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This story is for both sexes. I know I will get hounded down by some woman who will not let themselves believe that a man could know their bodies better than themselves. However, lets hope they have an open mind. This is more a general instruction in how to get a woman to have a whole/full/total body orgasm in under ten minutes.

Before I start with how there is one little known spot that both the women and men need to know exists. That spot is the very much disputed U-spot. If you do research on the existence of this spot it will have it located in any one of three or four positions. If you ask woman less than one percent will actually know where it is. Even among medical experts, they do not know. So how sad is that the one spot that can give a woman more pleasure than the G-spot.

Well, for the un-initiated it is at around eleven o’clock above the clitoris when viewed from a partner position. Easiest way to find it is to move a finger around the clitoris and move slowly out from the base until you contact a slightly raised spot.

The woman will have an immediate release of copious amounts of lubricant Escort Akbatı (juice). She will feel a surge of tingles throughout her whole body with a noticeable burn down the inside of her legs that will curl her toes. If the rubbing is maintained she might feel like she is going to pee. This is not the case it impossible to pee once that aroused, this is also true for males, the bladder shuts off. What she is feeling is a squirt building.

Enough on that issue for now. You have found the U-spot spot. So called because its in the inverted U between the clitoris and the pubic bone. I will now highlight where the G-spot for those women and guys who do not know where it is, for those that do please bare with me.

The G-spot is a sponge and a ripple area on the roof of the vaginal passage. Its most likely position is below the clitoris as it’s an extension of that system. But as literature will tell you it can be near the tight entrance and up to three inches inside. Again the woman will know when it have been found, When it is rubbed surges of burning tingles will course throughout Aksaray escort her sex raising the level of her stimulation to a new high.

Now we all know where these spots are or have found them, I will tell you how to get a woman either by herself or with a partner how to have a mind blowing orgasm.

Use your index finger of your most dexterous hand to rub the G-spot in a coaxing manner and stretch the thumb of the same hand to press and rub the U-spot. With some woman stimulation of the tip of the clitoris can also be achieved while moving the thumb. Now do that for as long as you can but DO NOT COME. Hold back your orgasm as long as possible, even it you stop to let the edge drop back do so try to do this rubbing for as long as you can. The closer you get to the ten minutes the more intense your orgasm will eventually be.

Now, while you are using that hand on your two spots twist/tweak both nipples alternating between one than the other.

Now here is the kicker. When the woman can’t hold back any longer stop rubbing and grip a nipple fully and the clitoris and Ankara escort bayan pinch or twist both hard. Now DO NOT RELEASE THE PINCH until the woman has stopped ‘cumming.’ This can take as long as twenty minutes. Don’t be near a wall it will more than likely have a hole in it after she kicks out.

The woman will lose her feeling in the lower half of her body for some time. Her whole body will be alive with a burning/tingling sensation that can last for hours. If she has a shower during this time while the tingles are still with her she will orgasm again. This will be brought on purely from the water, making contact with her hyper sensitive body.

Her vagina will twitch and contract for a long time afterwards and will feel like it’s on fire. Her breasts will be more swollen than she can ever remember and her nipples will be hard as rocks and ache.

But having said all that she will totally enjoy the most pleasurable experience of her life. One other tip, have several towels handy, you will need them.

An alternative to the pinch of the clitoris is for the partner to bite it. However, hang on for a bucking ride. This can be done by any woman without any assistance. Have fun and enjoy your new experience. The reason why I am telling you this in my stories I do refer to the U-spot so for the naysayers they will be able to discover its existence all by themselves.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32