Military Manoevers

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To be read after Virginity Gone and Innocence Lost….

Like all the other Cadets, I spent interminable hours marching up and down, round and round the three main squares at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Drill, we were told, was good for discipline and once, after the best part of two years, it had been mastered was, in reality, quite enjoyable. There is something very satisfying about the coordinated movement of hundreds of immaculately smart fit young men. The crisp crunch of gravel under perfectly shined boots, the flash of white webbing against deep blue uniforms and the crash of hundreds of rifles being struck, as one, are deeply imbedded memories.

It was a hot humid day and the film Young Winston was being made at Sandhurst. We were dressed in late 19th Century uniforms and had spent the best part of two hours standing in the baking sun while the lead actor Simon Ward was fussed over by makeup. His attempts at drill were pathetic.

It was while we were practicing the scene for the Sovereign’s Parade that I first saw Corrine Tower. She was dressed in a thin cotton dress that hardly seemed to fit her; the sun shone through her dress and revealed a profile that was enough to excite any young man. She was totally unaware of the effect she was having on us. She must have been the focus of attention for every cadet on parade Her cool innocence and beauty were in stark contrast to the infuriatingly rough, hot and scratchy uniforms that rubbed our necks.

She watched us as we went through take after take. Finally, after 4 hours, when Mr Ward had managed to coordinate his efforts with ours and the take was in the can, we were invited, by Mr Huggins the Academy Sargent Major, to show Mr Ward our appreciation for the time he had kept us waiting. Ward was unceremoniously grabbed and dragged to the lake when he was propelled, spluttering with indignation, into the green mire that enveloped him completely. It was a pathetic victory but enormously satisfying.

Corrine was the daughter of one of the civilian lecturer’s at Sandhurst. Roy Tower taught me War Studies and seemed to have a soft spot for me. He invited me to tutorials at his house and over a period of time I got to know Corrine. She was tall, very busty and spoke with a stunningly sexy lisp. At 16 she was quite young, but her body was ripe and her body language appeared to offer a chance to share in her perfection. Her skirts were always just that bit too short and the way she moved was slightly awkward. Often I would see her knickers or a peep of a breast. I am sure it was not deliberate, she was far too innocent to deliberately tempt me that way.

At Sandhurst the June Ball is the social event of the year. Corrine wanted to go to the ball. However she had not been asked. Her father’s reputation as a protective and rather harsh man had put off many a young Cadet. He asked me in January if I would consider taking Corrine to the Ball in June! Unwilling to limit my options but not wishing to upset my tutor I agreed with some hesitation.

I thought I had no choice and while I was happy to take Corrine to a Ball in June, I knew that my chance of fucking her was nil.

We went out together a few times in January and February. She lived in Frimley and we walked and talked on the common or in Camberley. We spent our time holding hands and going about the business of discovery. She was an only daughter and her father supervised her every move. I had to report to him before I took her out and especially when I brought her home.

We went to the cinema and out to the pub. We kissed and hugged but I was worried about taking matters further. I ached to fuck her. When I went to Wales on exercise she left me a note saying she would miss me and hoped I would miss her. She gave me a tiny white embroidered kerchief that she had a T and an F entwined on it.

We became good friends. I could tell her anything.

The College Valentines Day Dance was a hastily arranged affair. Corrine wanted to go and wanted me to take her. I asked Roy and finally, after a weeks delay, and although he said he was very reluctant at first, he agreed that so long as Corrine was home by 1 in the morning, she could go.

I was to collect her at 8pm, my “brand new” 6 year-old mini, was as clean as it had ever been. I went to their house and was met by Roy. He was clearly agitated and while I drank a very small gin with gallons of tonic he paced up and down taking large slugs from what smelled to be a very large gin with a hint of tonic. He was constantly muttering under his breath.

Tina Tower came into the room and squeezed my arm as she greeted me. “Look after her Tim, she’s all we have” she said as a quiet aside.

Corrine appeared, timidly, in the drawing room, looking stunning in a blue velvet dress, that was cut daringly low over her bust and split invitingly high up her right thigh. She looked at me with a pleading expression. “Tim – Daddy wants to talk with you” she lisped. It looked as if she Starzbet had been crying for a week.

