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Big Cock

You have just gotten home from a long, hard day at work at SAMS Spa where you work as an aerobics instructor and exercise counselor. Every muscle in your body aches.

As you walk through the door I can see the exhaustion in your face. You put your arms around my neck. I put my arms around you too and give you a big hug and kiss. Our tongues meet and dance together. I can feel your heart beating against my breast.

You break the kiss. You bury your face in my shoulder and kiss me on my neck. After a moment or two you look up and give me a weak smile that says, ‘thank you.’ Your shoulders droop. I look into your eyes. They look tired and worn out.

“Did your boss give you a hard time today?” I ask, although I know the answer.

“Yeah, and it’s always the same old nitpicking on every little thing. You’d think that slave driver would let up once in a while but . . .”

“Well don’t let it get to you,” I interrupt you. “Forget about that tyrant. I know you love your job and your coworkers. Besides, I’ve got just the right solution for those tired, aching muscles of yours. How about if I give you a real good massage? I’m sure it would make you feel much better. Would you like that?”

“Oh! I would love it,” you answer quietly. You close your eyes, allowing the bliss to overcome you as you think of the full-body massage I’m about to give you.

I lead you into our bedroom. I slowly take off all your clothes, kissing all your erogenous zones as I do — your lips, your neck, your breasts, your nipples, your navel and your sex. I kiss you several times on your pubic hair and snake my tongue through your curls. You close your eyes again and moan in ecstasy, basking in the emotions emanating out from your awakened sex. I smile at the thought that your passions are aroused.

I get a large towel from the bath, place it on the floor next to our bed and have you lie face down on it with your arms at your sides. I quickly take off all my clothes and kneel over you, straddling your buttocks. My sex is touching your ass cheeks; it feels good. You can feel it too. A little wave of euphoria runs through your body and you smile. I lean over and kiss your back between your shoulders. I smile too.

I begin by massaging your upper neck muscles. After about two or three minutes, I kiss the spot I have been massaging and move lower on your neck and begin kneading the muscles where your neck meets your shoulders. After several minutes, I kiss the area I have been massaging and move to your right scapula. I thoroughly knead it with my thumb and fingers and kiss it before going lower down your arm.

Every time I kiss the spot I have been massaging I must lean forward; my sex and pubic hair grind against your ass cheeks. Whenever I do so, you raise your hips slightly, pushing your naked ass against my sex. I smile knowing that I am giving you pleasure. I kiss your shoulder a second time.

I begin rubbing your upper arm, kneading it all around, then your lower arm and finally your hand and fingers. I gently work and kiss each area before moving lower. I kiss the back of your hand in reverence; it is my joy to serve you, to make you happy. After kneading the right shoulder, arm and hand I move to your left shoulder, arm and hand.

The massage brings blissful, relaxing delight to your tired muscles as I knead and kiss each area. I can tell by the look of complete serenity on your face Starzbet that you are enjoying what I am doing to your body. I enjoy giving you this seductive full-body massage.

I put my thumbs on your spine and press down, while gently kneading your upper back with my fingers. After several minutes, I kiss the area on your spine that I have been rubbing and start to move lower down your back. You ask me to massage your upper back a few more minutes before moving on. I do so. You thank me and tell me how good it feels. I kiss you between the shoulder blades. My sex brushes against your ass cheeks.

After a full five minutes I begin on the muscles just below the right shoulder. I massage them and then I work the left shoulder. I kiss your shoulders and move to the middle of your back. I press hard, kneading the muscles there. A low sigh of delight flows from deep within your throat.

I push myself farther down your legs until I am straddling your thighs. Your eyes are closed but a smile breaks your face as my sex and pubic hair leave off touching your ass. I can only imagine what wonderful thoughts are going through your mind. I smile at my own erotic thoughts and kiss the middle of your back.

I run my open hands up and down your entire back and sides — up your back and down your sides, up your sides and down your back, from your shoulders to the top of your buttocks. I press down hard on your soft flesh, kneading your muscles.

Each time my hands go up your back or up your sides my sex and pubic hair kiss your thighs, causing ripples of ecstasy to radiate across your flesh. You smile again in delight and tell me how wonderful it feels. I smile again too, wondering whether you’re talking about the massage, my sex caressing you or both. I am happy to serve you and bring joy into your life.

I slide myself lower until I am straddling your calves. I massage your left side just under your arms. You’re ticklish and squirm a bit. I lean over and kiss you there. I carefully rub your right side and then kiss you there too.

Finally, I knead the middle of your back and then kiss you several times there also. I seductively lick my tongue up your spine. I can see the goose bumps rise on your skin. You look over your shoulder and mouth the words: ‘I love you.’ I blow a kiss at you.

Now I begin to massage your lower back, squeezing the muscles between my thumbs and fingers. I continue kneading your muscles as I move my hands apart toward your lower sides.

After rubbing your lower back and sides for about three or four minutes, I make a fist and begin to press my knuckles randomly into your back. All over your upper, middle and lower back, I push my knuckles into your flesh.

A moan of sensual bliss escapes your lips and you beg me not to stop. I continue knuckling and kneading your entire back for another three or four minutes. Then I kiss you in the small of your back.

I begin to massage your buttocks. I rub the right cheek and then the left. Then I massage them both and the sides of your hips.

You again look over your shoulder only his time with a sly smile on your face. You ask me if I’m going to kiss your ass cheeks too. I give you a seductive smile and smack you lightly, playfully on each cheek with both hands at the same time.

Then I kiss each cheek — first the right one and then the left. I press my sex into your calves.

“I love you Starzbet Giriş sweetheart,” I lean over and whisper against your ear.

Breathlessly you reply, “I love you too darling.”

