Mina’s Young Lover

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Author’s Note

To recap, Mina lives next door to Geoff and Mina. Geoff was Mina’s lover and subsequently married Chloe. Chloe and Mina became lovers. Geoff Chloe and Mina still get it together on occasion.

The continuing exploits of Mina and her neighbours Geoff and Chloe. This time we meet David, Chloe’s shy nephew who Mina, under her wing in order to show him the ropes. We also learn that Mina has a sensitive side.

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Mina walked in to the spare room in Geoff’s and Chloe’s house unannounced, she had a key and needed to borrow a suitcase.

“DAMN, FUCK, SHIT!” David shouted, almost simultaneously with the door opening causing Mina to scream in shock.

David’s trousers were around his ankles, his erect dick was in his hand and a look of abject terror was on his face.

“Oh, my word! I’m so sorry, I just came in to borrow Chloe’s…” Mina said recovering from the fright of David being there and shouting so loudly.

“I’m sorry, Mina,” David pleaded as he stood desperately trying to pull up his trousers, stumbling sideways in the process. “Oh God, oh Jesus! I’m sorry. Please don’t… You won’t tell… Oh God”

“Calm down David,” Mina said as she smiled at his acute embarrassment. “It’s ok, I just got a shock, I didn’t know you were in here, it’s fine, really.”

David continued struggling to do up his trousers as Mina noticed his lap top cycling through a slide show. All of the pictures were of her.

“That’s me,” Mina said somewhat obviously. “You were… Oh my… I don’t know what to say…” Mina was for the first time in a very long time temporarily lost for words.

“Oh God, oh please don’t… I’m sorry I’m really sorry…” David was in a panic trying desperately to reach for the mouse and stop the pictures cycling through.

“David, calm down, it’s ok, really, stop,” Mina said regaining her composure. “Look, don’t worry, its fine, I’m not going to tell anyone, its ok.”

“You’re… You’re not mad?” David stammered.

“No not at all, I’m quite flattered in fact. I had no idea you looked at me that way. Don’t worry about it.”

David was still unsure of just how much trouble he was in, finding it hard to believe there would be none. “I… I… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you to see…”

“David, it’s not like I haven’t seen a dick or a man tugging one before,”

“You haven’t seen me do it before?” David said.

“Well I have now and its fine. Don’t worry about it. It’s a natural thing for a guy of your age, I’m just shocked at the subject matter,” Mina said nodding towards the now blank screen.

“You don’t mind?” David said a little incredulously.

“No, not at all, go for it and if a pic or two of me helps you on your way I’m happy to have helped,” she said smiling compassionately.

“You won’t tell Aunt Chloe or Geoff?”

“Tell them what? That I caught you tugging looking at pictures of me? No, there’s no harm done, you’re not in trouble. You might want to lock the door in future though.” The feeling of relief from David was palpable. “So where did you get the pictures from?” Mina asked.

“They were on Geoff’s portable hard drive, I borrowed it to take some movies off it. I saw your pictures and copied some of them on to my lap top, they’re encrypted, no one can see them without a password,” David said with a touch of panic in his voice.

“David, it really is ok,” Mina reassured, “Bring them up again,” She asked.

David reluctantly handled the mouse, clicked on a file and put in a password. When the file was up Mina looked in the bottom left and saw “87 items.” “You copied 87 pictures of me?” She said leaning in, a bit shocked and pushing his hand off of the mouse.

“I… err… please don’t… I, Oh God this is so embarrassing, David stuttered.

“Oh, come on David, this isn’t the time to be shy, not after what I’ve just seen,” she said winking and smiling at him.

Mina enlarged all of the pictures and started scrolling through them. She was not the only person in a lot of them, but was certainly the main focus of each. She came to a number of pictures of her in a bikini at the pool.

“Ooooh, you like these ones, There’s quite a few of them.”

“I… I… Like them all.”

“Why David! You little charmer you,” Mina teased. “I prefer this Bikini though,” she said enlarging one picture. It showed Mina laying down in a white Bikini, propped up on one elbow smiling at the camera. “I don’t often wear it to the pool, it goes see through when it gets wet.” She watched as David swallowed and smiled cheekily at him. “You’d have really liked that!” She said causing David to once again blush vividly. “Wouldn’t you?”

“I… err, I… ahh…”

“David, you are so sweet. Look don’t worry, it’s our little secret, I’m not going to tell anyone. You enjoy yourself,” and with that Mina leaned towards David and gave him a light kiss on the lips.

