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Middle School Sucks

*****So, here is the dreaded disclaimer that unfortunately no one actually reads, but, I suppose, it has to be done. This story contains scenes of gay boy/boy man/boy sexuality and diaper play, which includes piss play. If this is not the sort of story that you are looking for, then please leave now. If this story is illegal or immoral for you to read, the decision to read is solely up to you. I own sole rights to this and all my other works, please do not post elsewhere without first consulting me, I will almost always be happy to oblige. Please remember that Nifty is our friend and offers this amazing service to us, free of charge, but do require our donations to keep going. Do what you can as I do what I can. As always, should you like to contact me, please do so at erich5748 at ail, I enjoy reading your thoughts on my stories, but as always, I do not require them to continue. Well, there you have it, hope that you enjoy.****

My name is Heath, my dad and I just moved to a whole new city, pretty near fully across the country from where we used to live. He got a new, really good paying job, we talked it over, I had nothing there anyway, so I was happy to maybe start over and possibly even get friends, because I have kind of never really had any. It was late October when we moved, and so far, in the whole month since I started in my new middle school, almost no one has even so much as talked to me. I am really not good with others, so, even though I have tried to initiate conversation with others, it just never really works. At least I have not been bullied here yet, it was getting pretty bad where I used to go to school, but then, they all knew my secrets. You get caught sucking a boy, while jacking off your diapered dick, and it spreads like wildfire. It is not even that I hate being gay or wearing diapers, but even though I never cared, boy did they, and they teased me mercilessly for it. I tried to ignore them, but it really is hard to ignore people when they are pulling your pants down to expose your diaper, taunting you, teasing you every minute that they can, it gets really old, really fast.

So, yeah, gay, diaper wearer, how and why you ask.

My mom and I were in a really bad car accident when I was just about a year old, she died, I technically died twice, but clearly I managed to survive. My lower back was damaged, and during that, some of the nerves to my stomach area were too, I do not feel the need to pee, I do not feel the need to eat, I cannot feel when I am full, I have very little sensation in my entire stomach area, and in most cases, I never feel it if you touch me there at all. The bullies had found it hilarious that they could punch me in the stomach and I would not feel a thing. Except, yeah, they sent me to the hospital once late last year because of that, and my dad sued the kids dad who did it to me, ensured that he was expelled from school, and threatened every bully in my school that if they so much as touched me once more, that they too would be broke and broken, and also threatened the entire school board that if they did not do more to protect kids, that he would topple even them in his fury. It did help, sorta.

So, yeah, I wear diapers because of all that. Thankfully only for pee, though, yes, in a pinch, I have pinched one in my diaper. My dad did try me with catheters, and while they work, I really do not like them. The inserted catheters were supremely uncomfortable, and I got wicked infections from them, and the condom catheters were just annoying. I was always super active, and sure as shit, I would end up having it come off, and then I would just pee my pants anyway. I think I was five when I became a full time, full on diaper lover.

As for gay, yeah, kind of suspected that back as early as kindergarten to tell you the truth. I do not know the first time I actually used the term gay to describe myself, but I was around eight or so I guess. It was in kindergarten though, the first time I saw another boy naked, and the desire to suck his hot hard little peepee was super strong.

I was ten the first time I actually got the opportunity to suck a dick, though the favour has yet to be returned.

I am in grade seven, I am twelve years old now, I just turned twelve just before school started, I am one of the tallest kids in our grade, yet I am probably the lightest one too. I am super skinny, my dad teases me all the time that I would probably still fit in Pampers, but I do not, I tried. I bought a pack once during the summer, to try it, and they do tape up, and they were so fucking amazing, but they just cannot hold up for long. I have long blond hair, down to just past my shoulder blades, I have really blue eyes, and I think my ears and nose are a little too big, but my dad says I will very soon grow into them, and that it is perfectly normal.

Inside my diaper, I hide my little pride and joy, and I proudly salute him every day, sometimes two or three times a day, maybe more if I can. I am almost eleven centimeters long, about four or so around now I guess, so not huge, but I think I am where I am supposed to be, at least the few dicks I sucked were smaller than me, well, except the one older boy, but even though he could cum, was just over thirteen, I was the same size as he was. I am still mostly hairless, I just have a little peach fuzz, and my balls are starting to get bigger. I cannot wait until I start cumming properly, I wanna eat it all. Ever since the first time the boy who could cum filled my mouth, and he growled to me to eat it all like the cock sucking slut I am, I could not get enough, and I sucked him happily and greedily, often three times in a row, until he had to push me off.

Trust me, I would suck so much cock and cum it is sick, and another secret, I would happily drink all their piss too if they offered it. I have sucked the sweet piss from my diaper hundreds of times, probably just this year, and I would love nothing more than to relieve a hot gay baby boy diaper lover of his super soggy baby diaper, as he does the same for me, and suck each others baby diapers dry, while watching each other do so, then trade our diapers and put them back onto each other, maybe with a diaper doubler in them, now, that would be so fucking hot.

