Meet Joey Ch. 1

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Meet Joey, (Joseph, a good Catholic guy), the middle child – of a nearly all male, 5 brothers and one sister – all-Italian/all-American family from Queens. A normal guy. In his life, he does his “normal guy” thing and eventually meets, courts, falls in love with and marries a beautiful Irish/all-American girl from Baltimore. Her name is Patricia.

Things go well for Joey and Patricia, who is often called Trish by the way – a few years pass. Children are born. Two girls and a boy – all smart and beautiful. Joey and Pat’s careers too, they do very well. They are very typical. They have a suburban home, a little bigger than average, two cars etc., the whole nine yards as they say.

They and their little family, are kept very, very busy. Between Joey and Trish’s careers, their children’s activities, (both school and sports), the seemingly more and more frequent holidays and the prerequisite traveling – and above all, all kinds of family functions on both sides of their marriage. Well, it’s no wonder that over the years, Joey and Trish’s sexual activity had become very nearly nil. In the crapper you might say.

They knew it too. It had been dwindling for years. Oh yeah, they’d made periodic attempts in experimentation to enliven things in this area, but to no avail. The reality is that they are now both exhausted from their busy lives and that fact combined with the unspoken realization that they are simply “bored with each other in the sack” – well guess what? No sexual warmth, no passion, no in and out. Crotch numbness. They gave in to it.

And at this point it’s sad too, because it’s simply easier for them to “let it be,” than to discuss it and deal with it. For the most part it’s easier for them to not even speak of “this matter” – and so they don’t. In fact, lately, neither of them even fantasize about sex – either with each other – or even with others all that much. But something is changing and it’s happening, it’s changing, within Trish.

You see, Patricia is still, after three children, very attractive. She’s a hunk and a half. She is a virtual advertisement for typical Irish feminine beauty. A wonderful smile, bright eyes and killer body. And she knows it too. She’s fully aware of her head turning abilities. Oh yeah, she’s highly aware of it all. And that’s the problem. She’s aware of her age as well. She’s just turned 35.

The other thing is, there almost assuredly, barring “an accident,” won’t be any more children. And speaking of her children, as they get older they actually require a little less attention than they did as infants. Trish’s children have started taking up activities outside the home. This takes Patricia out of the home too. Where low and behold, alleluia, she makes contact with others of the opposite sex. Men! She thinks it’s great. They, these guys, all ages, all types, she doesn’t really care – they make eyes at her, they flirt with her, they make her feel something that she hasn’t felt in quite a few years. Her thoughts stir, her juices flow, fantasies are born. She thinks it’s great – for a while.

All well and good. All very normal. Only one thing. The trench of sexual burden on Patricia’s homefront, has been by now, so deeply dug that it’s very hard to get her husband Joey to respond to any of her current sexual proclivities. In fact even Trish, fired up by her excursions outside the home, has a hard time fueling enough desire in herself in order to bring Joey along for the ride. This proves very frustrating for Patricia, hell she sees it as torture. She’s fucking horny and she doesn’t have any help taking care of business, taking care of “it.” At least not for now.

Seemingly, what makes matters worse is the big family thing. This big beautiful, wonderful family. Especially Joey’s family, with his five gorgeous brothers. All of them are very attractive for sure but the really impossible thing is that Patricia is so familiar with all of them, she knows them. She’s been around Joey’s brothers for years. She’s been in some of their weddings. She’s counseled some of them after their own marriages had floundered. She’s hooked up some of them with her single girl friends. And yes she’s often flirted with them herself. Often overtly. Trish is comfortable with them.

Like the New Years Eve party that Joey’s next oldest brother Tony gave two years ago. It was typical. The festive atmosphere, the champagne, the charge of midnight and mystery of “the midnight kiss,” all had worked their spell on Trish. Too bad for her, at midnight Joey was right on the edge of passing out. Patricia could only rouse him enough for a quick peck on the lips before he kerplunked back down into his champagne drenched stupor.

At Sinop Escort about twelve thirty Patricia found herself wondering away from the small, party crowd upstairs. She needed to get away. Joey had pissed her off but she loved him so – she couldn’t let any of the rest of the family see the disappointment on her face. She went downstairs to the billiard room, assuming that no one was there. Tony was playing pool. Whoops! As always cordial conversation ensued. Tony’s wife Joan had just left to check on the baby-sitter sitting their kids. Tony? He’d had a few drinks and it wasn’t thought much by Trish when he commented favorably on her attire – a fiery holiday red top, a very short black mini-skirt, nude hose and black pumps. Patricia has very long legs and doesn’t hesitate to show them off. She said thanks politely and then she couldn’t believe what she said next.

She said, “nice jeans Tony, you’ve got the best ass.”

In an only slightly slurred and befuddled voice Tony said, “come over here I’ve been meaning to tell you something.”

Patricia hesitated but only a little and when she reached Tony he said, “how long have we known each other?”

She said, “I don’t know, five, maybe six years, seems long.”