While David stood there non-plussed, exceptionally horny but thoroughly embarrassed, Anadolu Yakası Escort Mina went to a cupboard, leaned in toward the back and pulled out a small suitcase. David watched as the hem of her short dress rose up the back of her thighs, he was caught doing so when Mina, her head still in the cupboard turned to face him and smiled.

Having retrieved the suitcase, Mina stood, “David, I don’t mind at all but you really should at least try to be a little more discreet,” she said smiling.

“I’m sorry…”

“You don’t need to be sorry David. Stop apologising, its fine. Really.”

Mina extended the handle from the case and rolled it towards the door, letting the handle slip from her grasp so the case fell flat on the floor, she stood there pretending to have been clumsy. Leaning forward facing David she bent down to pick it up, The resulting view was almost too much for David as he her braless breasts through the neck of her loose top. Standing once again and smiling she said “See you later,” and left.

David sat on his bed, pulse racing, feeling hot and his mind in turmoil. Getting up after a few minutes, he went to the door, locked it, went to his desk, undid his trousers and looked at the inspiration for a fantasy that was Mina in her white, potentially see through bikini.

“You did what?” Chloe asked laughing.

“I gave him a little flash down my top, the yellow one?”

Mina had returned from her weekend away, after filling Chloe in on just how incredibly unexciting a dental implant conference could be, they were catching up with other gossip.

“That poor boy,” Chloe said. “His hormones are exploding. Geoff needed to use David’s computer the other day because his doesn’t have a DVD player in it. I don’t know what he needed it for, but David popped it open and there was some porn movie or another that he hadn’t removed. Geoff didn’t say anything to him, he didn’t have to, the poor lad went crimson, couldn’t speak and we didn’t see him for hours.”

“You’ve not heard any more from his parents?” Mina asked.

“No, they had their full of him. I can’t say I blame them in one way, judging from the stories I’ve heard. They asked us to look after him for a couple of months after the fall out they had, so I guess they’re just having some quiet time. That sister of mine is too emotional, her husband is too angry all the time and poor David is stuck in the middle. He’s a 19-year-old boy. Teenagers are a pain, but that’s their job, it’s what they do.”

“But he hasn’t caused any trouble here?” Mina asked.

“No, quite the opposite. Look he’s a bit messy, but if you ask him to clear up, he does. He’s not the most talkative, unless its online, in which case he seems to talk all night long. We’ve not had a cross word. Geoff gives a gentle nudge now and again but there’s been none of that “go to your room” type of stuff. But none of his friends are here, so there’s not much for him to do. Geoff is trying to encourage David to go out and about with him, but David’s a shy one. It’s not easy for him.”

“He’s not a bad lad,” Mina said. “good looking, fit young buck, nice dick too.”

“Mina Patel! You are incorrigible! That’s my nephew you’re talking about,” Chloe said spluttering her drink and laughing.”

“What? So, no nephew of yours can have a nice dick?”

“He’s my nephew so I don’t spend any time thinking about his dick. Oh my word you are so bad!”

Mina, chuckling, got up to leave, “I’ll see myself out Chloe. But do let me know when that luscious young man gets back. If you need him to get out of his room, send him next door to me, I have a few things he could attend to,” she said suggestively.

“Get out!” Chloe said in mock outrage laughing even louder.

The weekend was a warm one, Friday had been a late night and Mina rose late. As was her habit most mornings after showering, Mina was walking around her house in almost nothing. The almost nothing on this occasion being panties and a silk robe that just bout covered her ass, loosely tied with a belt. She was just fixing some coffee when there was a knock at her front door. Looking through the kitchen window, Mina saw David standing there and went to let him in.

“Hi Mi…” Was all David managed to say until his words dried up as he looked at Mina. As always, she managed to exude sexiness while being respectively, for her house at least covered up. Yes, her shapely firm tanned legs were on show, but less so than when she wore a bikini. Her robe while loosely tied did not show any cleavage. None the less David stared, frozen at the sight.

Mina smiled at his discomfort, “What’s up David?” then a little suggestively, “What can I do for you?”

“Errr, I…. ahh, Aunt Cloe asked if I could give you this,” handing over an envelope.

Mina took it, looked at David who was stuck to the spot, opened the letter and read the note written in Chloe’s neatly flowing handwriting.