Does my dad know. Yeah, he kind of caught me looking at stuff I was certainly not supposed to be looking at when I was ten, so I kind of had to admit to him that I was pretty sure I was gay. I had not yet sucked a dick, that came only a month or two later, that was when I was absolutely certain. And yes, he does know that I am a full on diaper lover now, I admitted to him at the same time, that even if they could get me peeing again, that I never would let them, that I would happily keep my baby diapers forever. He laughed, both times, and said yeah, I know. I am so happy, well, when I am at home. I walk around in nothing but soggy baby diapers all the time, and my dad is perfectly okay with it.

So, yeah, middle school sucks.

Then I found out, quite by accident, that if you time it just right, middle school can really suck.

Normally I just take care of my messy bathroom visits before or after school, it is a pain in the soggy diapered ass to change your diaper in those maddeningly small toilet stalls, and I am not even big here, so I try never to be in that situation. Lunch was not sitting well, though, and so, I got permission from my teacher to go to the washroom, we are in our first class after lunch. I always get blanket permission to leave class whenever for personal reasons, and yes, the teachers are told why. This time is not for that, but who cares.

I walked into the washroom nearest to my classroom, and lo and behold, I find a pretty little boy, about my age and size, on his knees, sucking the dick of one of the older boys, he looks to be at least fourteen, so probably in grade nine. Neither had noticed me, I had made no noise, and they were making more than enough. Clearly they never caught the motion of the door either.

“Mmm, yeah, you suck cock great.” Is what the elder boy moaned as I walked in. “God, you”re amazing, I can”t wait to share you with all my friends.”

“Please don”t.” The smaller boy pulled off and whimpered pitifully.

“Don”t you dare stop, and it”s not your choice, you”re a little fairy boy, and it”s a fairy boys duty to suck all the older boy cocks he”s given and not complain.”

Well, that just royally pissed me off. I mean, I know that I am a cock sucking slut, but it was my choice, I said yes or no, no one else got to tell me that.

So, as stealthily as I could, I pulled out my cell phone, and started shooting a video, as the elder boy kept telling his cock sucker things just like that, mostly how he and all his big strong friends were going to enjoy filling him as full as he could possibly stand. He even told the boy that he would enjoy busting his virgin cherry and then letting all his friends use and fuck him as well. I thought I better put a stop to this.

“That”s enough.” I said, trying to make myself sound bigger than I really am.

The boy stopped mid stroke, spun around, showing off his erection, and I damn near hit my knees, fuck he is hung for fourteen.

“Who the fuck are you, and who the fuck are you to tell me to stop fucking a fairy throat.”

“Someone who has more than enough evidence to have you thrown in the kiddie pen “til you”re nineteen.” I said, showing him my phone.

“Oh really, and what”ll you do if I come over there and destroy your phone, and then you?” He mocked, clearly not scared of my minimal stature.

“Won”t really matter. Not only will I still testify anyway, but I”ve already saved it to my cloud account, so destroying the phone won”t destroy the evidence, and killing me won”t really help your plight any more either, now will it?”

Then he stormed over and punched me in the stomach. Of course, I did not feel it.

“Wow, you punch like a fucking girl. Now, try again, and I take all this evidence to the police. Mess with me, or even look at me or him ever again, and I go to the police. Even a half witted moron would understand how deep in shit you really are, so, go ahead, make me call the police.”

“You wouldn”t dare?”

“Actually, I don”t really care for bullies or rapists, and you”re both, so, yeah, I abso-fucking-lutely would. You raped that poor boy, and I should just call the cops right here and now, and have you dealt with.”

“My dad”s too rich, you”d never make it stick.”

“My dad”s rich, and powerful, wonder which one has more sway. Wanna find out?” I said as I pulled up my phone and went to start dialing.

Of course it is a lie, he is not really neither, but certainly we are pretty well off.

“Fine, you win, but I hope you know he”s just a fucking fairy fagot.”

“I don”t care who or what he is, and I truly detest that word, we”re gay, plain and simple, but that does not give you the right to rape us. If it were me that you did that to, I”d be spitting out your puny little baby dick after biting it clean off. I sucked a thirteen year old with a bigger dick than you, hell, I”m bigger than you, and I”m only twelve. Now, why the fuck are you still standing here, get your ugly face outta mine before I call the cops.”

He tucked himself in, zipped up, and then left the bathroom without looking at me once more. I then turned to the other boy, and smiled to him.

“So, how”d he find out you were gay?”

“What makes you think I am?” He said, still sniffling.

“Because you were sucking him, and not biting his dick off. Honestly, when I saw it, I damn near wanted to hit my knees, he had an amazing cock, but I won”t let them use me. “Course they never reciprocated, so even though I”ve sucked lots, I”ve still never been sucked. Then there”s the fact that you did kinda have your hand in your pants, not to mention, I can feel the gayness radiating escort off you, like most say they can feel from me.”

