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“Mmm,” I moaned softly. “It feels great, mom.” Her hands moved down to my hips, squeezing my sides and pushing my shorts down a little. I ground myself hard into the bench, feeling her hands touch the top of my ass. My cock grew incredibly hard, and for a moment I thought about turning around and pulling my mom on top of me, stripping her and fucking her like mad. But I could not do that, it was just so wrong. At least this way the façade of receiving a massage masked my sexual behavior. And so we continued that way until, finally, she finished. We were both breathing heavily and my cock was numb.

“Ok babe,” she panted. “Now why don’t you—oh shit.”


“I just remember an appointment.” Her hand reached out to touch my arm. “Babe, would you keep exercising? For me? You can just use the bike.” The feel of her hand on my arm sent tingles throughout my body.

“Okay, mom,” I replied. “You did give me a great massage, after all.”

She grinned and leaned down to kiss me on the cheek. “Great, thanks. I’ll be back this afternoon.” I stared at her breasts while she gave me the kiss. Her cleavage was enormous this close up. When she straightened, I glanced at her clearly visible nipples and then up to her face.


“Cya, babe.” I watched her trot from the room, then listened as she went upstairs to dress. It was not until I heard her leave the house that I rolled on my back and began to stroke my rock-hard cock. With thoughts of her body and her touch still very fresh in my mind, it took only a minute for me to climax. Fireworks exploded in my head, a dizzying array of colors and images of my half-naked mother. I shot cum all over my stomach and chest. Some of it dripped down onto the mat, but I did not begin to clean any of it up until I had jerked myself completely dry.


That night I dreamt about my father. It was a recurring dream about his death which I had witnessed when I was very young. I was always left unsettled by it. Sometimes I would wake my mother to tell her. This time was a particularly horrible version of the dream, an especially vivid recollection of that horrible event. I jumped awake sometime in the middle of the night to find myself covered by a cold sweat. My bare chest glistened.

I went into the bathroom to towel myself off then crept into my mother’s room. She had a large room with a queen-sized bed and a soft nightlight. At the moment everything but her head was under the covers and she was on her side. I knelt by the bed, resting my elbows on the comforter, looking at her face. It was so peaceful. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to wake her when she was sleeping so soundly, especially given what had happened earlier in the gym. Her intimate instructions and sensual massage had been the most sexual moments ever shared with my mother and I was not sure I wanted to be so close to her again this soon.

It was no longer up to me when she stirred and opened her eyes. She immediately looked concerned in the dim lighting, sitting up on her side and reaching out to touch my arm. The covers slipped down off her shoulder, revealing a purple terrycloth robe. It hung loosely from her body, mostly open at the top and showing some cleavage.

“Oh, babe,” she murmured, immediately recognizing what had happened. “You poor thing.” She rubbed my arm sympathetically while I just looked down, frightened from my dream yet embarrassed to have awoken her. “Come here, hon.” She lifted the blanket, inviting me in. I saw that her robe was very short. It fell about mid-thigh and was half open, showing one bare leg and the strap of a blue pair of panties. Above that it was tied loosely at her stomach, and above that was her magnificent partially-covered cleavage.

Wearing just my boxer shorts I climbed into my mother’s bed. There was plenty of space for her to move back and give each of us a generous portion of the bed. But she did not move, leaving me less than half of the bed to call my own. I was glad for that, as I needed her comfort just then. I lay on my side and faced her, smiling appreciatively. The covers were up at our chests.

It was not until she leaned forward to hug me that I became erect. I realized that I was nearly nude and in bed with my sexy mother. Tingles spread through my body as she hugged me, her head on my shoulder and both of us laying on our sides. She was leaning pretty far so I slid my body closer. My mother responded by moving closer as well. I wrapped my arm around her, pulling her breasts slightly against me. When she finally moved away, we were now sharing one pillow. Our bodies were nearly touching.

“Thanks mom,” I whispered. I was aroused but I was also genuinely upset by the dream. Tears welled in my eyes.

