Mature Discretion: Brad

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Big Dicks

I’m amazed how many guys want sex with women past menopause. I had my granddaughter, Linda over recently and she brought her boyfriend Brad with her. He was a nice young black guy, quite in nature and stocky in body. The second we were alone he asked if I was available. This was a direct proposal for sex. He knew I’m married and my husband enabled.

I’m no stranger to a come on and I’ve played outside my marriage secretly throughout the years. But still I reacted morally shocked and offended. He saw through it and assured me his intentions were completely discrete and nothing serious. He just wants to dump his initial load before Fucking my granddaughter.

He was polite and sincere about his reasons. And I knew what he was talking about. There is an old southern Mammy’s tale about sexing wife before mistress to prevent pregnancy out of wedlock. Evidently each new day the first load a man deposits is the most potent. This correlates with medical opinion about breeding is best after every twenty-four hours.

I told him the risk is to high, Ankara escort It’s a matter of family. He said that’s why I need do it. His sperm count is high and Linda wants to screw bareback. She won’t take no for an answer. She’s in love but he has no intention to marry. For my granddaughter’s sake, I agreed. Plus I’m an old slut. And this jackass was my type of guy.

The plan was he’d drop off Linda at work and come back here, as I cannot be away from my husband for long. He’s bedridden with a back injury and needs me. But before he left I sucked him for a few minutes but didn’t get him off. I’ll do that when he returns. It was just a prerequaet of what to expect.

His cock is enormous. I barely got the purple head in my mouth and it wasn’t fully swollen or erected. I’m excited and a little apprehensive, and can hardly wait his return. Truth is I’ve had more propositions now I’m older then when I was young. And beyond my sexual allure the primary reason being my inability to get pregnant. At least that’s what my lovers tell me.

A little Ankara escort bayan more than hour past when he returned. My husband’s medication put him to sleep and sure to keep him that way for a few hours. But to stay on the safe side I set up the brass bed in the basement. And it was a perfect place for my fornication, quiet and secured.

We were out of our closes in flash like a couple of old pros, except for my bikini panties. I always leave them for my lover to remove. It’s my personnel spice of attraction for appealing to the male animal lust. We moved to the king size bed and I picked up where I left off, sucking his massive cock and balls. It wasn’t long before I got a full rise out of him. It took work to get a little more than half his shaft down my throat, but once I did he released a stream of pre-cum into my belly. That was cue for fucking time.

I got on my back and he went between my legs kissing my panty crouch, pulling them to one side to lick me out. This made me crazy and now my world was all him. He removed my panties Escort Ankara and filled me completely with his foot-long Cock that was no less than four inches thick. He stuffed my panties into my big mouth to quite my screaming and moaning. I cried to the pain and goodness he was giving. He fucked me relentlessly and with no mercy.

Brad isn’t my first black guy. But the Magic about black cock for me is that it always feels like the first time at the start. But once my body contorts to fit then it’s all goodness and undeniable submission. He fuck me every way possible for several hours, taking every hole on my body to its limit. And when he was done and I was completely spent, filled with his semen and drench in sweat, he said he was my now daddy and I belong to him. I agreed and assured to be always available for my big black daddy.

Before leaving Brad told me Linda is already pregnant with his black bastard baby and so is her mom, my daughter. Without surprise my reaction was complete acceptance. He was now our daddy and master, we must comply to his cock’s desire. He knew exactly what my answer would be. I’m now his complete loyal little bitch. He assured he had something bigger and better planned for me and my Sweet Magic Pussy. And he wasn’t lying… But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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