Meeting My College Roommate

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I’m average. With thick straight black hair, a smooth baby face, trim body and maybe three chest hairs. I’m the guy that blends in with the crowd. Not even my once “exotic” olive brown skin or brown eyes speckled with gold makes me stand out. It’s hard when exotic and unique are the new thing to be.

All through high school, I faded into the background. I got good grades, even ran track, but I didn’t really make a name for myself. I wasn’t an outcast, I just skirted the edges of the crowd. My few friends were more acquaintances that I lost contact with now that I graduated. My eighteenth birthday consisted of store bought sheet cake and birthday wishes from my parents’ right before we went shopping for my college gear.

Two weeks after my birthday, I got the surprise of my life. My roommate assignment. It was a guy from my school. Not just any guy. It was the star football player, class president, prom king and hottest guy in my school. He oozed sex. A smile from him hardened cocks and made pussies drip. His eighteenth birthday lasted three days and was on TMZ.

With the body of an Adonis, perfectly styled brown hair, smooth tanned skin and a smile I swear sparkled in the sunlight. He was everyone’s wet dream. Every time he came near me, my cock got hard. He wasn’t perfect, but to me, he was damn near it… I was going to live with the man that intimidated me as much as he turned me on. I was certain it was going to be Hell.

A couple of days after I got my roommate assignment, I got a call from him. He wanted me to come spend the weekend with him so we could get to know one another better. I tried to beg off, but he wouldn’t have it. In the end I yielded to his will, and agreed to come spend the weekend with him.

I made sure to have some excuse to leave once I got there. That plan flew out the windows when he opened the door. I saw Tyson there, dripping sex, I forgot how to function as a normal person. “Brian, you’re here! Come on in!” He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me and my bag into the house. “I can’t wait to get to really know you, man.”

I was quiet as he chattered along, answering questions in an almost whisper. He told me his father would be back late, that we could do anything we wanted even when he was here. We ate pizza and played video games, that’s where I relaxed a bite. Then he put his arm around me and pulled me into a side hug. I immediately tensed up and was killed.

It was almost midnight when we went up to his room to go to bed. “I figured we’ll be sharing a room in college, why not get a head start and share a room this weekend.” His room was huge with a huge bed. One huge bed. “I get the left side.” I cursed in my head. I had hoped for a separate bed or even the floor. He wanted us to share a bed.

Being shy and turned on by the prospect of sharing a bed with Tyson, I grabbed my stuff and bolted to the bathroom. Once the door was closed, I took several calming breaths. I changed into my pajama pants and an old tee shirt. “I’m never going to make a year as his roommate.” I said to myself.

I was brushing my teeth when the door opened and Tyson came in wearing the skimpiest maroon bikini briefs. That was all he wore, showcasing his magnificent body. My eyes watched him in the mirror move pass me to the toilet. “Sorry, I have to piss.” He said casually. Damn jocks and their lack of inhibitions.

I froze, watching him from the corner of my eye. He pulled out a thick six inch cock from its tight confines. “God, that feels good.” He sighed, closing his eyes as the hot stream hit the bowl. He shook the last few drops then his cock disappeared behind then thin cloth. I hated that cloth for denying me my view.

I was frozen, toothbrush in mouth. My eyes traveled up his impossibly magnificent body to his smiling face. The wink he gave me hardened my cock and filled me with dread. He knews. He saw me watching him piss and lusting after him. My heart raced, fearing he’d beat my ass. That’s what these jocks did.

“I need to wash my hands.” Before it registered that I needed to move, he was behind me. He had me trapped between the sink and him, his arms stretched forward on either side of me and his head rested on my shoulder. My cock was harder than it had ever been. My heart was pounding through my chest. I wasn’t sure what is going on.

I watched his hands rubbing under the water. His body pressed closer to mine. He turned the water off and shook the water from his hands. “Need help with that?” He took the handle of the toothbrush and rans it over my teeth. “Now spit.” I lowered my head and did as he says. He filled a cup of water pressed to my lips. “Rinse.” I swished the water. “Spit.” I did.

He sat the cup down. “I requested you as my roommate.” His voice Uzun porno was low and seductive in my ear. He moved his hands to my waist, moving one up my shirt and over my taunt stomach. “I saw you in the locker room changing during gym class one day.” My body tensed. “I liked what I saw.” I felt the warm wet kiss on my neck. “I liked it a lot.”

