Me and My Girls Ch. 01

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Those of you that have read my other Literotica submissions will have noted that I’ve had an involvement with other women quite frequently through most of my adult life. Some will have concluded that I’m bi-sexual. And that may well be the case for I do feel as comfortable sexually with a woman as I do a man.

But to me it’s more than that. I’m not sure that either men or women should be classified as straight, bi or gay? I’m not at all sure that the term bi is any different really to being straight. The reason I say that is because I, more and more, firmly believe that given the appropriate circumstances then most, if not all, women would indulge with their own sex. The same applies to men but their conditioning being so strongly macho makes it more difficult for them to acknowledge that they could be sexually stimulated by one of their own sex.

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be diatribe on sexual psychology.

I just feel that a little intro is needed to the experiences I’m going to relate to anyone brave and patient enough to read the several parts that will follow over the next few weeks. For, yes, this is the story of my involvement with other women from my teens right up to now.

Now for anyone reading this who has seen my other submissions about Jenny, Sara and Carey will need to take those into consideration with the following to get the fullest picture of what I’ve got up to. Those that have not read them are urged to do so before taking on the following.

I should also mention that I’ve not always been the fuller figured woman I now am that you may have seen on my profile. So to show you what I was like at some of the stages of this series and just how time has changed me I shall be regularly updating my photo. I may also be able to pop some photos on there of some of the people I write about so keep checking.


Part 1: Early Fumblings!

Other than the, what I’m told, are quite usual schoolgirl crushes on teachers and older girls at school I had absolutely no conscious sexual feelings towards other females until late into my teens. Obviously I was aware of lesbianism and had heard vague comments about bi-sexuality but they didn’t occupy my mind or the conversations of the friends I had at that time. Boys and “doing it” were far more interesting.

It may not seem it now but I was a well brought up girl stuffed full of “proper” values and conditioned to behave well and proper. I was not terribly promiscuous during my teens and I whizzed through them with nothing more than the loss of my cherry and a few male partners before moving into my more turbulent twenties when I met Kevin and, as they say, the rest is history. On the way to making that history there were, though, some women.

But I leap ahead of myself.

I was at college when I first came into contact with women who preferred women and that was both lecturers and some of the other girls. Again, though, I felt no attraction to them and no real interest for, among other things, they were all so ugly and very manly. The cropped hair and dungarees look has never appealed to me and I find nothing whatsoever attractive in unshaved armpits!

I was in with a fairly large group of both sexes and although there was some sex going on between a few of them it was far less than I had imagined and what I guess is prevalent nowadays. I became quite close friends with three other girls, Anne, Susie and Clara and we became a sort of team working together very often and spending much of our spare time in each others company. I’ll skip over much of the detail and background, otherwise this will never get finished, and I’ll cut to the chase.

It was near to end of term and we had finished the exams and were sort of binging out a bit as the rest of our group gradually drifted off home for the holidays. The four of us had stayed on longer to attend a party and we’d been drinking far too much for several nights in a row. We were in Clara’s bursa evi olan escort flat, she was rich, lying around watching TV and drinking wine when Susie, the most flamboyant of us came out with.

“God I feel so fucking horny I could fuck anyone right now.”

That was how she talked most of the time and we paid little attention to her swearing.

Surprisingly for her, Anne also chimed in that she felt the same way and felt that she was missing out on life being at uni for her friends at home who had got jobs seemed to be having so much more fun thn we were.

We were now all a little drunk and a couple of them started dancing to the music that was always playing and someone said something about not needing men meaning, of course, for dancing but we all joined in slagging off the other sex. We all started dancing and we were having a good time just as we had so many times before but this time something changed. What it was I have no idea but somehow when the fast music changed to a slower number we were dancing as two couples and then the four of us joined together our arms around each others shoulders. We moved around in a circle now and then all shuffling towards the middle so that our bodies touched. Still I had no sexual thoughts or any hint of arousal but, as I learned later, Clara and Susie did.

And it was Susie who then suggested that we should play strippers.

Her ideawhich I guess was cunning really, was that we should each in turn do a striptease to the music. Daft and slightly unbelievable I know but then we all were only 19 and 20.

