Master Brings A Guest

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As I showered, I tried to recall everything that You had just said on the phone. It was 5:30AM – nothing made sense! You said You were with a client and would be at the apartment in approximately 45 minutes. I was instructed to be ready for your visit and that I should dress for my Master. Now it made sense! You were bringing Your client to meet Your slave! When I realized that, I stepped up the pace a bit.

Out of the shower, I oiled my body, paying special attention to my breasts, hips and buttocks. I kept the make up subtle and pinned my hair up tight knowing Master would take it down, if You chose it to be that way. I chose the long black gown with the lace jacket and after dressing, placed the collar around my neck and buckled it into place.

With the coffee pot ready and the table set, I went out to the balcony to watch for You and as Your car turned the corner I came back in, turned the coffee pot on and waited. Everything was ready for You and Your guest

You used Your key instead of ringing the bell and once inside the apartment the door was closed and triple locked. You both sat at the table and I poured the coffee then returned to stand by Your side. Your arm went around my hip as you spoke to me, “Cynthia, this gentleman is a client of mine. He is also a Master and today, He is your Master. You will serve Him as if you were His property. Today you are His slave.”

With that you stood up and kissed my lips deeply, with much love and when you released me I walked around the table and took my place at His side.

He reached out for me and ran His hand over my gown; form the shoulders, down over my breasts, to my hips and then to my buttocks. “Turn around, slave”

I did as I was instructed. He raised my gown and then His hand came down very hard on my ass with several fast swats! “Very nice! Her skin turns red very quickly!”

You said nothing, just smiled as you drank your coffee.

“Slave, go to the center of the living room and kneel. Spread your legs and keep your arms by your sides. Make sure you do not catch your gown underneath you. I want it to be easy to remove when I am ready.”

I did as I was told. I could feel my nipples getting hard, my cunt begin to drip as I took my position. He came into the room and took His time looking over your tools, which I had placed out for you, and then He went into your bag. Taking out the rope, He bound my hands tight behind my back. In this position my shoulders were pulled back and that pushed my breasts forward. Reaching into my gown, He pinched and twisted my nipples. As I moaned softly, He reached for the knife and began to cut the gown off of my shoulders.

This Master moved quickly. Kneeling before me His hands worked fast with the rope, binding and tying my breasts with tight knots. The tighter He pulled on the ropes, the more swollen Starzbet my breasts became! I could hear moaning and crying and it took a minute for me to realize, I was the one making those noises! The ropes squeezing my breasts caused them to become swollen and tender, my nipples became very sensitive. As I knelt there in front of Him. You moved to sit on the couch, content to watch the erotic torture of Your slave. Once again, he began to cut the gown and this time He did not stop until it was in pieces on the floor around me.

Standing in front of me, He took the crop into His hand and began to work on my breasts. In a figure eight stroke, He hit one then the other, again and again, each stroke becoming harder and more aggressive than the one before. My cunt began to respond and I began to drip. I could feel the chill begin in my shoulders and I knew that an orgasm was so very close. I didn’t have permission to cum and I didn’t know if I should speak. He saw the lust and confusion in my eyes and stopped His assault on my breasts for a moment. Squatting in front of me, he put the crop down and reached for my cunt.

Speaking to you, in a very light manner, He laughed… “Paul, this slave is very wet! I think she would like to cum!”

His smile was wicked as He raised my face and looked into my eyes. “You know that, if you cum without permission, you will be punished?”

“Yes, Sir” I said softly “I understand that. May I ask permission to cum, Sir?”

“Again He laughed “Oh, no slave! DO NOT SPEAK AT ALL! I will tell you when I am ready to feel you gush! Before this day ends you will laugh, you will cry, you will scream in pain and beg for more and most certainly… you will cum, over and over again. BUT NOT YET!”

My nipples were on fire! Erect, swollen, tender and craving some attention. As if He read my mind, He reached for them. He pinched and twisted and pulled them.. and I remained silent, tears slowly dripping from my eyes, cum slowly dripping from my cunt.

He leaned forward and kissed my lips, then moved to my neck, my shoulders. Kissing and sucking hard, biting and leaving little “hot marks” then He once more move to my tender breasts. His hands grabbed the swollen mounds – both at once, squeezing and pulling on them, but careful not to disrupt the ropes. The pressure was unbelievable! He moved His hands in such a way that, as the palms of His hands massaged my breasts, His index finger and thumb pinched and pulled my nipples.

Releasing me He said “Slave, look at your Master. See how pleased He is with you.” I turned to look at you and realized you were perfectly content. There you were sitting comfortably on the couch, your erect cock in your hand, you stroked it as you watched us in silence. My mouth dropped open, longing for the feel of you, the taste of you. Silently I prayed that you Starzbet Giriş would allow me the pleasure of your cock in my mouth for just one second! You stayed in your position… smiling… and stroking….