“Oh. Well, not really sure how he knew, maybe he felt it too. He told me to come with him, that he had a treat for me. He just pulled out his dick and said suck it like the good fairy boy you are. He pushed my head down, and I let him, and then he started face fucking me.”

“Was that your first time?”


“Sorry that it hadta be a not so nice experience. Hopefully he never tries that again, but, if he does, may I suggest biting down hard enough to get his attention, and if he still keeps going, bite considerably harder.”

“Other than him telling me that he was gonna share me with all his friends, and fuck me, I was kinda enjoying it. I”ve kinda dreamed of that for a while.” He grinned a little sheepishly.

“Yeah, know how you feel.”

“Yeah. You”re new here, right, just moved about a month ago, if I remember correctly?”


“There”s a rumour going around about you, that you wear diapers. Is that true, or is it just a nasty rumour?”

“It”s true.”

“Oh. Honestly thought you”d lie to me.”

“Why. I wouldn”t give them up now, even if by some miracle I could control the need to pee. I truly don”t care if people know, I just don”t wanna be bullied for it.”

“And how”d you take that punch so easily, I saw you get pushed back from it, that hadta hurt?”

So, I told him all about that.

“Wow, that sucks, but was totally awesome. You totally deflated him when you took that hit and didn”t even make a sound, and then calling him a girl because of it.” He grinned.

“Yeah, just hope he never finds out that particular secret, or I might die. I tell you though, that was one of the scariest things I”ve ever done before, standing up to him like that, and I peed my diaper a lot because of it.”

“I bet, there”s no way I could do that, you”re way stronger than I am.”

“No, not really. If you weren”t a cute little gay boy like me, I probably woulda shrunk away, but I couldn”t let him abuse you like that.”


“So, how long have you known you were gay then?” I asked curiously.

“Few years now, I guess. You?” He asked.

So, I told him about that, and he admitted that sounds just like him too.

“So, um, if you haveta wear diapers, why are you here then?” He asked.

“Lunch wasn”t sitting well, and I was getting cramps, so I came here to see if I needed to go to the bathroom, but they”re gone now, so I guess it was just gas bubbles or something.”

“Oh, well, I guess that”s good for me.”

“No shit.”

“In paent, could I, um, maybe suck your dick?”

“Fuck, I”d really like that, and I”d really liketa suck you too, but we shouldn”t do it here. Come to my place after school. I”ve only sucked, never been sucked, so I”d really fucking like that.”

“Same, except today was my first time sucking, as you know.” He smiled.

“Yeah, and would you, you know, wear a diaper for me as well, maybe have it super soggy when we get there?” I asked, since, of course, that is my single biggest fantasy.

“Okay, do you have diapers with you now?”

“Always. You will?”

“Yeah, I”ve kinda always wanted to try it, I wet the bed, but only maybe once or twice a month, and well, yeah, I”ll try it with you, but only on the condition that you give me a few diapers when I leave your house, so that I can have a good sleep, that way I won”t haveta set my alarm to wake me up three times a night.”

“Really, you do that?”

“Yeah, my mom started making me do that when I was five. She set it and told me to get up and go pee every time it goes off, and I still needta.”

“That really fucking sucks, I”d way rather wear diapers.”

“Yeah, hence the condition.”

“Happily done. It”s Friday anyway, wanna spend the weekend?”

“I”d really liketa.”

“Will you let me diaper you the whole time you”re there?”

“Oh yes.” He sighed.

Well, I think I just fucking near came with that. That was definitely a sigh of someone who desperately wants something.

“Oh god, this weekend”s gonna be so amazing.”


“Can I tell you another secret before we get too far and become friends, and then you find out and ditch me like everyone else does?”

“Okay, I doubt I could hate you for almost anything.”

“I liketa suck the piss from my diapers, drink it down, but, what I want most of all is to suck the piss from another boys diaper, while he”s doing the same to mine, and then I wanna put each others sucked dry diapers on, and then pee them full again, and then trade diapers and do it all over again, “til they can”t be taped back up.”

“Fuck, I damn near came.”

“You”re as dirty as I am. Fuck, that”s awesome.”

“Oh yeah, I love peeing on myself in the bath, and I have really good aim now and can get almost half it in my mouth, and I”ll happily do that with you. Now, gimme a diaper, let me go get diapered up please.” He grinned brightly.

I dug through my pack and passed him a diaper. He took it in shaking hand, and nearly ran for the toilet stalls. I could clearly hear him struggling to get into the diaper in a standing position, even though he probably does not really know how to yet. I can do so easily now, just doing it in such a confined space is not always the easiest. It sounds like he had a little bit of a tricky time with it.

He got himself all done up, and then came out. The problem, I can see that he is wearing a diaper.

“Hmm, that”s a no go, I can see what you”re wearing. Your pants are too tight, your shirt too short, and while it looks really fucking hot, I doubt very seriously you want everyone else seeing you this way. You”re almost the same size as me, which is surprising, I”ve never met anyone else who”s as skinny as I am, I”m just a bit taller, so I think my clothes will fit you just fine. I also have a spare diaper shirt in my pack that you can wear, that”ll help when you lift your arms, and of course, I always carry a spare change of clothes everywhere I go, so, here, take these and go change.” I said.