Clara started and we sat around clapping as she slipped her tee shirt off and wiggled out of her jeans. Susie, a big girl, went next and she was also quickly down to her bra and pants then I did my bit and then Anne. So there we were four quite attractive girls sitting in a flat in our underwear. We drank some more and we smoked some weed, as we called it then, so that we were all now quite high so that when Susie said.

“Seems daft to stop here girls, after all strippers don’t do they?”

One of us asked how far she thought we should go and she got up and, to a heavy beat number. Slithered out of her bra and wiggled her knickers seductively and slowly, just like a stripper, down her legs. Beaming at us she said.

“How about this for starters?”

It was only a bit of fun. Nothing more, I thought, and soon all of us had done our thing and were naked. Clara was standing up with the rest of us sitting when she began dancing again, well more like gyrating on the spot, and said.

“This is what real strippers do.”

Her hands started gliding up and down her body and she cupped her breasts and began playing with them as she accompanied that with some low moans from her mouth.

“God C don’t forget how horny I am,” Susie chimed in.

Clara replied. “So what the hell do you think I am?”

Susie stood up and also began dancing and touching herself and Anne joined her so I did as well. We gravitated into a circle again each of us cupping our breasts until Susie said.

“This is too much, my body is going fucking crazy.”

Then somehow she and Clara were in each others arms and they kissed.

It hit me then. It aroused me. And thus when the others pulled me up I didn’t resist. The four of us all kissed. We all kissed each other. Not really that deeply at first and there was little roaming of hands, well initially. We eventually all got onto the double bed and I found myself in Susie’s arms kissing her. She touched my breasts saying.

“You don’t mind do you Mand?”

To be truthful I didn’t mind at all.

Anyway it went on like that for some before we all fell asleep from too much drink and dope.

So that was my first experience. Nothing very deep and nothing that intimate, just girls messing around. Or so I thought!

We went off on the summer vacation holiday altıparmak escort and nothing was said about it the next morning or when we came back. But it happened again a few days after we started back and this time there was a lot more caressing and breast touching. It became a roughly weekly habit for a month or so. The first few times we accompanied it with loads of booze and smoking and made excuses, or reasons I guess, for deciding to strip off but each time we ended up kissing and touching each other. Still not that deep or heavy and not an orgasm in sight.

Anne suddenly decided that she no longer wanted to be at university and she left leaving Susie, Clara and me. They were both a year older than me and far more experienced sexually. They also had much more outgoing personalities and so I sort of followed their lead. After Anne left we stopped doing it for a while not by saying anything but just by it sort of fizzling out.

Susie and I were invited to a wedding in Scotland. It was a posh do and we both bought nice dresses. We were staying in a small flat owned by the groom’s family and we’d decided to have a short holiday before the wedding. We got to know a few of the groom’s friends and became quite friendly with two of them not, I hasten to add to the extent of having sex with them. Well not quite!

It was a really lovely wedding and after the reception finished, oddly around eight pm, we had a drink in the bar with the two guys we’d befriended and then they took us to the flat. We asked them in and of course we started kissing and all that. There was more drink and I was lying on the settee with my one and Susie was sitting on the lap of the other. The lights were very dim so we didn’t know what the others were doing and it was quite erotic.

Ian, the guy I was with, was now fairly drunk and was quite noticeably slurring his words but nevertheless was still doing a good job of kissing and caressing me. Suddenly though there was a bit of a commotion and Susie’s guy went to the toilet. The sounds told their own story. He was being sick. I carried on with Ian for a while as Susie tended to her bloke. My dress was undone to beneath my boobs and he had pushed my skirt up so that it was bunched around my waist.

Then Susie came in and said that her guy was going and Ian, the sod, said that he would make sure he got home ok. And then they were gone.

I sat there extremely frustrated my dress still undone as Susie returned to the room. Her’s was also unzipped at the back and she was holding it together. I saw that her bra was on the floor.

We looked at each other and she said.

“Bastards aren’t they men. Just when you need them this happens.” She went to get her bra letting go of the dress as she did. It fell away from her revealing the large breasts I’d seen so many times. She sat beside me. “Were things going well Mand, with Ian?” she asked rather pointedly looking at my unbuttoned dress.