“Babe!” she cried softly. She moved even closer and now our bare thighs were pressing together. I thought about what I had seen, her robe which had revealed her blue panties. Then I embraced my mother, completely turned on now. Her generous cleavage pressed into my chest and I nuzzled at her neck. She held me tightly, our entire bodies touching except for our hips. Her hand rubbed my back softly. “It’s ok,” she cooed.

I nodded, sniffling, although my sadness had been turned fully into lust. I snuggled with my sexy mom, not wanting her to release me. And she loved me so she did not let me go. After a little bit I pushed the covers down with my feet, mumbling that it was hot. She didn’t respond, just continued to stroke my back, to comfort me. With the covers down I could now see her body. The opening of her robe had widened. It fell open a good distance both above and below the tie around her hips. Her blue panties were more visible than they had been, while the breast closest to the bed was mostly bare. The robe had almost opened enough to show a nipple, and perhaps would have except that my body, pressing against hers, was holding the robe in place.

Now all of those times masturbating while watching or thinking about my mother came back to me. Lust surged throughout my body, forcing me to do what I did next. I reached out and slipped my hand inside the opening of my mother’s robe at her hip, just below where it was loosely tied. I wrapped that arm around her and then hooked it up so it was resting against her bare back. I had to lean more against her so that I could reach. The process had caused the top flap of her robe to fold back behind her body so that now her bare thighs and tiny panties were fully visible. I felt her stop moving for a moment. Perhaps she was considering what I had done. Had I gone too far? Then she resumed stroking my back. Apparently she was okay with the setup. I slid my arm and hand up and down her entire bare back, my elbow pushing down at her panties each time it slid down. My cock was incredibly erect, but since our hips were not touching, she could not feel that. Driven by lust, I stopped nuzzling my mother’s neck to kiss her on the cheek. She smiled.

“Thanks, babe.”

“I love you, mom,” I whispered softly. I kissed her again, this time on the lips, and then rested my head on the pillow next to hers. Her eyes were closed, so I gazed down at her cleavage. I could easily see down her robe…in fact, all the way down to her panties. Her tie had come completely loose and now the robe was just resting there. The inside of each of her beasts was bare, the bottom one more so than the top.

After a while we stopped rubbing each other although we remained in a hug. Eventually, I saw that my mom was asleep. She was breathing slowly and deeply through her open mouth. I was still immensely turned on and so I did not waste any time nor was I limited by inhibitions. There were things I had often wanted to do to my mother’s body and now that she was unconscious, I would do them.

I began by sliding my forearm down her back. My elbow pushed at her panties and I allowed the entire arm to drag slowly against them. They were pushed down some by the time my hand reached the waistband. The top of her ass crack was now visible as I looked down over her body. I really should I have stopped there, but instead I hooked my fingers into the waistband and began to tug. The panties slid easily and my mom did not respond in any way. As I pulled them over her ass, the back of my fingers rubbed against her smooth cheeks. It felt incredible. When the panties were stretched far enough, they began to slide down in the front too. I struggled not to breath heavily on my mother as the front of her panties moved. Her ass was now completely bare, though, so I stopped pulling on them. Watching her face intently, I rubbed the back of my hand against her smooth, dry, soft bottom. I rotated the hand and stroked her ass with my palm, wrapping my fingers gently around one cheek.

I was panting as I stopped moving my hand, not wanting to jostle her too much. My fingers were stretched out over the crack of her ass and I tried desperately to resist running one of those fingers inside the crack. It was too risky. Instead, I brought that hand up to her chest. With all the caution I could muster, I folded down the bottom of her robe. The robe opened easily and there, directly in front of my face, was my mother’s fully exposed breast. The breast was large, well-rounded and had a tantalizingly erect nipple. I wanted desperately to lean down just a little bit and suck on it. With much less caution, I folded the top half of the robe up so that I could see her other breast. My mother stirred and I froze, terrified that she might wake. I did Sex hikayeleri not move for a long time until her steady breathing resumed.

