Mia , Martin – Beat the Clock

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It was the fall of 2005.

At the start of our sophomore year of university Mia rented an apartment off campus with her good friend Isabella. I started seeing less of her as we were both very busy adjusting to a new school year. After a hectic few weeks I was excited to spend time with Mia in her new home. Isabella was going to be away all weekend, Mia and I would have the whole place to ourselves.

When I arrived Friday night Mia was in the process of doing her laundry. Mia looked cute dressed in casual clothes, flip flops, track pants and a ripped t-shirt. I was accustomed to seeing her in fashionable outfits she meticulously put together, I enjoyed getting a peak behind the curtain. I offered to help her carry her laundry basket downstairs to the basement laundry room but she declined. Instead she told me to throw all my clothes into her laundry basket. I began to comment that my clothes were clean and didn’t need washing but Mia gave me a frustrated look followed by two snaps of her fingers. The message was clear, shut up and obey.

So I stripped down completely naked, tossing every piece of clothing into Mia’s basket. I stood awkwardly in Mia’s hallway, it was not the first time I’d been naked in front of her but it felt strange. Mia looked me up and down, smiled and walked out the door, telling me to make myself at home. My first thought was to sit down and turn on the TV but Mia’s brand new white sofa and the large window in the living room made me reconsider. So I walked into the kitchen and started washing the stack of dishes in the sink. When Mia returned she commented on my doing the dishes, telling me to start the prep for dinner when I was finished, smacking my bare bum with her hand.

Mia walked into the living room sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. With dinner on the go and a spotless kitchen I walked into the living room, making sure to keep clear of the large window. Mia had placed a red blanket on the couch, she patted the seat beside her, inviting me to join. I nervously motioned to the window.

“Someone might see me.” I worried out loud.

Annoyed, Mia stood up walked to the window and pulled up her ripped t-shirt exposing her wonderfully perky breasts with pierced pencil eraser nipples. I instantly hardened at the site of her bare breasts. She lowered her shirt, walked over to me and took my hand, leading me to the couch. We snuggled on the couch watching HBO, me completely naked with Mia fully clothed. Mia teased me with her feet before and during dinner, reaching under the table to tickle my exposed cock with her toes.

I did my best to will my erection down when Mia left to collect our laundry. Being completely naked in an unfamiliar situation didn’t help, and my erection remained. I assisted Mia in the folding of laundry upon her return. As the basket began to empty I realized that none of my clothes were there.

“My clothes are missing!” I shouted. Thinking someone in the building had stolen them.

“I know.” Mia calmly replied. “I have your clothes but don’t worry, you won’t need them this weekend.”

Mia explained that I would remain naked until Sunday as she stepped out of her track pants and peeled off her t-shirt over her head.

“You don’t need clothes, do you?.” She asked, standing stark naked in front of me.

Mia’s naked body was tight and toned, she had a firm flat stomach with a deep sunken belly button. Her collar bones protruded slightly from her thin frame. Mia’s body was decorated with several beautiful tattoos. She had a dark tan left over from the recent summer, her lack of tan lines revealed her habit of sunbathing naked. As I admired her body, it was easy for me to understand why she felt so comfortable being nude.

She ran both hands down my hairy chest, across my stomach, cupping Escort Bayan my balls while lightly stroking my erection, teasing my drooling cock head. Mia led me to the shower, stepping under the water she began to soap herself up. I excitedly stepped in after her, helping her to clean her flawless body. As we washed each other Mia produced a razor, showing me her grooming technique, shaving all the hair from her body except a small tuft above her pussy. Handing me the pink razor, Mia instructed me to remove all my body hair, before stepping out on to the bathmat, wrapping herself in a towel, and walking out the door.

It wasn’t easy physically or psychologically but I eventually managed to remove the hair from my legs, chest, underarms and pubes. Looking in the mirror as I dried myself I wondered what I had done. My body looked so different, I was amazed at the transformation. I walked into the living room without a towel, showing off my work to a smirking Mia. She had dressed. I found I was no longer concerned about the giant window, feeling somehow more confident in my body. Liking what she saw, Mia invited me to sit beside her, she ran her hands across my smooth skin.

“Much better.” She declared.