“What do you think?” I replied going to start doing the buttons up.

Very huskily as she put her hand on mine she replied.

“I think that you should leave those. buttons undone Mand. We both have some unfinished business don’t we?”

I was then scared. Of course all the other times we’d touched and kissed flooded into my mind but that had been different. This seemed very grown up, big girls stuff and I wasn’t sure that I was ready for it. But I couldn’t resist her. I was aroused from what Ian and I had been doing and now what Susie was saying and proposing. Time seemed to stand still for a while as I did nothing and she sat there her breasts naked so close to me, her hand holding my wrist. Then slowly, gently she started pulling my hand as she whispered,

“Colin was just doing this when he got sick,” as she pressed my hand against her breast, “they’re not that bad are they Mand?” she added with small laugh in her voice

My heart was now really pounding, gemlik escort I was hellishly nervous. The lack of the other girls changed this from messing around to a total act of lesbianism my juvenile mind reconciled. She repeated the question as she pressed my hand more firmly against the soft boob.

“They’re not are they Mandy, you like my breasts even if they made Colin sick don’t you?” she went on laughing a little.

This was an overt, very obvious and totally clear seduction I realized. An invitation to join her in sex. Not the fumblings of the four of us where the sheer numbers afforded a degree of isolation from the enormity of the act and the, dubious maybe, justification to each of us that we were just having fun. No, I felt then with just Susie and me that I was being asked to go to the next stage. To take a step I had never thought I would take, to move into an area of sexuality that I had not imagined would ever be for me.

Confused and concerned I sat there for what, looking back, seemed like ages as she moved my fingers on her breast. As she did this the above thoughts were conditioning my brain but, I suddenly acknowledged with a huge jolt, that the feelings in my fingers from the soft flesh were conditioning my body.

I looked at her and, like you see in the movies, her face started moving so slowly towards mine. This was it, I knew. Open my lips or move mine towards her and she would kiss me and I would be gone, I knew that. Move my head and we could shrug this off as just a drunken mistake and no face would be lost. I took the coward’s way I suppose and did nothing putting the ball firmly back in her court.

Then, of course, she did kiss me. And kiss me and kiss me and kiss me. She licked all over my face and planted little kisses everywhere. As she did that her hands caressed my breasts easing each in turn out from the bra. I was gone. I was hers. Hers to take to that next step. But not really against my will. I was not an unwilling companion on that. I wanted it and the more she kissed and stroked me so the greater that want became.

We went to the bedroom removing our dresses as we got there and laid on the bed, me in bra and panties, Susie in just her knickers. We cuddled and continued kissing and caressing each other. The more it went on the greater was my involvement and the easier I found it to touch her. I recognized this and that the sheer sexual power of my feelings outweighed, by far, any other considerations. I gave in completely to my feelings putting any considerations other than sexual pleasure completely out of my mind. I entered a new compartment in my life.

My bra came off, of course, and we both rubbed, and then later, kissed the others breasts with me participating to at least an equal level as her. Hands between each others legs we managed a mutual climax. It was the most powerful one I’d ever had and I was amazed.

We talked for a while Susie telling me that even before the episodes with the girls at college she’d had feelings for females and had messed around a few times. Naturally this chat moved onto my feelings that I had extreme difficulty putting into words but she helped. I was very naïve, well certainly compared to now, and had little idea of the broader aspects of sex and sexuality. I, naturally, I suppose associated sex with a girl as being lesbian and this worried me but she, to an extent, put my mind at rest by sort of summing it all up by saying, “don’t get it wrong Mand., I love a cock as much as the next woman, it’s just that I like tits and pussies as well.”

Those words not only, to some level, explained the situation to me but also brought the mood back to sex.

We took our panties off and made love again. Once more it was only with our hands between the others legs although of course we fed our mouths greedily on the other’s tits. How many times we made love I can’t recall but it didn’t include either of us going down, or even trying to on the other.

Nothing more happened that night. I suppose neither of us were really experienced enough with men to have fully explored oral sex with them and possibly, therefore, that was a bridge that was a little too far for us to approach, let alone cross, at that stage of our sexual educations.

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