“Hi Mina, please find something for David to do, he’s moping around the house and starting to get on our nerves. Kartal Escort Geoff has rationed the gaming and gave him chores. The garage is clean, the grass has been cut, even his room is tidy. He’s got nothing to do. We just need a couple of hours alone. Put a smile on the poor boy’s face will ya? Chloe xxx.”

David had not been told to hand the letter over and return, had no idea of its contents and didn’t really have anything in his mind, except for the outrageously sexy woman in front of him. He didn’t realise it, but he was staring, mouth slightly open.

Mina put the note back in the envelope and said, “Thanks David,” and went to close the door. Just before it clicked shut, she pulled it open again. David was just turning to leave. “Actually David, since you’re here, you couldn’t do me a favour, could you?”

David’s face lit up. “Sure, what do you need.”

Mina, putting in appropriate thoughts to one side for a minute, resisted the urge to say, “To show you a thing or two young man.” Instead she said, “I don’t suppose you could help me with the garden, the grass desperately needs a cut.”

“Sure thing, do you have a lawn mower or must I get uncle Geoff’s.”

Mina had a lawn mower in the garage, but encouraging the lad she told him to go get Geoff’s and to tell Chloe that she said, “No problem I’ll do it.”

David repeated, “No problem, you’ll do it,” and ran back to the other house to fetch the mower. Mina smiled at his eagerness and went back inside to get dressed.

Mina found the ideal top. Ideal for David that is, a thin light white cotton blouse that buttoned up the front. That combined with a pair of short shorts that accentuated her ass and showed her legs off completed the outfit. That and the absence of a bra, for her comfort and David’s pleasure.

David was just starting the mower up by the time Mina went out to the garden. Sitting down on the sun lounger, Mina placed her coffee on the side table and pretended to read a magazine. Looking through her sunglasses she could see David taking furtive glances in her direction.

David for his part had taken the precaution of wearing briefs under his shorts. A precaution he was glad of as he felt a thickening boner start to develop. At the end of each length he did on the lawn he would sneak a look at Mina who would alternate between crossing and uncrossing her legs, stretching both arms in the air displaying her toned midriff or perform some other equally alluring movement.

“All finished, is there anything else you need me to do?” Said an almost overly eager David.

“You couldn’t wash my car for me, could you?”

“Sure, I’ll do that,” he said pushing the mower back to next door.

Mina, smiled to herself, shaking her head slightly at David’s eagerness and started reading her magazine, for real this time.

A little later David came around the side of the house and once again feasted on the sight of Mina. Looking up she caught the stare just before he managed to conceal it. Getting up she asked, “Would you like a beer?” David was very happy to accept.

Taking a chair a few feet from the end of the sun lounger Geoff adjusted its angle so he could face Mina. As he looked, he had trouble in not continually glancing at the tops of Mina’s breasts. a surreptitiously unfastened button had the exact effect Mina was going for.

“So, are you missing home?” Mina asked

“No, not really” Geoff replied trying and succeeding in the most part to keep looking in to Mina’s sunglasses.

David explained how and why, in his mind, things were not great between him, his Mum and stepdad. The usual story of teenage angst and how elders did not often try to understand what younger people were going through.

Mina listened in a manner that provoked David in to talking more, nodding, agreeing, asking the occasional question and proffering sage advice. With her doing so, David started to speak with more confidence, happy that someone was at last really listening to him. Until Mina asked, “Don’t you have a girlfriend at home.”

David, once again self-conscious started stuttering his reply. “I… I… I’m not very good with girls, they don’t seem to be attracted to me.”

Mina removed her sunglasses and looked directly in to David’s eyes. “I find that a little difficult to believe, you’re a handsome young man, polite, respectful and obviously intelligent, why wouldn’t a woman find you attractive.”

“I… err… I’m not that great,” David said blushing with a lopsided grin. “I guess I’m not so good at understanding girls. I always make mistakes, say the wrong thing, do something stupid or embarrass myself. L… Li… Like I did with you.”

“David, first off you did nothing to feel embarrassed about. I walked in on you, I didn’t knock, I was the one in the wrong. If anyone should be embarrassed it would be me, but I wasn’t. Look you were having a wank,” the sudden coarseness of Mina Comment caused David to flinch a little. “David that’s what it was, you can call it pleasuring yourself or masturbating, I Maltepe Escort use the word wank. But that’s beside the point, it’s a perfectly natural act, almost everyone does it, even me!” David’s thoughts jumbled at the openness of the conversation and the thought of Mina playing with herself. “Wank as much as you like, it’s wise to lock the door and not do it in public, but if you are discreet and then someone see’s you then that’s their problem not yours.”

