Missing You

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Lately things have been tense between us. The stresses of life are making demands on the two of us. Demands that are causing us to lose sight of what we really want in life and what we really need, each other.

Our work schedules have been hectic requiring both of us to work more hours than normal. Every morning for the past 2 weeks I have opened my eyes to discover your side of the bed empty. Our days have been so long and exhausting that by the time we see each other at night we only have enough strength to hold one another until sleep quickly takes us in.

I was disappointed yet again this morning when I opened my eyes to find you already gone. I grabbed your pillow in frustration, pulling it against my body, holding it close. I detected your sweet smell causing moisture to build between my thighs. I closed my eyes, wishing that the softness of the pillow was instead that of your body against mine. As your scent engulfed my thoughts, I slowly pushed the blankets away from me, allowing the brisk morning air to cool my skin. My hands gently caressed my breasts, which caused my nipples to harden with excitement. I moved my hands softly over my skin imagining that they are yours. First my fingers passed over my throat, above my breasts, around my nipples, then against my ribs making soft delicate strokes as they journeyed lower. Finally my hands approached my hips causing my thighs to open slightly with anticipation.

Once again I grabbed hold of your pillow and quickly placed it between my knees causing them to remain spread. I guided my hand to the opening it created, gently I rubbed the outer lips of my now swollen pussy. My thoughts were of you as I slowly placed one finger against my clit. I softly pressed against it, causing a sudden quiver through Sivas Escort out my body followed by a release of my sweet juices. I gently inserted one finger deep inside of me, completely amazed at the softness that I found within. As I manipulated my fingers massaging the inside of my pussy, a soft moan escaped my lips. I removed my finger and brought it to my mouth, touching my tongue to my juices, I sucked on my finger until my juices were gone. I responded to my aching pussy by inserting two fingers deeply within. The sensations this caused through my body was wonderful, causing each inch of my body to become more sensitive. I raised my hips off the bed, which allowed my fingers to press deeper inside of me. I listened as my fingers moved in and out, the wetness giving sound to each stroke. My moans became more intense as each stroke became faster causing my fingers to massage my pussy harder.

I began to feel my orgasm building as my thighs started to shake from its intensity. I moved my breast to my mouth with my other hand and gently sucked my nipple between my teeth. My fingers continued to move inside my pussy, my thumb gently pressed against my clit. My orgasm then explodes sending me quickly over the edge. Only the nipple that remained in my mouth was able to muffle the sound of the moan of pleasure that tried to escape my lips.

My eyes slowly closed as my body recovered from my self-induced pleasure. I slept for some time, unwilling to leave my dreams that were filled, as always with images of you. Images so strong and real that I am never sure where fantasy ends and reality begins.

I open my eyes to the presence of your head placed snuggly between my thighs. I am still not sure if this is reality or a continuation Sivas Escort Bayan of my dreams about you. I attempt to touch you only to realize that my hands are tied to the headboard and unable to move. It is at this moment that I finally realize that the dream is gone, and that my fantasy is about to come true. You look up at me, and I recognize the devilish smirk across your lips. I lay my head back down on my pillow as your head slowly returns to its position between my thighs. I feel warm air escape your lips as you open your mouth, placing your warm tongue at the opening of my pussy. I spread my legs wider, allowing you complete access. A soft moan escapes my lips as you gently take your fingers, delicately placing them on the outside edges of my now swelling clit. You press your mouth harder against my pussy, taking my clit between your warm lips. You seem to remain there for what appears to be a gloriously long time, causing more of my juices to flow with each passing moment. I close my eyes as I concentrate on exactly how your tongue feels each time you press it deep into me. With each exploration your tongue proceeds farther into me, gently massaging the sweet inner folds of my pussy. As your mouth gently pleasures me, you bring your fingers to my clit, gently and firmly pressing against my clit. I attempt to raise my hips towards you but you press me against the bed once more.

Your experienced lips bring me close to the edge of ecstasy with each subtle movement that you do. You know my body so well, your tongue gently touching my clit as your mouth continues to explore. I close my eyes and feel you gently insert two of your fingers into my pussy, gently stretching my swollen lips. Suddenly you remove your finger, inching lower, Escort Sivas placing it firmly against the tight opening of my ass. I feel your finger gently rubbing, relaxing my tight virgin hole. Your finger applies the juices you removed from my pussy and gently presses the tip of your finger into my ass. Initially I resist, but you quickly sooth me as your tongue continues to lick my pussy. Your finger continues to work on my tight ass, gently inserting your finger deeper. Pressing in your finger until the first bend is inside of me. I surprise myself as I hear a moan of pleasure coming from my lips.

You continue to explore my tight ass, slowly loosening it up. Eventually you have your entire finger deep inside, pulling it in and out in a rhythm that brings me to the edge. You continue to fill my ass with your finger as your mouth pleasures my pussy. You gently place my clit between your teeth, applying pressure as you hear my moans become louder. You know that my orgasm is quickly approaching. Suddenly you remove your mouth from my pussy and your finger from my ass. I moan momentarily, until I suddenly feel your cock where your finger was just moments before. Inch by inch you enter me, stretching my virgin ass with each stroke. You place your hand on my clit, rubbing it, quickly bringing me back to the edge. With each stroke of your hard cock inside my ass, the louder our moans become. Suddenly you begin to slow the pace of your strokes, a sure sign that you are on the brink of exploding. I close my eyes allowing my orgasm to overtake me and we cum together. Your cum fills my ass, as mine covers your hand. You bring your hand up to your lips, tasting my sweet juice, then bring your lips to mine so that we can share it together.

You gently remove your cock, allowing your cum to slowly drain from my ass. You reach above me and untie the restraints, leaving the restraints there for later. You lower your body next to mine and take me in your arms. We quietly hold one another and kiss passionately as we wait for our energy to return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32