Meeting My Internet Crush Pt. 01

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It took so long for Saturday to arrive but thank goodness it was here. It was too rough a week for me to not deserve this. School was too much, the emotions I had to go through was troubling at best so there was nothing for me to do. No friend troubles, no schoolwork, nothing. It would just be me, or so I thought.

Just kicked back in my apartment after a meal, I heard a knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting anyone so it was a little unusual. Then again, I can be paranoid so it could’ve been mail and I was prepping for an apocalypse. Slowly approaching the door, I grabbed hold of a nearby pot and looked through the peephole. The next moment filled me with such glee I may never forget it. Of all people, I would never think that my crush, Brian would appear. We don’t talk often and he lives in Nevada so I’d guess my parents were there before him.

He let himself in and sat on the couch nearby. I asked why he was here while going for a hug. I had to jump onto him to get it but, what does that matter? I got to sit where his glorious shaft resides. He said he’s with friends on break this weekend and they decided to come to Texas for the guns and he got an excuse to see me. At that point I blushed so hard my cheeks may have just been painted red like a Pikachu. I hopped off, onto the other side of the couch and hid my face. He laughed, pointing out how he finds me cute like that and wrapped his arms around my stomach, cuddling oh so sweetly, then whispered to me, “Let’s get wasted” while looking at 3 six packs at the door. I’m not a drinker but for him, I’m willing to learn.

After about 9 beers, we were a little buzzed, but were still aware of everything around us. We watched random channels on TV, talked gossip, politics and inventions we can make to become rich. Retractable chairs, shoes with built in Wi-Fi, filters to make beer out of urine, anything that came to mind. He even taught me how to pickpocket. I don’t know how or why, but time with him is all I need, regardless of what we do.

The mood changed when he started complimenting how I look in shorts. He spoke of how my ass just slips out, the shake it has when I walk, the little gap in the waist of it at my back. This is where I acted shy again, hiding my face, looking away from him. I could just thank him for the compliment without possibly making it worse as I normally do. “I don’t know if you could tell, but I liked you for a while” he stated. “You’re smart, hot, shy and I love black girls. It’s something about them and their movements that has my trouser snake want to strike that badonkadonk booty.” By now my cheeks were an entirely different shade from by body. No one has ever talked about me like this, so to hear this from my crush of all people was too much to handle.

Probably thanks to the beer, I could tell him my true feelings too. At that point, there was a little awkward silence between us that was broken by my phone going off. It was just a reminder of an assignment on Monday. It could’ve been a tornado alert for all I care. Finding out my crush feels the same way about me that I do about him is unmatched by Sivas Escort anything. We looked at each other deeply for a few more moments before I did the boldest thing I may ever do in my young life. I walked to him and kissed him. The scent of beer didn’t really help make it was sensual as I planned, but best to get it out of the way.

He was as caught off guard as I was so his wide-eyed reaction was justified. Me being me, I apologized for doing it, holding my head in shame. Brian could only laugh again at how I moved, only to turn me around, move my braids aside, hold me by my hips and say. “I’d do the same thing. No need to apologize.” He was always smooth when it came to talking, despite barely talking ourselves. I wrapped my hands round his neck looked up at him and planted another onto him, this time gentler and sweeter. Some tongue wrestling went on now so I know he wanted this as much as me. It was from this point, he brought my fantasy to life.

When we stopped, I asked him if we can continue this to the bedroom and without hesitating, he agreed. We shut the door behind us and continued making out. I grappled him onto my bed and took my time exploring his chest, back, legs and hair with my hands. It was a moment that lasted a year for me when his ribbed, puncturing cock started caressing my crotch. Before we went on, I stopped and made a request. Since I may never get a chance like this again, I asked him to be as rough as he can with me.

It was a complete shot in the dark that could either give me the wildest moment of my sex life or in need of a vibrator to fill the gap after weirding him out. There was just a look of curiosity from him followed by a firm grasp on my shoulders. I was picked up, no control of my own body and thrown towards the door. My arms stuck instinctively to brace the impact but it was followed by a grab of my shirt. It was being pulled off me and before you knew it, I was topless, bra exposed, facing the door in front of my crush. “Put your hands on the door handle” Brian commanded of me. I guess now he agreed to be rough and catch me by surprise. I complied, grinning at the door. My shirt was used to tie a really tight knot around my hands and the door handle. I turned my head and asked him, “What are you doing?” with a soft voice, acting all innocent. He was shirtless too, telling me assertively “Turn back around; no peeking.”

As he took his shirt and covered my eyes, restrained to the door, the ideas I had for him to dominate me were endless. Pull my hair from behind, hold my legs up on his shoulders as he flicked my little bean, take the giant spoon in the kitchen and make me scream for him. Oh, gosh, I couldn’t wait!! Brian finished tying his shirt around my eyes. The only sense I needed from this point was touch. I am now merely a tool for his pleasure. He grabbed held of my ass, the right cheek, and just pulled down my shorts with the panties going halfway down. They were eventually pulled to my ankles. Could you imagine wearing only a bra in front of your crush while blindfolded? There’s nothing like it. I then heard his Sivas Escort Bayan belt buckle jingle and a thud, like some fabric hit the floor.

