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Mike drove into the parking lot and turned to the right. He’d done this before with moderate success. He drove around the 2nd rate motel, scoping for targets. Around the far side of the motel he found his mark. There were 3 trucks with dual axles, obviously heavy duty something going on there.

The trucks were lined up taking four parking spaces. As luck, or lack thereof, would have it, he could see a few guys standing in front of one of the trucks. Upon closer look, the trucks were all white, all had tool boxes on their sides and had welding rigs on them. He figured these guys were riggers for some local project.

He parked the car at the back of the next row, facing the front of the trucks. The guys didn’t seem to notice. They were talking and smoking, and 2 had cans in their hands, looked like beer cans. They were pretty animated and seemed to be having a good time. He parked the car so it was pointed right between two of the trucks. He turned off the car and lights and waited in silence.

After a while, two of the guys walked toward the motel. He figured the one stayed behind to keep an eye on the valuable tools in the trucks. These things get robbed all the time in motel parking lots.

He got out of his car and walked over to the lone mechanic. Mike introduced himself and asked how things were going. The mechanic seemed a bit suspicious tandoğan escort but friendly enough, for a rigger. Mike asked the guy how the job was going. The guy said it was ok, with a questioning look. Not many people just walk up and start asking questions like that. Mike said he used to do similar type work. He worked with a crew putting up power poles. They’d go around from place to place, either installing new or replacing ones that were mowed down by cars. Usually in the winter they’d go north because there are a lot of poles taken out by sliding cars. “Dumasses can’t drive worth shit and should stay home.”. The rigger laughed and agreed and seemed to relax a bit.

Mike went on to say he knows how stressful these kinds of jobs can be. He quit his a couple years ago. The rigger said the money’s too good to quit. They work on bridges, putting up new sometimes, but mostly repairs. Mike figured that must be really stressful with all the inspections and stuff like that… the rigger agreed.

Mike offered some assistance with the stress. The rigger asked what he meant by that? Mike said he’d massage him if he’d like, but he’d rather do something with all 3 of the guys, here in the parking lot. The rigger laughed again and said he was crazy. Mike didn’t flinch. The rigger asked again what he meant. Mike hated this part, but then tekirdağ escort again, he hated the whole thing, but he knew it had to be done. So Mike just came out with it… “I’d like to suck you guys off”.

The rigger laughed and said he was nuts. Mike felt his stomach flip. So humiliating to do all this. The guy asked if it was for real and what was he after. Mike just looked him in the eye and said he wanted to help the guys in the ditches. The rigger couldn’t believe what he was hearing. But he hadn’t had any sex with anyone but his right hand for 6 months and could sure use a blow job, even if it was from a guy. The rigger said his buddies would be back but they probably wouldn’t go for it. In fact, one was pretty high strung and he didn’t know what he’d do. Mike figured he at least had this guy, so there was some hope.

When the other two came around the corner, they all introduced themselves. After a minute the first rigger just blurted out that Mike wanted to suck their cocks. Mike’s face went red and his heart skipped a beat. Holy fuck!! Of the two, Mike could see the volatile one. He was the one that looked like he was going to rear back and punch Mike in the face. And then he said so.

He said he’d rather kick Mike’s ass than let him touch his dick. He called him a bunch of nasty names and was getting pretty wound up. Mike tokat escort was getting scared and even if he could have taken him, he didn’t want to fight, especially with 3 half drunk welders. He just wanted to do this and get the hell out of Dodge. The other guys told the fired up guy to chill out and go to his room and have a beer. The guy was so fired up and knew he wouldn’t be able to keep from kicking Mike’s ass, so off he went. The first guy said he couldn’t afford to get arrested again for fighting.

So that left the two guys and Mike. Mike was eager to start so it would be over with sooner rather than later. He motioned the guys between the two trucks where the car was lined up and he dropped to his knees. Each man pulled out his cock and Mike sucked them. He worked fast so it would be over quicker. He went back and forth between them, hoping each would get turned on by watching his buddy getting sucked. Mike would stroke the cock he wasn’t sucking.

It wasn’t long before each one got off in Mike’s mouth. Mike did his best to swallow it all, but there was a lot there. These guys hadn’t gotten off in a long time. Some of the cum dribbled down his chin and it dripped onto the ground. Once they seemed done Mike stood up, said thanks and went back to his car. He got in the car and sat quietly. His wife asked what happened to the third guy. Mike told her he said he was a disgusting nasty perverted faggot and he’d rather kick his ass than let him touch his dick. His wife said she agreed with the guy, he is a disgusting nasty perverted faggot and since he didn’t get all three guys he wouldn’t be allowed to smell her pussy tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32