Meagan’s First Virgin

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Big Tits

“Shhhh!” I said to the chattering bitch behind me. Michael was giving his valedictorian speech at our graduation. He was my best friend Teresa’s twin brother.

“The nerve of these bitches,” Teresa said. “Look at him. I’ve never been so proud of my boy.” despite them being the same age Teresa really looked after Michael. Their parents worked a lot and growing up the just kind of baby sat themselves.

“He going to prom Tessa?” I asked. She nodded her head emphatically.

“Yeah, with Donna.” she said dripping poison into every word.

“Donna? He asked her to prom?”

“Mmmm hmmm and she said yes.”

Donna was the biggest bitch in the school. If she said yes to Michael I knew it had to be some kind of set up. I didn’t trust that bitch.

Just then Michael finished his speech and we all threw our caps into the air and cheered.


Later that night.

I got ready for prom at Tessa’s house. I was going to be staying the night there. Her parents are super chill and won’t be hounding my curfew like my dad would. Michael came down stairs first. He looked so great in his little tux. His blonde hair combed to the right and his blue eyes sparkling. “You clean up well Mikey,” I said smiling.

“Yeah, lookin good, dungeon master!” Tessa teased but she really did mean it. “Maybe now we can get you laid.”

Michael blushed. I wasn’t really surprised in this school full of bitches and bimbos to find out Michael hadn’t found “The one.” Michael was the cute nerdy type. He was short and scrawny and couldn’t grow facial hair to save his life. He spent all his time playing online games and looking at cartoon porn. He was a total sweet heart though and any girl would be lucky to have him. Sadly girls down really realize stuff like that till they hit their late twenties. Most of us anyway.

After we took pictures of Michael I went up to change into my dress. Walking slowly down the stairs I heard the nose in the living room die down to silence. i wore a tight off the shoulder blue mini dress with black high heel shows. The dress left nothing to the imagination with my big tits practically spilling out at the top and my nipples poking out. I swayed my hips down the stairs watching drool spill down Michaels chin as he watched my ass in the dress. It was so tight there was not a single wrinkle on it. My booty stretched the material to their limit.

“You’re staring,” his mother whispered.

“And drooling,” Tessa said with a laugh.

I blushed. I always thought Michael was cute and I was relishing the attention he was giving me. I liked him but knew I wasn’t right for him. We had too little things in common. Still, he was cute.


Even later that night.

I came back to a seemingly empty house. My date, Byron had too much to drink and couldn’t get it up. We kind of ditched the prom early and partied it up in a hotel. I opted to not split the hotel fee after trying in vain for twenty minutes to breathe life into his limp dick. i went upstairs and changed into a t white t shirt and black lace panties. It was all I brought really since I played to stay the night with Byron and I don’t sleep in a bra. I was laying there trying to let disappointment and horniness take me away to night night land when I heard something. It sounded like…crying.

I got up and walked to the end of the hall following the sound. I got to Michaels room and he had the door open a bit. I could see him just sitting there in a t-shirt and boxers with his head in his hands. Tears were dripping through his fingers onto the floor. It didn’t take a genius to realize Donna stood him up. After mulling the idea over in my head for a few seconds I walked in and locked the door.

Michael looked up and turned away wiping his tears, “Meagan, what are you doing here?” he asked still upset.

I walked over to him and sat on the bed by his side. I guided his face over to mine and Ataköy escort said, “For you Michael, I’m here for you.” I gently took his glasses off and leaned forward capturing his lips with mine as he just kind of sat there and took it. “I know you are a virgin Michael,” I said breaking the kiss, “so ill only go as far as you want to ok?”

“…Ok.” He said.

“So, do you want me?” I asked a seductive air to my voice. Michael just stammered incoherently, so before he could answer me I went back to kissing him softly on the lips. I leaned into him using my body to pin him down. I could feel a smile form on his lips as he parted them inviting in my tongue. Goosebumps formed all over his arms as I caressed him. He sucked on my tongue aggressively deepening our kiss. I could feel his pulsing cock beneath me and it made the tiny little peach fuzz on my pussy stand on end. I could feel it throbbing as he squirmed beneath me. I wonder if her can feel how wet I am, how wet he’s making me. He started thrusting up softly as he devoured my lips. I just knew I was dampening his boxers. I could feel him trying to drill through my panties and it was making me feel so hot inside.

He moved his hand down cupping my breast. My nipples were so hard I thought they would cut through my shirt. He squeezed my tits so hard god I loved it. I arched my back then grinding my red lace covered pussy on his thick throbbing cock. He pulled on my nipples through my shirt and I yelped a little bit. “Too hard,” I sigh into his mouth as I feel a stinging sensation on my nipples. As if to apologize he begins massaging my nipples. I can’t help but let a moan escape me as a warming sensation flows from his hands to my tits. He rubbed and rolled them making me press them to his hands. “Mmmmm” I moaned again contentedly. Our fingers interlaced over his head as i rub bed my covered tits on his chest.