He moved behind me and released my wrists, then moved me under the hooks in a standing position. Applying tight wristbands, my wrists were attached to chains and pulled very tight so my arms were stretched and unable to move. “Spread your legs, slave”. As I followed His instruction, I could feel the wetness on my thighs. He reached for my cunt, pushing three fingers in with ease. “Yes, very, very nice!”

Ankle restraints and ropes were applied. “Spread your legs wider”

I spread as far as I could, and still maintain my balance. He tied the ropes tight to the hooks and I was not able to move at all. For the first tie since He began, you spoke to Him “My slave has been trained in many areas. Apply weights to the rings in her labia. See how beautifully she stretches and how aroused she becomes” Nodding His head, He put 4 ozs of weight on each of the rings and then applied clover clamps to my tender nipples. Feeling that I did not respond the way He wanted me to, He applied 40 ozs of weight to each side of the nipple clamps. I moaned softly he increased it to 6 ozs, still my response was soft…He added 6 ozs more to each side. This got a louder reaction and when He placed 6 ozs on the chain of the clamps, he was satisfied and sat down to drink His coffee.

The stretching of my nipples was intense! I could feel myself begin to lean forward, the weight and pain pulling me down “STAND UP STRAIGHT!”

I did as I was told and the tears began to fall once again. When He finished His coffee, He took the knotted whip in His hand and stood before me… swinging it back and forth, just low enough for me to see it! Gently, He lay the strands of leather on my breasts and moved them back and forth lightly.

Speaking to you, he asked “Can she be marked? May I leave bruises on her?”

You spoke to me… “slave, answer your Master, He asked me, but this one time I will allow you to make that decision. May he bruise you? Look into His eyes when you answer Him.”

He moved in front of me as I slowly raised my tear-stained face and looked deep into His eyes. He spoke to you, and to me at the same time “You allow her to answer. She will say no. She doesn’t know me, nor does she have reason to trust me. She will say no, and then I will have to punish her.”

Taking a deep breath, I spoke while looking directly at Him. “Sir, while you are correct, I don’t know you and I do not have the ability to trust you at this point, I do trust Master Paul. I trust Him with my life and I know He would not bring you here if you could not be trusted. He would not give me to you, if he thought I would be harmed. I would be honored to Starzbet Güncel Giriş carry your marks.”

You came to me, then, and kissed me deeply. Embracing me, you whispered in my ear “I love you, my slave.” And then you returned to your seat as He moved behind me – silently standing… watching…..

I was bound so very tight, unable to move at all. My breast still bound and now clamped, my nipples and labia were stretching and pulling in a way I have never felt before. I was feeling very vulnerable, with a mild touch of fear. I took a few deep breaths and waited….

He struck hard and fast with a series of blows to my shoulders and upper back. I screamed and moaned and I heard Him say, “CUM FOR ME! CUM NOW!”

I could feel the explosion from deep inside me! A flood, spraying and dripping over the weights and down my thighs! My body began to convulse in orgasmic spasms as I withered in delight. I felt His hand on my shoulder and I thought it was to steady me, to keep me from falling. That was when He grabbed my hips and with no warning at all, thrust the expander into my ass!

Never before have I felt such agony! Even though I was wet from my orgasm, my ass was dry and the tiny bit of lubricant that He used did almost nothing! I screamed and sobbed. My tears fell freely, but I never said a word. Instead of leaving it in place, He began to fuck my ass with it. He was vicious! The tears were flowing, my face soaked. I could not stop the sobs that wracked my body. I was so close to begging Him to stop, and then, out of the corner if my eye I caught a glimpse of you. You were watching Him so carefully. You were also watching me. You know me so well. I realized that, if you thought this was too much for me to handle, you would stop it. You believed I could handle this! Closing my eyes, I took a few deep breaths and in my mind I visualized what You were seeing… Your slave, tightly restrained, breasts bound and swollen, nipples stretched beyond the imagination, labia stretched and dripping wet with cum. The expander being trust in and out of my ass with incredible force! I could feel my hips begin to move as I imagined this picture. My sobs turned to moans, each getting louder and more heated that the one before it. He pushed the expander all the way in, pumped it up as far as it would go, turned the vibrator on high and then went to get another cup of coffee.

Inviting you to join Him at the table for coffee and conversation, He poured both cups and you sat down to talk while I withered in tortured ecstasy! Your conversation began in a very business oriented fashion, discussing the deal that you had closed earlier, making arrangements for delivery and then both of you checking your cell phones for messages. At that moment, I did not exist for either of you! I let the warm feelings envelop me, my mind taking me to unexplored territory. I could feel an orgasm build, I was on the edge. He turned to me, as if He knew… “Slave, you may cum at will”

I could feel myself being lifted out of my body! Everything began to shake, my legs became weak and I could feel myself falling……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32