Mistress Marisa’s Estate Pt. 28

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I am one of several slaves my Mistress Marisa keeps in her household. I am completely owned as are the other slaves that serve her. These episodes are written with her permission. It is my, our story…


He’s naked. And he has a beautiful sculpted male body, tight rear end. You love this man’s body. You watch it move slightly in front of you as you let your hand drift across his left cheek and then cup it. He’s semi erect, huge already and not yet fully hard. You had your hand on him when the two of you playfully came upstairs, leading him by his cock which you hold firmly in your pretty hand. He’s so thick you can barely get your hand closed around him.

He’s you lover. He’s the man you’ve been seeing for over a year now. I am so jealous of him but don’t dare say a word. I am your house boy, your house ‘girl’ more accurately. I am your sissy pet. Your whipping boy. Your slave. I am the sissy that will do anything to earn a chance to be touched by your hand. You reward me with you hand, know that I am addicted to that. Sometimes you let me put myself in you but only to tease, never letting me fuck like you let him, never letting me cum in you like he does.

And as the two of you walk into my ‘little girl’ room, as you refer to it, I am painfully aware of that. I am careful not to bury my face in the pillow in front of me. I keep my head up and off of it, stare into the headboard. I don’t bury my face. Not yet anyway. If I smear my makeup and I will get paddled, huge paddle on the table next to my bed for your convenient use.

“Marisa, you know you could just jack me off, let me cum in your mouth or onto the floor, it would have the same effect.”

He looks toward the bed, laughs.

“You know you like that as much as you like this, like that more, don’t you, baby. You like it when I cum in your mouth.”

He looks to you, laughs very loud, slaps your butt playfully, leans down and kisses you.

He is naked in the dim light. The two of you have come up from the living room on the way to your bedroom. But like other nights you are stopping by my room first. You stripped him while making out with him, heated foreplay on your couch. His clothes are downstairs on the floor. Your lipstick is smeared. You had him in your mouth for the last half hour but wouldn’t let him go any further. You didn’t let him cum. You are wearing only a short lace slip. Your clothing is on the floor downstairs next to his.

“You know the drill, lover. This makes me wet. And it makes you last a lot longer. Do I know you or what? I do. This makes my big strong man last, last, last. And I want that tonight, want you to fuck me a long time, baby doll. I want you to cum in him first before fucking me. You know I like that.”

You squeeze his butt, pat it, stroke him.

“And to Tipobet see you fuck this little sissy boy of mine, mmmmm, can’t tell you how wet that gets me, honey.”

You walk to the chair across from my bed, look toward me. The two of you talk as if I’m not even there.

“And I know you don’t mind doing that. I sometimes think you like it better than fucking me.”

You cross your legs, lean forward, giggle.

I am spread eagle on the bed. My butt is up high with two pillows under my lower stomach. I have on only stockings and heels with my locking cock restraint hanging down and displayed over the back of the pillow, its tiny padlock off to the side. Little soft thing locked up tight and hanging down over the pillow pinching my tiny balls against my gold ring. There is a condom laid out on my back above my cheeks at the crack of my rear. The only reason I do that is because you want him to fuck you after he’s through using me. He never uses them other times, fucks me bareback whenever he uses me otherwise. This is my nightly offering when he is in the house. I know what is expected of me. I’m expected to ‘drain’ him so he can last longer with you.

I am about to be used to make him cum, so willingly for my Mistress. I’ve perform this task for several men you rent me out to, see several of your friends regularly. But now I’m about to be used as I am regularly used by the man you love. This is one of my nightly duties. Even if he doesn’t use me I am still expected to be in this position when the two of you are in the house together and not of service for anything else.

I am baby soft, clean and lubricated. I am not restrained. I am restraining myself by reaching out as far as I can to be spread myself wide across the bed, spread to give instant and easy access to your lover. I am not restrained because if I hear your bell ring from downstairs or your bedroom I would be expected to come to you immediately. Anything less and I would get an instant whipping. I knew to prepare myself after your call from the car on the way home…’Princess, we’re an hour away. I’m slightly drunk and need my baby to do me real good tonight, be a good girl and be ready to milk him. You know what mama needs.’

I heard the two of you laughing in the car as you hung up. I push my butt out as far as I can as the two of you settle into the room.

“You know I like to watch this. Nothing gets me wetter, baby. It’s part of it all. And I think of you as such a special boyfriend for indulging me like this.”

You look up at him, smile, girlish purring. There’s a deep breathy tone in your voice. You like what you see.

“I think of princess as foreplay, baby, the best foreplay.”

You laugh, very sexy, hot, you are starting to get very wet. You put your hand between your legs.

“I know what you need, Tipobet Giriş Marisa. I’m getting used to this little ass.”

I feel his hand grab me by my ankle, rough, firm.