Just for the full effect I undid the tie of her robe and opened it around her hips. Now my mother was nude before me. Both of her tempting breasts as well as her ass were bare. I gazed from her breasts down to her belly button and then her crotch. If I pulled her panties down just a little further, I would actually be able to see the lips of her pussy. It was a dizzying thought, but I just could not make myself to go that far. I focused on her breasts instead. I was afraid to touch them, fearing their sensitivity would wake her up. In fact, I suddenly realized that I was afraid in general. What if she suddenly did wake up? She would know what I had done and it would change our relationship forever. Fearfully I pulled her panties back up and recovered one of her breasts. I also redid the tie at her hips. What had I been thinking?

I was about to cover her other breast, the one against the bed, when my eyes locked on the nipple. It was still very erect and very, very hot. I licked my lips and slid down, resting my head on the mattress just below the pillow. Her breast bulged directly in front of my face. I leaned forward, opening my mouth, breathing warm air onto her nipple as my lips move towards it. And gently, softly, I pressed my lips against her breast. The nipple was in my mouth and I touched it with my tongue. My mother made a soft noise as she slept and rotated back slightly. My head moved with her. I licked her nipple and she made the noise again. Encourage, I began to suck, suctioning the tip of her breast, suckling on her nipple. I licked while I sucked, rolling the nipple around inside my mouth. She moaned and started to turn onto her back, so I opened my mouth and let her nipple pop out. My mouth remained open, savoring the lingering taste of my mother’s tit. I could see my saliva on her breast. I rested my head on back on the pillow, ready to close my eyes and feign sleep if she awoke.

She did not. Again she fell into a deep sleep, this time snoring because she was on her back. Her robe was open on the bottom, showing her legs, the side of her ass and her panties, while one breast was bare. I moved close and, for the first time in the bed, I pressed my crotch into her. My massively erect shaft pushed against her bare thigh through my boxers. Desperately I stretched my boxers down and rubbed my bare cock against her thigh. It was incredible, my throbbing cock rubbing against the soft skin of my mother’s thigh. I moved my hips in order to rub it up and down and create some friction between us. I could have just masturbated, but I might never get this chance again. I wanted to cum just by rubbing my bare cock against my mother’s bare body.

Gently I rocked my hips back and forth against her side. I felt my balls nestle against the bottom of her ass as I pushed into her thigh. It was very difficult to go slowly and gently. But if she awoke I would not be able to cum and may have even been caught, so I was very patient. My cock rubbed in long, slow motions. Her skin was very smooth and very soft against my shaft. As I worked up towards a climax I reached out and cupped her breast. She stirred and I did not move until I was certain that she was sleeping once more. Now with each motion of my cock I also stroked her breast. The movements were all very subtle, very gentle and very long.

I was getting close. A little more sexual grinding with my mother and I would cum. The orgasm was building as slowly as my motions. I felt the cum building, coming to the surface, absolutely aching to be free and to explode all over my mom as I rubbed my cock against her body. I gasped with each movement of my long hard shaft against my mother. My hand then squeezed her breast, but it was much too hard, much too sudden. She stirred and began to roll towards me. I pulled back as she rolled, but I was not fast enough, and her crotch came to rest fully against my cock. My balls were squeezed between my mom’s thighs and my penis was pushing against her crotch. I felt my mother’s pussy lips wrap around my cock through her blue panties and I came, shooting cum on my mother’s belly, on the bed and on my self. I grunted and panted even though her face was directly in front of mine on the pillow. If she woke now, it would all come crashing down. But I did not care. I was cumming, I was having an orgasm with my mother’s pussy touching my cock, her thighs on my balls, and so I lost all control: I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, licking them hungrily.

It was truly a miracle that she did not wake up. Nearly an hour later, as it was getting lighter outside, I cleaned up the cum as best I could while marveling at the fact that I had not woken her. I had come dangerously close to getting caught — but, I had made it. And I had groped my mother’s entire body and then squirted cum all over both of us. I fell asleep excited about what had happened.


