Missed the Band

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This is the story of how my life changed in a single night. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jane. Yep, plain Jane, see Jane run…I’ve heard them all. I’m eighteen, will be nineteen in three months. I’ve been out of High School nearly a year now. I work nights at a gas station. I have no idea what I want to do with my life yet so I’m working and saving money for college while I decide what I want to be when I grow up. I’m average height, average weight and were it not for some Manic Panic Blue/Black hair dye, my hair would be an average shade of brown. My eyes are green and I’m often called a goth girl. I wear a lot of black, get creative with my makeup and listen to a lot of dark, independent music. Which brings me to last weekend. I had a ticket to see one of my favorite bands, Creature Feature. This is what happened.

“Jenny, I told you, I don’t drink much.” I half giggled with my hand out in an attempt to push the bottle she was again moving toward my lips away.

“C’mon, just a few more swigs, you’re working all the time now. Drink up, it’s cheaper here than at the club.” Jenny said as though she were some kind of messed up shrink trying to fix my life.

I couldn’t argue with her logic though. In high school we were out every weekend at the club to see bands. In fact, we had been to so many we had gotten to know the bartenders at the local clubs and most of them would now sell us anything we wanted at the bar. And she was right, drinks out were pricey and here we were raiding her parents liquor cabinet and that was free. I was already feeling a slight buzz when I tipped the bottle back and chugged, two…three…four…five swallows before I lowered the bottle and sucked in a deep breath. Jenny smiled and snatched the bottle from me, putting it back into the cabinet before grabbing my hand and pulling me toward the door.

Jenny drove the short distance to our friend Heather’s house to pick her up. She honked the horn and it wasn’t long before Heather came running out of the house, around to the drivers side and motioned for Jenny to roll down the window. “Hey, park it in the street, I’m driving. My parents just bought a new car and gave me their Honda.” She told Jenny.

Jenny nodded and in no time we were on our way, Heather driving, me in the front and Jenny in the back. I was still pretty buzzed and the concert was in the city, a good 45 minute drive away so I rested my head back on the seat and closed my eyes, trying to get the slight spinning my head was doing to stop. I’m not sure how long it was into the drive when I felt something touch my neck. A gentle placement of fingers on my neck and I opened my eyes and started to lift my head to sit up when those gentle fingers slowly moved down my neck, stroking it. It was a strange thing to have happen, but it felt so good, the trail of her fingers leaving behind a tingling feeling on my skin.

Immediately, she stroked my neck again, adding her other hand and slowly dragging her fingers from just under my ears around to the back and then down until they reached the neck of my shirt. I knew it had to be Jenny as Heather was driving and she was the only other person in the car. The gentle stroking of my neck, moved to my hair, back to my neck and then down to my shoulders. I was buzzed, but not totally out of it. I’d never been touched by a girl like that before, I even had a boyfriend and so did Jenny. But the touches were so sensual and her fingers found all the right places to touch so any thoughts of boyfriends were lost with each stroke of her hand.

The ride to the club seemed too short and I caught myself letting out a soft sigh of disappointment as Jenny moved her hand away from me and we got out of the car to head into the concert. I could feel Jenny looking at me and I raised my eyes to her for a brief moment before lowering my gaze and pausing, unable to hide the slight curl of pleasure on my full lips before turning and looking to Heather. “Last one in buys drinks tonight!”

Heather giggled and we all took off for the club doors. Jenny was last through the door, but she never did end up buying drinks. She gave me something much more desirable than a watered down Jack and Coke.

We weren’t inside long before we found Pete and Marty. The club was a pretty good size, but barely above the level of a dive. Heather had been crushing on Pete for months and she looked ready to stick to his side. Jenny leaned in and spoke above the loud pre-show music, “Heather, why don’t you go find a spot to stand up at the stage, I have to run to the restroom. I know how disgusting these bathrooms are, I’m taking Jane with me for moral support.”

Heather smiled and nodded, happy for the chance to go off with Pete on her own without any other females around to divide his attention. Jenny grabbed my hand before I could say a word and pulled me in the direction of the bathroom.

