slipped her tongue inside April’s ear.

“My apartment is close.” Mary France pulled April up. Hand in hand, they hurried to her car.

Mary France raced through traffic, weaving in and out.

April said, “You always drive like this?” Mary France laughed.

“Only when I’m horny.”

“You just came twice. Right in my hand.”

“Then I sucked my juices off of your hand,” Mary France said. “I can still taste them. My clit is still raging hard.”

“Stop it. You’re making me wet again,” April said.

“Remember when I licked your pussy yesterday….when you pulled my hair so hard while you were coming, I thought I would drown in your juices? Remember that?” Mary France looked over at April, a tease of a smile on her lips.

April breathed in, let it out. She swallowed her excitement.

“Yes,” she said. Fuck it. Hurry up.”

Mary France’s apartment overlooked the Yacht Harbor. April took in the view of the Harbor and the lake, hardly believing she was really in Mary France’s apartment.

“This is wonderful,” April said.

Walking up behind April, Mary France encircled April’s waist.

‘Yes…it is. Can you imagine making love in front of this window?”

Her hand moved up to cup April’s breast. She kissed the nape of her neck, squeezed her breast.

Leaning her head back, April reveled in the feel of Mary France’s tongue. Chills ran down her body.

Massaging April’s breast, Mary France said,

“I hear you went out with Lisa last night.” April froze.

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