Mike the tutor

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Double Penetration

This is the next story after Mikes Sleepover.

The phone rang.
“Hi mike this is mom.”
“Oh hey mom what’s up?”
“I need a big favor form you. You sisters friend Kristin is falling way behind in her math class. Since you are so good at math I was hoping you could help her.”
Not wanting to sound too eager. “You can’t find any one but me? What about Mrs. Cross the lady that helped missy”
“She moved a few weeks ago and she was the only math tutor in town. The reason I thought of you was so you could make some extra money on the side when you come home on weekends.”
“So why is it a favor?”
“When talking to Kristin’s mother I may have offered your services for free.”
“That is so generous of you.”
“Don’t be a smart ass. Can you do it?”
“I guess when do they want me.”
“You need to call them to set it up.”
“Ok mom thanks.”
Mike hung up the phone and then called Kristin’s number.
“Hello.” Came a very sexy sounding voice.
“Hi this is mike I heard that Kristin need some help in math.”
“Great honey, when do you think you could come by?”
“Saturday night would be fine.”
“All work and no play.”
“I get plenty of play.” Mike responded forgetting who he was talking to.
“I bet you do from what Kristin told me. Well see you Saturday night then.”
Mike hung up the phone not sure what to make of the conversation.

Mike got all his math books and his calculators together and headed to Kristin’s house. When he arrived he walked up and rang the door bell. A stunning woman answered the door. It must have been Kristin’s mother because it was just an older version of Kristin. She stood in front of Mike in one of the sexiest dresses he had ever seen. It was a tight black number with a slit down the side so much of her leg was exposed. The neck line was so low it was down to her belly button. Mike just stood in amazement.
“Close you mouth honey.”
Not even talking his eyes off her body he responded. “I was not staring.”
“Its ok honey, I like that I can still stop them cold at thirty.”
She headed out the door and brushed passed mike.
“I will be home some time early in the morning so I guess I will not see you again.”
“I hope not.” he responded
“Aren’t you sweet honey. Kristin is at practice she should have been home any minute now so just make your-self at home.”
She smiled and headed for her car.

Mike headed to the kitchen table and set his things down. He headed for the living room and sat on the couch and turned on the T.V. a few minutes later he heard the back door open and then he saw another lovely sight. Kristin came in from Cheerleading practice still in her uniform. It was green and gold and seemed to be about a size to small because it barely covered he ass.
“Long time no see baby.”
“Mike!!!!” Kristin squealed, as she ran over to him and jumped into his arms straddling him.
She planted a big kiss on him as he cupped her ass to support Sex hikayeleri her.
“I have been practicing a few things with Missy and Katie since our last time. I should be much better at it this time around.”
“I thought you were pretty good the first time.”
She blushed and kissed him again. And hopped down and grabbed the phone.
“I will call Kristin and Missy over.” Mike reached out and hung up the phone.
“No I want you all to my self. Plus I need to tutor you a little so you get better, and I can keep coming over here and it not look funny.”
“I am fine in math.”
“Then why are your grades going down.”
“How else was I going to get you as a tutor?”
“Damn you girls are devious.”
“I going to go change and take a shower.” Kristin began to turn around but mike stopped her.
“No I like you like this.”
“But I am all sweaty and smelly.”
Mike pulled her to him and breathed heavily. As he breathed in she could fell his cock growing.
“Or maybe I can stay and get a little sweatier.”
Mike was already hard at work sucking on her neck. She caressed his back as they slowly made their way to the back of the house. They backed into the bed and Kristin fell on to it. Mike began unbuttoning his shirt as Kristin unzipped the top of her cheerleading uniform to reveal her soft breasts. Mike smiled and leaned over and took the right one into his mouth. Sucking and biting at each one switching from right to left and back again. He moved his way down to her skirt; he lifted it up and pulled her golden panties down. He could smell the powerful aroma coming from her pussy, it was intoxicating. She began to run her hands through his hair. Mike spread her lips apart and stuck his tongue deep into her steaming pussy. He then started to slide his finger into her pussy, and her juices were flowing rapidly. He pulled his head back to rub her clit with his finger and he noticed her anus. He had never thought much about playing with anyone ass. But now for some reason he wanted to shove his finger into her ass. Not wanting to scare her he continued to his work on her pussy. He felt her start to shutter so he took hold of her clit and sucked until she climaxed in yells that probably woke the neighbors.