To reward me for my obedience Mia began to stroke my hard cock with her feet. I’d always had a foot fetish and Mia’s were heavenly. Her slender feet had long toes, cascading in length in perfect proportion. Her nails were nicely painted in a shade matching her underwear. They were soft and smelled as sweet as she did. I struggled to hold back a flood of cum and failed. Blasting several ropes of thick cum across Mia’s toes after only a few seconds

“Martin! We’ve talked about this, stamina is important.” Mia scolded.

I thought about making an excuse, blaming the strange circumstances or the hours of teasing for my quick performance but instead I just nodded. Mia moved her cum covered toes to my mouth. I knew better than to refuse, greedily cleaning her feet with my tongue. Hoping her sweet smelling toes would offset the tangy salty taste of my cum.

After an hour I had nearly forgotten I was naked. Mia put on music, we danced together, played silly games and laughed. Mia showed off her strength and flexibility by contorting her body, lifting herself off the floor using her hands. Mia challenged me to do the same, I surprised her and myself by nailing it on my second try. There I was, totally naked, my legs suspended in the air with my cock on display when the door to Mia’s apartment opened.

“Whoa!” shouted Isabella, Mia’s roommate.

She looked at me in disbelief as I collapsed on to the floor from my awkward position. I scampered to my feet exposing myself further in the process, before running as fast as I could into the bathroom. I slammed the bathroom door behind me. My heart was racing, I looked in the mirror, my face was flushed. Through the door I could hear Mia and Isabella talking.

“Hey, what happened to your plans?” Mia asked

“It was a disaster, I don’t want to talk about it.” Isabella replied. “But I feel bad, I didn’t mean to interrupt your fun. Was that Martin? Why was he naked?”

“Yeah, that’s Martin, he’s naked because I hid his clothes. And the fun doesn’t have to stop. Martin!” Mia yelled, “Get out here and say hello.”

In a panic I looked around the bathroom for a robe or a towel to cover myself but every hook was empty. The cupboard under the sink held only cleaning supplies and the shower was encased in glass.

I cracked open the door peeking my head out.

“Hi” I said.

“Get over here.” Mia demanded, pointing to a spot on the floor.

To my horror my cock was fully hard. I opened the door further, stepping out into the living room with my hands covering my genitals. Bayan Escort As I approached, Isabella never took her eyes off my naked body.

Mia made a swishing motion with her hand, instructing me to move my hands out of the way.

As I did both Mia and Isabella giggled at the sight of my hairless body and erect penis.

“Hi.” I said once again, hoping this would be a quick conversation.

“Hello to you.” Isabella replied “Are you cold?”

I blushed deeply, making both roommates laugh once again.

Isabella was tall and beautiful, she was putting herself through school by picking up local modeling gigs. She hoped one day to make it to NYC. Her looks were intimidating to a nerdy guy like me. I couldn’t shake the feeling I had seen her before. She wore tight black pants and a cool leather jacket with patches of different bands sewn on to the back. She brushed back her long dark hair and removed her jacket to reveal a tight black tank top underneath. Isabella was stacked, her heaving breasts strained against the thin material threatening to spill out at any moment.

We all ended up relaxing on the couch, with Mia to my right and Isabella to my left. I sat between them as they chatted, I was still not wearing a stitch of clothing. Isabella was curious, asking many questions about our arrangement. The more she learned the more interested she became.

“So, he will do whatever you tell him?” Isabella asked.

I nodded and Mia confirmed. “That’s the basic idea, sometimes he needs a bit of prodding.”

“Up!” Mia commanded. I quickly jumped to my feet.

I stood fully naked in front of both women, who moved closer together on the couch. My heart sank when Isabella commented,

“It’s a shame he’s not more athletic.”

Mia instantly agreed, stating “I know, he’s definitely not my type. He’s a work in progress.”

“Sure.” Isabella said, “But what can you do about his little cock, that’s not enough for me.”

“He is small.” Mia confirmed, her words immediately tearing away my new found confidence.

My face felt like it was on fire, I can only imagine the crimson blush which spread across my body. One would think such talk might be a boner killer but my stubborn erection somehow stiffened. Up to that point I had never considered myself small, but I knew I wasn’t large.

“What’s he like in bed?” Isabella gossiped as if I wasn’t even there.

“I wouldn’t know, we’ve never had sex.” Mia took a moment to watch me squirm before adding. “He’s quite talented with he tongue though. That’s mostly why I keep him around.”

“Oh?” Isabella said, reconsidering her opinion.

“He can be a lot of fun” Mia offered, “But at the moment he’s having a stamina problem.”