I move to the left side of your legs so that I may rub your legs and feet. “Open your legs a bit so I can rub your entire leg my love,” I say.

I caress my hands around your thigh and squeeze lightly. Then I run my hands along the sides of your thigh up to your crotch; my fingers touch the pubic hair of your perineum. I am slowly becoming sexually aroused. A wave of euphoria runs through my body. I smile. I draw my hand down to just above your knee and back up again to your crotch. Up and down your thigh, up and down massaging your thigh, I do this several times, “masturbating” it.

A cry of pleasure escapes your lips, “Mmmmm.” You sigh and moan in ecstasy.

I smile again from the knowledge that you too are becoming sexually aroused, that I am giving you sensual pleasure.

Now I knead the muscles of your thigh with my thumb and fingers, moving slowly up and down from just below your cheek to just above the back of your knee. You are lying with the right side of your face on the towel. Your eyes are closed again, but I can see the contentment on your face.

I kiss your left thigh a couple of times from just below your cheek to just above your knee. Then I massage your right thigh, repeating what I have done to the left, squeezing it, kneading it, massaging and masturbating it. When I finish I kiss that thigh too several times from just below your cheek to your knee.

“Oh baby,” you cry, “I’m getting so excited. I can’t wait till you are finished so you can make love to me.” You are in agony for release.

“Yes darling I too can’t wait to feel the passions of our love,” I answer, “But we must wait. The time for our fulfillment is still a few moments away.”

Next I give your right calf a vigorous rubbing, kneading the muscles for several minutes before kissing it and moving on to your left one. After two or three minutes of rubbing your left calf, I kiss it and begin to massage your left foot and toes. I play piggy wiggly with your toes, giving each one a slight tug. I kiss the ball of your left foot and move to your right. I give it a thorough rubbing. I also give each of the toes on your right foot a little pull.

I kiss the ball of your right foot and say, “Turn over on your back.” You do so. “Thank you baby,” I say, rewarding you by kissing the toes of your right foot and then those of your left.

I pick myself up and kneel over you and look into your eyes. I look down your beautiful body to your sex. I can see that you are aroused. I smile at you. My passions are also inflamed. I want to finish so that we can make love.

But I dare not rush or the massage will not be complete. I rub the front of your shins, first the left one and then the right one. I kiss each before again “masturbating” and kneading your thighs. I kiss each one as I finish. I look at your face. Your eyes are closed again; your face is flushed with pleasure.

I slowly begin to rub the area of your groin, running my fingers through your pubic hair. I rub your perineum with my fingers. A moan comes deep from within your throat, “Ohhhhh.” You open your legs, inviting me to massage your perineum some more. I vigorously do so.

You again sigh and moan in delight as another Starzbet Güncel Giriş wave of passion cascades through your flesh. Seeing the pleasure I am giving you, causes a wave of euphoria to also run through my body. I lean over and kiss your pubic hair. I kiss your sex. I lick it. I close my eyes and breathe in deeply. I can smell your love. I am ecstatic with desire for you.

I straddle your hips once more, leaning forward. Our sexes touch; our pubic hairs entwine. I ignore as much as possible the emotions that are radiating through my body. I want to, need to finish your massage so that I can give myself to you completely.

“Oh baby, please make love to me now!” you beg.

“No sweetheart, we must wait. Be patient, our time will come,” I respond.

You resign yourself and groan in agony that your passions cannot receive the gratification your body needs, your flesh craves.

I rub your stomach, pushing my thumbs into your navel. I run my hands down to your sides and back up to your stomach. Although I am in a hurry to finish because my passions are hot, as are yours, I am careful. I knead your stomach and sides several times before kissing your navel. I sensuously worm my tongue into its hole while watching your eyes.

Then moving up to your chest, I gently massage your left breast with my right hand and your right breast with my left hand. I run my hands over your nipples; they are erect. I tweak them both with my thumbs and fingers. I rub both breasts in a circular motion — clockwise on your left breast and counter clockwise on your right breast — flicking your nipples again as I do so.

Again you moan in agony and beg of me, “Oh baby, how long before you finish? I need it now, pleaseeeee!”

“I’m almost finished honey, just a few minutes more. Then I’m all yours to have and to use,” I reassure you.

You again resign yourself to the agony of want.

But I smile knowing that there is only one thing I must do before I give myself totally to your pleasure. I kiss the area between your breasts, then each breast and each nipple. I bite your left nipple and pull on it with my teeth. You squint your eyes and sigh as the sweet, delectable pain fills your breast.

Now I massage the front of your shoulders, my right hand on your left shoulder while my left hand massages your right. When I am finished I kiss both shoulders.

Your eyes are closed; your expression is a mixture of blissfulness and agony, pleasure and pain. I kiss you lightly, very lightly on your lips. You open your eyes. I lean forward, rubbing my groin against your crotch, my sex against your sex. I look into your eyes; they are filled with emotion and desire. I can see that the desiccation of your passions is giving you a most delicious agony. I kiss your left nipple again and flick it with my tongue. I do the same to your right nipple.

I lie down on top of you. I grind my sex into yours, my breasts against yours. A grunt leaves your throat. I kiss you on your open mouth. My tongue darts into your orifice. I feel you suck it. Your tongue pushes into my mouth. I suck it. I break the kiss. I kiss you on your cheek and on each of your closed eye lids. Then I kiss your forehead. You open your eyes; I look into them. I smile.

“Baby, now I’m yours.”

You reach up and pull me down to you. You kiss me open mouthed on the lips. Again, our tongues dance together. My right hand massages your breast as my left embraces the small of your back. Your left arm wraps around my shoulder while you run your right hand through my hair. You crush your sex into my sex. Our passions mingle. Then we blissfully, ecstatically make love together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32