Over the next couple weeks I began to escalate the sexual contact with my mother. A plan had formed in my head: I would get my mom accustomed to the feel of my cock between her legs. The first day I found her in the kitchen after school. She was pacing while talking on the phone, wearing a short sexy sundress. I approached and wrapped my arms around her hips in a tight embrace. My crotch pressed lightly against hers, our bodies flush against one another. I felt her pull away a little — apparently she was conscious of our crotches touching. After the hug I stepped away to see that her dress was wrinkled and clinging to her breasts. I returned the smile she gave me as she continued her conversation. Usually she was the one wanting hugs, so she seemed pleased that I had given her one freely.

For several days we went through the same routine. Whenever I saw her for the first time each day I would give her a hug. I always touched my cock against her body and she always pulled away. However, she was gradually moving her hips a shorter and shorter distance from me. I could see that she was becoming more comfortable with our intimate hugs. Finally, one evening, she did not back off. The day had been a scorcher and the air conditioning was on inside. According to the weatherman it would be this hot for days.

When she came home I met her in the kitchen for our daily hug. She was wearing a tight blue t-shirt and white khaki shorts. She smiled and put her bag down as I walked towards her. “Hey babe.”

“Hey,” I replied, and then my arms were around her. I hugged around her back and pushed my chest into her breasts. My feet moved in close so that I could press my cock between her legs. I expected her to pull back, but she did not. Our crotches remained snug together.

“Ohh, thanks,” she murmured. “I need a hug today.” We stayed pressed together until I just had to step back, else risk her feeling my growing erection. And so from then on we had intimate hugs. I had succeeded in getting my mom used to the feel of her baby’s shaft against her crotch. Every day we had our hugs, to the point that it was the highlight of my day. I masturbated nightly thinking about her, the memory of our bedtime adventure fueled by the hugs. It aroused me so greatly that a problem developed: I was starting to become erect even before we hugged.

The first time it happened was on a Saturday morning. I came downstairs to find my mom watching TV, wearing a small black bra and black panties. JC Penny had sent her some new underwear and she typically kept it on overnight to get a good feel for it. She stood up in those tiny undies and I got hard right away. But it was too late to turn away and so I hugged her, my loose boxers failing completely in hiding my erection. My slightly erect shaft pressed firmly against my mom’s pussy through her flimsy panties. I felt her soft and supple breasts against my body as well, which only made me harder. My hands dropped to her hips, squeezing and then pushing her gently away. I headed to the kitchen, embarrassed because I knew she had felt my erection. My only comfort was that she could have thought it was just a typical male morning erection.

Unfortunately, the very next day I had a similar encounter. She came home around noon wearing a short, loose skirt and snug top. She was fully clothed yet I still got hard the moment I laid eyes on her. I could not avoid the hug, however, so I just resigned myself to pressing my erection against my mother. It was horribly embarrassing. She pulled back, gasping slightly.

“Babe!” I just looked down, embarrassed. I was a little confused by what she said next: “In the middle of the day?” Then she walked past me and shut off the TV. To my delight I saw, just before she shut it off, that some scantily clad woman had been on the screen. I hadn’t really even been watching it, but she seemed to think my erection was from the show.

“Sorry,” I murmured, although inside I was deeply relieved.

What had I gotten myself into? My mother expected an intimate hug from me every day, yet every time I saw her I got an erection. I had gotten lucky twice, but a third time would be far too suspicious. I was desperate. The only out I could think of was to somehow desensitize myself towards my mother. I would have to do something with her that was even hotter than giving her a hug, while still keeping up the innocence of it all. Hopefully then I would stop getting hard just from the daily hugs. And hopefully Sikiş hikayeleri that other something would not escalate wildly out of control.


Before taking a shower that Sunday night I stole our back-scrubber tool and hid it in my room. I then started my shower, and after a little bit I called out to my mother. I couldn’t be sure if she had answered over the loud noise of the shower, so I called again. Soon I heard her at the door.

“What?” she said loudly, to be heard over the water.