Roy asked me to join him for a word in his study. The invitation was one that expected only one reply. “Yes sir! immediately!”

In his study, which was warm leathery and smelt of cigars I realised that Roy was more worried about this situation that I was

“Corrine knows what I am going to say” he started. “I am trusting you Tim, but I am warning you …. if you lay one inappropriate hand on my daughter you will be out of this academy before you can say spit”

With that he produced a condom from his pocket. “This was in Corrine’s handbag. I trust you didn’t give it to her?

I was in a difficult position. Firstly I knew it wasn’t mine. Secondly Corrine was either coming prepared or had been tricked by a friend. If I said it was mine it would probably end the date. If I said nothing poor Corrine was going to be deep in the mire. I had a packet of three in my wallet anyway!

“Don’t bother to answer” he said with a degree of resignation “I can see that you knew nothing about it” “Francesa says she bought it in case things happened with you Tim” he added. “You know she is infatuated with you?”

I spluttered a few feeble protestations but I could see that Roy was on a prepared script.

“I trust you Tim and I know you know how wrong it would be to have any reason to use one of these. Look after my daughter. Be back by one”. He came forward shook my hand and left the room.

There was something perfectly old-fashioned and honourable about the way he had behaved. He was like a fish out of water and yet he had swum strongly in centre stream. I knew where I stood and had huge respect for him.

Corrine rushed in and lisped “Its becauth I love you Tim, I’m tho thorry.” Pleath take me to the danth”

Tina was at the door, tears in her eyes. “Go on you two” she said. “She means it Tim” she added as an aside. “Look after her”

We went to the car, I held the door for her. As Corrine got in she smiled and whispered in a sad and resigned way

“Take me anywhere Tim, juth get me away from here”

I closed the door and looked up to see Roy and Tina looking from the window. I waved as I walked round to the driver’s door.

“See you at one I” mouthed and got in and drove away. Corrine squeezed my knee and looked at me.

“They don’t want me to grow up Tim and all I dream about ith being your woman” I was at a loss for words. My mind was all over the place.

We drove into the Academy in silence and parked on Victory College Square.

“I need the loo and to frethen up” Corrine lisped. “Where ith your room?”

She took my hand and said “Leth do to the party later , I need to talk”

So we made our way along the long corridors and up two flights of stairs to my room. I showed her where the loo was and how to get to my room from there.

I rushed back and started to throw dirty combats and other bits and pieces into the draws under my bed. My room was a mess. I had not planned on visitors at all. My best boots and Number One dress were ready for the Parade the next day and I made sure these were out of the way. The rest was pushed into any storage space I could find.

Corrine knocked and came in. She reached up and pulled me to her, kissing me deeply. The kiss seemed to last for ages but eventually we parted and she sat on my bed.

“Oh what a meth Tim. All my planth gone wrong.”

“Look Fran Darling – I don’t know your plans were or are but if I am to be part of them I think we should have discussed them”

“But Tim I know you want me. I have felt you when you press against me” “I want to be your lover”. “I want you” She held her arms apart and looked imploringly at me “Do you want me”

Of course I did. But I also knew that Roy Tower was not a man to make idle threats.

I watched as Fran undid her blouse and dropped her skirt. Her panties were hidden under her tights and her bra appeared to be overflowing. She stepped forward. “What do I do now”

She reached down and pulled a face veil that was hanging out of a not properly closed draw. She lay on the bed and pulled it over her. “Look no one can theee me now”

I knelt next to her and kissed her deeply. She arched her back imploring me to undo her bra. Her hips were pushing suggestively upwards and her kissing was more abandoned that any we had shared before.

I reached down and slipped my hand under her tights feeling my way over her tight belly and under the elastic of her panties. Her soft pubes met my fingers but I moved down as her legs parted in an involuntary act of submission. Her heat on my hand was damp and as I curled my finger into her wet pussy I realised how small and tight she was.

I had always know that Corrine was a virgin and I had often fantasised about how I would take her cherry. But her tightness and her obvious innocence were a surprise to me.

