Middle-Aged Cunt Licker, First Time

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This is a story about a foolish woman who promised to behave herself. But temptation can be found everywhere, even where I least expect it.

The morning found me at the home of my husband’s young business partner. I was not there to see Kevin, however, but to meet his fiancee, Susan. As you may know, James and I have a very special relationship with Kevin. The two men have worked together for many years, of course. They share interests outside of work as well. They both like premium liquors and luxury cars. They play golf and tennis together, listen to jazz and classical music. And they both enjoy screwing a certain middle-aged redhead. And I like to screw.

The future of that relationship depended on how well Susan and I got along. I won’t say I was feeling optimistic. Young newlyweds generally don’t like their husbands to sleep with other women. But I was hoping we could at least be friends and perhaps she could be persuaded to try swinging with us. My husband likes young women as much as I like young men. Susan was young and very pretty. She did tell Kevin that she found James attractive and didn’t immediately reject the idea of a foursome. So it wasn’t entirely a lost cause.

As I mentioned, Susan was a very attractive young lady. Blonde, slender athletic figure, face of an angel. Quite a contrast to myself. No matter how many hours I spend in the gym my youthful figure remains tantalizingly out of reach. And my face? Well, I was never a great beauty. We were alike in one way, I noticed, in that both of us have nice shapely legs. Hers, like mine, were clad in opaque black tights. I wear those when I’m nervous and want to appear dignified. I wonder if she wore hers for the same reason. This got me wondering about what hosiery she might wear on other occasions; at work, on a date… in the bedroom. As you may know, I have a little obsession over lingerie.

Her manners matched her good looks and she treated me to a delightful tea. As we talked and laughed through the afternoon I was reassured that her character was as impeccable as her background check. I thought how lucky Kevin was to have found this rare jewel. Why, I wondered, with such beauty and charm within his reach, does he still take interest in me?

We had put aside the tea things and moved on to stronger drink when Susan finally dropped the bomb I had been waiting for. “So I saw the famous pictures, the ‘Officers Club Oral’ pictures. It seems that a fan club has sprung up around them.”

She was so casual about it that I felt no discomfort at the turn in conversation. “Yes. Unfortunately those pictures were up a long time before I got the rights to them. So swatting them down is an ongoing task.”

“Well, I hope you don’t mind my saying but at least you look good with a dick in your mouth.” She laughed as she said this, but not mockingly.

“So I’ve been told. Thank you.” I swirled my martini and resisted the natural urge to look down at my hands.

“Then I see references to the ‘Butt Slut’ video. But the hyperlinks are always dead.”

“Yes, my media monitoring service was able to suppress that one but the links still come up in searches. Unfortunate that they call me out by name.”

She took a sip of her wine and paused for a moment. “Any chance I… can see the video?”

“You can. But I warn you it’s not very flattering.”

“I’m sure you look lovely. But what I’m wondering is… how do I say this?”

“Am I a total whore?” We both laughed out loud at this. She leaned over to give me a little half-hug which I found disarming.

“You have to admit, it does make you seem a little promiscuous. Just a little.” She held her thumb and forefinger a fraction of an inch apart to show me how little. I held up both hands and dramatically drew them apart like a fisherman describing his prize catch. We laughed again. I was really warming up to this woman.

“Well, the thing is, I didn’t get all kinky until I was forty, about the time that James and I got together.” I drained the last drops from my glass and Susan refilled me from the shaker. “And even then the feeling doesn’t come over me often, maybe once a year. So I’ve been with a dozen guys or so, plus my husbands… and yours.”

Susan smiled conspiratorially at this. “A dozen? I’ve already passed that body count. I suspect that’s typical for a single girl my age.”

“Well it doesn’t help my case that my suitors are young men and our relationships tend to be very short, usually of the one-night variety.”

“Why the young ones, may I ask?”

“When a young guy wants you he wants you… bad. To experience that desire, that red-hot lust. I find it empowering and extremely satisfying. I hope I’m not scandalizing you.”

“No, please, continue.” She had her elbow on the table, listening in rapt attention. I was over-sharing but couldn’t stop myself now.

“When a young guy wants you he will come at you with everything he has. And he will try to get anything he can. But it doesn’t last. Once eve gelen escort he gets what he wants he can take you or leave you. So I’ve learned to enjoy the pleasure and not expect more than that.”