I am sure I groaned when I first saw him too.

“Thanks, I was afraid of that, but all my clothes are like this. My mom doesn”t exactly make a lot of money, and spends even less of it on me.”

“Yeah, wondered about that. Here, go change.”

He took the clothes and went back into the stall and changed, and was back out only a minute later. I took his clothes and put them back in my pack, though I did take the underwear from the top and sniffed them deeply, while staring right at him.

“Mmmm, you smell good. I think I might just keep those.” I sighed.

He giggled. “Fuck, you really are nasty, I like that in a guy.”

“Thanks. Me too. Let”s go to the office and talk to the vice principal, he told me that if there was ever a time where I needed to leave early for personal reasons, to come see him, I”ll just call my dad and tell him what”s happening. You”ll probably needta call your mom and tell her what”s up as well.”

“Umm, not gonna call her yet, too early. She”ll still be sleeping, and she was drinking pretty hard last night, so I know better than to wake her up.”

“Fuck, that sucks.”

“Yeah, well, it”s my life, I deal with it. Could be worse, though, at least she doesn”t abuse me or anything, and I”d rather be there than in foster care, never knowing anything at all. At least at home I know what to expect.”

“Still, it”s not fair to make you live that way.”

“No, but she”s my only family, no clue who my father was, I doubt she does either to tell you the truth, and like I said, I”d rather that than foster care. So, what”s your name, anyway?”

“Ah, yes, I”m Heath. What”s your name?”

“I like that, my name”s Trent.”

“It”s really good to meet you Trent.”

“It”s good to meet you as well.”

Like I said, Trent is every bit as skinny as I am, though he is at least ten to fifteen centimeters shorter than I am, he is really cute though. Though his hair is too short for my tastes, and honestly would look way better grown out a little, rather than being cut into the near buzz cut he has, I am guessing that it had been a buzz cut, and that it is just growing in. His hair is a rich brown colour, and it almost perfectly matches his eye colour. He has a cute little button nose, and dark cherry red lips, I have never seen lips so dark without a person wearing lipstick.


I led the way to the office, and when we arrived, I asked to speak to the vice principal, and he was not busy, so we were shown in right away.

“Good afternoon Sir. I found a friend in need, and I hadta loan him some of my clothes for the same reason I always carry spare clothes. I caught him in the process of being verbally abused by an older boy because of it, and I ensured that he will not cause any further problems, or I go to the police with the video I shot of him doing so. With all that, I”d liketa take Trent home so that he can settle down. You already know my dad”ll be okay with that, he told you as much, and Trent”s mom won”t be awake yet, since she works nights, so we”ll call her from my place as soon as she”s awake. Would you please allow that?” I said all in one fast breath.

“You know that technically I”d never be allowed to do such a thing, however, I know that Trent”s mom doesn”t work the night shift in the normal sense, and I know that she was likely heavily intoxicated, so I”d be very much inclined to allow it. As for the abuse, who?”

“We”d really rather not say at this time.”

“And may I see the video?”

“No Sir, because then by law you”d be obligated to report him, and we”ve resolved it for now, and Trent would rather not go through that. He”s not hurt, just shaken up.”

“Ah, I see, I take it then that you meant orally, not verbally?”

“I wondered if you”d catch that. Yes, but, again, we”d rather not say yet.”

“Under the table, no records, who? I wanna put a watch on him then, because there”s been rumors of such a thing happening, and there are two names that have been standing out.”

“You promise Sir?” I asked.

“Absolutely. I understand your position Trent, but I can”t allow it to continue happening in my school. So, who was it?”

“Jason Richards.”

“Yep, top name on my list. Rich daddy, spoiled kid who thinks he can do whatever he so desires, flaming gay, but I happen to know he”s denying that particular truth, mediocre athlete who thinks he”s far better than he truly is, and an abysmal student who should be doing far better than he is. Every time I”ve called the little fuckups father in to complain, he always threatens me with all sorts of legal bullshit, and to leave his amazing kid alone. As soon as I find proof, though, that boy”s gonna be some bigger boys bitch in prison, and I really wish you”d give me that evidence.”

“I”d really rather not, Sir.” Trent said.

“Fair enough, for now, however, if he does so again, I will make absolutely zero promises, you understand, right?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. You boys go ahead and head out, I”ll take care of your teachers.”

“Thanks Sir.” We both said, and then headed out.

The walk to my place is only about ten minutes, and it is fairly nice out, so it is a nice walk.

“Whoa, this is where you live?” Trent said in awe.

“Yeah, home sweet home, except, it”s only a loaner for now, my dad”s having our permanent house built. This is nice, but it”s not really our style.”