I’m speechless, frozen in disbelief. “I didn’t want us to get to know each other this weekend.” His other hand moved lower, grazing my crotch. “I want us to really get to know each other.” I felt his tongue slowly making circles on my neck. I moaned, closing my eyes. “Turn around, Brian.” He said softly.

I did. We are hard crotch to hard crotch, eye to eye. He moved the hand from my crotch up my head, running it through my hair. “W-w-what are you doing?” I stammered out. My body was trembling with fear and anticipation. I was unsure what is going on. It seems like a fantasy or a dream, but I was awake. Wasn’t I? “Tyson,” I said weakly, “I, uh, um.”

His hand moved from my hair to put two fingers on my lips. “Don’t say some bullshit like you’re not like that or you’re not into me. Your hard cock pressing into me says otherwise.” His fingers left my lips. I wanted to bolt, but I’m trapped by my lust for him. “I want to kiss you. May I kiss you?”

I nodded, just the slightest movements. He smiled. He leaned in, pressing his thin lips to mine. Electricity coursed through my body. His tongue parted my lips and sneaked into my mouth. It took a moment for my mind and body to decide to say, ‘fuck it,’ and I was kissing him back.

I felt his hands on my wrist and moved my trembling hands from the sink that I’m gripping to his slender waist. I was hesitant at first, but then grew bold. My hands slowly moved from his hips to cup his bountiful butt. I squeezed his toned muscles cheeks. He moaned into kiss, and pushed himself harder against me.

He sucked on my lower lip then pulls back just a hair’s breadth. His lips brushed mine when he said, “I have a big bed in the room that is going to waste right now.” He kissed me softly then pulled away, taking my hand in his as he guided me back into his bedroom.

His bed was open, waiting for our youthful bodies. He turned on me, our bodies collided. “You’re a virgin aren’t you?” The fluster I felt from his question must have been evident because he added without hesitation. “I am too. My father wanted me to save myself till after my eighteenth birthday.” He shrugged. “I’m a daddy’s boy.” He kissed me again. “Now I get to be your boy.”

I’m floored at the admission that I don’t notice him pulling my shirt up and off. My nipples hardened from the air hitting them. “Touch me.” He begged softly. I looked into his soft brown eyes. I couldn’t deny him, couldn’t deny myself. My hand moved to his hip. His body is hard but his skin is soft.

My hands roamed up his body, exploring the defined lines of his muscles. My thumb brushed the nub of his dime size nipple. He whimpered softly from the touch, my touch. It’s then that his words hit me. He wants to be mine, be my boy. I’m not sure what him being my boy means, but I knew what I wanted, at least right now. Him.

“You’re so sexy.” I said, my voice almost a whisper. A switch clicked in me. I went from shy and timid to bold and daring. My internal Pandora’s Box cracked open releasing a part of me I’ve kept locked away. The secret person I have hidden away since I was twelve comes stampeding out.

My hand went around Tyson, palming his ass roughly and pulling him hard against me. Tyson is shocked at first, but he must have see it in my eyes, the transformation, and the bold determination. He smiled. My other hand is on the back of his head pulling us into a frenzy of a kiss.

He held onto me. His hands roamed over my back and ass. I moved us forward till we fell onto the bed, still locked in the fevered kiss. We inched up till we are both on the bed. Tyson’s legs encircled my waist. I rutted against him. Our hard cocks were rubbing against one another. I could not get enough of him. I wanted to taste every inch of him.

I was not the person I was when I arrived. Inhibitions and modesty were cast aside to make room for passion and daring. I took his hands from around me and pinned them to either side of his head. He struggled, only to show me he could break free if he likes, that he was giving me this control.

I broke the kiss and look down into his handsome face. “Fuck, you’re hot.” I buried myself into his neck, sucking gently on the skin. Tyson cried out in pleasure and struggled underneath my weight. I held him, my grip on his wrist tight and firm. I loved the feel of his body under me.

I licked my way down to the crest of his Öğrenci porno pec. My tongue slowly traced around his nipple, sending him into another fit of gasps and thrashing. My teeth toke gentle hold of his nub and chew lightly. His arm almost broke free of my grasp, but I slammed it back down on the bed. “Please…” was his gentle plea.