He almost yanks my leg out of the socket, pulls me almost off the bed, to the edge of it. He pulls so hard my shoe falls off. I hear it slide across the floor. He slaps my ass hard. I cry out as he turns me over onto my back. The condom flies off onto the floor as he picks me up from under my arms, his huge hands in my arm pits, and positions me with my head over the edge of the bed. On my back, looking up at him I feel a tear in my eye, feel it run down the side. He’s going to deep throat face fuck me.

You start to speak.

“Careful, you’ll hurt him…’,

He shushes you.

“Marisa, don’t talk, just watch and get that pussy wet for me.”

I feel his hand close in my hair, holding my head hard from up underneath. He pulls my head down in the back, face up to him.

He’s bending down over my face, cock bobbing an inch from my mouth. I feel it slap my chin, feel his pre cum hit my lower lip. I know his taste. Know it well. I whimper as he glares down at me. I see his cock stiffen noticeably, jumps up even harder to full erection. I feel him take my mouth with his other hand. He pinches my mouth open, makes me cry out. I feel him guide me to him. Then I feel him take his hand off of my open mouth.

“Keep that mouth open wide!”

I feel him slap my face hard.

“Let me fall out of your mouth, Princess, and I’ll slap you twice as hard.”

That’s all he says. He runs the wet underside of his erection across my lips, over my nose.

I feel him push himself into me slowly, very deep. I glance to you just before he starts to face fuck me. I see you writhe, hear you softly moan, your hand on yourself between your legs. You are swooning. You are liking this, liking this very much.

He starts.

He fucks to cum deep in my throat. I feel him at the back of my throat choking me. I struggle to get passed the gag-reflex. I don’t dare stop him, tears flowing and running down the sides of my face almost instantly, makeup running down my cheeks, streaked. I feel him pump just to cum, not even interested in feeling it, just fucking with long full strokes. The only sound in the room is my mouth, my squishy wet sounds punctuated by slight gasping, choking. That, and the bed shaking hard, almost being collapsed. He is a machine, pumping to cum.

“Oooooooo, baby doll. You have no idea how cute you are right now.”

I barely hear your soft whisper. You are talking to me.

“So fucking hot. At some point I want a picture of this.”

My mind is a panic, crying, want to scream, don’t dare say anything. Gurgling sound, whimpering, crying, slightly choking, he fucks Tipobet Güncel Giriş my mouth.

When he cums he holds my head so tight I cry out, can’t help myself as he pulls my hair. My mouth opens slightly around the head of his cock. I struggle to keep him in my mouth. Choking, his cum splatters out of my mouth. I try so hard to close my mouth around him, can’t, hits the roof of my mouth and runs out the sides of my cheeks. Five huge spurts, half down my throat, rest of it all over my face, chin, my naked chest, then three soft spurts and he is done. I swallow as best I can, so afraid not to.

He finishes.

He pulls his cock out, still semi erect and shiny with my saliva and his cum. He milks the last of it out with his fingers down the length of his cock onto my face.

I am crying softly. Slightly gagging, soft crying, whimpering. He releases my hair and stands fully up out of the hunched over bent position he fucked me in.

“Shut up. What a baby. Fucking little bitch. I can give you something to cry for if you want me to, do you? Do you?!?”

He glares at me.

“No, sir, no…please…”,

I whimper the words through tears and cum stained cheeks.

“Sweetie, I think you should say ‘thank you’. I really do.”

Your voice is lost in deep breath. You are soaking wet. Visibly agitated by what gets you hotter than hot. You want your lover in bed. Now.

“Yes, Mistress…thank you, Sir, thank you, please I really mean that, I do…please believe me. Thank you, Sir.”

I look to him, scared look on my face. I am covered in huge streaked eye makeup trails, tears and cum.

He ignores me. Walks to you, your hand immediately to his naked rear end, you pet him, your other hand to his cock. You hold it. Kiss the end of it, flick your tongue up the hole. You look up at him.

“Now you’re ready to do what you do best, honey. I’m gonna get you all hard and ready again to take care of the woman you love. Am I good to you or what?”

You kiss the end of his wet penis, push the head of it into your mouth. There is a loud sucking ‘pop’ as you pull yourself off of him. You stand and feel his hand on your butt up under your slip. You lean in and he French kisses you deeply. The two of you are lost in each other. You feel his cock flex in your hand, feel it throb.

“Come on, lover.”

You take his cock and lead him, the way you entered my room, almost playful, pulling him, you start to lead him to your bedroom. As I see the two of you leave the room I hear you at the door, you turn back to me.

“Princess, that was very nice. A very hot little show, I’m pleased with you, sweetheart. Bring two vodkas to my room. Don’t keep us waiting, sweetie.”

I hear you giggle as you pull him out of the room and down the hall. I hear you giggle to him, girlish and cute. I see your shadow, see you kiss him again just before you continue to your bedroom, hear you say what you say to him.

“I love you. You have no idea how much. Nobody gets me hotter than you do, baby. Nobody.”

I hurry to fetch your drinks.

I am your slave.

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