It is a large Georgian style colonial house, it really izmit escort bayan is kind of big and gaudy looking if you ask me, and the interior is worse. What is funny is, it is the house that was given to my dad for when we moved, it was arranged by the company that hired him, they told him it is free until he finds a suitable place of his own, for up to a year, so clearly we never picked it. We have known since just after the start of summer, so we had made up the plans, had a local Realtor here find us the property, and he suggested the builder, and our new house was started almost a month before we moved. We have gone to see it a couple times since we moved, and I cannot wait to move in, it will be so much nicer. I mean, yeah, this house has everything we could possibly need, especially the pool, only it is outside, and we want an inside pool, but, like I said, this house is massive and gaudy, and only for two people.

As we walked in, I told Trent all this, and then even took him and showed him the plans for the new house. It will be a ranch style house with a full basement. There are only four bedrooms, whereas our current house has ten I think it is, we will have four bathrooms, versus our current ten, a much nicer and easier to navigate kitchen, and then, like I said, an inside pool. The pool is on one end of the house, reached from the bedroom end of the house, whereas the garage is on the other end, nearer to the kitchen. The new house is actually an Ell shape, it is going to be really cool, and it is ready in only one more month, we cannot wait to move, which also explains all the boxes still stacked neatly everywhere, we have unpacked nothing but the essentials.

“Wow, now that will be a nice house. I hope I get to see it when it”s done.”

“We”re friends now, so absolutely, and maybe, just maybe, we could even be baby boyfriends sometime soon, I”d really like that.”

“Me too.”

“And speaking of babies, wanna strip down to just our soggy baby diapers?”

“Okay, but I”ve hardly even peepeed my baby diaper yet.”

“That”s okay. I changed at lunch, so I”m not very wet yet either, so we can go make some nice tea, have a glass of water while we wait, and then, maybe in a couple hours we can be super naughty.”

“I”d like that.” Trent smiled shyly.

“Good.” I said, and started stripping.

I rarely, if ever, wear clothes around the house, so I am very comfortable going around in just my diapers, whereas I am surprised that Trent is happily stripping down to just his baby diaper as well, but he looks really good like that.

“Wow, you”re fucking hot, and I can”t wait “til you”re super soggy.” I groaned.

“No kidding, you”re really fucking hot too, but you”re a little more soggy than I am.”

“Thanks. Let”s go get us some diaper filler material, shall we.”


We went to the kitchen and I started some tea, and as we were waiting for it, we had two glasses of water, each, and then, as we were waiting for the tea, I called my dad and explained to him what is happening, and asked if it would be okay for Trent to spend the weekend, and he was all good with that.

“So, I can”t help but to notice that most everything”s still in boxes around here, so, what”s there to do then?” Trent asked curiously.

“We do have a games room, but we didn”t set everything up, but still lots to do, and my dad and I did install the pool table, and it”s actually kinda fun to play right now, because we didn”t know how to level it properly, so every shot”s a trick shot right now. We got it close, just not perfect, apparently there”s a lot more to setting up a pool table than we thought there was. We did set up our air hockey table as well, and of course the TV”s and games systems, but not much else. We actually have several arcade games as well, but we didn”t feel like hauling them all in to set them up for just a couple months, it”s a lot of work, and what we”re using as a games room right now really didn”t have enough power outlets to do it properly anyway.

“Then, of course, there”s the pool, it just kinda sucks that because it”s outside, we haveta wear shorts, and it”s getting a little chilly out already, so it”s not as nice swimming right now.

“We also have the TV and lotsa movies, so I think that we”ll be all good, no worries.”

“Oh, okay, that”s way more to do than at my house, but the way you said that, it almost sounds as if you guys wouldn”t wear shorts if you could.”

“Oh. Did it sound like that? Sorry, what I meant to say is, we detest wearing shorts, or anything in our pool, and can”t wait “til our new place is done, so that we can swim naked once again.” I grinned brightly.

“Wicked, now I really can”t wait “til I get to see your new house.” Trent giggled.

“Good. And just so you know, even when my dad”s home, you don”t haveta wear clothes over your soggy baby diaper, he”ll be perfectly okay with you wearing that, because that”s all I ever wear.”

“You mean it?”

“Yep. I”m also willing to bet that he pegs you as gay right away, and he”ll likely try and tease us. He knows I”ve been searching for a potential baby boyfriend for like forever and a day. Clearly he knows all about me, so don”t worry.”

“Oh, is he gay then?”

“No, but he”s not entirely straight either. He”s bi, and he loves parties. According to him, his favorite”s to get his ass fucked by a big man, while he”s fucking a woman, but he loves fucking men too. Personally I think that”s disgusting, fucking women, but meh, to each their own I suppose.” I giggled.

Trent just stood there staring at me in shock, with his mouth open and all.

“What?” I giggled.

“You know that about your dad?”