I kissed my away across his chest, giving his other nipple the same treatment and I was reward with the same reactions. I moved back and forth, teasing and tasting him till I felt he could take no more. I gave him a brief respite with a hard kiss, then trailed my tongue down the length of his neck, through the valley of his chest and along the ridges of his perfectly defined abdominals.

I had his hands by his sides and looked up along his body to see the contradictory pleas to stop and keep going in his eyes. His body was rigid with anticipation. I ran my cheek along his length then buried my face in his groin. I was drunk on his manly scent and began mouthing his cock through his jockeys.

“Damn, Brian.” Tyson’s hips rocked under me. “Please.” His words were soft and needy. Knowing I was the first to take him, to pleasure him in this way, caused my cock to ache. “Brian.” He cried softly. I knew what he is asking for without him saying the words. It’s what I want as well.

I released his hands and took hold of his underwear. I looked up at him and see him silently telling me to do it. I pulled the cloth down over his cock, down his hips and down his legs. He’s splayed out, hard cock leaking on this thigh, before me. He watched me as I bring his underwear to my nose and inhale deeply.

I dropped them off the side of the bed, then leaned down between his legs, pushing them further apart. His smooth balls were huge and full. I called on every porn I’ve ever seen, on every filthy story I’ve secretly read late at night in my bed for what to do. I could only hope that what I was about to do is right.

I took his balls in my mouth. They were sweet with the taste of him. I rolled them gently with my tongue, then drew figure eights along them. I must have been doing it right, because Tyson was moaning and thrashing. I let go of his balls moved then suck on his inner thigh. I bite down on the supple skin.

I moved to the base of his cock. I took it in my hand. It’s the first time I’ve ever touched a cock other than my own. I ran my hand along the shaft. I’m surprised how silky soft it is even though it was as hard as I am. Precum dribbled from the tip. I was about to take and taste my first cock, and it belonged to the man of my wet dreams.

My tongue moved along the underside of his shaft. Tyson moaned my name. I got to the head, and hesitated for the briefest of moments before surrounding his mushroom crown with my lips. I have my first cock in my mouth, and it is the most wonderful thing in the world to me. I couldn’t stifle the moan that I let out around his dick.

I swirled my tongue around and around his mushroom cap, tasting the tangy sweetness it was coated with. “Oh, my fucking, God!” Tyson bellowed. His hips thrusted up involuntarily and hands fisted my hair. An inch or so was in my mouth. In for an inch, in for the whole cock I decided. There’s no turning back now.

I slowly moved my mouth down his length, exploring every inch with my tongue. Tyson was moaning, fisting my hair and trying to keep his body under control from my oral exploration. He hit the back of my throat, and he is all but just in my mouth. I moved slowly back up to suckle on the head then I was back down trying to swallow him whole.

I repeated the process over and over, gradually picking up speed. I heard Tyson’s pants and pleas but I was lost in my first feast on cock. It was not until he pulled me off that I even stopped. “You’re going to make me cum.” He said breathing heavy. It was a blur, but he had me on my back naked, my clothes strewn across the floor. “It bigger than I remember seeing.”

Tyson was staring in awe at my eight inches. It laid flat, reaching up to my belly button, eager and waiting. He pounced on me, kissing me with his hungry mouth. He moved down my body, kissing his way down to my groin. My body was nothing like his, but he worshiped it as if it was. When he reached my dick, he took it in his hand and lifted it up point to the sky. I watched him kiss the tip before it disappeared into his mouth.

“Tyson,” I panted, “oh, fuck, Tyson.” Like me, he slowly moved down my length, taking only what he can before he moved back up. I felt his tongue dancing across my shaft as he moved up and down my length. Having my cock surrounded by the warmth of Tyson’s mouth was better than I could have imagined. “Holy, fuck, Tyson. Suck my dick.”

He increased in speed, his hand moved up and down the part of me he could not take. “Suck that fucking cock.” The words that I said are not my own but those of the beast he has unleashed. I ran a hand through his hair as I thrusted up into his mouth. My eyes rolled back in my head. He pulls off my cock, but continues stroking. I look down to see him grinning up at me.