I think he dropped his pants in front of me. We were both naked, in a room, with no one around. If somehow, I blink and I’m in my bed, alone like I just woke up from a dream, I may just never bother to have sex again. Brian grabbed hold of my thighs and parted them, making way for whatever he plans to put in me. A cool breeze shot its way up my vagina and had me shuddering. It was soon countered by the warmth of a hand just under it, touching my pussy oh so gently. His finger found its way through the gates and into me. That was followed by another, and another. Before you know it, I was penetrated by three fingers, each crawling their way into my walls, rubbing against me. I felt Brian etch closer, with his breath on top of my head and his erection passing on my outer thigh. When he decides to ravage me, I know I’ll be in for a ride.

His fingers ponded opposite ends of my pussy, getting quicker and quicker with each passing strike. I was thrusting my hips back and forth onto the door, fighting the urge to have an orgasm so quickly. The moisture I got from such pleasure grew and grew, almost to the point you can hear it smacking as he pleasured me. He kept going, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I started gasping, growing louder and louder but he came to a grinding halt. We both needed a minute to catch ourselves before I alerted anyone to what was happening and for his hand to recover. My ass got smacked a couple times, both with a little grab and jiggle before he let go. He warmed it up a little, but when he pressed himself against me, sandwiching my body between him and the door, I needed no sweater to retain warmth. He felt so right for me, like fitting two pieces of a puzzle. My curved back fit his physique perfectly. He felt at home and I felt complete.

His long, white shaft made its way through my thighs, passing my vagina lips along the way. I could feel every pulse each vein had on that thing the way he went through. He pulled it out, giving me the glory of feeling it once more. The head of the rod is what had me going. The gentle slope to the tip was too aesthetically pleasing for someone like me. He went in again, this time so close to getting in me. I felt it separate me in half now. That was maybe the most delectable Oreo cookie one may see in their life. My dream dick was right beneath me, just preparing itself to claim me as its own. Pulling out again, I could hear him enjoying the feeling himself. “Mmmmmmmm…” He muttered. Taking his cock, he just tapped it against my ass, letting me know that he’s ready and I should be too.

The tapping stopped and there a moment I could feel and hear nothing. A little rustling came up and I felt his grip on my thighs, just making way for something. I feel something moist and soft brushing against my pussy. It flicked about a little more, looking for my clit I thought. It took a second but I knew what was finally going on; Brian was on his knees, eating Escort Sivas me out. His tongue stroked back and forth, back and forth; it progressed to in and out of me, just passing through, entering and exiting. His tongue stayed in for a bit and rotated its way around.

This went on for a few minutes, with him pausing every moment or so to just grab hold of my ass cheeks and give it a little kiss. It had me weak at the knees, but maybe that was from standing for so long. I collapsed a bit, but not to the point where I couldn’t stand. I had to ask him if we could go back to the bed so my legs can at least recover. “Sure.” he said. “It’s my turn anyway.” The knot to the door was undone but my hands were still tied. He walked me back to my bed and laid me on my back. Brian extended my arms over my head and tied the know now at the head of my bed. My whole upper body was stretched out, chest poking forward. I felt Brian standing over me, then kneeling just above my chest. My cheek was rubbed with some part of his body, which would force its way into my mouth.

It didn’t take much knowledge to know I was giving him a blow job. The very same veins I felt on my lower lips were now passing through my upper lips as he thrusted back and forth, with my head moving to help. The throbbing head was the best part; feeling that smooth, pink tip opening my mouth, colliding with my tongue. The texture was so perfect. Smooth enough to just slip in and out but rough enough that I can feel everything about it. His hands then had a strong grip to the sides of my head as he thrusted with all his might into my mouth. I felt it at the very back of my throat, ready to gag at such a large meat going that far back. He pulled it back until the head of his rod was all that was in my mouth. Another thrust rammed into me, even harder. I felt like I was choking when it was stopped. He pulled out one more time. Now his dick was drenched in my spit, some rolling down to my chin, some dripping from his dick onto my chest. One more thrust went in. I jerked forward at this one. I felt it at the back of my neck now. My mouth tightened on the grip of is shaft, refusing to let him go. My tongue just tickled the underside as he pulled away; I couldn’t help but lick the head of his meat as it left.

We would finally get to my bra and have me fully nude. He made light work of it, just unhooking and casting it aside. I feel like this isn’t the first time he’s done this kind of thing. That didn’t matter, so long as he was doing it to me. My tits were out, bare as the rest of me, dark nipples as erect as him. He grabbed hold of one as he parted my legs with his other hand. There were three sensations I was feeling at that time: one hand gently rubbing my wet loins, another hand massaging my tit, just pinching the nipple and his mouth, suckling at my other nipple like a child. When he bit it, I felt a little pain, but it was exactly what I wanted from him. Brian backed off and grabbed my hips, turning them in the process. I was now laying on my belly. “Get on all fours” was his command and I gleefully complied. On my knees, hands tied to my bed, can’t see a thing. I could not have put myself in a better position for a good ramming. Before I knew it, he slipped his dick up and down my vagina again, before finally, putting his shaft within my pussy, starting the sexiest, kinkiest intercourse I will ever have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32