“That is interesting.” Susan leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs, clad in opaque black tights. “But you know, some young women can be that way too, hot for you one moment and not give a damn the next.”

This caught me by surprise and I had to ponder her words for a moment. “Are you, uh, speaking from experience?”

“Well,” she said, her tone ambiguous. “You’ve shared your confidence so I feel like I can trust you with one of my own.”

“Oh, please do.” I was excited to hear her story.

“When I was in college, and I’ve never told anyone about this, there was a girl in my sorority. She was younger than me, but bold, very forward. I had never thought about a girl that way. But she set her sights on me and, like you say, I found her desire for me irresistible. She made me feel beautiful and sexy. For two glorious months we made love, secretly, cautiously, but unreservedly.”

She took a long drink of wine and I was quietly going mad with anticipation for her to continue. “I don’t know if it was love, but it felt like it. And when she broke my heart that felt like it too. I returned from winter break, eager to be back in my girlfriend’s arms, only to find that she had moved on. She was flexing her sexual freedom and I was just the first of her exercises. Then I had to spend the spring semester watching her make out with the guitarist for a local 80’s tribute band.”

I felt so bad for her. I covered her hand with mine to comfort her. “I’m so sorry, Susan. That must have been awful for a girl your age.”

“That was a long time ago, ten years. I don’t think of her often these days. I was just reminded of her because you have hair the same striking shade of bronze as she did, and the same generous curves…” She leaned toward me again and my heart nearly stopped when I felt her fingertips graze my nylon-covered knee. “…and the same beautiful legs. And I’m reminded how I’ve always wished I could have one more night with her, so I could feel complete.”

“Is this a trick?” I hissed, pinning her hand to my knee with my wrist. “Did someone put you up to this?”

“No trick,” she assured me. “I hope I haven’t offended you.”

I kissed her. I pulled her close and our lips met, tongues wrestling furiously, hands moving smoothly across the fabric of each other’s clothing. I kissed her until the thinking part of my brain told me I had kissed her enough. But when I tried to pull away, the feeling part of my brain brought me back to taste her sweet kisses again and again and again.

It was so different, kissing a woman. I like men, obviously. I like the feeling of razor stubble on a manly face, the flavor of coffee or bourbon or pipe smoke on their lips. I like being overpowered by manly arms as a hungry tongue probes the mysteries of my mouth. This was so different. Susan was soft and smooth and I tasted wine and chocolate on her sweet breath. And I tasted makeup. That was unexpected but not unpleasant. It wasn’t long though before our lipstick had been licked away and it was my tongue probing her dainty mouth and my arms holding her firmly while my hands explored her slender athletic figure. What had gotten into me?

I kissed her neck and throat and shoulder, inhaling her perfume. I nuzzled her long blond hair and softly nibbled her ear. She let me do it, turning her head this way and that to give me access. Her hands moved up my thighs and gently squeezed my hips, occasionally dancing over my groin, dispelling any doubt I might still have about what was going to happen. I don’t know how long this went on, two grown women making out like teeneagers. But there came a point where I was so aroused that if we didn’t make love soon I didn’t know what I would do. I took her hand and placed it between my legs, spreading so she could feel my heat and wetness. She squeezed my bush as her dainty tongue flickered between my lips. I was still a little afraid to be with a woman. But there was no way I was turning back now.


It was surreal, accompanying Susan to her bedroom, a room I knew well. As you may know, I’ve had trysts in bathrooms and hotel rooms, in cars parked and moving. I’ve been intimate with men I hardly know and with total strangers. I’ve felt apprehensive about it at times but this mixture of fear and excitement I hadn’t felt since the night I lost my virginity. What if I couldn’t please her? What if she couldn’t please me? What if I froze and couldn’t go through with it. Well, that last one wasn’t an option. No way would I lead this woman on and leave her unfulfilled without giving her my best effort.

It was surreal, unbuttoning her tunic, revealing her brief black camisole. She was slim enough that she didn’t need to wear a bra. But she did need something to cover istanbul eskort bayan those amazing nipples that poked through the thin fabric. She pulled my sweater dress over my head and I embraced her again, kissing her not urgently now, but playfully. I ran my hands up her sides and disposed of the camisole. I can’t say enough about those delightful nipples, standing out an inch, hard as diamonds.