I continued to gently play Starzbet Giriş with her tiny clit. Making sure I was as gentle as I could be. Her hip thrusting was more and more urgent and her panting was like a series of little cries.

I moved onto the bed with her. Looking at her, covered in my face veil. Her breasts were flushed and pink as I pushed her right boob out of her bra and kissed it gently. She shuddered and cried out aloud. Not a cumming cry but a cry of someone who had never really exposed herself like this before.

I stopped and looked at her face. Her eyes were shut and her blonde hair was fanned out on the pillow. I held her face in both hands and kissed her gently on the nose, each eyelid and then on her mouth.

“Darling Fran – do you really want to do this”? I asked.

“Pleath Tim – make love to me” `”I want all of you inside me”

I don’t know what made me decide that I was going to stop short of fucking her. Was it the look on Roy and Tina’s faces as I took Fran away? Or Roy’s warning of dire consequence if I did fuck his daughter? Was it the tightness of Frans cunt and her angelic face on my pillow. Whatever it was I knew that I could not take her virginity. Yet.

I pulled the face veil away and took her up into my arms. I unfastened her bra and kissed each pert nipple in turn. Her breasts were much larger than I had ever imagined. As she stood I pulled her tights down and kissed the centre of her panties just below a tiny bow,

“Get into bed Fran” I said as I stripped to my pants. My cock was obvious to see as it strained against my cotton boxers.

I checked the door was locked and pulled the curtains so the room dimmed. Fran had climbed into my narrow bed and was looking at me propped on one arm her beautiful full breasts resting on each other.

As she looked at me I dropped my boxers and stood in front of her. My cock was fully at attention. I walked towards the bed as Fran reached out to take me in her hand.

“Oh ith tho big” “Ith much harder than I thought” she said running her hand down my hard shaft.

I climbed in next to her and kissed her deeply as her legs entwined with mine.

“My little Fran – there is nothing more that I would like than to make love to you now.”

” I can see how perfect you are and you can see and feel the effect you have on me.”

Her hand was now on my cock. Not knowing what to do she squeezed me and ran her hand down to my balls.

“What you are offering me is a gift that you will never be able to give again”. I whispered in her ear. ” I want you to think before you make the decision to part with your innocence”

“How will it ever get into me ” she asked as my cock grew even larger in her hand.

I pulled the sheet back so she could see me in all my glory. A drip of pre-cum glistened at the end of my cock, which was throbbing next to her panties.

“I want to wait Fran. We have lots of time and I want to be sure that you know what you are doing.” “We can have lots of fun without going all the way.” “I want to know every inch of your body and I want you to learn about mine” I pushed my hand back into her panties and ran my finger through her pubes.

Maggie would have been proud of me as I teased Fran. I pretended to move back to her cunt but stopped. I lowered my head and kissed all the way down to her belly button. There is that certain perfect smell that comes from a warm expectant body and I savoured every fragrant note that came from her.

My tongue moved lower as her scent became more intense, I kissed her belly button and moved lower pulling her panties down to allow my tongue to play in her bush. She raised her hips and took her soaking knickers off so she was naked next to me.

It would have been so easy to roll her on to her back and having exhibited reasonable degree of patience to have slipped my cock into her. I was so tempted. I took her hand and made her grasp me firmly. I started to move so she could see my helmet pulling back and forth to reveal the head of my cock. Her legs were shaking and she raised her right knee so that her left hand could play with her cunt.

“Tim I think we need the jonny” Corrie said. I kissed her quiet and increased the speed our hands were moving up and down my cock. I felt she knew what I wanted and let go of her hand allowing it to wank me on its own account while I concentrated on guiding her other hand, which was now frigging her cunt. I made her slip three finders inside herself and held her hand in place as I felt my balls start to explode.

My orgasm when it came was volcanic in the strength of its ejaculation. My wet spunk shot all over Fran’s belly, pubes and even up to her tits. I came and came. Fran’s action continued, she milked my cock as I tried to bring her off. She seemed to love the wetness of my cum and pulled me to her so that our bodies were locked tightly together my cum squashed between us. I kissed her and looked deeply into her eyes before Starzbet Güncel Giriş moving down to kneel on the floor to eat her wet cunt.