Disappointment spread across Isabella’s face. “Damn, that’s a deal breaker for me.”

“Totally agree, stamina is very important.” Mia looked me right in the eye as she repeated those words.

“He likes to lick my feet.” Mia told her roommate.

Mia lifted up her slender foot, wiggling her toes at me. I knelt down in front of her. She pressed her feet into my face covering it with both her soles.

“Lick.” She told me.

I happily obliged. Licking Mia’s soft soles, bathing her feet with my tongue. I took my time, licking between each of her long toes.

“Ewwwwww!” Isabella reacted, diving into the couch.

Despite her reaction Isabella couldn’t help but watch.

“Do you want to try it?” Mia asked her friend. “It feels nice.”

“Really?” Isabella asked, burying her face in a pillow. “Yes.” Came the muffled reply.

Isabella slipped off her boots and rolled her socks into a ball. Isabella’s feet were larger than Mia’s with a round big toe and a much longer second toe. Her nails were unpolished Escort and her feet smelled like she had been running around all day. Isabella lifted her right foot to my mouth. I felt conflicting emotions, on the one hand this was the hottest situation I’d ever been a part of, but on the other, up until that point Mia had been the only woman I’d been with.

Mia was not conflicted in the slightest.

“Lick” She commanded.

So I began to bathe Isabella’s feet with my tongue. I breathed in the smell and enjoyed the salty taste of her sweat. I pushed my tongue between each of her toes, sucking on her big toe and long second toe like a tiny penis. Isabella began to rotate her hips on the couch, becoming much more active in placing her toes in my mouth. I could tell she was enjoying the experience. While I gave her friend my attention, Mia began to stroke my cock with her bare feet. My mind went into overdrive, I could have cum that instant but I kept repeating, “Stamina is important,” in my head over and over again. My cock was engorged, veins pulsed and bulged under the surface. My cock head dripped with clear liquid, which Mia spread on her toes to use as lube. As her toes slickly glided up and down my cock I found it even more difficult to resist the urge to cum.

Mia got an idea. “We’re going to test your stamina. You’ve got to beat the clock, if you can last ten minutes without cumming we’ll give you a reward.”

Lasting ten minutes was going to be tough, I was already on the edge. I was harder than I had ever been in my entire life. But I was determined, I wanted to show Mia I had stamina, I wanted to prove myself in front of Isabella and I definitely wanted a reward. Mia started the stopwatch on her digital watch and began stroking my dick with tremendous speed. The soles of her soft feet rocked up and down my shaft. It felt amazing, but I really believed I would hold out, mind over matter I told myself.

And maybe I would have if Isabella had not decided to join in. She reached over with her feet to caress my balls with her long toes, I instantly exploded all over both their feet. Coating them with jet after jet of greasy pale cum. I groaned out loud as I made eye contact with Mia, her face said it all, two minutes thirty four seconds.

I dutifully cleaned my cum off both their feet with my mouth. An act which seemed to arouse Isabella in an unexpected way.

“Fuck!” Isabella moaned as she began rubbing her soaked pussy through her pants.

Mia gave her friend a knowing look, “Want to go cool off?”

Isabella bit her lower lip and nodded. Mia stood up, followed by Isabella and myself. Mia pushed me down on to the couch.

“Sorry,” she said without an ounce or remorse. “You already had your fun. Stamina is important, if only you hadn’t blown your load you could have joined us.”

Mia left me with instructions to wait on the couch, before disappearing into the bathroom with Isabella. I craned my neck to look behind me when I heard the shower turn on. The bathroom door was left half open, I could see a reflection of the shower in the mirror. Mia and Isabella stripped down before hopping into the shower. Mia kissed Isabella passionately on the lips, pressing their naked bodies together. The two friends made out under the warm water. Mia pressed her face into Isabella’s large breasts, sucking on one nipple then the other before going back to the first. Mia’s tongue followed the dripping water down Isabella’s flat stomach to her bald pussy. As Mia expertly ate Isabella out, her friend moaned loudly. Isabella gripped the tile walls, trying to hold on as her knees buckled with a powerful orgasm.

Once again they kissed passionately under the stream of warm water. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. I strained to get a better view as they moved, I slid to the far end of the couch. From there I could see Isabella starting to go down on Mia. Mia’s eyes locked on to mine as she watched me watch her in the reflection. I jealously enjoyed every sexy moment until the mirror fogged up.

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