“Yeah, kinda walked in on him entertaining two men and two women once, and let”s just say, they didn”t see me right away, and I kinda witnessed all sorts of things that most parents don”t want their ten year old to see. When my dad did see me, he laughed, said scoot you snoopy brat, we”ll talk later. I was so fucking hard, so fucking horny, that when he did come to talk to me, he kinda caught me fucking my baby diapered pussy with my Lightsaber, and when I finally came for my last time and went soft, he chuckled and said it took you long enough, then came and changed my ruined diaper, cleaned me up, and told me everything. Now we kinda have no secrets. It”s really quite nice, to tell you the truth. He even admitted to wearing diapers a few times, and allowing a couple gay diaper loving men to diaper fuck and fill him up, and I told him I want that so bad it”s not even funny. He asked me how much cum and piss I want pumped into my baby diapered pussy, and I told him barrels full. He laughed and said the apple sure did not fall far from the tree, only that he does not love diapers, and does like women as well.”

“Wow, that”s kinda hot.” Trent said, licking his lips, and he is so hard in his diaper that I can see it clearly.

Granted, so am I, and I know he can see it too, because that is where his eyes are.

“Yeah, but you look wicked hot there with that hot gay baby bone pushing the front of your baby diaper out like that.”

“You too. How big are you, you”re pushing out a lot more than I am?”

“Just a hair over eleven centimeters long, and just over four around.” I said proudly.

“Fuck, that”s a little more than a whole centimeter longer and almost half around than I am.”

“Yeah, but you should see my dad, and besides, that sounds like a very nice mouth full anyway.”

“Fuck, I can”t wait.”

“Me neither, but I wanna be truly naughty with you, so we needta be good and wet first.”

“Same. So, when”s your dad gonna be home, and what does he do?”

“He”ll be home somewhere between six and seven, and he”s a computer programmer. Currently he”s working for a major game developer. It”s only a three year contract with them, but they”ve already told him that it will be extended, because he”s so good at his job, that he does the work of an entire team of people, he”s a master, and can program nearly anything to do nearly anything. He does all sorts of other work for people all the time too, he”s really sought after.”

“Cool. I love computers and all, but I can”t do anything like that at all.”

“He”s taught me lots, and I sometimes help him. I”ve gotten pretty good at it, and have already written a few programs and whatnot. You should see what I can do with our 3D printer, our computer laser cutter, and our CNC router. It”s really cool actually.”

“You have all that?”

“Yep, out in the garage. Again, one of the few things we did set up. Fuck, we have more computers in our garage than some businesses have.”

“Cool, that I”d really liketa see, I love doing that at school, and have made a couple neat little things already.”

“Come on then. We can go out there like this, it won”t matter, no one can see us.”


I led the way to the garage, we each still have our large mugs of tea, and we are sipping away happily. When I got us to the garage, Trent stopped and stared in awe.

“Holy shit, you have lotsa amazing stuff in here, and those are the biggest machines I”ve ever heard of?”

“Thanks. The CNC router can take full sheets of plywood, and the thickest we can put on it is thirty centimeters. We have it calibrated to point zero zero one millimeters, so it”s damn near perfect. Our 3D printer is also huge, and the largest thing I”ve ever made on it was a full replica battle shield from the Lord of the Rings, it was really fucking cool, I donated that to a charity, and it sold for three thousand dollars, that was even more cool. Then there”s the laser cutter. It”ll cut almost any material up to twenty five millimeters thick, and is amazing at engraving things. Of course, my dad”s worked on all the programming of everything, has everything calibrated just like the CNC router, so it”s all perfect. I”ve already asked that when we get the new house done, that we can get a really cool CNC plasma cutter, and my dad said yes, that he”ll work on all the programming for that as well, and then I can make all sorts of cool things from all sorts of metals as well.”

“Wow, the 3D printer at school”s a fraction of the size yours is, and the teacher told me that that one sells for something like three thousand dollars. I can”t imagine what that one sells for, let alone everything else in here.”

“More than you can imagine. However, with that being said, all this was given to my dad for him to work on their software and firmware. The 3D printer, for instance, that”s like a hundred thousand dollar machine, used by all sorts of industries for prototyping parts, but they couldn”t get the software or the firmware correct, so my dad said he”d do it, as long as he got a free machine. They didn”t wanna, since it”s awful expensive and all, but, in the end, they agreed to it, because they couldn”t find anyone else who could do it, let alone cheaper. Last month, when my dad was talking to the owner of that company, he praised my dad once more for saving his company, because even though it cost him as much as one of those machines cost to do it, it”s sold millions worth now, because the unit properly functions now.

“We got the laser cutter that way too. Man, when we got that, it was out by almost a quarter of a millimeter. It was horrible. Nothing would line up, and they hadn”t had the wavelengths set up properly, not even the bloody focusing. My dad hadta have them remake a few parts, even a really cool motor system to automatically adjust the focus for depth of cut, so that now, when you”re cutting something that”s twenty five millimeters thick, it”ll do it in like ten or twelve passes, adjusting the focus every time, so that it”ll do it and still be accurate. He had months of work on the firmware for that, so that the head stays in proper alignment, now it”s automatically izmit sınırsız escort adjusting, again, more parts he hadta have them make. Again, this is the sorta machine you see in large shops, doing all sorts of things, thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of equipment here, yet it was junk when we got it, and my dad saved that company from going bankrupt as well.