Mina continued, “As for not understanding women, it’s not that difficult. Women want to feel appreciated, empowered, made to feel attractive and we all love a man that can do that for us.”

Mina sat up and asked, “So tell me about your last girlfriend.”

“I… I… I’ve never really had one,” David replied becoming deeply embarrassed again.

“David, you have no need to blush like that with me. You’re so self-conscious when you have absolutely no need to be. OK, so you’ve never “really had one” Mina said raising her hands and making quotation marks with her fingers. But you’ve had dates, you gone out… you had a kiss and a grope at least?”

David, now even more deeply embarrassed gave an incoherent mumble, and wiping his face with both hands said, “I just not very experienced, I’ve never known… I’m not…”

Mina made an exasperated sound but kept smiling and talking softly, “David, experience does not come in boxes, you can’t buy it, it’s something you have to learn. When you learn something new you often get things wrong. That’s all it is learning. So, what have you done wrong do you think?

“I… I … don’t know, most girls are more experienced than me, most guys too.”

“But David, you’re not most guys, you’re you, a nice fairly quiet, but respectful attractive man. If the girls you go with do not appreciate that, then you are associating with the wrong people. Come here give me your hand.”

With that Mina shifted to the end of the sun lounger and still sitting on it told David to shuffle the chair forward a bit. She took his hand and turning it sideways, fingers and thumb extended, held it to her throat. “There, do you feel it?”

David was looking down from the chair, Mina’s blouse opened just enough for him to see her breasts, her nipples just out of sight, the only thing he could feel right then was a thickening between his legs.”

“Mina, almost reading his mind said, “My pulse, can you feel my pulse.?”

“Errr, yeah, yeah I can.”

“Right, that’s faster than usual, count the beats.”

“Err, what.”

“Count the beats of my pulse silly,” Mina said with a smile.

“one, two, three, four, five.”

“Usually if I’m resting it should be one… two… three… four… five…” Mina said placing a longer pause between the numbers. “It’s faster now. You know why? Because I have a very attractive young man touching a sensitive part of my body.”

David pulled his hand away, but Mina took it holding it in hers, “Its pleasurable, it’s exciting and you did that. There’s nothing wrong with you David, I think it’s more the girls you have been with.”

David looked down but away from Mina’s top sighing,” I’ve never been with a girl.”

“So, you’re a virgin, is that it? So what, so was everyone at one stage. That’s not a bad thing, it’s a great thing, take your time, relax. It’ll happen. Better to wait for the right one than get put off by losing it to the wrong one.”

Mina let go of Geoff’s hand, got up and went inside to get him another beer, knowing without seeing that David was checking her ass.

Mina felt conflicted, on the one hand she enjoyed flirting with this testosterone fuelled teenager, catching his furtive glances and seeing the desire in his eyes. On the other hand, here was a deeply sensitive very self-conscious young man, with a fragile ego who had the most charming and appealing nature.

Mina was walking back to him but stopped in the middle of her lounge and said to David, “come here.”


“Come here, come on, I’m not going to bite you.”

Geoff came in as Mina put on some soft light jazzy type music.

“Can you dance?” she asked.

“I… I… I ca…” David took a step back resulting in Mina stepping forward and grabbing his hand.

“Here, its fine, stay there, give me your other hand.” David, unable to refuse gave Mina his other hand.

Mina took both of David’s hands and placed them on her hips. “Don’t do a thing,” she said reassuringly, “stand still and just feel the way my hips move.”

“Mina’s feet and hips moved in time to the music, while David savoured the sensation of his hand on her hips. As she swayed Mina had her eyes closed her hand moving at her sides slowly, she raised them placing one hand on each of David’s shoulders as she continued to dance.

David not really being able to help himself started moving, helped in his rhythm by the feel of Mina’s movements. Smiling, David also closed his eyes taking great pleasure in the closeness and movement of Mina in his hands.

Once the track stopped, Mina moved a step back and said, “There’s nothing wrong with your dancing that a little practice can’t shake in to place.” Going to the DVD play she chose another track, this one a bit faster and using the same technique but holding his hands this time, let him learn the rhythm through her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32