I was not gentle. I pulled her towards me so her knees were over my shoulders and her fanny was wide open and directly available to my tongue. I lashed at her clit and tried to tongue fuck her as Maggie had taught me. I used every moment of every lesson that Maggie had bequeathed me to give Fan pleasure. My hands slipped though the wetness on her belly and then pulled demandingly on her hips. Tying to pull her cunt onto my face.

I soon realised that Fran was not grinding onto me like Maggie had. Her movements had become mechanical and her noises were whimpers more that sighs of pleasure. She was still wet and her thighs were shaking, her hands were locked in my hair but apart from that she was not moving. Her muscles were rigid. Her belly jumped as if it was packed with writhing snakes as she came. She shrieked and then screamed and passed out.

I panicked. This had never happened before. Where was the gushing cum? Why isn’t she groaning or at least moving? Everyone would have heard her screaming like that.

What was I going to do? What time was it? I pushed Fran’s legs onto the bed and stood up. I grabbed and lit a cigarette and as I savoured the smoke and planned what to say to her parents, looked at Fran’s lovely body spread on my bed. Her legs were slightly apart and her tits were rising and falling with here breath. Oh God I should have fucked her … she was so perfect. She might have cost me my army career and I hadn’t even fucked her!

After ten minutes or so she stirred and stretched. Smiled and patted the bed next to her. “Sorry Tim I do that when I cum” she lisped” Its just that I have never been made to cum like that before”. The idea that this girl was used to coming and passing out when she did was also quite a shock to my system. But what the hell – I was learning all the time!

She was not the slightest bit shy. The sweet rather innocent girl of my fantasies was happy to lie naked under my gaze. We cuddled and kissed and she inspected my cock surprised at how small it had gone and how easily she could make it rise again.

Her full pert breasts and flat belly were invitations to fuck. She asked me why I hand not made love to her. “I do so want to Tim” “I want you to have my virginity and to be my lover”.” I want to have babies with you and live with you”.

I am sorry to say that all this went in one ear and out of the other. I didn’t want babies or to have a teenage bride. At the time I was more interested in getting her back home on time and unfucked …. for now!

We must have dressed and gone to the dance – there was quite a stir from my friends when they saw me coming out of my room with Roy’s daughter. But the debriefs would be held much later once I had taken Corrine home and had a few more drinks.

I dutifully took Corrine back and sat with Tina and Roy while they quizzed us both about the dance, the music, the food, who was there who was drunk who might not make the parade tomorrow. Finally their questions answered I took my leave. Fran came with me to the door. She stood on tip toes and kissed me hard. Then she lisped into my ear “Next time my darling you will come inside me”. She scrunched something into my hand and pushed me out of the door with a girlish giggle.

It was not until I was driving back to the Academy that I looked at what she had pressed into my hand and I had put on the passenger seat. Corrine’s panties, wet and crumpled sat there. I have them to this day, over thirty years later. They are hand embroidered with a T and an C. At the time I just hadn’t noticed, I was so intent on savouring her smell. Now I look at them occasionally and it reminds me of one of the highlights of my time in the army.

Eventually, after winning back Tina and Roy’s faith, Corrine and I were allowed much more freedom together. I think we actually fell in love. We spent all the time we could together. Listening to records, sharing stories and just being together. She hated it when I had to go away on exercise. We were very open with each other about how we felt.

I took Corrine to the June Ball. It was one of the most magical evenings of my life. I had to wear full Number One dress. We danced, went on the dogems, we

We finally made love at her parents house, in the summer holidays, when they were away on holiday. We made love in her parents bed; in their sitting room; in Roy’s study with Corrine traipsed over his favourite leather chair; in their garden and with Corrine sitting on the edge of the kitchen table. We fucked, sucked and explored each other’s bodies and gave each other great pleasure.

Corrine had put herself on the pill so we fucked with great abandon. Inevitably a consequence of that intense period of sex was cystitis for poor little Corrine. But even spreading yoghurt on her fanny and a period of abstinence from penetration was fun. We were young people with young minds, fit bodies and huge amounts of energy and respect for each other.

When I was commissioned I was sent straight to Germany and despite our expressions of love and the promises we made to each other we never met again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32