“I already have my eye on the plasma cutter system, they”re also a struggling company who desperately needs help, or they”re likely to fail too. My dad”s already sent them an email, telling them who he is, and what he would like to do for them and whatnot. The cool thing is, he”s pretty sure the exact same programs that he made for the CNC router system will work on it too, with maybe just a few minor tweaks here and there, so he”ll hardly haveta do any work at all to get a fifty thousand dollar machine.”

“Wow. That”s amazing. What”s that though?” He asked, pointing to the corner.

“Oh, that”s the air scrubber that we use on both the laser cutter and the 3D printer. Both make a lot of bad smells, so they”re supposed to be vented to outside, but where we used to live, it was really freaking cold half the year, so my dad didn”t wanna exhaust all that heat to outside, so he custom made that so that it filters everything harmful out, even the smells. It”ll of course be added to the plasma cutter when we get that too.

“Right next to it, I”m sure you recognize the dust collection system, since it”s a bigger version of the one we have at school. That”s for the CNC router alone, when it”s going, man, almost no dust is left behind, and even small parts that get cut off get sucked up instantly, it”s super powerful. What”s cool about it, I redesigned the impeller for it, had the company recast us a new one, and we tested it out, and then I redesigned the cyclone for it, and had them send that to me as well, and we tested it as well. Our power consumption is down, our suction is up, and the collection to the dust bin was improved by almost twenty percent. Now almost nothing, at most point five of a percent, of any fine dust actually makes it to the filter, which I also told them how to make more efficient. Our new filter should be here soon for final testing actually.”

“Really, you did that?”

“Yep. I”ve designed and made lotsa cool things, my dad says I”m wicked good at that sorta shit. I helped him to redesign the carriage on the laser cutter so that it”d move properly and be fully adjustable. I like doing stuff like that, and honestly, I”m out here a lot, playing.”

“Out of curiosity, what grade are you in?”

“Seven, same as you are I assume.”

“Yes, okay, so what grade should you be in then?”

“Not really sure. My last school district refused to allow me to skip ahead, and this one”s no different, but my English scores kinda suck. Also not really great in Social Studies.”

“Why, what grades do you get in them?”

“A”s, but only ninety three percent in English and ninety six in Socials.”

“Gee, only.”

“Yeah, I strive for a hundred, but I just can”t get those ones up that high. Pisses me off, actually. My dad says that next year, once he feels I”m ready for it, I can challenge the grade twelve exams and go to university. Not really sure I”ll be ready to go to university yet or not, but I”m pretty sure I can pass the exams no problem. Last year, I was tutoring a kid in grade twelve in math and science, he was my babysitter. It was funny, he always complained that a kid that he was babysitting was smarter than he was. I just find that stuff easy for some reason, and honestly, I never even really try.”

“I kinda know how you feel there. I”ve never got homework before, I ace every test and project, I”m done every assignment before class ends, and I”ve been teased and bullied mercilessly because of it. Some of the kids say I”m smarter than the computer is, sometimes they”re right too, because I can do math in my head faster than they can type it in and get the answer.”

“Yep, been there too. I can do the exact same thing with math, and yeah, the bullies just loved me. If it wasn”t about being a freak, then it was about being gay or a diaper boy.” I laughed.

“Yeah, can”t wait “til it goes around that I”m a gay baby boy too.”

“You wanna stay wearing diapers?” I asked happily.

“Oh yeah, this is so much better than I ever dreamed, and I”m hardly even wet yet. And yes, I”ve dreamed of being diapered like a baby for years now. I just have no idea how I”m gonna get them.”

“No worries there, I”ll keep you nice and thickly diapered. Maybe we can ask my dad to take us shopping tomorrow to get you all set up. You”ll need diaper shirts, diapers of course, lotion, cream, and definitely some new clothes.”

“Thanks, I”d really like that, but I don”t want you guys spending that much money on me though.”

“Who cares about the money. My dad makes lots, he doesn”t mind spending it on stuff like that for people who need it.”

“But I don”t need it.”

“Um, yeah, you do, and, more importantly, want it too.”

“Well, yeah, I suppose I do need them, but I could just keep doing what I”m doing to not wet the bed, I just really fucking hate it.”

“Exactly, so you truly need them. Even now, clearly you need them during the day, you”ve peepeed your baby diaper, you didn”t even try to go peepee in the potty like a big boy.”

“Oh dear, would you look at that.” He reached down, patted the front of his slightly soggy diaper, and grinned brightly.

“Exactly. I”m the same though. I think I already said it, but even if by some horrible miracle, my bladder started working right now, I”d never give up my glorious baby diapers.”

“I”ve worn them for like an hour, and I think I”m with you there. Granted, I”ve dreamed of this, for a really long time too, easily as early as five.”

“Good. Wanna go play games for a bit before we get to know each other really well?”

“We probably should.”

“Okay, come on.”