Mike climbed on to the bed and laid next to her and pulled her into his arms. She began to kiss him as she undid his belt. She then unzipped his pants and slid them down so he could kick them off. She leaned over and free his raging hard on from his boxers and took the large head into her mouth. She encircled the head with her tongue and began to bob her head up and down. Mike was impressed with the skill at which she was sucking his dick. Mike being worked up from the previous events did not last to much longer and Kristin was ready. She felt his balls tighten and she tried to swallow as much of his prick as she could.
Mike erupted into Kristin’s mouth and she tried to sallow it all, falling Sikiş hikayeleri a little short as some dripped down her chin. She continued to suck through Mike’s orgasm, and it felt so good to Mike that he nearly passed out.
Kristin then straddled mike and leaned over to say.
“Come on we are not even close to being done.”
“Just give me a second Please.”
“No time you are still hard and I need it bad.”
Mike smiled with his eyes still closed and his head back. She took that as a yes and Moved mikes still hard dick to then entrance of her steaming pussy. She lowers her self onto his dick slowly until she felt comfortable on him. She then raised herself up and let herself fall. With a hard slap she felt his dick rush back into her. She loved the felling so she raised herself up and fell again. She let out a load moan and began to pick up the pace. She loved the felling and started to use some of her strength to make herself fall faster. Raising herself as far as she could and forcing her self down as fast and as deep as she could go. She reached down and used mikes chest as support as she continued to use mike as her personal fuck stick. This continued for about 10 minutes she was sweating profusely now her entire body glistened with the glow of her lust induced work out. Her hair that was once in a tight pony tail was now completely askew and flying wildly around like her. At that moment she threw her head back and mike had to grab her sides to help her keep her balance.
With that her muscles tightened and a massive orgasm rocked he body. This was all it took for mike to hit his second. She shuttered for a few seconds before collapsing onto mikes chest completely out of breath. Time passed and their breathing returned to normal and they both drifted off to sleep

Mike awoke to a Woman standing at the end of the bed with a stern look on her face and her arms crossed. Mike nudged Kristin to wake her up. Kristin in complete shock tried to cover her self up only to find nothing on the bed but her and Mike.
“What in the fuck is going on?”
“You see mom…”
“Save it. You did not even change after practice. You just went right to fucking.”
“Please mom…”
“IF I had wanted you to talk I would have pulled your fucking string.”
“Get out of my sight. Go get a shower and clean this perverts filth off of you.”
Crying Kristin ran from the room. Mike not sure what to do just laid there.
“Come with me you pervert.”
“I think I will just go.”
“No come with me now.” Kristin’s mother then grabbed mike by his dick and pulled roughly leading him to the living room. She then let go of his dick and shoved him to the floor. Being treated like this caught mike by such a surprise he could not resist.
“You know what you did in there is rape right. She is underage.”
“She was the one that came on to me.”
”I don’t care bitch you are suppose to be Erotik hikaye the grown-up.”
“I tried but she was so cutie in her uniform.”
“No reason. If you are not going to act like a grown-up then you must be a child.”
She then leaned over making no effort to cover herself as the revealing dress she had worn did not do a good job of covering any thing.
“What the fuck did you do that for.”
“That is how we treat children.”
“Look I will not take this shit form you.”
“Would you rather me call the police and tell them how you raped my daughter.”
She stood up and mike could see that she was not wearing any panties. She turned her back to him and crossed her arms.
“What to do with you. I really should call the police.”
“Please Ms. Gray don’t do that I will do any thing.”
She smiled but quickly shook that look for her angry one.
She then lifted her foot to mikes now reddening face and pushed it to the floor. Mike stayed there wide eye at her next move she slid her toe into his mouth.
“Now by ANYTHING you had better mean ANYTHING.”
She then lowers herself down onto his chest he could feel her dripping wet pussy slid across his chest. She leaned over so she was bent in half she pulled her toe out and began to suck on it. She then slid her leg down to her other and kissed Mike deeply.
“I can still taste her on your mouth. You must have had her really worked up. Let’s see how you handle a real woman.”
She raised herself up and moved over to the recliner.
“Now come to mommy.”
Mike crawled to her on his hands and knees. She raised he legs up and put them on his shoulders. Mike moved close to her cunt and he could smell the tangy aroma coming from this woman’s dripping pussy. He dove in using his best tricks to try to push her as hard as he could. When he brought his hand up to assist she slapped him.
“No hands a real man does not need his fingers.”
He liked the challenge. He continued his work and he could tell that her breathing was becoming labored.
Mike furiously worked her steaming cunt. Her body began to shutter and she was close Mike put all he had into her. She began to scream.
“OH FUCK YES HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S IT!!!! MORE!!!!!! EAT MY JUICY CUNT!!!!!!”
These screams sounded through the house as one of the most powerful organisms she had ever felt rocked her body. She pulled him to her and kissed him tasting her own juices as she did.
“That was great now I understand why I hear the girls talking about you so much.”
“WHAT IS GOING ON MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Kristin’s jaw was on the floor and eyes wide as she stared at a sight before her.
“Baby don’t be so dramatic.”
“Mother what are you doing.”
“Just having some fun.”
“Then why did you get so mad at me.”
“Like I said just having some fun. Run into the other room and get mikes clothes he is leaving. Same time next week Mike.”
“Mother I don’t really need a tutor I just did it so I could get mike over here.”
“I know dear why do you think I let you have him.”
As Mike left it started to rain so he hurried home.

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