Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 09

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It was late fall now, and Emily and Ted had managed to find ways to see each other on a regular basis. No one had taken notice as far as either of them could tell.

Neither of Emily’s parents was big on attending church, so offering her a ride to and from rehearsals for the praise band seemed perfectly natural, and gave them regular opportunities to have private conversations to plan their secret meetings.

On average, they were having “secret dates” about once a week. Ted always waited until his wife had left for work before he left the house, and Emily never went out until both her parents were gone. They didn’t bother with the sidewalk pickup after the second time, as they decided if anyone noticed and mentioned it to her parents, she would say Ted had picked her up to go to the church and work on music.

Ted had appointed Emily as his librarian, which meant she was often in his office, making photocopies, sorting and distributing music, and doing general filing. Again, no one seemed to notice that Ted used to do all this on his own, in much less time.

So far, Ted had taken Emily back to his favorite park three more times. As much as he wanted to keep exploring the territory under Emily’s clothes, he had restrained himself to some light petting and kissing. This satisfied Emily just fine, as she was as much into the romantic infatuation as the physical sensations. Her young emotions were expanding exponentially, and she was quite sure she was as much in love with Ted as he said he was with her.

Their conversations were seldom sexual, although they did sometimes enjoy some flirty talk and innuendo. Primarily they talked like any dating pair would, and they both were happy with that. It bothered Ted that he couldn’t be a “real” boyfriend to Emily yet, as far as taking her places like a proper suitor would, but she assured him that she didn’t mind waiting.

Ted had thought out his agenda very carefully, and had shared with Emily his plans to gradually distance himself emotionally from his wife, and then ask for a separation, followed by a divorce. escort gaziantep ilanları It wouldn’t seem rushed, and Emily and Ted both hoped it wouldn’t appear to have been planned.

Then, over time, Ted and Emily would let the outside world gradually see them become closer, and it would appear that a friendship was growing into the next natural step.

They had long talks about many subjects, and covered things like how people would react at first to their having a relationship. They discussed how this might affect their relationships with friends and other family members on both sides, but they were so emotionally invested in each other that they were blind to the obvious problems that would arise.

The first red flag anyone saw was a text Emily received from Kayla one evening:

“Hey, not judging, but is there something going on between you and Mister Ted? Y’all seem awfully tight lately.”

Emily replied by laughing it off and saying they were just finding out they had a lot in common so she felt really comfortable around him.

She shared the text with Ted, and they redoubled their efforts to be stealthy.

Ted had managed to “behave” for what he considered to be a reasonable time, but parts of him that had lain dormant for years were coming to the surface, encouraged by Emily’s teasing and flirting. Ted was remembering what it was like to be young, and to have carnal desires. This weekend, his desires would boil over.

One of Ted’s new ideas that brought growth (and revenue) to Sea Coast Baptist Church was the annual talent show. Hosted by the youth group, the fundraiser had filled the fellowship hall with people the first two years since its inception, and ticket sales for this third installment broke all previous records. Ted had the youth do almost all the planning and direction, including advertising, ticket sales, arranging food, auditioning acts, and emceeing the show.

The show was to go on at 7 PM Saturday night, and the church had been buzzing all day escort kadın gaziantep with youth group members going in and out. This had required Ted to be at church since 8 AM that morning, as he was the only person there with keys and the alarm code. Emily had accompanied him and stayed all day as well, doing odd jobs in Ted’s office as well as going into the fellowship hall to help out.

The last people left around 4 that afternoon. Ted went into his office, where Emily was happily re-organizing his filing system. She had deemed it “atrocious” and had been working on it for a few days now. Ted was perfectly happy with his usual “put it in there and hope you can find it later” system, but was happy to have yet another reason to have Emily nearby.

Ted walked over to the couch in his office that he used as an informal counseling area when he worked with the youth. He flopped onto it with an exaggerated sigh to show he was glad the last person had gone, and it made Emily laugh.

“C’mere, you,” he gestured to Emily with a beckoning finger.

“Has everyone gone?” she asked him, and when she got close, he responded by grabbing her arm and playfully pulling her down to sit on his lap.

“If they weren’t, would I be doing this?” and he kissed her long and deep.

Ted had done everything he could do pull Emily out of her shy shell, and it was working well, although slowly. She still played “quiet Emily” around the other youth, and even her parents, but she had grown comfortable with Ted. When she was alone with him, she was a different person, and she liked this person more.

Emily ran her hands over Ted’s neck and shoulders, and drank in his kisses on her lips, and turned her head, offering her neck. She had grown quite fond of his habit of kissing and licking that special place just behind her ear. Ted obliged her, and also slid a hand under her t-shirt, searching out the clasp on her bra, and found it.

She swung one leg around and straddled him. Her short body and his tall frame lined escort gaziantep kızlar up well in this position, and she looked into his eyes with anticipation.

“Ohh, is it lap dance time?” he said in a low whisper.

“Do you think you can afford me?” she teased.

She unbuttoned his shirt, and then caught Ted completely off-guard by pulling her own up and over her head, and laid it on the couch.

Her bra hung loose but still covered her breasts. He reached up and lowered each strap from her shoulders, slowly, so he could savor this moment.

Her breasts were so much more than he had imagined in his fantasies. So pale, and perfectly matched, they hung in front of him as ripe fruit.

He traced his fingertip from her neck down to one soft nipple, circling it, and watched it slowly rise from his touch. Emily leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

Ted leaned forward, and gently took a breast into his hand, lifted it to his mouth, and gave the nipple a soft kiss, and then did the same with the other. Then he went back and circled each with his tongue. Next he pulled her to him and kissed her more, and she shivered at the feeling of her bare skin against the hair on his chest.

She began to grind against him, not fully aware of what that would cause.

Ted felt his erection growing, and once again he struggled in his mind with what was “okay” and what was “too far”. Just how far would he allow this to go?

Up to now, their time alone had consisted of lots of kissing and petting. Emily was completely inexperienced with this next stage in dating, and had let Ted guide her at every step, so her aggressive removal of her shirt was both surprising and welcome.

“Mrs. Robinson, I do believe you’re trying to seduce me.” He didn’t expect her to get the reference, but he was delighted when she responded with, “Benjamin, I am NOT trying to seduce you. Would you LIKE me to seduce you?”

Ted couldn’t contain his laughter. “Oh, God, you’re incredible! You’ve actually seen that movie?”

She laughed back. “I told you, I have way too much free time. I keep Netflix disks rolling in and out of our house on a daily basis.”

“That’s great, but you’ve got things backward,” he chuckled.


“I’m the one that’s over twice YOUR age, Missy. I’m supposed to seduce you, not the other way around!”

She leaned into his ear and whispered, “Then what are you waiting for?”

End of part nine.

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