I led Trent back to the games room, where we played games for almost three hours. We had a great time, talking, joking, laughing, getting to really know each other, we told pretty near every secret that we had, going one after the other, telling each other every embarrassing thing we could think of, and we are both so much alike in our dirty desires. For instance, we both desperately want to be piss fucked, only now, Trent also wants to be piss fucked through a super soggy diaper. As we played, we wet our thick thirsty baby diapers lots and lots, and we have had even more to drink as the time went by. Now, at roughly four hours old, our diapers are getting decently full, and Trent looks even sexier than he did before, now in a nice soggy diaper.

“Well, I don”t know about you, but I think I”m gamed out. I”m also so fucking hard it hurts.” I said.

“Me too.”

“Would you let me suck you first?”

“Oh yes, then I can suck you as well. I really haveta go pee though, and I can”t, because I”m just too hard.”

“I have no idea if I do or not, but I imagine that I likely do. Will you feed it all to me?”

“Oh god yeah, and then I hope you”re able to feed me some as well.”

“If I can, I will, not that I”d have much choice in the matter anyway. Most of the time, once I cum, I pee anyway, so I likely will.”

“Mmm, good.”

Well, I wasted no time, I am not worried in the least about any discomfort, I just need to suck Trent, and so, I hit my knees, pull down the front of his soggy diaper, expose his amazing preteen erection to my hungry gaze, sigh deeply, damn near cum just from that, and then latch on.

As soon as I latched onto Trent”s excellent erection, he gasped, sighed, and then started panting.

I think that I have become quite good at sucking dick, all those that I have sucked in the past seemed to have liked it, a lot, and from the sounds that Trent is making, I can only assume that he likes it even more. Twenty or thirty seconds, though, is all that he managed to last for his first orgasm, and exploded fantastically. He made the cutest squeaks and squeals as he came, and he damn near crumpled to the ground from the power of it.

As soon as the orgasm let him go a little, he managed to let go his bladder, and gave me the treat that I have desired for so long. I actually do not remember the first time I desired sucking a dick and drinking down all the pee that the boy could give to me, it was so long ago already. I have no idea why I would have craved it, I mean, how disgusting, right. Except, well, it is most certainly not. Trust me, I am sighing even deeper than Trent is right now. He tastes amazing, and I am greedily sucking all that he is offering to me.

As soon as Trent stopped feeding me, I started sucking him once more, I am most certainly not done yet, and from the hardness of Trent”s dick, I know that he was not either. His second cum came almost two minutes later, but still he is hard and I am loathe to give up my sucking time, so I do not, and continue sucking him once again, until, almost three or so minutes this time, he came again. This time Trent pushed me off.

“Holy fuck, too sensitive, that was fucking amazing.” Trent gasped.

“My god, you taste fucking amazing.” I sighed super deep.

“That was the best thing I think I”ve ever experienced, and I finally got to feel diapers, and that was the best thing too.”


“I”ve just gotta suck you now, I needta taste you too.” Trent said, pulling me up, and then he too hit his knees.

He pulled down the front of my diaper, exposed my proud little soldier that is standing tall and proud at attention, and then promptly swallowed me whole. Oh holy fuck, that feels utterly spectacular.

And then I exploded.

The next thing I know, I am on the floor, laying down. I had totally blacked out from the sheer intensity of the single most powerful orgasm that I have ever experienced in my life. Trent is still sucking me, and from the way he is gulping, I am guessing that I am peeing, but, of course, I cannot feel it in the least. As soon as I hear him stop gulping, I hear him sigh even deeper again, and then he starts sucking me once again.

Trent also sucked me through a further two massive cums, far more powerful than any that I have managed to create in myself, that is for damned sure, only both these times I did not black out. I understand what Trent meant about being too sensitive, though, because after my third, I too became too sensitive, and had to push him off as well.

“Wow.” Was all I managed to say.

“No shit, that was amazing, you tasted so fucking good, and getting to suck you, instead of being made to suck you, was so much better.” Trent sighed deeply as well.

“Good. We”re so gonna keep each other well drained this weekend, aren”t we.”

“I sure hope so. Now, I seem to recall you saying something about trading diapers, sucking them nearly dry, and then putting each others diapers on ourselves?” Trent grinned brightly.

“I sure did.” I said excitedly.

This is one of my top desires that has been front and centre for almost as long as I have memories, the biggest was sucking someone and having him feed me all he had to offer, and I just finally got that, and it was so much better. We stand up, face each other, reach to each others diaper, and release the tapes. We then pull them from each other, and as we watch each other do so, we press the diapers to our mouths, and suck each others piss right from them.

So fucking dirty, nasty, and delicious. It was so amazing doing it, and watching Trent do the same. It took us at least a full minute to suck out as much as we could, and then I offered to rediaper Trent in my used diaper first, and did so, and then he repaid the favour, and it is even better than I dreamed.

“Oh yeah, that was so totally better than I dreamed it”d be. So wrong, so right, so nasty, so delicious, and I truly hope you wanna do that with me from time to time.” I sighed deeply.



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