“Where’s the back thing?” I yelled back. I heard the door open and my mom enter the bathroom. A thick shower curtain separated us, and the shower was long, doubling as a bath. I poked my head around the curtain. “It’s not in here.” She was still wearing the skirt and t-shirt from earlier.

“Umm…” I watched as she searched around the bathroom. Her skirt rode high up her thighs when she bent down to check under the sink. I had to move back a little further from the curtain to keep my massive erection from making a tent. She stood to face me. “I don’t know, hon. Are you sure it’s not in there? Maybe behind the curtain?”

pretended to look around then poked my head back out. “Nope.” Now was the tricky moment. My mom was an absolute clean freak and had vigorously taught me to wash my back. When I was young she used to scrub my back when I took baths. The question was, would she do it for me now that the scrubber was gone?

“Well,” she began, “I am NOT letting you sleep with a dirty back. I’ll pick up another one tomorrow, but for now, you hand me that soap.”

My stomach did a flip and my cock jumped. Still looking at her around the curtain, I put on a scowl. “God, are you serious? I am way too old for this. Come on.”

I knew she would not relent. She had that same look on her face as when she had wanted me to lift weights. “No, babe. Don’t worry, I won’t look. Now let me have the soap.”

I sighed and retrieved the soap for her. I then turned with my side to the curtain. She pushed it open a little and reached inside, hooking her arm around the curtain so that her arm would not push it open. I felt the soap touch my back, as well as the ball of her hand and the tips of her fingers, which were wrapped around the soap. Immediately I began to masturbate under the cover of the loud rushing water. She rubbed the soap across the top of my back a couple times and then began to work her way down. I knew it would not take long for her to wash my back so I masturbated furiously.

“See, babe?” she said. “It’s not so bad.”

“Yeah mom,” I gasped. As always, the arousal drowned my sense of logic. I desperately wanted things to go further than this, so I stepped back a little towards the opening of the shower curtain. Her hand paused for a moment, halfway down my back. I knew that she would now be able see my body, my back and my bare ass, and that was probably why she paused. It turned me on immensely, making me masturbate harder. My increase in speed caused my body to start shaking. My back bumped into her hand just as she resumed scrubbing and the soap was knocked from her grasp, landing and sliding to the other end of the shower. I bent to pick it up, which thrust my ass far out beyond the opening of the curtain. In fact, it was possible she could even see my cock.

I heard the shower curtain close a little, probably because she was embarrassed, although she still had a plain view of my ass. I purposefully took a long time getting the soap, repeatedly picking it up and then audibly dropping it as if it had slipped from my hands. Finally she said, “It’s ok, hon. You’re soapy enough.” I jumped as I felt her hand touch my back once more. I stood, now completely hidden behind the curtain…only to hear her push it open some to be better able to reach me. She rubbed my mid back with her bare soapy hand. “There you go, babe,” she cooed. I continued to masturbate as my mother soaped up my back, her hand moving down to the lower portion. She stroked back and forth just above my ass. I was gasping with each rub of my cock, but she could not hear it over the shower. Her hand slipped up and down my entire back now, making sure I was completely lathered. I reached up to hold the shower curtain rod while my other hand masturbated hard. I tugged on the rings up on the rod, pulling the curtain open further. My mother made no attempt to put it back, even though I was mostly exposed to her. Her hand rubbed and stroked my back far more than was necessary.

It was just like when I was young. She had touched me in this same lingering way. I had always known then when she was about to stop and I felt that coming now. Just her fingertips traced lightly over my back, which was always how she ended these sessions. Her fingers caused me to shiver as I worked to a climax. I moaned softly, but perhaps not softly enough. I was aching for my mom to step into the shower with me. When I felt her fingers slide down just above my ass I stood on my toes. My ass slid up towards her hand but only barely. I needed to feel her soapy hand on my butt. I pulled myself up with the hand around the shower curtain rod, and then I finally felt it: my mother’s hand was touching my ass. She quickly pulled it away, and I was just about to climax when the shower curtain rod broke free. It had been stupid of me to think that it would support my entire weight.

