Mi Familia Ch. 15

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Jared proceeded back to their San Diego apartment still with many questions roaming his head. “Can I do this?” He pulled into the parking space then sprinted upstairs to their 2 bedroom, shaking his head. He never even thought about having sex with other men besides his roommates. How would he handle this?

When he got in, he saw his favorite and his lover on the couch making out. So he wouldn’t cause trouble, he immediately went to his room and shut the door.

* * * *

“Mhmm…Ooohhh…” Diante’ was on top with Vince underneath. The two were involved in such a hot embrace, they didn’t pay attention to their roommates entry.

The blond tangled his fingers within Diante’s hair while pushing his body upwards. Both were only half clothed on this hot day, wearing shorts and nothing more. The two of them had just gotten in and immediately stripped down to almost nothing. Diante’ had just returned from school and Vince from work at his new job at the local gay massage parlor and spa.

Vince found the job by actually attending a rainbow career fair with Diante’ before last Christmas. He applied and right away the owner said he had to have him there to help other young men with their weight training and personal exercise. He’d been hired as the assistant. Vince wasn’t happy about taking orders from someone else but figured he’d be okay to do it for Avrupalı porno now.

Diante’ had been doing great in school, making the Dean’s list and settling on his major in social work with a minor in political science. His goal was to be a community advisor for gay and abused teens. All his instructors loved him and said he was well on his way to becoming a scholar. He also began to write short stories and columns for the school newspaper. This drew the attention of some national magazines that wanted to publish his work. He’d even been approached by a major publisher to begin writing full time. He thanked them for the offer and told him he’d consider it down the road. Even with his boyfriend and school, he still managed to hold the job at the bookstore, only working 20 hours a week but Jared and Vince’s pay completely covered the rent, leaving Diante’s paycheck for food and other things if needed.

Now, the boys were eighteen, enjoying their lives as two out gay men in love. There had been no issues like there were in the old neighborhood, still stares when they went out in public but that was to be expected everywhere. When they went out together, some of those ogles were positive with people stopping them to tell them what a handsome couple they were. Even at eighteen, Vince was completely bulked, making many a man jealous Video porno and all the women sour when they found out he was gay. Diante’ had bulked as well and was quite a catch with gorgeous tanned skin and curly brown hair that Vince wouldn’t allow him to cut. They were followed and whistled at whether apart or together, even approached by some modeling agencies to do a couple of photoshoots which they both declined. Seemingly nothing could stand in the way of the bliss between them and they hoped since Jared was locked into his career that would continue.

“Jeezus…” Vince mused, gripping his man’s sides.

“I been thinkin’ of you all day, lover. You wanna go into our room and enjoy some hot sex?” He nuzzled Diante’s neck.

“Aye, dios mio, mi amor. Es mucho calor. Why don’t we enjoy it in the shower, then, hmm? You know, the water running down our bodies makes for a very hot experience.” He rubbed himself against Vince’s crotch.

If Vince wasn’t already hard, this made him stiff. “Ooh.” Vince’s eyes met Jared’s. “Even better baby.” Vince covered Diante’s lips, roughly kissing him. He thrust his tongue deeply inside and gripped his partner’s buttocks, smacking them lightly. There was nothing he wanted more than to be with Diante’ right now.

“Good, so…let’s move!” Diante’ kissed him quickly and tried to get up but Vince pulled him in, not allowing him to go. “Damn, baby…c’mon, we have to get up to shower, eh?”

“Yeah, but…” he bit his lip. “Just a little more lovin’ before we move huh? I can’t get enough of you, sweet baby.” Vince grasped his lover tightly, wrapping his legs around his waist. His ankles hit the back of Diante’s calves. Vince nuzzled Diante’s neck, smelling the Obsession cologne he’d bought him just last week. “Ooh God, Diante’, I want you so bad…”

“Yeah? Then let’s go, mi amor, to the shower.”

“Yeah but…I wanna do somethin’ a lil different, baby.” He began panting a little. Vince pushed Diante’s shorts down from his waist, gripping his hips. Vince kissed him again. “I want you, inside of me, Diante’.” He struggled with his own clothing.

Diante’ cocked an eyebrow and flashed a wry smile. He got up from his position. “Mi amor, I…I always thought you wanted to be the top in this relationship.” He gripped his leaking cock.

“Nope.” He spread his legs wide. “I’m ready for you to be there, babe.”

Diante’ glanced at his lover. “Oh God Vince, I really do love you. I…I been thinkin’ about doin’ this but I didn’t want to bring it up. I thought you’d be offended.” Diante’ grabbed the latex from his back pocket.

“No, no, not at all. No power trips, here babe.” And he meant it. Although he considered himself to be the “man” in their union, he had no problem switching. He’d wanted this to happen for quite a while now and since they were about to embark on their first full year together, this seemed like as good of a time as any.

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