I pushed her down on the bed and sucked on one while twisting and pulling on the other. She squirmed and cried out briefly and I apologized for being too rough with her. But she urged me to keep going, to be rough as I wanted. Well I did as she asked, dialing it back just a little, switching my attention to the other nipple after a while and eventually covering her whole chest and tummy with kisses and licks of my tongue. I had one arm cradling her neck and the other was infiltrating the waistband of her opaque black tights. She wasn’t wearing panties underneath and when my hand reached her twat I found it wet and ready for my fingers.

I brought my hand up to my lips and tasted her on my fingers, one at a time. I’ve tasted myself many times. On a lover’s fingers or my own, on a well-used toy, on the occasional penis. Susan tasted different. Good, but different. I savored her juices on my tongue and I knew that I would have no problem licking it up from the source. She watched me wide-eyed as I pulled off her final article of clothing, revealing her slender hips, her shapely legs, her beautiful golden bush. I pounced on her, face first. I felt like a savage, devouring her, smearing my mouth and chin. She responded just as I hoped, better than I hoped, thrashing around so that I had to wrap my arms under her thighs and over her belly to hold her still.

It was actually shocking how much I loved eating her little blond pussy. As I obsessively licked and chewed her an interesting thing happened. I could be wrong, but it seemed like her pussy lips stretched wide over my face. Is such a thing possible, that a woman can become so relaxed or aroused that her labia stretches that wide without being forced? I was caught up in the moment so I didn’t stop to verify, but it really seemed her pussy covered me from my cheek bones to my chin. I used my face to pleasure her. She gave me the most delightful feedback with every little movement of my head. Slightly left, slightly right, up, down, around in slow, barely perceptible circles. All the while the bridge of my nose was pressed against her clitoris.


It must have been the better part of an hour before Susan begged me to stop. “I don’t believe you’ve never done that before.”

“What can I say? I must be a natural cunt licker.”

She sat at the edge of the bed and wrapped her arms around me, giving me goosebumps wherever we touched. She pushed my breasts together, causing my front-clasp bra to unfasten and fall open. Her hands ran over the tender flesh and teased my nipples. “I wish I had big beautiful boobs like yours.”

“Oh, you’re better off without these floppy things.”

“No, they look very tasty.” And then she tasted them. My arousal rose to a boil and I anticipated getting my turn.

She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of my tights and pulled them over my hips. She slid them to the floor and let me step out of them. Then she rose and pushed me face down on the bed, climbing up between my spread legs. I felt her lips on my ass and her hands squeezed my thighs. It was pretty exciting. She brought her hands up to cup my cheeks and then she spread them. This was unexpected but not too alarming. I wouldn’t go to Kevin’s house without preparing myself for ass play, even if he wasn’t going to be there. So if she was going to, whatever, I was ready for whatever. I raised my ass to give her better access.

“Rita, would you mind if I put something up your butt?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Do you have a dildo or something?”

“Or something,” she replied cryptically. From a drawer she produced a purple nitrile glove and a pump bottle of lubricant. She leered at me as she stretched the glove onto her right hand. Oh my, what was I getting into?

I assumed the position on the edge of the bed as she squirted some lube onto her gloved fingers. She rubbed it between my cheeks and her fingers swirled around my anus. Her left hand stroked my back and sides while one of her fingers penetrated me and twisted slowly one way and then the other. My impulse was to tighten up, disguise how easily I accepted the intrusion. But Susan and I had shared a lot and I anticipated becoming very close with her. I relaxed and let her discover my dirty secrets.

She pulled her finger out and went back in with two. OK, I was feeling it now. I went down on my elbows and rested my forehead on my arms. Susan explored my sphincter muscles and fucked me slowly with her hand. She pulled out briefly and I held my breath as this time three fingers pressed at the wrinkled entrance. Slowly she penetrated rezidans escort me, stretching me to the point of discomfort. I forced myself to relax and even push out a little. She twisted her digits slowly in my ass. I had my eyes closed and was starting to really enjoy the sensation when her other hand found my muffin and I erupted in a sudden violent orgasm.