“C-can I?” Michael asked timidly reaching for the hem of my shirt. He was so cute. His hands were trembling. I don’t know if he was more scared or turned on.

I leaned forward my mouth just an inch or so from his face, “Let me.” I lifted my tight white shirt up over my head making my big c cups bounce for his viewing pleasure. Michaels blue eyes hungrily took in the view of my tits. They were light brown like the rest of me with big dark areolas and nipples. Mmm just looking at him watching my on top of him with my tits exposed is almost enough to make me cum right now. I reached down and grabbed a handful of his blonde hair and pressed his face to my tits. ‘Nothing like a good motor boat for your fist time’ I thought. God the stubble on his face was king my tits just light up with pleasure. He was breathing hard and I had to remember his asthma. I lifted his head to look at me concerned. “Are you alright sweetie, should we keep going?” I ask.

He slides his hand up under his pillow and pulls out his in haler and takes a big puff. Michael looks at me, a hunger in his deep blue eyes I’ve never seen, on anyone. “Fuck yeah!” he yelled.

I couldn’t help but giggle at that. I sat up gently pulling his face to me. I pressed my tits to his face slipping one of my chocolate nipples into his mouth. “Mmmmm yes, I moan softly, his tongue dancing gingerly on my tasty nubs. He was darting his tongue in and out just grazing the tip of my nipple. Even though he didn’t really know what he was doing his effort was really cute. I gently pull his face away from my tits and pull his shirt up over his head. “Like this sweetie,” leaning in close to his chest i take his nipple into my mouth licking slow circles around his tiny nipples. I gently caress his other nipple as I feel his cock throbbing beneath me. “Now you try,” I say sitting up.

Michael practically dives into my chest taking my nipple in his mouth hungrily.”Mmmmmm, fuck,” I moan loving his tender licks. I grab his hair pulling it hard making him gasp. “Suck it baby!” I say clutching his head to my chest. Michael clamps his mouth Ataköy escort bayan around my sensitive nipple and starts sucking and I’m in shivering heaven. “Aaaah…” I sigh as I grind my wet covered pussy on his throbbing cock. I could tell he was almost ready. His free hand gingerly massaged my other breast as his tongue swirled around my sucked nipple. “Ah, mmmm,” I could feel myself getting close to my first climax. As good as his mouth felt on my chest I knew it could be so much better somewhere else. I pulled my chest away from his mouth. His lips came off my breast with a pop making me giggle. “Do you want some more baby?” I asked lifting his chin to face me.

The thought of him eating me out was making my pussy practically pour with my wet heat. I laid him down and got up. My pussy really was dripping to my surprise. I stood on the floor with my ass just a few inches from Michaels face. I bent over nice and slow hooking my fingers into the waist band of my lace panties and slowly pull them down over my plump round ass. I got lots of “Mmmmms,” out of him when my big ass came out of hiding. I slide my panties down lower tugging them from my glistening wetness getting more moans from my Michael as my panties slide down to my ankles. I look over my shoulder giving him my most seductive stare as I wiggle my ass for him.

“Touch me,” I said. His hands darted up from the bed as if they were some kind of a snake. He didn’t seem to need any instructions after that. He groped and squeezed my ass cupping it and bouncing it up and down in his hands. “Mmmm, squeeze harder Michael,” I moan breathily. I shake my ass for him some more as Michael softly kneads my booty. “Harder Michael, trust me my ass can take It.” he reaches out, his hands damn near trembling on my skin. He’s so cute. I reach out and place my hands over his and show him how I like to be man handled. “Like that baby,” I say as he finally gets it. He squeezes harder this time, too hard at first but I can’t blame him. He eases up after a few seconds and I’m back to moaning. “Oh, Michael,” I moan. If I didn’t know any better I’d say it as turning me on just teaching him the sexual ropes. “You want some more baby?”

I don’t even let him try to answer this time I just climb on top of him straddling his chest. His face is so close. My wet lips are just inches away from his. He just kind of stares at my pussy, awestruck as it drips some of my juices on his neck. I smile at him seductively as I start rocking my hips bringing my pussy closer then further away from his mouth. What can I say I’m a cock tease. Michael licks his lips drooling at the sight of my glistening majesty. If I didn’t know any better I’d say he was starving. “Awww… you hungry baby?” I ask bringing my pussy just close enough to kiss his lips with my wetness. Reaching down I grab a handful of his blonde locks and pull him into my pink pie. Instinctively he began sucking on my lips and licking between their folds. I rocked my hips to a nice rhythm with his mouth. “Ooooohhh, yes baby,” I was so close all he had to do was touch my clit and I could drown him in my honey.