The curtain and rod came crashing down. My mom’s arm got caught under the rod and she was pulled towards me. Together we collapsed beneath the still-running water. The curtain covered me and then my mom covered the curtain, sprawled out on top of my body, her back to me. Her skirt had fallen up over her body and her pantied ass had landed perfectly on top of my rock-hard cock. We laid like that for a moment, neither of us moving as the water drenched her clothing. Then she started to giggle, making her body shake and her ass bounce against my cock. In the confusion I don’t think she realized what that rock-hard object was. She probably assumed it was the curtain rod. However, I knew exactly what was happening. I felt every bounce as she giggled atop of my erection, which was squashed against the softness of her ass cheeks. She tried to get up but slipped and fell back into my cock, ramming her ass down against me. This made her laugh even harder, causing more friction between her butt, the curtain and my bare cock. I shifted my hips, blatantly grinding my shaft against my mother. My hands wrapped around her, hugging her wet body against me as she giggled.

Finally I felt her roll off my body, and in the confusion push her hand against my cock. I think she knew then what she was touching. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft reflexively. It felt incredible, so incredible that my cock spasmed. I gasped as my cum shot against the curtain, climaxing as my mom briefly squeezed my cock. She stood and I looked at her soaked skirt and shirt as I continued to cum. Despite knowing that she had grabbed my cock, she was still giggling, and when I was done cumming I just had to laugh with her.

For her the humor probably came from the ridiculousness of what had happened. Whereas for me… Well, I was just giddy with the fact that my mom had inadvertently given me a hand job. I knew then that it would be much easier to withhold an erection while hugging my mother. There was just one problem: she now knew that her touch in the shower had made me hard. So hard, in fact, that she had initially mistaken my cock for a shower curtain rod.


That night I returned to my mother’s bedroom. It was very late when I went to her. She was on her side with the covers up around her shoulders and her shoulders were bare, indicating that she did not have a top on. My erection was instantaneous. I stood beside her bed then reached out to touch her bare shoulder. She was a very heavy sleeper as I had discovered previously, so it took some shaking in order to wake her. When she finally did open her eyes I could see that she was immediately concerned.

“Babe…” She began to sit up, causing the sheets to fall enough to expose her cleavage. Just before her breasts became fully exposed she pulled the covers tight to her chest. The look of concern did not leave her face.

I just sat on the edge of bed, looking sad. She touched my arm sympathetically. For a moment then she looked torn. I believe she was deciding whether or not to let me into the bed while she was topless. A sniffle from me made up her mind for her. She opened the blankets for me, although kept herself tightly covered. Once I climbed into the bed beneath the covers her tight hold relaxed, meaning there was now nothing separating us under the sheets.

“Thanks, mom,” I whispered. We were both on our sides, facing each other. I moved closer and reached for her hips. I wanted to see what she would do if I tried to snuggle with her now, with her breasts bare. My hand touched her hip, feeling the soft cloth of her panties. She was topless, but not bottomless. I started to slide toward her when I felt a hand against my bare chest.

She smiled. “Not too close, babe. I’m not wearing a top.”

“Oh, umm, sorry. Do you want..?”

“No hon,” she replied. “It’s alright.” And that was that. I removed my hand from her panties and settled down in my pillow. It was time to pretend to fall asleep. I closed my eyes and let my breath become long and deep. Some time later I opened them again. My mom was starting to drift off. I watched her face Erotik hikaye closely, anticipating what I had planned for tonight. After the dares I took in the shower I wasn’t sure how far it would go.

I wasted no time once I knew she was fast asleep. Gently I folded the blankets down her body. Her magnificent breasts were on full display before me as she lay on her side. I stroked one of them softly as I continued to fold the blankets. She was wearing a very tiny pink thong. Her body looked absolutely delicious as I pushed the blankets down off her feet. My mother was now almost fully naked in bed next to me. My eyes trailed up and down her erotic form, my hand continuing to stroke her breast. God, did she look and feel so wonderful. I panted with lust for my mother.

