Mini Vacations

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Mini vacations are what I call my time spent with lovers. Sometimes it’s a night together and getting to wake up in each other’s arms. Often it’s only a morning or afternoon on an other wise hectic workday. Mostly it’s during that in-between time. It’s what the French call a cinq a sept affair.

It had been months since she and I had some time to play. We texted every couple of days always keeping tabs on each other. We’ll have lunch at least once a month just to feel close. Finally we realized we had to make something more intimate happen. We arranged our schedules like setting up a business appointment to ensure our calendars were synchronized. Then the day arrived.

I procured a room at our normal hotel, sent her the room number, and she shortly arrived. She entered with confidence wearing a professional, burgundy colored dress that showed off her curves. Her creamy legs stilted up on black high heels was a welcoming site. We chatted for just a moment as we both stood together. I held her close, and we let it sink in that we finally had some privacy after all these months.

Instantly the pressure of our jobs, traffic, and family slid out of our conscience so we could focus on the moment. With the top of her head coming up to my chin I lifted her face up to meet mine and locked my lips to hers while rubbing up and down her neck. She nibbled here and there as she unbuttoned my shirt and slid down my pants. I kicked off the rest of my clothes and walked her over to the bed.

She knew what to do next. With her palms down she bent over the bed. She knew I’d appreciate such a pretty site, so I hiked her dress up over her ass and hips. Black, bikini cut panties held her ass in place as I dipped my fingers in between her legs to feel the heat. The only sound in the room was her desperate whimper that made me drool like Pavlov’s dog.

My god the fire that came from her scorched my hand! I could tell she loved being on display for me awaiting whatever I decided. Slowly, I rolled her panties down exposing her pale white cheeks. Sinop Escort I swiftly swatted her ass three times on each cheek. She barely flinched as I started to work on her ass more with the palm of my hand. I was warming up that ass for more.

Between a slap, I pulled the panties down to her knees. I gave her few more smacks before using my fingers to test her wetness. They slid in easily as the spanking only made her crave it more. Finally her panties had fallen around her ankles. I allowed her to step out of them, and unzipped her dress. It fell off, and I picked it up to hang it up for her as she remained ass up like a good girl.

With her heels planted on the floor, I came back behind her, stood her up, and nibbled her neck. I undid her matching black, lacy bra to let her wonderful tits spill out exposing her pink, hard nipples. I bent her back over and told her to remain still. Then two clothespins emerged from my bag-o-goodies, and I saw the look of fear and resolve on her face. I took the first simple, wooden torture instrument and grabbed her right breast. It hung there wanting attention.

I slowly and meticulously made sure I got her nipple clamped by the pin. I went ever so slowly letting the tension of the pin go from my fingers to its full brunt on her pale pink nipple. She emitted a coo of pain. She needed this. Now the other nipple needed attention. My angle wasn’t as good, so the clamping came down a bit harder and abrupt. She shrieked in a bit of pain as I undid the clasp and threw it to the side. I could smell her cunt. The room was filled with her scent, and she was ready.

Another few smacks landed on her ass, and I slid into her from behind impaling my cock into her with gusto. As she gasped I grabbed her short, curly red hair and pumped into her. God this felt spectacular! It felt right! Why did we wait so fucking long?!?!

I pumped in and out of her tight, needy gash until collapsing on top of her. Her tits smashed into the mattress dislodging the clothespin on her right nipple. Sinop Escort Bayan She yelped as the blood rushed back into her sore tit flesh. She looked down and said, “Oh wow, they both fell off.”

“Well you only had one on you my dear. I think you were a bit distracted with my cock inside of you.”

I then pinned her down and licked her lips as I slid back into her. Driving her to her first orgasm, the room echoed her cries. Even though she came so fast I did not relent and kept thrusting into her. Lightly choking her delicate neck knowing just how to make her rattle off a series of orgasms, I was hitting my stride.

She finally tapped out to catch her breath. I laid back and said, “Now clean my cock like the slut you are.”

Without hesitation she worshipped my cock with her greedy mouth by licking it up and down before taking it deep into her gullet. I reclined and enjoyed the sloppy head until she climbed up and sat onto my cock. Her petite body fit perfectly onto me with the head of my cock hitting just the spot she was looking for. She shifted her hips just so, and she found it.

I looked up to see her eyes closed and her hips humping back and forth. The smell of our sex filled the room as she rocked herself to another climax. I held and pinched her glorious tits as she convulsed deep from her guts. Another shudder ran through her body, and she collapsed forward to meet my mouth.

Sucking her bottom lip her breath panted over me until I flipped her onto her back. Her legs naturally spread open for me to devour her well fucked cunt with my mouth. Dipping my tongue into her hole and back out working her clit, I savored her taste. Using my patented suck and lick method I had her moaning quickly. As a musician and singer you should hear the melodic orgasms she has when I assault her pussy with my mouth.

With only a short and intense round of head she came several times. Hard. Really hard. The room erupted like a married woman who hasn’t had her pussy licked in nearly a year hard. Still Escort Sinop gasping from the clittoral climax she lay sprawled as I climbed back up and sank my cock into her again. It merely took seconds before another climax sprung out from deep in her belly. Pulling her hair and kissing her flush neck, I continued to hammer away until she was cumming over and over with her tongue hanging out of her drooling mouth.

Tears filled her hazel eyes as she gasped for air. Winded myself I slid out and laid beside her feeling us both coated in sweat. The only noise I could hear was her catching her breath from being fucked into delirium. Every woman deserves a fucking like that on a Monday afternoon.

We laid for a bit and chatted. Music played on my phone in the background as we cooled down a bit. Rubbing and nibbling on each other she said, “You’re super relaxed for a guy who hasn’t cum yet.”

“Don’t you worry, it’s gonna happen,” I replied.

We held each other and just enjoyed the closeness. After some teasing, licking up my precum, and slow deliberate cocksucking I eventually ended up back inside her. Her pussy milked my cock as we worked our way to another crescendo. Both of our sweaty, ginger bodies writhed in passion as I was nearing climax. As she came it set me off, and I could feel it building deep inside me.

“Look at me! Fucking look at me!” I yelled.

The look of lust, panic, and galaxies far-far-away burst from her and pierced into my tensing blue eyes. This set off my ignition, and I came deep into her womb blasting multiple ropes of hot cum. Good god the looks she gave as we cum together are unforgettable and made all the more perfect by collapsing into her arms. I kissed and nibbled her neck until finally rolling off of her spent body yet still staying as close as I could.

We slowly came down from our high by cuddling and rubbing on each other’s damp, sticky bodies. I gave her one last massage on her tense shoulders until vacation was just about over. She led me to a piping hot shower where we held and soaped each other down to wash off the amazing smell of our lovemaking. Finally we dried off, dressed, kissed and couldn’t wait for the next time. I longingly watched her sexy ass under that burgundy dress saunter away as she exited to her regular scheduled day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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