Getting very close to Trish, Tony said, “I’ve thought of you – in sexually explicit ways – from the very beginning. The first time I laid eyes on you my mind traveled up your long legs.” Then Tony kind of re-took control of himself, he actually shook and said, “but I’d never ever do anything to hurt Joey, I love Joey and if I weren’t just a little drunk I’d probably never have told you this. So please let’s just forget I said anything.”

Tony got genuinely embarrassed and looked away when Patricia said, “Don’t worry your secret is safe with me and thank you Tony, what you said was very flattering and I haven’t heard anything like it in quite a while.” Tony stopped, turned and looked at Trish, she just batted her beautiful big eyes and Tony shook his head again and stumbled back up stairs.

Patricia eventually left the billiard room and went back upstairs. Nothing else happened that night. Oh, “it” happened in her mind all right. That real, impassioned, midnight kiss she had missed out on with Joey played hotly in her mind, only it was she and Tony doing the kissing – and more.

After that things got worse for Patricia. Heightened sexual frustration continued to dog her. She confided this to her sister in law Joan, (Tony’s wife remember,) not the specifics of the talk with Tony or fantasies about Tony but the overall situation with Joey and their lack of sex. Joan suggested a vibrator but Patricia, even though she desperately wanted to try one (she was curious because she’d never had one before) couldn’t bring herself to buy one. Voices that sounded like her parents rang out in the back of her head, “Good Catholic girls didn’t buy vibrators, it would be far too embarrassing, no way.”

Many things in Patricia’s life were conspiring to keep this situation just where it was – which of course was hugely frustrating. Her parents, deeply Catholic and always the loudest voices in the back of her head, always reminding her of her religion, which was something she could not and in fact did not want to escape. She loved her religion but she wished it were more understanding of sexual matters and she fantasized about the church actually being able to help her and all the other Catholic women out there who were probably in the same holly boat.

Her kids too, Patricia was such a mom, a real good mom too. What would they think if they knew their mother was having thoughts as if she were some common slut. The very type of behavior and thoughts she taught her kids to avoid. And Joey? By now he had a new job, a very good job but it took him on the road. She saw less of him now than ever before. And when he was home, he was always too tired. They weren’t talking, especially about sex. Things were very bad.

Patricia now desperately yearned for “this thing” that was missing in here life. Something that had been missing ever since she had started to date Joey when she was just 19 – a strange man? No not a strange man, she thought that what she really wanted was a familiar man. You see, she didn’t want to loose Joey, she loved him. Of this she was very sure but she knew she wanted a familiar man, someone to have comfortable sex with, infrequently of course, just a couple of times a year would be fine with her.

And she realized that she couldn’t risk sex with strange men. That would be far too risky. It could even put the safety of her children, not to mention herself, at risk. Yes, Patricia wanted Sinop Escort Bayan a familiar man, one who she could trust, one who had just as much to loose as she did. A familiar, safe, man. And then the fantasy went one step further. Wouldn’t it be nice if Joey, her husband, her lover (he used to be anyway) knew all about this? Wouldn’t it be nice if Joey supported her? Wouldn’t it be nice if Joey too, knew and was familiar with this chosen man? Who knows maybe even Joey would like it. Maybe Joey and this familiar man could be friends. Maybe, dare she think it, Joey and this familiar man could “share her,” sexually, at the same time. Trish went nuts at the thought. She thought, “I should’ve bought that damn vibrator. Where the hell can a girl get a good stiff piece of vibrating plastic when she needs one?”

But all those thoughts were too much for her to bare, too much for her to replay in her mind. After all, that was the wildest fantasy she could ever concoct, two men at once, it could never ever happen.

Then something did happen. Joey confided to Patricia that, get this, Tony and Joan were having marital difficulties. Wow! Go figure. Much to Trish’s surprise their problems were of the very same nature as her and Joey’s were. Hmmm? She thought. Hmmm? Ideas formed, fantasies again transpired but still, no solutions, only frustration. Pure unadulterated frustration.

But soon things were to change forever.

All five of Joey’s brothers were tight. As tight as brothers could get. Maybe it was an Italian thing, who knows? Tony and Joey, being only nine months apart, were extremely close. They shared the same bed room most of their adolescent lives. They fought together, they played together, they were on the same sports teams throughout school. They even, at different times, dated the same girls. And that’s where their closeness came from.

At Tony’s initiation, Joey sheepishly confided to Patricia that the only thing they, as brothers, could come up with in order to “save Tony and Joan’s marriage,” was for Joey, that’s right Joey, to, wait, was she hearing this correctly? Joey was to occasionally “sleep” with Joan. Holly shit!

Apparently, some mutual flirting had gone on for quite some time, Joan too had made this evident to Tony. That’s when Tony got the idea and had decided to talk with his brother Joey – and it was settled – the brothers would make a huge “love pact” and Tony would allow Joey to screw his wife in order to save the marriage. Trish thought, “I’ll bet Joan is elated about this, that bitch.”

Patricia was flabbergasted. She was angry. Not only did all her Irish/Catholic tendencies rise to the surface but beneath it all was the fact that it was she who needed the sexual attention. And the irony that “the perfect familiar man,” for her, who was in fact Tony, the brother that even Joey had no idea was interested in her and the double irony that Joey, long on sexual disinterest in her, was now going to do it to his brothers wife. Holly shit! How could this have happened. She went fucking ballistic.