Before I could lose my courage, I stopped stroking her breast and reached to her panties. With both hands I pushed them down. Ever so slowly the lips of my mother’s pussy came into view. A small fuzz of hair lined her mound. I wanted so badly to reach out and touch those hairs, to stroke my mother’s cunt. That would have been terribly stupid of me, though, so I did not. Instead, I pushed my own shorts down and began to stroke my cock. I masturbated gently so as not to shake the bed, my eyes locked on the sex between my mom’s legs. It was the most arousing thing I had ever seen.

As my cock grew more erect it extended closer to my mother. I rubbed and jerked my shaft harder and faster, looking up and down her entire naked body. One hand touched her hip, gently stroking her bare skin. It was very soft and very smooth, just like her entire body, just like her ripe pussy lips. My desire to touch them grew along with my incredible arousal. Fully erect, the head of my shaft was very close to my mother’s thigh. I scooted forward, still masturbating, still stroking her skin, letting my cock touch lightly against the inside of her thighs. It was so close now, my mother’s vagina, the place from which I had been born. My cock desperately wanted to return there. The head of my cock was nestled between her legs, just an inch below her pussy lips.

She shifted a little in her sleep. I froze, but only for a moment. It was too goddamn arousing to stop. The head of my cock was rubbing against my mother’s thighs, so close to her pussy. Waves of pleasure wracked my body. As I rubbed my shaft with my hand I pushed it against her thighs as well. My throbbing cock acted then with a mind of its own. The head of it brushed ever so slightly against my mother’s cunt. She moaned in her sleep which only encouraged my swelling penis. With more than a little help from me it rested gently on the lips of her pussy.

There was no longer any turning back. All rationale was gone from my mind. All I could think about was the pleasure, the overwhelming ecstasy that I was feeling — and how much greater it could get, if only I pushed a little further. And I did. The head of my cock parted my mother’s pussy lips and began to enter. She stirred, but I did not care. I moved my hips closer and felt her warm, wet muscles wrap around the tip of my cock. She was gasping now as I pushed it in further. I was dizzy with pleasure, and in total disbelief that I was actually doing this. Yet I continued to push, to slide my long hard shaft inside my mother’s warmth. She began to roll onto her back and I was too far in to stop now. I rolled with her, straddling her body. Gravity took over then as my cock slid all the way into my mother, my balls resting on her thighs.

I kneeled over her, writhing in pleasure, hardly conscious that things were getting wildly out of control. My hands clutched her breasts and I lifted my hips, causing my cock to slide up out of my mother’s pussy. Then I squeezed her tits as I dropped back down, ramming my shaft deep, piercing my mom’s body. She began to wake up. I did not even think about that. I started moving my hips up and down in a steady rhythm, fucking my sleeping mom. But she was no longer asleep.

She looked up at me in total confusion at first. I looked back at her through eyes that were half-closed in pleasure. Her eyes moved down between her legs, where I was fucking her quite hard, and then she looked at her breasts, where my hands were rubbing and caressing. An expression that was nothing short of horror dawned on her face.

“Babe! Oh my god…” I continued to fuck her, not offering a response, unable to even speak at the moment. “What… what are you doing… to me..?” She grabbed at my hands and pushed them away from her breasts. I let them fall down to her hips instead, rubbing and squeezing those. “Uh, uh, uh,” she grunted, almost panted under the weight of my body, under the force of my cock ramming into her. “Uh, babe please… uh, stop this, uh, what on earth, uh, uh, uh, are you DOING, UH, UH?!” My mom pulled her legs up, hitting at me with her knees in an effort to make her son stop fucking her.

Then something amazing happened. Her panting turned into moans. She was still protesting what I was doing, but her face no longer had a look of terror upon it and her noises were now sexual. “Ohhhhh hon… please… my fucking GOD, baby! Don’t!” While her words were still negative, I felt her resistance lessen as I moved more furiously. Instead of hitting at me her legs spread out very, very wide. Her back was arched, her supple breasts thrusting up into the air. Her hands were motionless, her entire body motionless, as if she were paralyzed by the pleasure of it. Her eyes began to roll back.

