Melody’s Dream

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I was ready for bed and doing my lesson that master said I needed to do each day a warm feeling came over me as I laid down thinking about my lesson and master as I fell asleep,

I dreamed I flew to Texas and met master at a hotel.

It was our first meeting having met master on the Internet and becoming his submissive learning to be his toy for his enjoyment. and finding a need deep inside of me that I must be his.

I got a room in the large hotel and got settled then I picked up the phone and called called master my hand was trembling from the excitement and nervousness of hearing soft voice and told him I was here. Master said that he would be there soon then he hung up.

About an hour later there was a knock at the door my body trembled from the anticipation of waiting for him to show up and not having ever met him before. I open the door and there stood a tall man with gray hair and a sweet smile crossed his lips as he looked at me and said hello pet, I knew right then that it was my master, He entered the room looking around for a moment then dropping his small bag that he was carrying then turning he walked to me pushing the door closed and locking it grabbing me pulling me into his arms kissing me hard on the lips as our tongues played with each other he sucking and nibbling on my lower lip while his hands explored and caressed my body.

He pulls apart from me taking my arm pulling me to the middle of the room then takes a step back and stands there looking me over as I start to say something he puts his finger to his lips telling me to be quiet. I was very nervous and trembling a little as he stood there his deep blue eyes gazing at me then in his soft voice master told me to strip so that he could see what his property looked like. Hearing that made my body tremble even more but was also exciting knowing that master was going to see his pet naked for the first time and I wanted to please him. My hands trembling as I unbuttoned my shirt letting it Sahabet drop to the floor exposing my breast to him for the first time feeling my wetness growing between my legs from he gaze on my body as I remove my slacks letting them drop to the floor at my feet then slowly pushing my panties down to the floor wondering what he is thinking,if he approves of his pet or not.

He walks around me looking at my naked body before him then standing behind me placing his hands on my shoulders which startled me he leans in whispering into my ear ” clam down pet your going to be alright” I feel his hands sliding across my body caressing me not seeing him but feeling him behind me taking control of me while his hands explore my body his soft sensual touch causing my wetness to grow between my legs as my body trembles at the thought of what may happen, how he will use me to satisfy his urges.

He runs his hand through my hair taking hold of it he orders me to get down while pulling on my hair forcing me to my knees then walking in front of me he tells me to undo his pants and take his cock out, I do as master commands me to unzipping his pants pulling his semi hard cock from his pants so close to my face I start to lick it slowly up and down the shaft savoring his taste then sliding my mouth over it sucking on it back and forth he pulls on my hair forcing my face closer still filling my mouth more with his cock as he picks up rhythm slowly fucking my mouth sliding his cock in and out of my throat forcing me to take more of him with each thrust.

Then master pulls out telling me to get on the bed, spread my legs wide and rub my pussy as he watches me my fingers sliding over my mound and between my pussy lips feeling the wetness on them while I stroke my clit and spreading my lips to give master a good view of me.

Then master sits on the bed beside me replacing my fingers with his rubbing me harder and faster placing his fingers on my nub rubbing it back and forth when Sahabet Giriş I try to put my hand there wanting to help him he smacks it away then leaning down to me he licks my clit taking a lip into his mouth sucking hard on it then running his tongue up and down my clit causing my juice to flow even more from the arousal he is causing from his mouth sucking my clit and his touch from inserting his fingers inside me slowly pushing them in and out slow at first then a little faster teasing me then he stops, pulling his fingers from my wet pussy placing them to my mouth telling me to lick my juice from them which I do wanting to please him so very much.

Master then stands and walks to the door picking up the bag he had brought with him placing it on the table unzipping it as he reaches in and pulls out a ball gag and a set of hand cuffs and some rope, he comes back to me telling me to put the gag on, I ask him what it was for and he said ” you will see pet, you will see” then he pushes it towards me I open my mouth wide for him as he fits snug in side my mouth he then fastens it in the back then pulling out the handcuffs from his pocket placing them onto my wrist then snaps a hook from a rope onto them pulling them up over my head tying it to the headboard, watching you walk back to the table and pull a small vibrator from the bag then walk back to the bed where you show it to me placing it close to my ear turning it on hearing the little hum come from it as you lower it to my neck slowly caressing my neck, face then sliding the vibrator to my breast over and around each then slowly over my nipples felling them harden from the vibration as a light moan escapes in the gag.

Then moving it down further over my body onto my stomach which caused a tickle sensation as I tried to move away from it you take hold of my thigh with your other hand squeezing it holding me tight you tell me in a rough voice to be still while you further slide the vibrator lower over my body. Sahabet Güncel Giriş Lower to the top of my clit rubbing it all around the edge then slowly over my pussy lips letting the vibrations pulse through my pussy and body. Then climbing over between my legs spreading them taking your cock rubbing it up and down between my pussy lips while still rubbing the vibrator over the edge of my clit I feel you place your cock to my hole the excitement of of knowing that you were going to fuck me caused me to cum my scream of pleasure not being allowed to escape from the ball gag tight in my mouth my body shaking uncontrollably as I lie under you in ecstasy while you pushed the head of your cock inside me spreading my hole then starting to thrust in and out of my pussy harder, faster and deeper.

Then suddenly stopping your assault on my pussy and pulling out you tell me to turn over pushing your fingers deep inside me getting them wet then placing them at my virgin anus pushing in slowly widening lubricating my ass then again pushing your cock deep inside my aching pussy then I suddenly feel the vibrator at my anus pushing in my tight hole the sensations were great both holes being filled by the toy and your hard cock as you start fucking me with earnest hard deep and fast taking me, using me solely for your pleasure. I felt like you were going to tear me apart from ramming my pussy with your hard cock and the vibrator filling my ass I felt more full then I have ever felt before.

Then as I was about to cum again you stopped and pulling out from me taking the vibrator out you lean over close to my ear tell me that I looked nice and open for you now then placing your cock to my ass pushing the head inside I thought that I was going to die then I moaned loudly through the gag as a orgasm hit my body hard shaking me like a jolt of electricity shot through me. All of a sudden your rammed your cock deep inside my ass causing me to scream loud into the gag awakening me.

As I laid there in bed sweating my heart pounding hard in my chest, it was beating so fast all I could lay there and think of was WOW it seemed so real laying there relaxing from being used by my master even in a dream I know that I am his forever he owns me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32