The room was small, just four stalls and a sink with a small mirror above it, cracked tile, flickering florescent lights that seemed they could Cami Halısı go out completely any moment, a broken soap dispenser and nothing but holes on the stall doors where the slide locks used to be. I looked to Jenny questioningly, “Did you need me to hold the stall door closed for you?”

Jenny flashed me a sly grin and answered by moving in close to my ear and whispering, “I don’t think we need to bother with a stall just yet, but maybe later.”

Before I could even ask her what she meant by that she moved in close and pressed her soft and full lips to mine. She pressed them there, breathing through her nose over my chin. I was shocked but couldn’t bring myself to pull away, the feel of her fingers on my neck and in my hair still clinging to me. It seemed like a lifetime before she parted her lips and ran her tongue across my lips. Instinctively I parted my own lips and my tongue soon met hers. She promptly slid her arms around me and deepened the kiss. I could feel the balled ends of her tongue piercing rubbing against my tongue and my body shuddered with thoughts of how that hard, round ball would feel if she were to put her tongue other places on my body. I was so lost in the ever deepening kiss that I didn’t even realize she had been slowly pushing me backwards until I felt my back pressed against the hard bathroom wall.

I felt her hands move from my sides to my chest, her palms pressing and rubbing against my full C cup breasts, my already hard nipples hardening even more, so hard and thick it was getting painful and I moaned loudly through the kiss as she moved her hand to pinch both nipples suddenly. The pain rushed through me and I could immediately feel the wetness seep into my panties under my ankle length black skirt. The tingling in my pussy was so strong that without even realizing it, I pushed my shoulders forward, pushing my chest out against her fingers that had such a tight grip on my rock hard nipples. I barely heard the sound of Jenny laughing gently before she leaned in, pinching my nipples even tighter and pulling, stretching them out and let out a harsh whisper. “You like it rough don’t you? I knew you were a little fucking slut. Bet your pussy is sopping wet right now isn’t it?”

My mind was swimming, my eyes rolling back as she so brutally pinched and pulled at my nipples. I was so lost that it took me more than a moment to register what she had said. All I could manage was to nod my head. I’m sure many people had come and go from the bathroom already, I wasn’t even sure how much time had passed. I’m sure there were many disgusted comments made, though I didn’t notice until Jenny turned away from me, her fingers still with their intense grip on my nipples, stretching them out even further as she turned her head and shoulders around. “I don’t need to get a room, there’s four walls, a ceiling, a floor, I’d say I’m already in a room. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.”

I was suddenly aware of the loud music, only marginally muted by the bathroom door and I was sure the concert had already started. I had no idea how long it had been going on, but I didn’t care. My cheeks were flushed a bright, hot read against my pale skin, not just from the heat of being in the tiny, dingy, cramped club bathroom for so long, but also from the embarrassment of every girl who came into the bathroom watching me make out and have my tits played with by my friend. For a moment I almost wanted it to stop, to break away and run out into the throng of concert goers writhing to the melancholy music. A product of the strict Christian upbringing I’d had and it didn’t last, my lips were trembling, my tits throbbing from the abuse being inflicted upon my nipples and I couldn’t even deny to myself that I wanted more. More kissing, more pinching, pulling, more chiding from Jenny as she did anything and everything she wanted to me; I wanted it all from her and more.

My mind was suddenly snapped away from me again and I forgot all I had been thinking about when the nearly blinding pain of Jenny suddenly letting go of my nipples hit me like a Mack truck. I had no idea how long she had them pinched in her vice-like fingers and stretched out so crudely like that, though looking back, quite a long time must have passed at that point already. I let out a loud scream, or at least the start of one, but it quickly melded into a sharp, intense series of moans. I instinctively moved my hands up to press my palms to my nipples to soothe the intense shot of pain running through my nipples when in the blink of an eye, Jenny caught my wrists with her hands and pushed my arms back down. “Oh, fuck no slut, I want you to feel the full effect of that a bit longer. I did it to you and only I can soothe it. You like it through, I can tell, you moaned like a fucking dirty whore. Tell me you liked it bitch.”

I couldn’t believe how my good friend was talking to me and I couldn’t believe how much I liked it and how much I wanted more of it. I was mortified, by what she was saying to me of course, but more Cami Halıları so by how intensely I wanted more. “I liked it, I love being your slut, I want more.”