Michael was gentle, sliding his tongue up and down slowly. Then he started licking side to side. I could tell his was confused but i just smiled at him sweetly. “See that little pink nub hiding under that little thing that looks like a hoodie?” reaching down and opening my lips for him.

“I know what a clitoris is Meagan,” he said glaring at me.

I just smile back. “Good. Now that you know where it is then you should know what to do then,” sarcasm practically spewed all over him. He still looked upset so i just pulled his face back into my pussy. That usually cheers guys up pretty fast and Michael was no exception. He went right to work licking my clit up and down. He was so tender and loving, caressing my thighs with his hands while he ate me out. It was like he studied pussy or something. He was so … I can’t even describe it he was just really escort Ataköy good. Masterful. He wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked hard as he licked softly. The heat inside me was building to bursting point. “Aaaaahhhh!” I could feel it like a geyser when I came. I sprayed and splashed Michael all over the face with my honey. “God, Michael,” I said panting, “are you sure this is your first time?” He just smiled as he licked and slurped all my juices. His tongue felt so good. It was torture pulling my pussy away from his mouth but I wanted, no, needed to cum on his cock next.

Reaching behind me I free Michaels cock from his boxers. It felt so thick in my hands, veins all pulsing. I knew he wouldn’t last long his first time. I grabbed his boxers by the opening and ripped them and tore them off. I turned to see a happy look on his face as he stared at my dipping pussy. I stroked his cock gently as I slowly pressed it to my wet slit. “Mmmm, oooooh,” I moan feeling his thick cock head slip past my luscious folds. I squeezed at the base of his cock just in case he was going to cum as I slid the rest of him in me. “Mmmm you’re so big baby,” I said huskily. In truth he had to be a little over six inches. I was kind of a cock connoisseur so I would know. I rocked my hips gasping as it moved inside of me. Despite his length Michael’s girth made it still stretch my pussy to satisfaction.

I continued grinding my hips on his cock as I looked over my shoulder and moaned loudly “oh Michael!” Michael reaches up and grabbed my ass holding me as I rode him reverse cowgirl style. “Spank me baby,” I moaned as my ass bounced on his lap. He just kind of laid there watching his cock disappear into my pussy totally entranced. “Spank me Michael, spank me hard!” I felt his hand come across with a stinging pain but it felt oh so good. “Yes! Just like that,” I said reassuringly. I bounced my ass up and down his cock harder with each strike. He started thrusting up into me. i could tell he was getting close. i grinded on him faster and faster still pinching his dick at the base so he couldn’t cum in me.

“Arrrgh!” he yelled as he painfully came. “Let go Meagan!” he practically screamed.

I slide off of him and placed his cock still sticky with my honey just in front of my lips. “Mmmwah!” I gave it a little wet peck on the tip. Gently I brushed it against my lips making him shudder with anticipation. I let go letting him spew spunk all over my face and into my mouth. He looked at me surprised. “Yes some girls do that porno shit. Not all of us but some,” I said to his cute quizzical face. I swallowed all I could but let some dribble out for sexy effect. “Mmmm you’re so yummy Michael.”

“Oh Meagan. Oh God that was so great,” he moaned.

I slid my lips tenderly down kissing a cumy trail down his deflating shaft. My lips slid back up pressing against his head as I parted them slowly. I slurped and sucked the oozing cum out of the tip. Sliding the whole thing into my mouth I sucked until there was nothing left and then opened my mouth and let it fall by his balls. “That, was delicious.”

“Meagan… wow. Just wow,” Michael muttered.

“I just couldn’t let you go off to college with your virginity Michael,” I said caressing his dick lovingly. Suddenly the red glare of the time on his alarm clock rocks me back to reality. Michael just lays there awe struck as I grab my shirt and panties and head towards the door. “Get some sleep sweetie,” I say with a smile, “I’ll see you at breakfast in the morning,” I say with a smile. I walk out leaving Michael speechless.

After a quick shower and a fresh pair of knickers I’m off to bed. I’m lying there not even two seconds before teresa whisper, “Slut,” form her bed.

“Bitch,” I say giggling.

We both giggled for a bit and then I drifted off to sleep wondering if Michael had any friends who were virgins too. I’ll have to ask him in the morning.




So this is my first crack at a first time story. This is the first of a series of stories about Meagan Shea and her de-virginalizing adventures.

Your reviews are helping to motivate me a lot. I love writing and you guys motivate me to get better at it with your kind words so thanks for reading.

– J

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