The next day, after she calmed down a bit, after she thought about it for a while, Trish decided that she needed a little time before she could even consider condoning this sort of thing. But in reality, she was thinking of herself – she needed time, time to plan, time to take care of her needs. And above all, save her and Joey’s marriage, not necessarily Tony and Joan’s, in the process.

It was easy actually. Once Joey left for work she picked up the phone and called Joan who knew that Joey had “broken the news” to her the night before. Joan, a very attractive woman of German/Irish decent with long brown hair, ample figure and green eyes, answered Patricia’s call with embarrassed, halting and apologetic speech. Patricia on the other hand was all too cool and very together. Without actually telling Joan that she would “allow this to happen,” Patricia none-the-less provided to be an understanding, compassionate and soothing voice. On the other end of the phone, after Trish had hung up, Joan smiled and felt a warm tingle down below.

Patricia’s next call was to Tony at his work. Tony was really embarrassed. Again Trish was cool and understanding. But then, as she had planned, Trish communicated the fruit of much previous rehearsal, it was an “off handed/humorous” comment, it went, “You know, if Joan gets to sleep with Joey, I should get to sleep with you.” Tony dropped the receiver. All Tony could hear as he fumbled for the phone on the floor of his office was a devious laugh and then a click. Patricia had hung up the phone.

So there you have it. Loving husband Joey couldn’t Escort Sinop refuse the logic when his wife Patricia soon thereafter presented it to him. Joey promised to make the call the next day and attempt to seal the deal. And that he did. It was done.

All four parties had now agreed. All the general parameters were in place. It was the detail that needed to be worked out. And those details would prove to be the most crucial part in making this rather unconventional, yet logical agreement – an agreement fostered by family love for one another, an agreement based on mutual respect for each other as modern adults, an agreement of forward thinking, social sophistication – to take place, to work.

The agreed upon details would insure that this “love pact” would never, ever be discovered. That all parties would remain “normal” (for lack of a better term,) in the eyes of all those around them and that all parties would of course remain safe and disease free.

The rules –

1) All four individuals would be tested for aids or any other communicable disease once a year and that no sexual activity could take place until all four had been tested.

2) All intercourse was to take place with condoms. Even though both Joan and Trish were on birth control pills, it was decided that condoms provided just a little more security and in fact, helped to provide a “psychological border” that all felt was necessary to maintain, in order to honor the previous commitments made.

3) All sexual activity could only take place if and when the time and date of said activity was pre-approved by all parties concerned.

4) It was agreed upon in understanding of human nature, that this entire situation was one of an experimentation and it would continue that way – in that at any time – if just one of the four parities concerned wished to back out of the agreement, the other three would have to do the same. No questions asked.

5) It was agreed upon that sexual activities would never take place more frequently that once per quarter, four times a year and if they happened less than once per quarter, do to scheduling or whatever reason – too bad – you snooze you lose.

6) It was agreed upon that this was to be an intimate “group thing.” Not necessarily “all in the same room or within sight of each other,” (after all the brothers proved a little embarrassed by that prospect)-(Trish and Joan both thought – Men? When they brought that one up) – but that lovemaking would take place for all parties concerned, under the same roof. Whether that roof be one of either of the couple’s homes or a hotel, a sky lodge whatever. All agreed, both couples should and would be relatively close at hand to each other whenever they did this thing.

7) Of course it was agreed upon that no children be present during any of these activities for obvious reasons. It was agreed upon to implement a pool situation for prospective baby sitters.

8) It was agreed upon, that during love making sessions, they were to be carried out in a “no holes barred,” manner, that is, as long as both parties agreed upon what was happening. It was brought up after all, that the uniqueness of a new partner was much of what this agreement was all about. It’s what provided much of the excitement. Related to this, is was also agreed upon to not discuss the intimate details of love making, about the new partner, with the old partner. This again was to prevent jealousy, human nature, to obtain even a moderate entrance to the situation.

9) It was agreed upon to hold love making sessions to six hours or possibly shorter times, depending upon the general agreement at the time. Six hours was to be the maximum but there really was no minimum, as long as the feeling was mutual. If both couples finished up with each other in an hour and desired the comfort of their married spouse to cuddle up with for the remainder of the six hours, and it was mutually agreeable, then done. Same goes, if after cuddling with your spouse for a while, it was mutually agreed to give the new partner another try, so be it. As long as a preferential nod was given the established, long term, marital relationship and as long as the six-hour rule was not abridged all switching back and forth was cool. At six hours though, no more sex – until next time.

10) Last but not least there had to be a code of anti-jealousy and utter silence. Everyone agreed to leave jealousies somewhere else and a code of secrecy was drawn among the four. No one could tell any other living soul – not a priest, not a friend, not a stranger. No one. It was discussed that for whatever reason, this oath was ever breached – the other three would deny that anything of this nature had ever taken place, leaving the bean spiller out on there own.

With the clink of four champagne glasses the die was cast. A new sexual life for all four had begun. Family love was the driving force and the fun was about to begin

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