I wasn’t even sure what more could possibly be, but I knew I wanted to find out. In fact, I knew at that moment I would do anything to find out. She gently let go of my wrists and lifted her palms to my breasts, gently and slowly rubbing them, soothing them and at that moment, I felt more grateful to her than I ever had to anyone before. She then lifted a hand and gently stroked my hair. “Good girl, good slut. Now I want you to get into one of the stalls and kneel down facing the toilet. Your knees on the filthy floor and your arms resting on the disgusting toilet seat that probably hasn’t been cleaned in a decade because that is where filthy whores belong and that is what you are, right?”

She stared at me, waiting for a response. My whole body was visibly trembling as I felt more turned on than I ever had before in my life and as I struggled to form words. It was then that I noticed there were a few girls there watching everything going on and it looked as though they had been watching for a while. One was grinning at me as she watched and it only deepened the flush on my cheeks. I gasped as my hair was suddenly pulled and I saw the angry look on Jenny’s face. “Are you going to answer me, or should I just leave you here and go watch the band?”

I felt my eyes tear up at her words and I couldn’t understand why, but it hurt me so much more deeply to see and hear her disapproval of me than the abuse of my nipples had. I managed to let out a soft and meek reply, “No, please, don’t go, I was going to answer you…I am answering you. I want to get on my knees on the disgusting floor with my arms on the dirty toilet seat because I am a filthy whore and that is where I belong, I’ll do anything you want, just please don’t leave me in here.”

Relief washed over me as I saw her soft smile and I wasted no time in finding the nearest stall, lifting my skirt enough to press my bare knees to the dirty, slightly sticky and damp floor. I leaned forward as I felt Jenny’s hand on my back guiding me on, resting my arms on the edges of the wet toilet seat. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but I knew I wanted to keep that smile on my friends face. I had no idea where it was coming from but I felt the need to please her so completely and deeply inside, that it felt as though it was all I lived for, all I had ever lived for.

I couldn’t tell at first, but the stall door had been left wide open, the girls who had been watching, inching closer behind Jenny as she herself knelt down behind me and pushed her knee in between my knees, sliding one out to the slide and then slowly changing directions to push the other knee out to the side, leaving my legs spread wide. She lifted my skirt up to my waist, exposing my entire ass as she pushed me even further forward onto the toilet until my head was resting on the very back of the seat and she, as well as those watching had the best view possible of my black panties. “You won’t be needing these anymore tonight.” She said as she slowly slid my panties down to rest at the back of my bent knees.

“Fuck, you are so wet slut. I always knew you were a fucking whore, a whore whose cunt gets wet from being used in front of strangers by her friend. I always sensed that about you, though I had no idea you would be this fucking wet. Damn, it’s already dripping out of you.” She rubbed her fingers slowly back and forth over my wet slit as she spoke.

I moaned, I couldn’t help myself, I moaned like a hooker on Broadway with every touch of her finger. I moaned loud in front of my friend and in front of the strangers watching me and I had been getting a strong inclination during what led up to this moment, but it was then that I completely surrendered to the knowledge that she was right about me. I was a disgusting, filthy whore who would stop at nothing to please a friend who had only just kissed her for the first time, was it minutes ago? Was it hours ago? I didn’t know and I didn’t care, I just wanted her to use me more, I wanted to please her more and I didn’t care who was watching as long as she didn’t stop. “Yes, fuck, I’m a wet slut, a dripping fucking whore.” I managed to get out through my moans.

I heard Jenny laughing and the stifled giggles of a few others as well before Jenny’s next words hit my ear. “That’s right, it’s what you are and what you have always been and you need me to make you feel like this, like the stupid fucking slut you are, you’ll never forget how I make you feel and nothing and no one else will ever be able to get you off the way I have and can and that is something you couldn’t forget if you wanted to slut.”

I didn’t even have a chance to let her words sink in when I felt her fingers push deep inside me. I couldn’t even tell how many she used, two, three, four? All I could tell was that I suddenly felt fingers deep inside me, stretching me, filling me, completing me. She held them there, deep inside me until I couldn’t take it anymore and I tried to get my hips to push back and forth. Though the space was so small and the position I was in made it nearly impossible. I barely managed any motion at all when I heard her laughing again. “Eager little whore are we?”