“Bayyybyyyyyy,” she moaned. “Ohhhh don’t…” She closed her eyes, her hands dropping to her breasts and rubbing them casually. “Nooo…” she gasped. I leaned down on her body, still fucking her very hard, and kissed her lips. She pursed them shut immediately. I felt her struggle beneath me again as I tried to force my tongue into her mouth. Meanwhile my hands roamed up and down her warm soft body. She opened her mouth to say something and I took that opportunity to thrust my tongue inside of it. We locked in a deep sensual kiss. It was at that moment that her demeanor changed. I felt her legs wrap around my back and her hips start to move. My mother was enjoying this now, enjoying the feel of her son’s massive cock ramming in and out of her soaking wet cunt.

When we broke the kiss she rolled me onto my back and straddled me. My mother started riding my cock, grinding her hips against her baby boy. Her breasts crushed against my chest. I gripped her ass firmly with both hands, using my hold to push and pull her hips. I moved my own hips as well. We were both fully into it, fucking each other, mother and son locked in incestuous love-making. I felt her muscles contract around my cock, squeezing it in a vice-like grip which magnified the friction tenfold. She grunted and moaned and gasped, her desire equal to or possibly even greater than my own.

“Oh mom,” I gasped.

“Shut up, babe,” she moaned in return. For her own reasons she did not want me to talk. That was fine with me, for the immense pleasure of fucking my mom made it difficult to speak. We rocked and fucked and slammed our hips together. Our fuck was violent in its ferocity, in its utter desperation. Both of us needed to cum, mother and son desiring nothing more than to orgasm together. She wanted to ride my cock to heaven, and I wanted to ram her cunt to hell. We moaned and groaned as our bodies slammed, slapped together. I squeezed her breasts and her ass and she spanked the side of mine, calling me a bad boy and trying to imprint on my mind that she was my mother. She was my mother and I was fucking her. It was wrong yet so right, I belonged inside of her, inside of her warm, soft, sensual body.

The sexual tension of the past days was aching to erupt between us. We were crying out in immense pleasure, fucking in long, deep thrusts. My cock would ram impossibly deep inside of my mother, only to stretch and reach even deeper, to stimulate as much of my her as possible, to reach as deep inside of her dripping hot cunt as it could.

“MOM!” I screamed.

“Mmmmmmm cum for mommy!!” she cried out. Her command was too much for me. My cock shivered and I arched my back, pushing my hips high off the bed. My mother rose up with my hips, balancing on my cock, which was forced as deep into her as it had yet to go. She rolled her hips in circles as I arched, my hands clutching her ass, pulling her down hard onto me, aching to get my cock deeper inside of her. Her back was arched as well, each of us focusing all of our strengths on grinding into the other, our crotches the focal point of every thought, every desire.

“Unnnnhhhhhhh!!” I moaned unintelligibly as my cock spasmed. White hot cum exploded deep inside my mother’s body, torrents upon torrents of the stuff splurting into her.

“Mmmppphhh!!!” She groaned as she came as well. The orgasms shook both of our bodies with their indescribable power. The filthy dirty incest culminated in pleasure that sent our minds spiraling. I was on the brink of consciousness, yet holding on because I did not want to miss a moment of the pleasure, the pure shameful pleasure of the moment. I was depositing my seed inside of my mom and I did not want to miss that.

She collapsed on top of me. I sucked on her breast as she panted, our hips still moving involuntarily, milking the pleasure for all it was worth, as I milked her breast. She made no move to stop me. We lay like that for god knows how long, our hot sweaty bodies stuck together, cum oozing from my mother’s stuffed cunt, our hips never stopping their gentle bump and grind, my lips sucking hard on her tit. Some time in the early morning I crept back into my room, exhausted from the encounter.

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