“I want you to fuck me.” The thought caused my cock to throb. He saw that I am willing but hesitant. He won’t be denied this. I don’t want to deny him this. He slid up my body till we were eye to eye, cock to cock. “Just be gentle.” He reached into the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. “You’ll need to, you know.”

I did. He needed stretching “Get on all fours.” I commanded. He obeyed. I got behind him and handed me the lube. I drizzled some down his crack. I spread it with my finger around the ring and then push into him. He tensed. “Deep breath.” I knew this from my perverted readings. He relaxed and my finger slipped in.

I continued fingering him and moans began to escape Tyson’s mouth. I slipped a second finger in and eventually a third. His smooth hole was glistening with lube. “God, I want your ass.” My voice was deep and growly. I was stroking my own cock with my free hand, slicking it up.

“Do it.” Snapped Tyson. “Stick that big fucking prick in me and fuck my brains out.”

I smiled, pulling my fingers from him. “Take a deep breath.” I lined my cock up with his hole, the other I put on his hip to steady him. I heard him inhale and let it out slowly. I pushed in, just the tip.

“Fuck.” He said through gritted teeth. I held it there, waiting for him to adjust. “Go ahead.” I pushed a little more and the warmth and softness of his insides surrounded me. “Damn. Fuck. Fuck.” I paused, thinking I was causing him pain. “Don’t stop.” When I didn’t move he pushed back sliding more of me into him. “Oh, baby, fuck.” He reared up arching his back. “That feels… so good.”

“You don’t know how good you feel on my dick.” I grabbed his other hip and slowly begin fucking him. “Oh, man. I can’t believe how good you feel.” I pumped into him. “I could fuck you all night.” I pulled him back on my against me, impaling the last of me into him.

“Fuck me, Brian.” He snarled, looking back at me. “Fuck me.” I did. I was sliding my dick in and out of him as if I had been doing this all my young life. “Fuck me harder.” I began pounding harder into him, his ass slapped against my hips. “Yeah, fuck, yeah do it, baby. Take my ass.”

I couldn’t believe I was fucking someone. I couldn’t believe I was fucking Tyson. He was moaning my name, calling me baby. This droves me wild. I loved the feel of him on my dick, the way my balls slap against him. I wanted this to last forever but my lack of experience would not let me.

“I want to see your face while I fuck you. On your back.” I pulled out of him. He flipped onto his back and I put his legs on my shoulders. I was buried deep in him again. He folded easily when I press his legs to his chest. “You’re so hot like this.” I began gliding my dick in him, slow at first then a more steady rhythm.

“Fuck me, baby. Fuck me.” He pulled me down into a kiss and we make out as I thrust harder into him. My need to climax was growing, building. The crescendo was fast approaching. I bite on his lower lip right before my body went stiff and my cock unleashed the torrent of cum into Tyson.

I continued pumping into him well after the last trembles of my orgasm subside. I didn’t want to give up this feeling of being in him, but my body was spent. I rolled us over so he is on top with my cock still buried deep in him. Tyson pecked me on the lips then raised up, straddling my hips.

He spat in his hand and I watched as he started furiously pumping his cock. “Brian.” His voice trembled. “Brian.” I saw his jaw quiver. “Oh, baby, you’re going to make me…” He exploded. My cock was in a vice grip in him. He tossed his head back as he coated me in his spunk.

He looked down at me then fell on top of me, spent and exhausted. I put my arms around him and held him close to my body. We were both breathing heavily, enjoying the afterglow of our first time. My hand strokes his back soothingly and I kiss the top of his head. We are lost in the moment.

“We are going to have a fantastic freshman year.” Tyson sighed after a bit. “Let’s go take a shower. I don’t want to go to bed sticky.” He reluctantly pulled himself from me and pulls me long with him off the bed. “I can’t wait to tell my Dad I’m not a virgin anymore.” I stopp in my tracks.

“You can’t.” I said with fear. “He’ll kick my ass or something.”

Tyson looked back at me. There was a hint of amusement on his face. “He went out tonight so we could, you know, fuck. He knew what I had planned for tonight. He and I don’t have any secrets. Now, come on. Let’s get cleaned up.” He winked at me. “I want to fall asleep in your arms.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32