Before I could even take another breath she started fucking me hard and fast with her fingers and I moaned and cried out like a lust filled volcano about to explode. I’m not sure how long she finger fucked me like that, or even how many times I came from her hard and fast thrusts, but I was gasping for air when she finally pulled her fingers from my throbbing, hot, soaked pussy and I barely had time to catch it when I felt her finger, slick with my cum, slide up and press against the puckered and virginal opening in my ass. I felt a moment of fear, but it didn’t last long as I knew I wanted to take anything my friend wanted to give me. I wanted her to love me, to pleasure me, to let me pleasure her, to hurt me, to kiss me, to humiliate me, to reward me, to use me. So I took a deep breath and did my best to relax as she pushed her finger in, first just the tip and then pushing deeper and deeper, the ring of muscles, gripping tightly to her invading finger. She worked it back and forth and back and forth and back and forth until pulling out to the very tip and pressing a second, pussy soaked finger in with the first.

I felt the pain and I tensed, no longer relaxed but she didn’t seem to notice or care as she continued to invade my tight ass with two fingers. The harder and deeper she pushed her fingers in, the more I tensed up and the more painful it became and yet I still didn’t want her to stop. She kept fucking her fingers slowly, then faster, then faster and I bit my lip hard to try to keep from screaming as my asshole felt like it was being ripped open. Until she slid her other hand along my dripping cunt, pressing her thumb hard against my rock hard clit as she slipped fingers inside me and began to fuck my cunt with the same intensity and speed as she was using to fuck my ass with her other hand.

I immediately felt myself let go, a complete surrender as my muscles relaxed around the fingers invading my ass and contracted around those infiltrating my cunt. I moaned and gasped with an abandon that I had never felt before. I came more than I imagined could be possible and I thought of nothing at all, I could only feel and the more I felt, the more I lost myself. I didn’t care who I was or where I was or even who was there. I was reduced at that moment to nothing more than holes. I came until my breathing became ragged and deep and moaning ceased. My body felt like a thick oozing mass and the only thing holding me up were the toilet seat and the endlessly pounding fingers in my holes.

When Jenny stopped it was abrupt and I shuddered. My head was spinning and I felt her stroke my hair with her slick fingers, working the clear, slick come into my hair. Again, I’m not sure how long it was before my breathing returned to normal and Jenny moved her hand from my hair. “You’ve made a huge mess on the floor my slut, I expect you to clean that up, with your tongue while I wash up.”

I was aware enough to know that I should have been horrified by what she told me to do. I could have never imagined myself doing such a thing and yet…and yet the disturbingly disgusting request sent a tingle through me and there was no resistance or hesitation in me. I slowly moved my arms from the toilet seat to hold my skirt up as I slowly inched backwards out of the stall and placed my hands on the floor on either side of the puddle I had made. I lowered my head and took a few tentative licks of the slightly warm come before pursing my lips and sucking hard on it, sucking in as much as I could and swallowing as quickly as I could. There was no warmth in it anymore and my sucking was becoming less and less productive when I went back to licking at the floor.

I began to think again, to think about how many people had walked and pissed and God only knew what else on this floor and how obvious it was that it hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time. Those thoughts should have repulsed me. And they did…a little. I could hear the ‘ewws’ and the other assorted disgusted noises the onlookers made and it only made it feel more right and intensified that tingle still running through every nerve, every muscle, every cell in my body and I didn’t stop licking that floor until I felt Jenny’s hand on my shoulder and heard her speak. “That’s enough my slut. You’ve licked up all your come and then some. Get up off the floor and lets get out of this bathroom.”

I confess, I didn’t want to leave. I wanted more than anything to make her come, to worship her with my tongue anywhere and everywhere on her body, to please her in ways I had never pleased another before. But I knew enough to know that it wasn’t my place to say what we did or didn’t do and so I obeyed, I stood and started to move to the sink to wash up a bit when she stopped me with a hand to my shoulder. “No, you look just as I would have you look, just as you should look right now. You will follow me out and we’ll look for Heather.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32