Susan stood away while I writhed on the bed. Then she rolled me on my back and pulled my leg over her shoulder. Three fingers went back in me and she fucked them in and out of my ass. She suckled reverently at my breasts while she did this. The sensations combined felt so wonderful that I almost didn’t notice when a fourth finger entered me. She kissed my chubby tummy, working her way down to my fiery red pubes. As she did this, she pushed four fingers up my stretched out bum, slowly but firmly. I reached under my legs and pulled my cheeks apart to help her. I calmed myself and bore down, confident that I was clean down there. I couldn’t see it but I was sure her fingers were in up to the last knuckle. Ever so slowly, she twisted just a little each way.

“Can you take it, Rita?” She asked.

“I think I can. I’ll try.”

Then I felt her tongue on my wet pussy and my reaction to the sweet sensation let her fingers slip in a little more. She slurped me up and started fucking her four fingers in and out. Her handling of my holes was so stimulating that I felt another richter-scale climax headed my way. This girl was just getting started. I was actually afraid of coming too much. Then another violent orgasm swept over me and I shook and bounced on the bed while Susan smirked at me.

She got several pumps of lube for her gloved hand and I knew what was coming next. Throwing my dignity in the trash I spread my legs wide and grabbed my knees, pulling them up to my shoulders. It occurred to me that if this woman was tricking me, filming me secretly, I would never live it down. The blowjob pics that Lieutenant Dick had taken of me, the low-quality video of Shane reaming me in a bathroom stall, neither could compare to the humiliation of anyone seeing me spread my greased-up asshole to be violated this way. Anyone, that is, except for my lover Susan.

She sat on the bed and stroked my feet, my calves, the backs of my thighs. “You can tell me if you feel like you’re in distress. I want you to enjoy this.”

“Do it,” I said and shut my eyes, preparing for the ordeal. It felt like all four fingers were back in my stretched-out bung and I just knew her thumb was squeezing in behind them. I breathed deeply, in and out, and bore down as hard as I dared. Her hand filled me tight, tighter, tighter, the fear bubbling in my breast like a simmering sauce. I heard what sounded like the soundtrack of a really cheesy porno flick and realized it was me moaning, louder and longer each time.

I pictured in my mind what her hand must look like, half in and half out. I tried to estimate how far she had to go, judging by the pain of my stretching. And then, just when I thought I couldn’t take it any more, I felt the widest point pass and my asshole finally began to contract. Susan was very gentle with me and didn’t shove the rest of the way, though I knew my tightness was trying to suck her in. She continued the slow and steady pace and eventually I felt my sphincter muscles tighten around her wrist.

Her gloved hand slowly closed inside my colon and I knew it wasn’t coming out again until she relaxed her fist. She waited like that until my breathing returned to normal. Then she leaned between my legs and began lapping at my pussy lips. I cautiously eased my legs down and rested my heels on her shoulders. She was not devouring me aggressively and I was glad of that. She just licked my lips and my “taint” and the crease where my pelvis met thigh. She ran her tongue through my pubes and kissed the soft skin of my waistline. She rubbed her face on my inner thighs, kissed my ankles and feet. And every now and then she would softly flex her fist in my ass.

She avoided my clitoris at first but eventually began paying it more and more attention as her lips and tongue roamed over my twat. She built me up to a peak and then gently pushed me over the edge. I felt myself convulse on her wrist. It was uncomfortable but not painful. Once that passed, she lay her head on my inner thigh and watched herself slowly, slowly withdraw from me.


I was so relieved when I felt Susan’s knuckles pass out of my wrecked anus. I rolled away from her as her fingers left me and curled up in a ball. She went into the bathroom to dispose of the soiled glove and returned with a moistened towel to clean me up. This was humiliating, but I was too exhausted to even protest. She lay down behind me and pulled the blanket over us, spooning me with her arm draped across my breasts.

“I’ll swing with you, Rita,” she murmured in my ear. “But not behind each other’s backs. If you’re going to sleep with my husband I should at least get to watch.”

“And join in?”

“If that’s how the stars line up. You can watch me with your husband. I think I’d like that.”

“I think I’d like that, too.”

Her hand stroked across my nipples. “But you and I can get together sometimes, just the two of us, if you want.”

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